The Memory String Eve Bunting Book Description

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The Memory String

Eve Bunting
Book Description: Girl captures family history by creating a memory string; new stepmother comes to the rescue when string breaks.
Academic Objective:

  • ELA2W1: The student demonstrates competency in the writing process. The student:

a. Writes text if a length appropriate to address a topic and tell the story.
Brilliant Star Objective:

  • Family: Students will be able to discuss their feelings about their parents and the importance of family members.

Readability Level: 2.9
Vocabulary: memory string, quilting party, step-mother, replacement, chokiness
Introduction: The teacher will introduce the story by asking the following questions:

  • What is a step-mother?

  • Does anyone in this room have a step-mother?

  • How do you remember your special memories?

During Reading:

  • pg.8 Why does Laura seem to be so angry at the beginning of this story?

  • pg.11 Why does Laura talk about her memories with Whiskers?

  • pg.17 How does Laura feel when Whiskers breaks the memory string?

  • pg. 21 Were they able to find all the missing buttons?

  • pg. 22 What is dad’s plan to fix the memory string?
  • pg. 25 How does Jane feel about dad’s plan? What does she decide to do?

  • pg. 32 How have Laura’s feelings towards Jane changed by the end of the story?

Follow-Up Activities:

  1. Students will write a narrative that describes a special memory between themselves and a parent. When finished, the students can share their writing and then add to a classroom bulletin board.

  1. Create memory strings with your students. With their parent’s help, have students collect buttons from special garments and bring them to class. Give each student a piece of string and show them how to put the buttons on the string. When everyone is done, give students time to share the different memories represented on their string.

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