The Most Strategic Mission Field in the World: The University Campus Crucial Time in Life

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The Most Strategic Mission Field in the World:




Crucial Time in Life

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 Big decisions

 Open-minded

 Still a lot of changes ahead

 “Last chance” for the gospel

Students Need to Hear the Gospel

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 God wants every person to hear the good news

 Many have had no exposure to the Gospel

 Many did not attend church regularly, they will never

enter a church building

 Reach out to students right where they are!

Protect Our Youth

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80-90% of high school students in youth group

fall away from God by 4 yrs out of high school

 Youth leaders work too hard and love too much

for this to happen

 Kim’s family Insert a story here

 We must protect the investment!

International Student Ministry

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 The most gifted students

Interested in our friendship

 Ayshah from Saudi Arabia

 REACH a leader and INFLUENCE a nation

 Foreign missions in reverse.

 Over 700,000 foreign students from almost every

nation of the world

George Barna says international student ministry

is the “opportunity of a lifetime!”

Impact our World

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 Leaders of tomorrow.

 Doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers, media executives, moms

and dads.

 Story: Ashley the teacher

 Story: Tabie the Washington DC Interpreter

We must start where leaders are shaped.

God’s Heart for Students

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 Tyler, the church kid

 Something needs to be done and I believe God has

called me!

God’s Leading to this Area

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 Story: ME!

 Chi Alpha through Assemblies of God

 Tried other ministries on campus

 Became a leader.

 Heard Great Lakes needed help
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What is Chi Alpha?

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 A Christian College and University campus Ministry

 Assemblies of God

 We are students following Jesus

 Create opportunities for students to meet God, each

other, and the needs of the community

2 Corinthians 5:20, “chistou apostoloi,” Christ’s sent

ones, Greek letters Chi (X) and Alpha (A) are the initials


Our Ministry is about Changed Lives

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 Story: Deanna

 Because of Chi Alpha, she’s been CHANGED

Insert a story here.

Method of Support

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 $0,000 per month

 $0,000 special gifts

 August 1st


My Commitment
 To work diligently to reach and disciple
people in the Lord.

 To keep you informed on what God is doing

in our ministry.

 To pray for you.

Faith Promise

Your partnership can make a difference in reaching college students for Christ.

Would you commit your support of $50, $75, $100 or some other amount each month?
Have YOUR Faith Promise
Form and Envelope handy!

Financial Amount _______________________ Monthly ___ Special Gift ___ Annual Gift ___

Name __________________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________

City ________________________________________________ State ______ Zip _____________

Home Phone ______________________________ Work Phone ____________________________

Email __________________________________________________________________________

Signature ___________________________________________________ Date ________________

 Could you begin your support this month by writing your first check today?

 Many ministry partners give through credit or debit card. Would this work for you?

(For Administrative Use Only)

Missionary________________________________________ Acct. # ______________

___ Check attached

___ Check will be sent / Date ____________

___ Check will be picked up / Date ____________

___ Credit/Debit Card Form Filled Out

All gifts are tax deductible. Please make your check payable to U.S. Missions.

Please forward to AGUSM

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