The Secret of Scarlett Cove

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The Secret of Scarlett Cove

A Pathfinder Honors Club Story

Author: Charles Mills

Copyright: ©2004 by Pacific Press®

Readability level 7.3

Word count: 28,006

128 pages

1. The dolphin died because his ______ was messed up by ______.

a. blow hole ... plastic bags the tourists left

b. fin ... a boat propeller from Chilson’s Park

c. sonar ... the Navy’s echo locate system

d. tooth ... nuclear waste from the Canadian power plant

2. Dusty was nearly killed by ______.

a. the dolphin's pod

b. drunken Mr. Chilson’s boat

c. killer sharks

d. the Navy’s research team

3. Mrs. Timmons’ date, Mr. Chilson, took her to his ______.

a. apartment

b. family in Maine

c. Fantasy Land

d. house boat

4. Dusty hated to see dolphins ______ because she ______.

a. close to shore ... was afraid of them

b. leaping out of the water ... didn't want them to get shot

c. penned up ... knew it made them sick and sad

d. swim with people ... thought the people might get hurt

5. The vet sometimes ______.

a. forgot to eat

b. hurt the animals

c. lost his memory

d. swam with the dolphins

6. Dolphins travel in a group called a ______.

a. alley

b. herd

c. pod

d. school

7. A causeway is a strip of land that ______.

a. connects an island to the mainland

b. juts out into the ocean

c. is a ramp up a mountain

d. support a galaxy

8. Dolphins mainly use ______ to tell where things are.

a. sonar clicks

b. their superb eye sight

c. a very strong sense of smell

d. water temperature

9. The testing sounds of the Navy made the dolphin ______.

a. crazy

b. disoriented

c. lazy

d. sea sick

10. Officer Host’s offspring, Dusty, was his ______.

a. child

b. friend

c. enemy

d. wife

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