The mystery of the stolen bike

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Scaffolding young writers : a writer's workshop approach    

PROF 372.6 DOR    Dorn, Linda J.

Sees Behind Trees    

F DOR    Dorris, Michael.

The silver balloon    

F BON    Bonners, Susan.

Tadpole to frog    

597.8 OWE    Owen, Oliver S., 1920-.

Tyrannosaurus rex    

567.9 GRA    Gray, Susan Heinrichs.

Way Down Deep    

F WHI    White, Ruth, 1942-.

Welcome to HorrorLand : a survival guide.    

F WEL   

Anno's mysterious multiplying jar    

512.7 ANN    Anno, Masaichirö.

Did dinosaurs eat pizza? : mysteries science hasn't solved    

567.9 HOR    Hort, Lenny.

The mysterious island    

F ABB    Abbott, Tony.

The case of the mummified pigs and other mysteries in nature    

508 QUI    Quinlan, Susan E.

Extreme scientists : exploring nature's mysteries from perilous places    

509.2 JAC    Jackson, Donna M., 1959-.

Kogi's mysterious journey    

398.2 PAR    Partridge, Elizabeth.

Space mysteries    

520 KEN    Kenah, Katharine.

Tales of the cryptids : mysterious creatures that may or may not exist    

001.94 HAL    Halls, Kelly Milner, 1957-.

Teaching genre: mysteries : (Teacher's guide + 5 small books).    

PROF 371 CAS    Cassidy, Janet.

Two-minute mysteries.    

SC SOB    Sobol, Donald J.

UFO mysteries    

001.94 GRA    Grace, N. B.

Where do fish go in winter : and other great mysteries.    

500 KOS    Koss, Amy Goldman.


B HOU    Alden, Laura.

The clockwork three    

F KIR    Kirby, Matthew J., 1976-

Tales from the house of Bunnicula : Howie Monroe and the doghouse of doom.    

F HOW    Howe, James.

13 scary ghost stories    

SC 13    edited by Marianne Carus

97 ways to train a dragon    

F MCM    McMullan, Kate.

The adventures of Tintin. Volume 4    

741.5 HER    Hergé, 1907-1983.

All about fossils    

VHS 560 ALL    Schlessinger Media

Amelia Earhart free in the skies    

B EAR    Burleigh, Robert.

April adventure    

F ROY    Roy, Ron, 1940-

Arthur goes to camp    

E BRO    Brown, Marc Tolon.

The Beastly Arms    

F JEN    Jennings, Patrick.

Bigfoot : a North American legend    

001.94 DEM    DeMolay, Jack.

The blood-and-thunder adventure on Hurricane Peak    

F MAH    Mahy, Margaret.

Bogeymen don't play football    

F DAD    Dadey, Debbie.

Breakout at the bug lab    

E HOR    Horowitz, Ruth.

Buddy is a stupid name for a girl    

F ROB    Roberts, Willo Davis.

El caballero del alba : Knight at dawn.    

460 OSB    Osborne, Mary Pope.

Charlie and the chocolate factory    

F DAH    Dahl, Roald.

Charlie Bone and the castle of mirrors    

F NIM    Nimmo, Jenny.

Charlie Bone and the invisible boy    

F NIM    Nimmo, Jenny.

Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate    

460 DAH    Dahl, Roald.

A Christmas card    

F THE    Theroux, Paul.

City of light, city of dark    

741.5 AVI    Avi, 1937-

The Dark Hills divide    

F CAR    Carman, Patrick.

The Dark Hills divide     playaway

F CAR    Carman, Patrick.

Dazzling division : games and activities that make math easy and fun

PROF 513.2 LON    Long, Lynette.


REF 567.9 HAS    Haslam, Andrew.

Do you do a didgeridoo?    

E PAG    Page, Nick, 1961-.

Dog days    

F LUB    Lubar, David.


REF 550 VAN    Van Rose, Susanna.


398 GUI    Guillain, Charlotte.

Fergus Crane    

F STE    Stewart, Paul, 1955-.

Game 1     playaway

F LON    Long, Loren.

The garden of Eve    

F GOI    Going, K. L. (Kelly L.)

Ginger Pye    

F EST    Estes, Eleanor, 1906-.

F ROW    Rowling, J. K.

The haunting of Freddy : book four in the golden hamster saga    

F REI    Reiche, Dietlof.

The hero and the crown    

F MCK    McKinley, Robin.

Horrible Harry and the dungeon.    

F KLI    Kline, Suzy.

Horrible Harry and the purple people    

F KLI    Kline, Suzy.

The invention of Hugo Cabret : a novel in words and pictures    

F SEL    Selznick, Brian.

The invisible island.    

F ROY    Roy, Ron.

Jane Eyre    

F STE    Stewart, Diana.


E VAN    Van Allsburg, Chris.


VHS 574.5 JUN   

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