The Greatest Gift” Book and Sing Along Songs is the perfect solution for excessive childhood consumerism and materialism Award-Winning Author and songwriter Rainey shows children how to give from the heart this holiday season

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The Greatest Gift” Book and Sing Along Songs is the PERFECT Solution for excessive childhood COnsumerism and materialism

Award-Winning Author and songwriter Rainey shows children how to give from the heart this holiday season

October 5, 2004 – Alexandria, VA – This past year, children ages 4 to 12 spent an estimated $35.6 billion of their own money on items for themselves, more than four times what they did 10 years ago. And, if you add to that what their parents are spending to buy things for them, the total amount of money spent on toys for children each year reaches more than 280 billion! “The Greatest Gift” is the perfect solution to the growing trend of “I want…” and “Give me…” in our materialistic society by focusing children on what they can give, instead of what they want to receive.

From Rainey’s award-winning series, The Adventures of CiCi & Ace, “The Greatest Gift” shows that the greatest gifts of all come from the heart. At a time of year when children are usually making lists of what they want for the holidays, this book offers and alternative – have children make lists of all the people in their lives that they are thankful for, everyone who makes their lives a little happier. Then, just like CiCi & Ace, children everywhere can discover how good it feels to give to others, making others feel loved and appreciated by giving handmade cards. From this story, children learn how important it feels to thank the people who make their lives so special.

“Making cards for special people in their lives is a wonderful first step in giving. Sometimes giving to people children know and love is an easier first step, but will ultimately lead to giving to others.” Rainey suggests using this time to perhaps clean out some of last year’s toys and donate those to homeless children who may not have toys or books of their own. Then, just like the characters in her book, your children will see how good it feels to give to others.
Catherine Applefeld Olson, a longtime reviewer of children's media, commented, "I read ‘The Greatest Gift’ to my daughters at bedtime. Afterward they asked if they could have a few minutes to color in bed. When I checked on them, each had made the most special note and drawing for me. This immediate reaction inspired straight from the story was beautiful and touching..."
Rainey’s heart-warming story is brought to life through rhythm and rhyme, vivid colorful illustrations by Karin Huggens and includes a free music CD with sing along songs. “The Greatest Gift” also provides an interactive family art activity page and a parents’ guide to teaching children to embrace the spirit of giving year round. In addition, there is more free fun on the Web with online learning games, music, and an animated storybook.
CiCi & Ace guide children in discovery and learning as they explore their world. The book-music CD-Web is a multi-sensory, educationally-based approach to create a positive learning experience for today’s children. And all three books in the series have won parenting awards.
For review copies of “The Greatest Gift” call DreamDog at 703-535-1545 or Andrea Blain Public Relations at 847-933-9884.

About Rainey

“Rainey” (aka Lorraine Friedman, JD) is an author, children’s rights attorney, award- winning songwriter and storyteller who empowers children to overcome their problems through self–esteem building, imagination and love. As a popular TV and radio guest and speaker, she inspires parents and children to grow together. Drawing on her experience as an advocate for homeless and disabled children, Rainey created Jazz the DreamDog® to help children discover the superhero inside and believe that the real magic to solve problems lies within oneself. Rainey recently created The Adventures of CiCi & Ace. Reach Rainey at or 703.622.0965.

About DreamDog

DreamDog is an innovative family entertainment and educational company that creates custom characters and multi-sensory products (picture books, music CDs, eBooks, Web games and DVDs) for national retailers. DreamDog publishes The Adventures of CiCi & Ace exclusively for The Children’s Place (distributed in 700 stores in North America – and Jazz the DreamDogTM ( The DreamDog Foundation ( is the non-profit philanthropic partner of DreamDog that establishes partnerships with organizations that support disadvantaged children.

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