The Selfish Giant General Understanding Quiz

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The Selfish Giant General Understanding Quiz

1. In the beginning of the story, the children are playing in the Giant's garden while he is away visiting a friend. Why did the giant return when he did?

a) He had been gone for seven years and thought it was time to go home.

b) He was bored because he and his friend did not have much to talk about.

c) He was worried about his house and garden.

2. What was the meaning of the notice the Giant put up on the wall?

a) If you come into this garden, you will be hurt.

b) If you come into this garden, you may go to jail.

c) If you come into this garden, I will lock you up and you can never leave.

3. Why did the children say they did not like playing on the road?

a) There were no trees to climb.

b) The ground was not clean and soft like the Giant's garden.

c) There was too much traffic from people going to market.

4. Why didn't Spring come to the Giant's garden?

a) The Snow and Frost would not let it inside.

b) There children were not allowed inside.

c) The Giant liked the Winter.

5. Which kind of weather had any icy breath?

a) The Snow

b) The Frost

c) The Hail

6. Which kinds of weather liked dancing through the trees?

a) The Snow and Frost

b) The North Wind and Hail

c) All of them.

7. Why did the children first come back to the Giant's garden?

a) They found a way to get inside and wanted to climb the trees again.

b) The Giant saw how selfish he had been and broke down the wall.

c) The Giant helped a little boy and they saw that he was not wicked any more.

8. What did the little boy do when the Giant helped him up into the tree?

a) He asked the Giant to visit his house, which was Paradise.

b) He asked the Giant to take his great axe and break down the wall.

c) He put his arms around the Giant's neck and kissed him.

9. Why did the Giant stop playing with the other children?

a) He missed the little boy too much.

b) He was getting too old to play games.

c) The children had been turned into the most beautiful flowers in his garden.

10. How do you think the Giant felt at the very end of the story?

a) Angry, because someone had hurt the little boy.

b) Sad, because he would not be able to enjoy his garden any more.

c) Happy to leave his garden and be with the little boy.


1. (b)

2. (b)

3. (b)

4. (b)

5. (c)

6. (c)

7. (a)

8. (c)

9. (b)

10. (c)

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