The Night Journey


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Summary Juz’ 15, 15th Ramadan/4th Sep

Surah 17al-Isra’ – “The Night Journey”

Summary: This Meccan Surah takes its name after the miraculous Night Journey mentioned in the first verse. The main theme of the Surah revolves around the Prophet himself; it examines the attitude of his opponents towards him, details of his message and how it was received. This leads to a discussion on the nature of Allah’s message and the role of the Prophets as a whole. The chapter begins by glorifying Allah and ends by praising Him, and the sense of the whole Surah is one of praise; it includes stories about the Children of Israel as relate to Masjid al-Aqsa, the destination of the Prophet’s Night Journey, and it tackles aspects of individual and social behaviour.




The Nights Journey


The Children of Israel spreading corruption twice, punishment


The Qur’an; Signs in creation; The Last Day; Personal responsibility; Destruction of previous peoples; Allah’s blessings


Only Allah is to be worshipped; Parents, good treatment of; Relatives; The Brothers of Satan; Charity, taking a balanced way; Murder, Justice, Orphans; Honesty; Arrogance; Accountability


Futility of shirk; The disbelievers veiled from the Qur’an, denial of resurrection; Satan’s sowing discord; Allah knows all; Invoking false gods is futile


Vision of the Prophet; Adam and his creation; Satan and Adam, Satan’s promise; Allah’s protection of His sincere servants


Man when afflicted at sea; Man’s delusion; Allah has honoured man; Judgment Day; Plots of the disbelievers, Allah supporting the Prophet


Prayer, tahajjud, du’a; Truth vs. Falsehood; The Qur’an as cure; the Soul


Inimitability of the Qur’an; Obstinate demands of disbelievers and schemes against the Prophet; Allah as witness; Resurrection and its proofs; Moses given 9 Signs, Pharaoh’s response, his people’s response


Revelation; State of the believers; Closing supplication

Surah 18al-Kahf – “The Cave”

Summary: The Surah takes its name after the Sleepers of the Cave mentioned in verses 9 onwards and its central theme is that of purging faith of all deviancy and superstition as well as highlighting the many paradoxes in life that can only be understood through patience and knowledge; it stresses the reward of true and sincere faith in Allah and absolute submission to Him, and explains that it is true faith which is the benchmark of judging ideas and values. The majority of the chapter recounts stories that stress these points: the Sleepers of the Cave, the man with two gardens, the creation of Adam and Satan’s fall, Moses and Khadir, and Dhu’l-Qarnain.




Revelation, purpose of message, distinction of; Consoling the Messenger; Reality of the world


Story of the Companions of the Cave, saying inshaAllah


Adhere to the body of the believers; Truth and Falsehood made clear, recompense for those who follow each; A Gulf too Wide: Story of the Two Gardens; Parable of the Life of this world


Transience of this world; the Last Day; Story of Adam; Obstinacy of man; Allah’s forgiving some and destroying others


Story of Moses and Khadir

It is important that in this blessed month of Ramadan we engage with the Qur’an. Recite the Arabic and more importantly ponder over its meaning. In order for us to encourage you to do this Masjid as-Salam will be providing a daily summary of the verses that will be recited during the Taraweeh prayers.

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