The Grind Coffee Shop & Bakery Code of Ethics Christian Justice

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The Grind Coffee Shop & Bakery Code of Ethics

Christian Justice

In our business, we will work our hardest to treat everyone fairly; employees and customers alike. This Code of Ethics will outline how our business will deal with any situation that may arise ethically. In the following information, we will state how our business will ethically deal with customer treatment, employee behavior, and community involvement.

Customer Treatment – The happiness of our customers is of utmost importance in our store. We will follow this Code of Ethics in order to ensure the fair and ethical treatment of each and every customer, guaranteeing their happiness.

  • Treat the customers with respect

    • If a customer requests a return which our employees find to be questionable, we will follow store policy, whatever that may be, and yet still treat the customer fairly and friendly. If a customer is adamant that they are right, we will always listen to their story and re-check our policies.

    • If a customer is found to be attempting to deceive us in order to gain something, we will once again follow our store policy. We will be strict and yet fair in telling the customer that we are aware of their attempted deception.

    • Refunds will be given in the form of cash or store credit, depending upon which the customer chooses.

    • We will have restrooms on site that anyone may use. We find it more ethical to allow all people to use our restrooms as opposed to some customer-only ones.

  • Notify customers of possible dangers with our products
    • If a recall is issues, we will automatically pull whatever the product is from our shelves and post an in-store sign displaying the product and reason it has been recalled.

    • We will also post easily seen signs stating possible allergy warnings. For example, some of our products may be prepared around peanuts so customers with peanut allergies will be properly warned of the danger.

    • If for whatever reason one of our products is deemed questionable, we will immediately pull it from the shelves.

  • Handle disputes about products/services fairly

    • If a customer comes into our store with an issue, we will always hear them out. Even if we know that they are wrong in their argument, we will never refuse to hear their side of the story.

    • Never will an employee arguing with a customer be tolerated. Customers should be treated with the utmost respect in our stores and failure to do so will result in a warning and then termination of employment.

Employee Behavior – It is imperative that we have a concrete set of rules that outline the proper and acceptable behavior of our employees. This includes dress code, no arguing rules, as well as outlining leave days.

  • Attendance policy

    • Sick leave – Our sick leave policy for employees will be as follows: each month, employees have a half day of sick leave. If an employee does not use this half day that month, it transfers to the next month, meaning they now have a full day. If they don’t take their full day off that month, they then have a day and a half next month, etc. We think that allowing this amount of flexibility in “personal leave” days, employees will remain happy.
    • Our employees will each have seven days that they can choose to take off each year for vacation time. These seven days may be used (altogether) at any time.

    • If two employees request the same week for their vacation, if we have enough staff on hand to handle both absences then it will be allowed, if not, they will work it out amongst themselves but one of them will have to give up that week and work.

    • Our store will be open on all major holidays. For example, we will be open on Christmas for our Christmas beverages, etc. However, we will be closed on Sundays and other religious holidays.

    • We will be strict yet fair on employee tardiness. Just like in school, warning will be issued at first leading up to harsher punishments.

  • Cell phone/private calls

    • Cell phone use at work: employees will not be allowed to use cell phones while working. This is rude to the customers and can be distracting.

    • Private calls: if an employee needs to make a private call and has a legit reason, it will be allowed.

    • Cell phones will be asked to be put on silent during our meetings as to not be distracting.

  • Dress code

    • Employee dress code will be what is considered “acceptable dress”. No revealing clothing or inappropriate clothes. Anyway, employees will wear company hats and aprons at all times.

    • We prefer to keep our image clean. Meaning no visible tattoos or piercings (aside from ears)

    • The store will provide employees with the aprons and hats embellished with out logo.

  • Reprimand policy
    • We will try to avoid harsh punishments if at all possible. We think that warning will be effective in reprimanding employees for tardiness, dress code violations, etc. However, if we have repeat offenders, we will give write ups and eventually demotion or termination of employment.

Community Responsibility – Our store plans to play a large hand in the community. We plan to host fund raisers for local charities and other events in order to spread word of our business as well as help the community.

  • Monetary Support

    • Our store will support local organizations by sponsoring them and helping out in any way we can. For example, we may pay for uniforms displaying our logo for our local football team.

    • Employees are welcome to participate in community events such as Walk-A-Thons or any other charitable event.

  • Providing goods/services

    • Our store will also sponsor events during which we will provide coffees and foods. We will set up a stand at, let’s say, a local baseball game, providing our brand name coffee to the patrons.

    • We will donate as much as we can to make our community a better place. We will support education and charitable organizations above all.

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