The Greater Vancouver Mining Women’s Association The Drift Newsletter October 2015

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The Greater Vancouver Mining Women’s Association
The Drift Newsletter October 2015

Co - Presidents 2015-2016: Cathie Clinch


By Cathie Clinch

Wishing you and your families a wonderful and memorable Thanksgiving celebration! There are a lot of things to be thankful for this year including our new Mining Women's Program

Committee. Dawn Russell, Nancy Christopher and Barbie Bharmal have a great year of activities and meetings planned for us! We are looking forward to a Robert Burns Birthday celebration in the New Year and a scenic ride on the Sea to Sky Gondola in June. Thank you-Program Committee!

The day after Thanksgiving we will visit the Britannia Beach Mining Museum to see the improvements and hear about the children's programs. We will also have a walking tour with our members Catherine Allan and

Frances McKilligan who grew up at Britannia Beach Mine! Watch the next Drift for photos!

Again, if you have any ideas or suggestions for our group, please feel free to contact myself or any other members of the Executive. We also extend a big Thank You to Barbara Patterson for hosting our September coffee meeting and to Teresa Morris for the fresh rosemary from her garden.
Happy Thanksgiving!!


Tuesday, October 13th: Britannia Mine Visit

We are planning an outing to the Britannia Mine Museum as it has been many years since the GVMWA has ventured there together as a group.

We are currently arranging a tour of the mill and mine site, with time of course for a thorough visit of the Company Store which sells one-of-a-kind gifts, toys and books; not to mention thousands of polished stones and gems to add to the collections we all have in our homes!!
Information on Mine Museum
Cost: $25.00 per person
Lunch: Furry Creek Golf Course, located along Highway 99 between Lions Bay and the Britannia Mine Museum.
Furry Creek Menu
Carpooling will be encouraged for this event, as some members do not feel comfortable driving their cars on the highway. If you are interested in bringing members up to the site in your car or you are hoping to drive in someone else’s car, please email Dawn Russell so that we can set up a list of potential drivers and passengers.

Tuesday, November 17th: Dinner and a Play

We have reserved 20 tickets to see “A Christmas Story, the Musical” performed by the Artsclub at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage. This play is based on the popular holiday film set in the1940’s and chronicles Ralphie’s dogged pursuit of acquiring an Official Red Ryder carbine-action BB gun for Christmas.

The evening will begin with dinner at the Café Salade de Fruits, located at in the French Cultural Centre, 1555 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver. Please see menu at:

Time: 5:00pm Dinner at Café Salade de Fruits

7:30pm Play at Stanley Theatre

Cost: Dinner will be a la carte (see dinner menu above)

Play $65.00 per person
Where: The Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage is located around the corner within walking distance from the restaurant, about 8-9 minutes according to Google Maps. The street address of the Theatre is 2750 Granville Street, Vancouver. A short cab ride will also get you quickly from the restaurant to the theatre.
RSVP: If you would like to attend the dinner and play, just the play or just the dinner, please email your reservation to Barbie Bharmal by November 7th. Please confirm if you are attending both the dinner and play or just one of the two.

Tuesday, December 1st: Christmas Dinner

We will be having an elegant catered dinner to celebrate the Christmas season in the Kings Landing condos (our usual location for the September coffee morning).

Come out and W(h)ine about the Industry: Instead of a large fundraiser this year, we will be having a wine raffle. For every bottle of wine that you donate (VQA value > $15.00 please as we DO want to be able to drink it, after all) plus $10 will buy you an entry in to the wine raffle. Three winning tickets will be drawn during the evening and the collection of wine bottles will be divided amongst the first place, second place and third place winners. One lucky winner could be heading home with 15 or so bottles of wine at the end of the evening!!
Place: Kings Landing, 420 Beach Crescent, Vancouver

Dinner will be comprised of a 2-course dinner plus a selection of potluck Christmas baking. Ladies, this is your chance to show off your shortbreads, mince tarts and sugar cookies!!

Tuesday, January 26th: Robbie Burns Celebration
Please note the date: this is the 4th Tuesday of the month instead of our usual 3rd Tuesday meeting day.
On the heels of our extremely successful Robbie Burns Celebration in January 2014, we decided that we would call upon Janie Royea and friends to again lead a sing-a-long celebration. There will also be a person playing the bagpipes to bring in the traditional Haggis.
Where: St. Mary’s Anglican Church, located on the corner of 37th Street and Puget Drive, Kerrisdale neighbourhood of Vancouver.
Time: 11:00am – 2:00 pm
Lunch will be included in the event. Details will be provided as they are confirmed.


By Irene Rhodes

We are happy to welcome a new member, Paula Pelletier to the GVMWA this month. Paula’s contact details are as follows:
Just a reminder that it is time to consider renewing your GVMWA for the 2015-2016 season. Please call Irene Rhodes if you are unsure about the status of your membership.
Memberships are available either annually or by the 5-year plan (pay for 4 years and get a fifth year free).
If you have any changes to your contact information, please notify Irene. A new members contact list will be mailed out in November with the Drifts newsletter following the 2015-2016 Registration drive.


If anyone has taken photographs at any of our events this past year and would like to submit them for our website photo album, please email them to Barbara Caelles.



If you know of any member who has had an illness, birth, special anniversary, or other event where it would be appropriate to send a card, please call Mary Leathley.


After the Robbie Burns lunch last year Judy Poliquin found a ring in the Church. It is silver inside with a blue/green band, very pretty. Please contact Judy Poliquin if this is yours

Dates to Remember

November 17th Stanley Theatre Play

December 1st Catered GVMWA Christmas Dinner

January 26th Robbie Burns Celebration Luncheon and Sing-a-long


Please fill in this form and mail to Irene Rhodes. Membership is June 2015 to June 2016.



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Would you like to receive the Drift by e-mail?  (circle)            Yes          No

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                                                                             5 yr. term ($100)        __________ 


I wish to order a new magnetic nametag. Cost is $8 or free for new members.   __________

Make cheques payable to GVMWA.

Mail to Irene Rhodes,

Please direct questions, comments or contributions to Dawn Russell

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