The squirrel and bird dance

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Kim Monterey and Melanie Franz Lesson 4

“The squirrel and bird dance”

Lesson 4: Moving together as squirrels and birds
Learning Outcomes:

  • Move safely in both general and personal space

  • Move in time to a steady beat

  • Demonstrate an ability to balance in locomotor and non-locomotor movements

  • Move in a variety of levels and pathways

  • Create movements that represent patterns, characters and other aspects of the world (squirrel and bird)


Introductory Activity:

  • Just on the circle here I want to see if you remember our stop and go signals, when I say go, I want to see you run as fast as you can on the spot and then freeze when I say stop.

Task Progression:

  • I want you to think back to last week to the story that we read you. What was the bird doing in the story and what was the squirrel doing in the story?

  • We are now going to put you in partners (one will be A and one will be B). A’s will be the birds and B’s will be the squirrels.
  • In our story and in our song, we hear the bird flying away from his nest for 4 beats and then coming back to his nest for 4 beats. Then the squirrel gets a turn and sneaks up to the nest and then sneaks away with the hay.

  • We are going to try it with the music, listen for the change in the music to know when it is your turn to move.

  • Now we are going to read a bit more of the story so you can see what will happen with the bird’s plan to catch the squirrel. Read the story from “I think someone is taking my hay. So the bird decided to...” up to “The bird chased the squirrel all over the forest until he finally caught up with him.”

  • In the story what does the bird decide to do? What is the squirrel doing while the bird is looking for him? Why does he do that?

  • Now we are going to try doing our new part together. In this part the squirrel is frozen and the bird flies around and looks for the squirrel for 8 and then the bird stops to rest and the squirrel sneaks away from 8 beats.

Culminating Activity:

Strategy/ Reminders:

  • What can we do when we are moving to make sure that we don’t bump in to anyone or hurt our selves? (look for spaces, keep our eyes open)

  • What is a safe way that we can stop our bodies when we are moving?

  • What can we do with our bodies while we are moving so that we can all hear the sticks? (have quiet feet, don’t talk)

  • What can we do with our bodies to look like squirrels? How does a sneaky squirrel move?

  • What can we do with our bodies to look like birds? How do birds move?

  • Are students freezing for 8, what are they focusing on?

  • Are birds getting back to their hoops by 8?

  • Are squirrels still when frozen?

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