The Red Tricycle (a true Missions Story) By David Grant


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The Red Tricycle (A True Missions Story)

By David Grant (rewritten by the BGMC Department)
(Picture 1: Missionary David standing in his open front doorway, looking aghast down at a basket on his doorstep. Show only the top rim of the basket; we don’t want to see the mutilated baby!)
It was a time of famine in India. Millions of refugees fled from the villages and went to the city where missionary David Grant was living. The refugees were living in tar paper shacks, under tarpaulins, and on the streets. There was no money, no food. Some people felt that the only way to save their children was to give them away to other familes.

In the middle of the night, someone laid a baby on the Grants’ doorstep. But some hungry dogs got to the baby before the Grants found it. Seeing the mutilated body of that one baby so traumatized David’s spirit, he was not able to function that day.

Laying on the floor out of weariness and heart sickness, he questioned God. How could he have missed that baby on his doorstep?

Distraught, he determined to quit and leave that tragic country. But before he could fulfill that intent, God touched him and he was able to carry on.

Carry on. That’s all he did for months after finding the baby on his doorstep. He preached without tears and ministered without emotion. He functioned like a robot, feeling dead inside, like his heart was just a stone.
(Picture 2: David looking at a tricycle in the window of a store.)

Many months later, David was preaching in another city on Christmas Eve for a young pastor who had a wife and a three-year-old son. On the way to the service, he looked in a store window and saw the first tricycle he had ever seen in India.

He said to his wife Beth, “I’m going to buy that little tricycle for the pastor’s son.”

Beth, the more practical member of the family, said, “They could probably use the money instead.”

But undeterred and determined, David went into the store. He asked the clerk the price. “Fifteen dollars,” she said.

Fifteen dollars? The pastor had to pay fifteen dollars a month in rent alone. That was almost half his monthly income. But David bought the bike anyway.

(Picture 3: A boy all excited to see the tricycle in his house. David is standing nearby, looking amazed.)
A little while later, tricycle in hand, David and Beth walked into the pastor’s tiny, one-room apartment. David sat the tricycle down on the floor. The little boy screamed, “Mommy, my tricycle has come!” He ran over and jumped on the shiny new bike.

Beth went over to the mother and said, “I’m sorry if this is not the thing to do. But David insisted on buying this tricycle.”

But the mother said with tears in her eyes, “For a month, he’s been praying for a tricycle. Every day during our prayer time he asks us, ‘Have you prayed for my tricycle?’ A week ago he was in bed with a fever and looked up at me and said, ‘Mommy, Jesus appeared to me and said I would have a tricycle for Christmas.’”

The mother continued, “I thought it was the fever. I touched him, but the fever was gone. I began to weep. I said, ‘Jesus, what are we going to do? We don’t have any money.’ And then you walked through the door. That tricycle didn’t come from you. It came from Jesus.”

Upon hearing that testimony, the stone in David’s chest burst into a million pieces and he began to weep. He felt the Lord speak to him and say, “You have blamed Me for the death of that baby that was killed on the doorstep months ago. You have said I do not hear the prayers of these children. But I wanted to show you that I hear the prayers of every child, and I look for someone to be my hand.”

God cares about every child in India and around the whole world. Remember to pray for the children everywhere, that they will learn how much God loves them.

Information for this story was provided by David Grant and is used with permission from Assemblies of God World Missions.

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