The Most Dangerous Game


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9th Grade “The Most Dangerous Game” Questions—Stonitsch & Orr

  1. Who is the author of the story?

  1. What is the setting?

  1. Who is the protagonist and what does he love to do?

  1. Why is he on the yacht in the first place?

  1. What is the name of the island and what does it seem to say about it?

  1. What literary element is being used in the statement, “It’s like moist black velvet?” What 2 things are being compared?

  1. What was the inciting incident in the story? Why would Rainsford swim towards gunshots instead of away?

  1. Give some details about the house Rainsford locates on the island?

  1. What direct characterization details does the author provide when Rainsford first sees the man who opens the door?

  1. Who is the man who first opens the door? What is different about Ivan, other than his size and beard?

  1. Based on direct characterization (what the author directly describes or tells us), describe General Zaroff?

  1. What do all of the animal heads suggest about General Zaroff? This is indirect characterization because later on in the story, we will come to understand the general even more.

  1. Rainsford seemed to find the General to be very pleasant, thoughtful, and a good host; however, what one thing was the general doing that made Rainsford uncomfortable?

  1. What is General Zaroff’s one passion in life?

  1. What did Rainsford think might be the most dangerous game?

  1. What are the 2 primary meanings of game used in this story?

  1. According to the general, what is his idea of the most dangerous game?

  1. How does Zarroff’s narration of his life story shed light on his character or the kind of person he is? The general had hunted and killed so many animals; so, what did he realize was beginning to bore him?

  1. What did General Zaroff decide to create and what 3 qualities did this new quarry have to have?

  1. What is General Zaroff’s most dangerous game and what makes this particular “animal” to be the most dangerous game?

  1. What cruel thing or trick does General Zaroff do to make sure ships come toward his island?

  1. Technically, Zaroff gives his “victims” the option to choose to play his game? What is their other option if they don’t want to play? Which one do they usually choose and why do you think this is the more popular choice?

  1. Describe the rules of the game?

  1. What does Zaroff use as a back up to make sure he gets his quarry?

  1. What is the main conflict in this story?

  1. What literary element is used when Zaroff says, “We try to be civilized here”?

  1. Tell me what you think the internal conflict for Rainsford could be?

  1. What are the terms of the game if Rainsford wins?

  1. What do you think Zaroff meant by “in that case—But why discuss that now” in response to Rainsford refusing to keep quiet about what he knows happens on this island?

  1. Where does Rainsford hide to rest for the first night?

  1. How does the author build suspense at this point in the story?

  1. What did Rainsford realize when Zaroff smiled and walked away from where Rainsford was hiding?

  1. What happened when Rainsford built his first trap? Name the trap if it had a name.

  1. What happened when Rainsford built his second trap by the Death Swamp? Name the trap if it had a name.

  1. What happened when Rainsford built his 3rd trap with the knife tied to the grapevine? Name the trap if it had a name.

  1. What does Rainsford do when he gets close to the cliffs?

  1. What does General Zaroff think has happened and how does he feel about?

  1. What were 2 things that were annoying General Zaroff?

  1. How is General Zaroff surprised at the end?

  1. According to Zaroff, what are the outcomes for the winner and loser?

41. What is considered to be the climax has been an arguable subject. What do you think is the climax and support your answer.
42. What was the resolution of the story?
43. List five antagonists in Rainsford’s tale.





44. How were Rainsford’s first impressions of the general different to his final thoughts of him?

45. A dynamic character is one who goes through a change of personality, thoughts, beliefs, etc. A static character is one who never changes. Give me one dynamic character in the story with one reason why. Give me one static character in the story with one reason why.

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