The Selfish Giant

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Study Questions for “The Selfish Giant”

  1. What was the Giant's garden like?

  2. Why did the children stop playing in this garden?

  3. The Giant put up a sign. What did it say and what does this mean?

  4. Where did the children play after this?

  5. What happened when spring came?

  6. Who were the only ones who were pleased about this?

  7. Name all the wintery creatures who came to live there.

  8. How did the Giant react to this?

  9. What did he hear one morning?

  10. What had made Spring come to the garden?

  11. How did the children get in?

  12. What did the Giant say when he saw the garden?

  13. What did the Giant see in one corner?

  14. What did he do?

  15. After this the Giant tore down the fence. What was the result?

  16. The Giant missed one person, who was that?

  17. Did he ever see him again?

  18. What had happened to the child?

  19. Who was this person supposed to be?

  20. How can we tell (who it is supposed to be)?

  21. How did the story end?

  22. What does this story remind you of?

  23. What is an allegory?

  24. What does it mean to say that this story is an allegory?

  25. Make a list of what you think may be religious symbols and/or allusions and fairytale parallels in the story.

  26. What do you think is the theme of the story?
  27. Do you know other short stories, novels or poetry with a similar theme?

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