The Military Retiree’s Ready Reference Of Telephone Numbers

WestAir Commuter Airlines 800-862-8621

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WestAir Commuter Airlines 800-862-8621

Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

Email Address:
Military Space “A” Gateway Travel Locations, DSN/Commercial Telephone Numbers,

Recorded Flight Information Numbers

& E-Mail Addresses

Altus Air Force Base, Altus, OK

Phone: DSN 866-6428/Commercial 580-481-6428

FAX: DSN 866-6826/Commercial 580-481-6826

Flight Information Recording: DSN 866-6350/Commercial 580-481-6350


Andersen Air Force Base, Guam

634th AMSS/TRP, Unit 14008, APO AP 96543-4008

Phone: DSN 366-5135/5165/Commercial 671-366-5165/5135

FAX: DSN 366-3984/Commercial 671-366-3984

Flight Information Recording: DSN 366-2095/Commercial 671-366-2095


Andrews Air Force Base, Camp Springs, MD

89th APS/TROP, Attn: Space-A Travel Sign Up

1245 Menoher Drive, Andrews Air Force Base, MD 20762

Phone: DSN 858-1854/3604/Commercial 301-981-1854/3604

FAX: DSN 858-4241/Commercial 301-981-4241

Flight Information Recording: DSN 858-5851/3527/Commercial 301-981-5851/3527

Toll Free: 1-888-360-8700 - Today’s Schedule; Ext. 23527. Tomorrows: Ext. 25851


Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport

AMC 437th APS/TRG, 5500 International Blvd., Suite 124, Charleston, SC 29148-0308

Phone: DSN 312-673-5794/5795/Commercial 843-963-5794/5795

FAX: DSN 312-673-3845/Commercial 843-963-3845


Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

Email Address:
Aviano Air Base, Aviano, Italy

Detachment 3, AMSG/TROP, Unit 6165, Box 215, APO AE 09601-5000

Phone: DSN 632-7680/Commercial 39-043406607680

FAX: DSN 632-7782/Commercial 39-043406607782


Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Baltimore, MD

305th APS/Det 1 (AMC), Box 8613, Baltimore/Washington IAP,

Baltimore, MD 21240-0613

Phone: DSN 243-6900/Commercial 410-918-6900

FAX: DSN 243-6932/Commercial 410-918-6932

Flight Information Recording: DSN 243-6900/Commercial 410-918-6900 or 877-429-4262

Toll Free: 1-877-429-4262


Bangkok, Thailand (Don Muang Airport-BKK)

Headquarters JUSMAGTHAI, Attn: MAC Passenger Office,

7 Sathorn Tai Road, Bangkok, Thailand, APO AP 96456

Phone: Commercial only 66-2-287-1036, Ext. 166

FAX: Commercial only 66-2-287-1036, Ext. 167


Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel

OI-A, 621st AMSG (AMC), Unit 7228, Box 7, APO AE 09830-7228

Phone: Commercial only 972-03-977-4333

FAX: Commercial only 972-03-972-1989

Email: Not available

Birmingham Air National Guard, Birmingham, AL

117th Air Refueling Wing (AMC), ANG Passenger Terminal, Birmingham, AL 35217

Phone: DSN 778-2208/Commercial 205-714-2208

FAX: DSN 778-2610/Commercial 205-714-2610


Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

Email Address:
Charleston Air Force Base, Charleston, SC

437th APS/TRP, 105 South Bates Street, Bldg. 164, Passenger Terminal

Charleston Air Force Base, SC 29404-5000

Phone: DSN 312-673-3048/3083/Commercial 843-963-3048/3083

FAX: DSN 312-673-3060/Commercial 843-963-3060

Flight Information Recording: DSN 312-673-3082/Commercial 843-963-3082


Charleston International Airport, SC/Atlanta-Hartfield IAP, GA

437th APS/TRG, PO Box 124, 5500 Terminal Blvd., Charleston IAP, SC 29491-0308

Phone: DSN 673-5794/5795/Commercial 843-963-5794/5795

FAX: Commercial only 843-566-3845

Flight Information Recording: Commercial 843-963-5794


Cairo East Air Base, Egypt

OL-B, 621st AMSG, Unit 64901, Box 43, APO AE 09839-4901

Phone: DSN 725-1456/Commercial 20-2-357-3212

FAX: Commercial only 20-2-279-1290

Note: To arrive in Cairo East, individuals must have a sponsor stationed in Egypt to escort them off base. To depart Cairo East, individuals must request a base access letter from the Office of Military Cooperation at the U.S. Embassy at least five days prior to intended departure.


Christchurch, New Zealand

Detachment 13, Air National Guard Operations, PSC 467, Box 214, FPO AP 96531-2000

Phone: Commercial only 64-3-358-1455

FAX: Commercial only 64-3-358-1458

Flight Information Recording: Commercial only 64-3-358-1457


Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, AZ

355th Trans/LGTRA, 4500 South Phoenix St., Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, AZ 85707

Phone: DSN 228-2322/Commercial 520-228-2322

FAX: DSN 228-7229/Commercial 520-228-7229

Flight Information Recording: DSN 228-3641/Commercial 520-228-3641


Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

Email Address:
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Detachment 1, 630th AMSS/TRO, PSC 466, Box 27, FPO AP 96595-0027

Phone: DSN 315-370-2745/Commercial

FAX: DSN only 318-431-4364

Email: Not available

Diego Garcia

Detachment 1, 630th AMSS/TRO, PSC 1258, Box 27, FPO AP 96595-0027

Phone: DSN 315-370-2745/Commercial 246-370-2745

FAX: DSN 315-370-2962/Commercial 246-370-2962


Dover Air Force Base, Dover, DE

436th APS/TROP, 150 Purple Heart Avenue, Dover Air Force Base, DE 19901-5000

Phone: DSN 312-445-4088/Commercial 302-677-4088

FAX: DSN 312-445-2953/Commercial 302-677-2953

Flight Information Recording: DSN 312-445-2854/Commercial 302-677-2854


Online Sign Up: (Click on Space-A Sign Up Link)

Dyess Air Force Base, Abilene, TX

198 2nd Street, Dyess Air Force Base, Abilene, TX 79607

Phone: DSN 461-4504/Commercial 915-696-4504

FAX: DSN 461-2943/Commercial 915-696-2943

Email: Not available

Eglin Air Force Base, Valparaiso, FL

96th Trans Sq/LGTR, 108 Cortese Road, Suite 1, Eglin Air Force Base, FL 32542-5211

Phone: DSN 872-4757/Commercial 850-882-3332

FAX: DSN 872-1461/Commercial 850-882-1461

Email:  (POC at present time)

Eielson Air Force Base, Fairbanks, AK

Contract Air Terminal Operations, 1220 Flightline Avenue, Suite 1,

Eielson Air Force Base, AK 99702

Phone: DSN 377-1854/1250/Commercial 907-377-1854/1250

FAX: Commercial only 907-377-1862

Email: Not available
Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

Email Address:
Elmendorf Air Force Base, AK

632nd AMSS/TRP, 15380 Airlifter Drive, Elmendorf Air Force Base, AK 99506-3935

Phone: DSN 552-8588/4616/Commercial 907-552-8588/4616

FAX: DSN 552-3996/Commercial 907-552-3996


Fairchild Air Force Base, Spokane, WA

92nd OSS/OSAA, 901 Boston Avenue, Fairchild Air Force Base, WA 99011

Phone (0730-1630: DSN 312-657-5435/Commercial 509-247-5435

FAX: DSN 312-657-4909/Commercial 509-247-4909

Flight Information Recording: DSN 312-657-4636/Commercial 509-247-4636, Ext. 531

Email: Not available

Fort Worth Naval Air Station, Fort Worth, TX

Naval Air Station, Joint Reserve Base, Air Terminal Office, Fort Worth, TX 76127

Phone: DSN 739-6288/Commercial 817-782-6288

FAX: Commercial only 413-294-6331

Flight Information Recording: DSN 739-6071/6289/Commercial 817-782-6071/6289

Note: Space-A sign up is for an individual scheduled flight only


Grand Forks Air Force Base, Grand Forks, ND

Air Field Management, Attn: Space A Travel Sign Up

695 Steen Avenue, Grand Forks Air Force Base, ND 58205-6245

Phone: DSN 362-4403/Commercial 701-747-4403

FAX: DSN 362-3169/Commercial 701-747-3109


Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

437th APS OI-A, Air Terminal Operations, Box 351, U.S. Naval Station

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, FPO AE 09508-0006

Phone: DSN 732-3960 Ext. 6408/6204/6397/Commercial 011-63-99-6409/6204/6397


Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

Email Address:
Hickam Air Force Base, Honolulu, HI

735th AMS/TRP, 355th Mamiya Avenue, Hickam Air Force Base, HI 96853-5152

Phone: DSN 449-1515/6833/Commercial 808-449-1515/6833

FAX: DSN 448-1503/Commercial 808-448-1503

Flight Information Recording: DSN 449-1854/Commercial 808-449-1854


Incirlik Air Base, Turkey

628th AMSS/TRP, Unit 7100, Box 190, APO AE 09824-0190

Phone: DSN 676-6424/6425/Commercial 90-322-316-6424/6425

FAX: DSN 676-3420/Commercial 90-322-316-3420


Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station, Japan

Air Transportation Division, PSC 561, Box 1872, FPO AP 96310-0029

Phone: DSN 253-5509/Commercial 81-6117-53-5509

FAX: DSN 253-3301/Commercial 81-6117-53-3301

Flight Information Recording: DSN 253-1854/Commercial 81-6117-53-1854

Email: Not available

Jacksonville Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, FL

Naval Air Station, Air Terminal Office, Jacksonville, FL 32212

Phone: DSN 942-3956/Commercial 904-542-3956

FAX: DSN 942-3257/Commercial 904-542-3257

Flight Information Recording: DSN 942-3825/Commercial 904-542-3825

Email: Not available

Kadena Air Base, Japan

633rd AMSS/TRP, Unit 5145, APO AP 96368-5145

Phone: DSN 634-2159/Commercial 81-16-117-34-2159

FAX: Commercial only 81-16-117-34-4221


Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

Email Address:
Keflavik Naval Air Station, Iceland

Air Terminal Officer, PSC 1003, Box 274, U.S. Naval Air Station, FPO AE 09728-0327

Phone: DSN 4540-6139/Commercial 354-425-6139

FAX: Commercial only 354-425-4649


Online Sign Up: 

Kelly Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX

Kelly Field Passenger Terminal, 37th TRANS/LGTA

407 South Frank Luke Drive, Suite #4, Kelly Field Annex, TX 78241

Phone: DSN 945-0953/Commercial 210-925-0953

FAX: DSN 945-2732/Commercial 210-925-2732

Flight Information Recording: DSN 945-1854/8715/Commercial 210-925-1854/8715

Note: The following will no longer be provided: departure times, arrival times and dates, and Emailing or faxing of schedules. Information given out will at best be vague.


Online Sign Up: 

Kunsan Air Base, South Korea

CATO-Kunsan Air Base Korea, Unit 2106, APO AP 96264-2106

Phone: DSN 782-4666/5403/Commercial 82-654-470-4666/5403

FAX: DSN 782-7550/Commercial 82-654-470-7550


Lajes Air Base, Azores

629th AMSS/TRO, Unit 7795, APO AE 09720

Phone: DSN 535-3227/Commercial 351-295-577039 or 351-295-540100, Ext.3227

FAX: Commercial only 351-295-540100, ask operator for extension 5110


Los Angeles Air Force Base, El Segundo, CA

Detachment 1, 60th APS/TRO, 200 World Way, Box 2, Los Angeles, CA 90045-5810

Phone: DSN 312-833-0714/0716/Commercial 800-756-2640

Toll Free: 1-800-756-2640

FAX: DSN 312-833-2790/Commercial 310-363-2790

Flight Information Recording: DSN 310-833-0716/Commercial 1-800-756-2640


Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

Email Address:
Louisville Air National Guard, KY

Space Available Travel, 123rd Aircraft Wing, 1101 Grade Lane, Louisville, KY 40213-2678

Phone: DSN 989-4450 Ext. 1/Commercial 502-364-9459 Ext. 1

FAX: DSN 989-4605/Commercial 502-364-9459 Ext. 3

Email: Not available

Note 1: Space-A sign up is for an individual flight only

Note 2: Sign up only permitted in person or by faxing an AMC Form 140

Email: Not available

MacDill Air Force Base, FL

6th TRANS/GTTA, 7813 Hanger Loop Drive, Rm. 101, Mac Dill Air Force Base, FL 33621

Phone: DSN 968-2440/2485/Commercial 813-828-2440/2485

FAX: DSN 968-7844/Commercial 813-828-7844

Flight Information Recording: DSN 968-2310/Commercial 813-828-2310


Malmstrom Air Force Base, MT

Montana ARG Base (GTF/KGTF), 1940 Airport Court, Great Falls, MT 59403-2228

Phone: DSN 632-4622/Commercial 406-731-4622

MEDEVAC: DSN 632-4410/Commercial 406-731-4410

Email: Not available

March Air Force Base, CA

452nd AMW, March Field Passenger Terminal, Bldg. 265, March ARB, CA 92518

Phone: DSN 947-2397/3214/Commercial 909-655-2397/3214

FAX: DSN 947/3887/Commercial 909-655-3887

Flight Information Recording: DSN 947-2913/Commercial 909-655-2913

Email: Not available

Maxwell Air Force Base, AL

Maxwell Passenger Terminal, 220 West Ash Street, Montgomery, Al 36112

Phone: DSN 493-7372/Commercial 334-953-7372

FAX: DSN 493-6114/Commercial 334-953-6114

Flight Information Recording: DSN 493-6760/Commercial 334-953-6760

Email: Not available
Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

Email Address:
McChord Air Force Base, WA

62nd APS/TRP, 1422 Union Avenue, Suite A, McChord Air Force Base, WA 98438-1003

Phone: DSN 312-982-4270/Commercial 253-512-4270

FAX: DSN 312-982-3815/Commercial 253-512-3815

Flight Information Recording: DSN 312-982-4268/Commercial 253-512-4268


McGuire Air Force Base, NJ

305th APS/TRP, 1706 Vandenberg Ave., McGuire Air Force Base, NJ 08641-5507

Phone: DSN 312-440-3070/Commercial 609-724-3070

FAX: DSN 312-440-4621/Commercial 609-724-4621

Toll Free Flight Information Recording: 1-800-569-8284, then ask for 754-9950


Mildenhall RAF, United Kingdom

627th AMSS/TRP, Unit 8965, Box 430, APO AE 09459-5430

Phone: DSN 238-2248/2526/Commercial 44-1638-54-2248/2526

FAX: DSN 238-2250/Commercial 44-1638-54-2250

Flight Information Recording: DSN 238-5951/Commercial 44-1638-54-5951


Online Sign Up: 

Misawa Air Base, Japan

AMC CATO Misawa, Unit 5008, Bldg. 944, APO AP 96319-5008

Phone: DSN 226-2370/2371/Commercial 81-3117-66-2370/2371

FAX: DSN 226-4455/Commercial 81-311-766-4455

Flight Information (after 1900 local): DSN 226-4455/Commercial 81-3117-66-4455

Email: Not available

Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: Commercial only 254-2-537-800, Ext. 3390

FAX: Commercial only 254-2-537-810

Email: Not available

Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

Email Address:
Naples, Italy (Capodichino Airport)

Naval Support Activity, Naples, Italy, Air Terminal Division

PSC 817, Box 3, FPO AE 09622-1200

Phone: DSN 626-5283/5247/Commercial 39-081-568-5283/5247

FAX: DSN 626-5259/5499/Commercial 39-081-568-5259/5499


Norfolk Naval Air Station, Norfolk, VA

NAV/AMC Terminal, 8449 Air Cargo Road, Naval Air Station, Norfolk, VA 23511-4497

Phone: DSN 312-564-4118/4148/3947/Commercial 757-444-4118/4148/3947

Toll Free: 1-877-417-1695

FAX: DSN 312-565-7501/Commercial 757-445-7501


North Island Naval Air Station, San Diego, CA

Naval Air Station, Air Terminal Manager, San Diego, CA

Phone: DSN 735-9567/Commercial 619-545-9567

FAX: DSN 735-9532/Commercial 619-545-9532

Flight Information Recording: DSN 735-8273/8278/Commercial 619-545-8273/8278

Note 1: Space A sign up is for one specific destination only

Note 2: Sign up destination can be changed prior to departure via phone or in person


Onsan Air Base, South Korea

631st AMSS/TRP, Unit 2073, APO AP 96278-2073

Phone: DSN 784-1854/Commercial 82-31-661-1854

FAX: DSN 784-4897/Commercial 82-31-661-4897

Flight Information Recording (after hours): DSN 784-1854/Commercial 82-31-661-1854


Patrick Air Force Base, Melbourne, FL

45th TRNS/LGTTA, 930 So. Patrick Drive, Patrick Air Force Base, FL 32925-3437

Phone: DSN 854-5631/Commercial 321-494-5631

FAX: Commercial only 321-494-7991

Email: Not available
Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

Email Address:
Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO

21st LSS/LGTTB, Attn: Space-A Travel Sign-up

122 W. Hamilton Avenue, Bldg. 125, Peterson Air Force Base, CO 80914-1628

Phone: DSN 834-4521/Commercial 719-556-4521

FAX: DSN 834-4979/Commercial 719-556-4979

Flight Information Recording: DSN 834-4707/Commercial 719-556-4707


Pope Air Force Base, Spring Lake, NC

3rd Aerial Port Squadron, Fayetteville, NC 28308

Phone: DSN 424-6527/Commercial 910-394-6527

FAX: DSN 424-6526/Commercial 910-394-6526

Flight Information Recording: DSN 424-6525/Commercial 719-394-6525


Richmond RAAF, Australia

Detachment 1, 635th AMSS, Unit 11028, APO AP 96554-5000

Phone: Commercial only 61-2-4587-1652

FAX: Commercial only 61-1-4587-1663

Flight Information Recording: Commercial only 61-2-4578-3879


Ramstein Air Base, Germany

623rd AMSS/TRO, Unit 3293, Bldg. 2299, APO AE 09040

Phone: DSN 480-2120/Commercial 49-6371-47-2120

FAX: Commercial only 49-6371-47-2364

Flight Information Recording: DSN 480-2433/Commercial 49-6371-47-2433


Online Flight Schedule (Tentative): 

Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, TX

Phone: DSN 487-5287/3725/Commercial 210-652-5287/3725

FAX: DSN 487-5718/Commercial 210-652-5718

Email: Not available

Online Sign Up:

Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

Email Address:
Rhein-Main Air Base, Germany

626th AMSS/TRO, Unit 8700, Box 160, APO AE 09097-8770

Phone: DSN 330-6567/6568/Commercial 49-69-699-6567/6568

FAX: Commercial only 49-69-699-6309

Flight Information Recording: DSN 330-7746/Commercial 49-69-699-7746


Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base, Lockbourne, OH

121st ARWOSS/OM, 7370 Minuteman Way, Columbus, OH 43217-9875

Phone: DSN 950-4595/Commercial 614-492-4595

FAX: DSN 950-3580/Commercial 614-492-4595

Flight Information Recording: DSN 950-3143/Commercial 614-492-3143

Email: Not available

Online Sign Up (Retirees Only): 

Roosevelt Roads Naval Air Station, Puerto Rico

U.S. Naval Air Station, Roosevelt Roads, Air Terminal Division (N404)

PSC 1008, Box 3002, APO AA 34051-3002

Phone: DSN 831-4383/Commercial 787-865-4383

FAX: DSN 831-3257/Commercial 787-865-3257

Flight Information Recording: DSN 831-3257/Commercial 787-865-3257

Email: Not available

Online Sign Up:

Rota Naval Air Station, Spain

Air Terminal Office, PSC 819, Box 7, FPO AE 09645-1500

Phone: DSN 727-2411/2171/Commercial 34-956-822411/822171

FAX: DSN 727-1734/Commercial 34-956-821734


Scott Air Force Base, Belleville, IL

375th TRNS/TRO, 511 Hanger Road, Room 203, Scott Air Force Base, IL 62225-1344

Phone: DSN 576-2014/3017/4042/Commercial 618-256-2014/3017/4042

FAX: DSN 576-1946/Commercial 618-256-1946

Flight Information Recording: DSN 576-1854/Commercial 618-256-1854


Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

Email Address:
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, WA

AMC Seattle Gateway, 17801 Pacific Highway South, Room 6417M

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Seattle, WA 98158

Phone: DSN 312-982-5555/Commercial 253-512-5555

FAX: DSN 312-982-5557/Commercial 253-512-5557

Toll Free Flight Information Recording: 1-877-863-1463


Sigonella Naval Air Station, Sicily

Commanding Officer, Attn: Air Terminal Officer, FPO AE 09627-1000

Phone: DSN 624-5575/5576/Commercial 39-095-86-5575/5576

FAX: Commercial only 39-095-86-5211


Singapore (RSAF Paya Lebar)

AMC Air Movement Center, FPO AP 96534

Phone: Commercial only 65-381-3653

FAX: Commercial only 65-382-3614

Email: Not available

Souda Bay, Crete

Naval Support Activity, Operations Department, Air Terminal Division,

PSC 814, Box 7, FPO AE 09865-0007

Phone: DSN 266-1275/1383/Commercial 30-8210-21275/21383

FAX: DSN 266-1525/Commercial 30-8210-21525

Flight Information Recording: DSN 266-1387/Commercial 30-8210-21387


Stewart Air National Guard Base, Newburgh, NY

Newburgh, NY 12550

Phone: DSN 636-2223/Commercial 845-563-2223

FAX: DSN 636-2228/Commercial 845-563-2228

24 Hour Information Hotline: DSN 636-2226/Commercial 845-563-2226

Note 1: Space A sign up is for an individual scheduled flight only

Note 2: Sign up only permitted in person or by FAX and must be NLT 49 hours before the scheduled passenger show time

Email (Not for Space-A sign up):

Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

Email Address:
Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma City, OK

72nd ABW/LGT, Passenger Terminal, Bldg. 268, Tinker Air Force Base, OK 73145

Phone: DSN 339-4339/4360/Commercial 405-739-4339/4360

FAX: DSN 339-3826/Commercial 405-739-4360

Flight Information Recording: DSN 339-4360/Commercial 405-739-4360


Online Sign Up:

Travis Air Force Base, Vacaville, CA

60th APS/TRP, Air Passenger Flight, 90 Ragsdale Rd, Travis Air Force Base,

CA 94535-2941

Phone: DSN 312-837-5703/5704/Commercial 707-424-5703-5704/Toll Free 800-787-2534

FAX: DSN 312-837-2048/4021/Commercial 707-424-2048/4021

Flight Information Recording: DSN 312-837-1854Commercial 707-424-1854


Online Sign Up:

Westover ARB, Holyoke, MA

439th Airlift Wing OG/TRP, Westover Passenger Terminal, Suite #109

Hanger #3, Hanger Avenue, Westover ARB, MA 01022

Phone: DSN 589-2622/Commercial 413-557-2622

FAX: DSN 589-3147/Commercial 413-557-3147 (when sending a FAX please indicate “Attn: Space-A Travel Section”)

Flight Information Recording: DSN 589-2549/Commercial 413-557-2549

Note 1: Space A sign up is for an individual scheduled flight only

Note 2: Sign up via phone or in person available Mon-Wed (1000-1200 and 1300-1500)


Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Oak Harbor, WA

Naval Air Station, Air Terminal Office, Oak Harbor, WA 98278

Phone: DSN 820-2604/2328/Commercial 360-257-2604/2328

FAX: Not available

Flight Information Recording: DSN 820-2328/Commercial 360-257-2328

Note: Space-A sign up for scheduled flights via phone or in person only on a by flight basis

Email (Not for Space-A sign up):

Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

Email Address:
Willow Grove Naval Air Station, Willow Grove, PA

Naval Air Station, Air Terminal Office, Horsham, PA 19090

Phone: DSN 991-6217/Commercial 215-443-6217

FAX: DSN 991-6188/Commercial 215-443-6188 (when sending a FAX please indicate “Attn: Air Terminal”)

Flight Information Recording: DSN 991-6216/Commercial 215-443-6216

Email (Not for Space-A sign up):

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH

88th Transportation Squadron, Bldg. 206, Area “C”,

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH 45433

Phone: DSN 787-7741/8549/Commercial 937-257-7741/8549

FAX: DSN 787-1580/Commercial 937-656-1580

Flight Information Recording: DSN 787-6235/Commercial 937-257-6235


Online Flight Schedules:

Yokota Air Base, Japan

630th AMSS/TRP, Attn: Space Available, APO AP 96328-5093

Phone: DSN 225-5661/5662/Commercial 81-3117-55-5661/5662

FAX: DSN 225-9768/Commercial 81-3117-55-9768

Flight Information Recording: DSN 225-7111/Commercial 81-3117-55-7111


Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

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CONUS Space “A” Activities

Activity Phone Number

Charleston International Airport, SC 803-566-5794/5795

Dulles International Airport, VA 800-253-5120

Los Angeles International Airport, CA 310-363-0715/0716

Philadelphia International Airport, PA 215-897-5644

St. Louis International Airport, MO 314-263-6269/6262

Alameda NAS, CA 510-263-3346

Altus AFB, OK 405-481-6350

Andrews AFB, MD 301-981-1854

Atlanta NAS, GA 404-919-4903

Barksdale AFB, LA 318-456-3226

Beale AFB, CA 916-634-2002

Beaufort MCAS, SC 803-522-7807

Bergstrom ARB, TX 512-369-2611

Brunswick NAS, ME 207-921-2689

Buckley ANGB, CO 303-340-9662

Cannon AFB, NM 505-784-2801/2802

Charleston AFB, SC 803-566-3082/3083

Cherry Point MCAS, NC 919-466-3225

Columbus AFB, MS 601-434-2861

Corpus Christi NAS, TX 512-939-2505

Dallas NAS, TX 214-266-6651

Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ 520-228-3641

Dobbins AFB, GA 404-919-4903

Dover AFB, DE 302-677-2854/4088

Dyess AFB, TX 915-696-3108/2158

Edwards AFB, CA 805-277-2222

Eglin AFB, FL 904-882-4757

El Toro MCAS, CA 714-726-3936/4687/4431

Fairchild AFB, WA 509-247-5435

Forbes Field, KS 913-862-4558/4557

Fort Worth NAS, TX 817-782-5649/7513

Grand Forks AFB,ND 701-4409/4410

Grissom AFB, IN 317-688-2254/2255

Hanscom AFB, MA 617-377-3333

Hill AFB, UT 801-777-1854

Holloman AFB, NM 475-479-5411

Homestead AFB, FL 305-224-7516

Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

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Activity Phone Number

Jacksonville NAS, FL 904-772-2537

Keesler AFB, MS 601-377-2120/4538

Kelly AFB, TX 210-925-8714

Key West NAS, FL 305-293-2769

Kirtland AFB, NM 505-846-1652/2075

Langley AFB, VA 804-764-4311

Laughlin AFB,TX 210-298-5308/5309

Little Rock AFB, AR 510-988-3684

Lemoore NAS, CA 209-998-1680

Luke AFB, AZ 602-856-7016

MacDill AFB, FL 813-828-2310

Malmstrom AFB, MT 406-731-2861

March AFB, CA 909-655-2913/2914

Maxwell AFB, AL 334-953-6454

McChord AFB, WA 235-984-5327

McClellan AFB, CA 916-643-3944/4105

McConnell AFB, KS 316-652-3701

McGuire AFB, NJ 609-724-3078

Memphis NAS, TN 901-872-5331/5332

Minot AFB, ND 701-723-1854/2347

Miramar NAS, CA 619-537-4277

Moffett NAS, CA 415-603-9213

Nellis AFB, NV 702-652-1854

New Orleans NAS, LA 504-393-3100/3101

Norfolk NAS, VA 804-444-4148

North Island NAS, CA 619-545-9567

Offutt AFB, NE 402-294-6235

Patrick AFB, FL 407-494-5631

Patuxent River NAS, MD 301-826-3656

Pease ANGB, NH 603-430-2103/3643

Pensacola NAS, FL 904-452-3311

Peterson AFB, CO 719-556-4521

Plattsburg AFB, NY 518-565-5441

Point Mugu NAS, CA 805-989-8521/7305

Pope AFB, NC 910-394-4429

Randolph AFB, TX 210-652-1854/3725

Reese AFB, TX 806-885-3105/3106

Rickenbacker AFB, OH 614-492-4595

Robins AFB, GA 912-926-3166/4915

Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

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Activity Phone Number

Scott AFB, IL 618-256-3017/1854

Seymour Johnson AFB, NC 919-736-6729/5269

Shaw AFB, SC 803-668-3818/5111

Sheppard AFB, TX 817-676-2180

South Weymouth, MA 617-786-2713/2667

Tinker AFB, OK 405-739-4360/4339

Travis AFB, CA 800-787-2534

Tyndall AFB, FL 904-283-4244/4245

Vandenberg AFB, CA 805-276-7742/7743/1854

Westover AFB, MA 413-557-2951/2917

Whidbey Island NAS, WA 360-257-2604

Whiteman AFN, MO 816-687-3101

Willow Grove NAS, PA 215-443-6216/6217

Wright Patterson AFN, OH 513-257-6235/7741

Yuma MCAS, AZ 602-341-2729

Researched by Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

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