The Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

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Central Leeward Secondary School

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Form 4 CXC-CSEC Caribbean History- Worksheet No 1

The Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

  1. On a map of the Americas, use arrows to trace the migratory paths of the first inhabitants of the region.

2. Copy and complete this table to show the location of the indigenous societies listed







3. With the aid of a map of the region, show where the groups listed above were located.

4. Briefly describe the Taino, Kalinago and Maya society under the following headings:

  1. Social organization

  2. Religious organization
  3. Political organization

  4. Economic organization

5. Describe the relationship between the Tainos and the Kalinagos.


Caribbean People Book 1, Honeychurch

The People Who Came Book 1, Carnegie and Patterson

A Pre-Emancipation History of the West Indies, Dookhan

Amerindians to Africans 2nd Edition, Greenwood and Hamber

Caribbean Story: Foundations Book 1 4th
Edition, Claypole and Robottom
This Worksheet must be completed and submitted by Tuesday September 21, 2010.

No Late assignments will be accepted!

P. John

September 16, 2010

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