The Radio bkc show (aka dj james Radio bkc show) is an Internet radio show that was funded in 2003 by James Sullivan. The show’s format (2003-2009) had a simple set up

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The Radio BKC Show (AKA DJ James Radio BKC Show) is an Internet radio show that was funded in 2003 by James Sullivan. The show’s format (2003-2009) had a simple set up. James would play all kinds of music featuring popular artists of the day. He would also read listeners shout-outs and song requests on the show. Sometimes James would have interviews with guests like Justin Lanning, a singer from California and include workers from NASA Ames Research Center.

In 2009 James and his production group, Microville Inc. felt that the studio needed a major make-over. They changed the format of the show to add news segments. The last show was October of 2009 and for two years (2010-2011), James and his team of friends and family members worked together to come up with a new studio design. Plywood was brought into the studio and more building was done. The new format of The Radio BKC Show gives listeners more family based programming. At the beginning of each show, James plays a song followed by the opening intro to the show.

A new idea was added to the show. It seems that James’ childhood hobby was trains and trolleys. He was crazy about trains. He had a big train set with houses in his basement. When James was boy his parents took him on a train ride through the Catskills. Every time James would spend a night at his grandma's house he would hop in the car and his grandma would take him down to the train station to see the early train go by.

James wanted to be sure that people knew the story behind adding the new member and that there was no connection to Mister Rogers in any way. James loved Mister Rogers Neighborhood because of the trolley on the show. In fact James had met people at The Fred Rogers Company by contacting them though out the years. When they heard that James was building a wooden G Scale trolley someone from the company said “it sounds like you very busy working with your own trolley”.

The G Scale trolley runs on a track in the studio. Unlike Mister Rogers Neighborhood, James does not use the trolley to go to a make believe world. However, the trolley does come out of the tunnel in the studio carrying the shout-outs on paper or carrying current news.

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