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The Princess and the Kiss

Jenny Bishop
Book Description:

  • Parents give their daughter a precious gift--her first kiss-which she must use wisely.

Academic Objectives:

  • ELA5W3c The student uses research and technology to support writing. The student Uses various reference materials (i.e., dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, electronic information, almanac, atlas, magazines, newspapers) as aids to writing.

Brilliant Star Objective:

  • Moral Character: Given a story or situation in which a choice must be made between acceptable or appropriate behavior and unacceptable or inappropriate behavior, the students will be able to discern the moral dilemma, make a choice, and provide a rationale for that choice.

Readability Level: K-2
Vocabulary: purity, splendor, precious, wisdom, possession, suitor, court, marvelous, gazing, velvet, humble, altar, conscience, sincere, faith
Introduction: Ask the students if they have ever been given a special gift. Ask them if they would ever share that gift with anyone and if so who.
During Reading: Ask following questions on corresponding pages:

  • p 4 – Was the special gift from God really a kiss? What do you think the kiss could have represented? (purity)
  • p. 10- Why should the princess save the kiss for the man she will marry? What kind of man would you want to marry?

  • P. 12- What did the princess mean when she said Prince Peacock’s heart was full of himself? Was she right to think there would be no room for her in his heart? Why?

  • P. 14- Why did the princess believe that Prince Romance would soon lose interest in her kiss? Do you think she was right? Why?

  • P. 16- Why did the princess believe her kiss would not be special to Prince Treasurechest? Do you think she was right? Why?

  • P.18 How did the princess feel when she began to doubt she would ever find a husband? Do you think the princess was smart to wait for someone who was worthy of her kiss? Why?

  • P.20 – Who did the princess talk to when she began to worry? Who can you talk to when you begin to worry?

  • p 24 Why was the farmer attracted to the princess? How does a girl become truly beautiful?

  • P. 28- Did the princess choose the best husband? What was it about the farmer that made him worthy of the princess’s kiss?

  • P. 32- What does this scripture mean?

Follow-Up Activities:

  1. Discuss the ways in which you can be pure (in what we wear, how we act, in our hearts, etc.)

  2. Have the students create a Book of Purity using all the categories discussed in class. In the book have the students find or draw pictures and then write words or sentences to explain the many ways in which they can be pure.
  3. For example, in the section of being pure in what we wear the students can look in magazines for pictures of men and women who are wearing modest clothing and glue these pictures into their book. They would then write a couple of sentences of how they are being pure in what they wear.

Additional Resources:

  • Life Lessons from the Princess and the Kiss by: Susan Henson

  • For sample chapters from this book visit


  • DeMoss, N. L. (2001). Revive our hearts. Retieved October 1, 2007 from
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