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UFOs / "Black Budget" Projects____________

doc pdf 1.a small Gallery of UFO Photos & "Players"

doc pdf 2. an introduction to UFOs, the Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project, time-travel, remote-viewing

doc pdf 3. a brief background of the Bob Lazar story

doc pdf 4. notes on Bob Lazar from John Andrews' Testors UFO model kit

doc pdf URL 5. excerpts from a radio talk-show interview

with Bob Lazar

doc pdf URL 6. excerpts of telephone questions&answers

from Bob Lazar

doc pdf URL 7. supporters & critics/detractors of Bob Lazar

doc pdf URL 8. various "Special Access Programs" under the Black Budget

doc pdf URL 9. MJ-12 sponsored UFO-related projects over-the-decades according to William Cooper

doc pdf URL 10. (an in-depth & expanded version of #9 above)

doc pdf URL 11. historical UFO reports including Bentwaters (UK), Iran, Cuba, US AFB intrusions, Pine-Gap(Australia)

doc pdf URL 12. ELINT Sgt. Dan Sherman and "Project Preserve Destiny"

doc pdf URL 13. extracts from Dan Sherman's book Above Black

doc pdf Dan Sherman's complete book Above Black
doc pdf URL 14. Glenn Campbell's review of Dan Sherman's

book "Above Black - Project Preserve Destiny"

doc pdf URL 15. Glenn Campbell's archived index of

investigations into Dan Sherman's claims

doc pdf URL 16. Glenn Campbell's e-mail interview with Dan Sherman

doc pdf URL 17. Dan Sherman's responses to questions e-mailed in from various researchers

doc pdf URL 18. abduction researcher Katharina Wilson's evaluation of Dan Sherman

doc pdf URL 19. Glenn Campbell's "color commentary"

on the debate between Dan Sherman and skeptical and current ELINT officer Mark Louttit

doc pdf URL 20. another independent review of ELINT Sgt.Dan Sherman and "Project Preserve Destiny"

doc pdf 21. Col. Corso's adaptation of the EBE brain to missile guidance systems

doc pdf URL 22. classic counter-intelligence disinformation :

the Paul Bennewitz / MJ-12 / William Moore MAZE

doc pdf 23. Preston Nichols (the Montauk Project) on various types of UFO construction

doc pdf URL 24. postulated effects of Hyperspace Geometry on human consciousness

doc pdf URL 25. brief message on ORMEs posted on a Montauk Project board

doc pdf URL 26. another posted message relating ORMEs to superconductivity

doc pdf URL 27. Paranormal Observations of ORMEs Atomic Structure

doc pdf 28. ORMEs and non-conventional energy {posted on a KeelyNet board}

doc pdf URL 29. Quest for 'The Philosopher's Stone'

doc pdf URL 30. Non-metallic, Monatomic Forms of Transition Elements (ORMEs)

doc pdf URL 31. ORMEs and Human Consciousness

doc pdf URL 32. ORMEs -- White Powder Gold -- and Alchemy

doc pdf URL 33. ORMEs, Paramagnetism , and Soil Health

doc pdf URL 34. ORMEs and Studies of Resonance vs. Gravity

doc pdf URL 35. ORMEs - a reported Russian-based

substance that might remove radioactivity

doc pdf URL 36. "Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark" (Nexus:ORMEs)

doc pdf URL 37. Dr. Stephen's Greer Update on the UFO Disclosure Project

doc pdf URL 38. the mysterious "Aviary" UFO-secrecy group

doc pdf URL 39. the Shadow Government -- its Identification and Analysis

doc pdf URL 40. the Public Acclimation Program to UFOs

doc pdf URL 41. MJ-12 insider revelations (Dr. Michael Wolf)

doc pdf URL 42. "Project Pounce" / retrieving downed UFOs -- Part I

doc pdf URL 43. "Project Pounce" / retrieving downed UFOs -- Part II

doc pdf URL 44. UFO projects over the decades including Projects Sign, Redlight, Bando, Aquarius, Plato, Sigma

doc pdf URL 45. Dr. Boylan's personal investigative tours of

nuclear laboratories and military complexes

doc pdf URL 46. the REAL X-files by Dr. Jack Sarfatti

doc pdf URL 47. Quantum Gravity theories that explain UFO behavior

doc pdf URL 48. TR-3B "Black Manta" by Edward Fouche

(gravity reduction by circulating mercury plasma)

doc pdf URL 49. the physics behind the TR-3B

doc pdf URL 50. more TR-3B engineering details

doc pdf URL 51. Paper on Rotating Magnetic Fields, Gravity, time-travel

doc pdf URL 52. Black-Triangle Aircraft : the "Aurora"

doc pdf URL 53. the mothership -- "Brilliant Buzzard"

doc pdf URL 54. Tier-3 "Q" Advanced Airborne Reconnaissance System

doc pdf URL 55. the TR-3A "Black Manta"

doc pdf URL 56. Other Black Projects of special note

(Senior Citizen, ART, Have Flag, Enchantment, HALO, Artichoke)

doc pdf URL 57. Secret Test Bases

doc pdf URL 58. UFOs and the Freedom of Information Act

doc pdf URL 59. the different "Types" of BT craft observed

doc pdf URL 60. Dr. Daniel Burisch (Crain) Testimonials

doc pdf URL 61. Dr. Burisch's former contacts

doc pdf URL 62. the Q-94-109-A Document: Burisch's ET autopsy report

doc pdf URL 63. Papoose Site-4 (S4) Level-4 ("Aquarius Pavilion") Map

doc pdf URL 64. Project LOTUS Protocol Overview

doc pdf URL 65. the "last" letter received from Dr. Dan Burisch

doc pdf URL 66. Sector 4-Pavilion 3-Residential Bay 1-Unit-2 Project Lotus (STAAR Flower) Year 2002 R#02-02 Draft

doc pdf URL 67. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base: Underground Alien Vaults

doc pdf URL 68. Psychological Warfare (PsyOps) and

the Majestic-12 Documents

doc pdf URL 69. Los Alamos National Labs Underground Facilities ("Dulce Complex")

doc pdf URL 70. Watertown / Area-51 / Papoose Site 4

doc pdf URL 71. "Black Boxes" and Reverse-Engineered Area-51 ET-craft

doc pdf URL 72. Reports of DNA manipulation research

doc pdf URL 73. the "Yellow Book" --

a highly-classified gift from "Them"

doc pdf URL 74. NSA ET-storage Facility at Sandia Labs, Albuquerque, NM

doc pdf URL 75. letters from Sen. Barry Goldwater regarding his rebuffed attempts to solve the UFO puzzle

doc pdf URL 76. A New Hypothesis for Roswell: Could what have fallen was a U.S. atomic device (called "IceMan") that was to have been deliberately detonated to make it appear as if it came from a foreign country?

doc pdf URL 77. Clark McClelland: "The Arkansas Incident" (inspection of retrieved UFO)

doc pdf URL 78. Clark McClelland: "von Braun at Roswell"

doc pdf URL 79. Clark McClelland: "Chasing Juno" (UFO followed rocket nosecone back into atmosphere)

doc pdf URL 80. Clark McClelland: "UFO Disables Atlas ICBM Test"

doc pdf URL 81. Clark McClelland: "The Demonstration" (Space Shuttle STS-80 observes UFO)

doc pdf URL 82. Clark McClelland: "Four Guests With

Gemini" (UFOs rendezvous with Gemini capsule)

doc pdf 83. UFO-related Quotes by Military/Government leaders

doc pdf URL 84. UFOology's "Good, Bad, & Ugly" Researchers

doc pdf URL 85. "Technology of the Gods"

doc pdf URL 86. NASA's Dr. Paul Hill's "Unconventional Flying Objects" -- book review by Dr. Hal Puthoff

doc pdf URL 87. "S4 Novelty Badge

doc pdf URL 88. "Gravitation and Distortion Systems

(i.e., John Keely meets superstrings)

doc pdf URL 89. "Area-51 : A Personal Account

doc pdf URL 90. "Project Looking Glass" (Bill Hamilton)

doc pdf URL 91. "Project Looking Glass" & "Transiator" theory

doc pdf URL 92. "Project Looking Glass": Bob Lazar vs. Bill Hamilton's Time-Machine Source

doc pdf URL 93. UFO propulsion / "dark energy" / Andrei Sakharov's ideas (Dr. Jack Sarfatti)

doc pdf URL 94. UNITEL's use of a laser crystal lens for MACROscopic quantum tunneling

doc pdf URL 95. an "iron-on" UNITEL decal for t-shirts, jackets

doc pdf URL 96. a past UNITEL corporate newsletter

doc pdf URL 97. a published interview with UNITEL's Director-of-Research Mike Miller

doc pdf URL 98. the UNITEL worldclass team of researchers and consultants

doc pdf URL 99. the UNITEL Quantum Computer HOLO-1 Prototype

doc pdf URL 100. UNITEL laser propulsion book review by physicist Edward Halerewicz, Jr.

doc pdf URL 101. Mathematical semi-validation of UNITEL's concept

doc pdf URL 102. the 1981 Eugene, OR UFO "demonstration" that spawned UNITEL, Inc.

doc pdf URL 103. an in-depth peer review of UNITEL's claims

doc pdf URL 104. a 'Yes/No' test to see if you have had an Alien Abduction

doc pdf URL 105. admissions of former Lockheed Skunk Works engineer Ben Rich regarding both "man-made" and alien UFOs

doc pdf URL 106. "Dark Energy" -- the "exotic matter" link that Dr. Sarfatti's revolutionary physics model permits UFO-like performance

doc pdf URL 107. mainstream debate of "The Zeta Reticuli Incident"

doc pdf URL 108. an example of "psycho-reactive" UFO hull material

doc pdf URL 109. Gravity Control Technologies (GCT): Introduction

doc pdf URL 110. GCT: About the Company

doc pdf URL 111. GCT: Unmanned Prototype

doc pdf URL 112. GCT: Manned Prototype

doc pdf URL 113. GCT: misc. projects

doc pdf URL 114. GCT: Research & References

doc pdf URL 115. Gravity-Wave Propulsion (Richard Crandall)

doc pdf URL 116. Math/Physics Derivations of Gravity Shielding

doc pdf URL 117. NASA's misinterpretation of Podkletnov's experiment

doc pdf URL 118. analysis of Bob Lazar's claims (Crandall)

doc pdf URL 119. ORMEs -- : a (new) Type III superconductor

doc pdf URL 120. Bob Lazar interviewed on KLAS-TV (11/13/89)

doc pdf URL 121. investigative reporter George Knapp questions Bob Lazar (12/09/89)

doc pdf URL 122. more details from Bob Lazar excerpted from the Billy Goodman "Happenings" show

doc pdf URL 123. NATO's assessment of the UFO threat according to former attaché Sgt. Robert O. Dean

doc pdf URL 124. Michael Hesemann's background check on Sgt. Robert O. Dean

doc pdf URL 125. CNI News interviews Colonel Philip Corso

doc pdf URL 126. Sgt. Dan Sherman ("Project Preserve Destiny") in a UK-based UFO network Q&A session

doc pdf URL 127. Col. Steve Wilson's (Project Pounce) expose on MAJI/Majesty/MJ-12/MAJIC

doc pdf URL 129. a critique of the various mechanisms used in

UNITEL's stealth, propulsion, and MQT concepts

doc pdf URL 130. Interstellar travel theories explained to Bob Lazar by his Project Galileo mentors

doc pdf URL 131. selected excerpts from Dr. Paul Hill's

"Unconventional Flying Objects" by ORBWATCH

doc pdf URL 132. postulations on Dr. Paul Hill's "Unconventional Flying Objects" by Michael Ecklund

doc pdf URL 133. tie-ins to Dr. Paul Hills observations with Dr. Kurt Johmann's greater "Human Computer - Matrix" theory

doc pdf URL 134. details of the Ben Rich & John Andrews letters

doc pdf URL 135. original copies of the Rich/Andrews letters

doc pdf URL 136. Glenn Campbell's review of the last two Lazar radio talk shows

doc pdf URL 137. the 1986 Dalnegorsk Incident - the "Russian Roswell"

doc pdf URL 138. Dan Burisch, the "Greys" & "Nordics", Dimensional Portals

doc pdf URL 139. Dan Bursich: the current status of Project LOTUS

doc pdf URL 140. the "Zero-G Room" at Los Alamos

doc pdf URL 141. Dr. Sarfatti's strange phone-call when he was 13-years-old

doc pdf URL 142. alleged Los Alamos anti-gravity research

doc pdf URL 143. private conversations with Bob Lazar

doc pdf URL 145. Principal UFO Witnesses

(the 'Majestic Documents')

doc pdf URL 146. interview with a Wright-Patterson secretary during the Roswell years

doc pdf URL 147. pre-WWII alien retrieval ??

(the 'Majestic Documents')

doc pdf URL 148. a Navy seaman's UFO Senate testimony

doc pdf URL 149. "Official" UFO Investigations

(the 'Majestic Documents')

doc pdf URL 150. Scientists create Element-115 in particle accelerator

doc pdf URL 151. Dan Burisch chat-interview #2 with Bill Hamilton on 09/18/2002

doc pdf URL 152. Dan Burisch chat-interview #3 with "DonDep" on 11/13/2003

doc pdf URL 153. Dan Burisch chat-interview #4 with "Human Subject" on 11/13/2003

doc pdf URL 154. Dan Burisch chat-interview #5 with "marcmann318" on 11/13/2003

doc pdf URL 155. Dan Burisch chat-interview #6 with "DonDep" on 11/15/2003

doc pdf URL 156. Dan Burisch chat-interview #7 with "DonDep" on 11/29/2003

doc pdf URL 157. Dan Burisch: Forum discussions and e-mails

doc pdf URL 158. Timeline for Dr. Dan Burisch (Crain)

doc pdf URL 159. Dr. Dan Burisch -- "ALIVE!"

doc pdf URL 160. Mystery of Dr. Dan Burisch and -- now -- BJ Wolf

doc pdf URL 161. "Glass Tubes" found on Mars (underground civilization?)

doc pdf URL 162. NASA cover-up on chemtrails (Project RainDancer)

doc pdf URL 163. Government and Military "hits" on

doc pdf URL 164. US Army hacking attempts on Bill Hamilton's and Robert Collins' sites?

doc pdf URL 165. Presidential [Carter administration] Executive Briefing on Project Aquarius

doc pdf URL 166. misc. background facts on Dr. Dan Burisch

doc pdf URL 167. Part 1 of BJ Wolf's expose on Dan Burisch and MJ-12

doc pdf URL 168. Part 2 of BJ Wolf's expose on Dan Burisch and MJ-12

doc pdf URL 169. AF Intelligencer Officer Tom Mack watched Dan Burisch in the 'Clean Sphere' with J-rod

doc pdf URL 170. 'Dan Bursich' topic on GLP board- Vol. 1/pp.1-30

doc pdf URL 171. 'Dan Bursich' topic on GLP board-Vol.1/pp.31-60

doc pdf URL 172. 'Dan Bursich' topic on GLP board-Vol.1/pp.61-128

doc pdf URL 173. 'Dan Bursich' topic on GLP board - Vol. 2

doc pdf URL 174. 'Dan Bursich' topic on GLP board - Vol. 3

doc pdf URL 175. Linda Moulton Howe's interview with Bill Hamilton on Dr. Dan Burisch and Bill Uhouse

doc pdf URL 176. Dan Burisch chat-interview #9 with "anon" on 01/05/2004

doc pdf URL 177. Dan Burisch chat-interview #10 with "Crackajack" on 01/23/2004

doc pdf URL 178. Dan Burisch chat-interview #11 with "MJ2" on 01/23/2004

doc pdf URL 179. more insights into Project "Looking Glass" from S4 microbiologist Dan Burisch

doc pdf URL 180. Project Grudge Report #13

(Bill English/John Lear)

doc pdf URL 181. the 'Yellow Book' (Bill Hamilton)

doc pdf URL 182. the Mind-Altering Capabilities of "Chemtrails"

doc pdf URL 183. [Burisch] BJ Wolf chat-interview #12 with "DonDep"

doc pdf URL 184. Dan Burisch chat-interview #8 with GLP group in mid-December 2003

doc pdf URL 185. briefing session between Dan Burisch and Pres. G.W. Bush

doc pdf URL 186. Dan Burisch chat-interview #13 with GLP group

doc pdf URL 187. [Burisch] chat-interview #14 GLP group conference

doc pdf URL 188. [Burisch] chat-interview #15 "DonDep" & "Raven'

doc pdf URL 189. [Burisch] chat-interview #16 "DonDep" & 'Raven'

doc pdf URL 190. [Burisch] chat-interview #17 "DonDep" & 'MJ9'

doc pdf URL 191. "mystery letters" re. Dan Burisch & BJ Wolf

doc pdf URL 192. face-to-face meeting with Dan Burisch & BJ Wolf

doc pdf URL 193. internal MJ-12 correspondence re.

face-to-face meeting

doc pdf URL 194. Dan Burisch chat-interview #19 with 'PageMarker' on April 4, 2004

doc pdf URL 195. [Burisch] "Sun Storm" = 2012 Catastrophe?

doc pdf URL 196. [Burisch] The BioPhotonic Holographic Model

doc pdf URL 197. Bob Lazar: True or False by Glenn Campbell

doc pdf URL 198. a physicist examines Bob Lazar's claims

doc pdf URL 203. 'Dan Bursich' topic on GLP board - Vol. 4

doc pdf URL 204. 'Dan Bursich' topic on GLP board - Part 5

doc pdf URL 205. 'Dan Bursich' topic on GLP board - Part 6

doc pdf URL 206. Dr. Burisch responds to Dr. Salla

doc pdf URL 207. investigating Bob Lazar

doc pdf URL 208. The Secret of Antigravity (Tim Ventura)

doc pdf URL 209. Antigravity FAQ 2004 (Tim Ventura)

doc pdf URL 210. Antigravity and the B2 Stealth Bomber

doc pdf URL 211. Einstein's Antigravity (Tim Ventura)

doc pdf URL 212. "Project Magnet" (Dr. Wilbert Smith)

doc pdf URL 213. Gravity Control / Caduceus Coils (Wilbert Smith)

doc pdf URL 214. Communicating With Mars (Nikola Tesla)

doc pdf URL 215. excerpts from "The Day After Roswell" (Corso)

doc pdf URL 216. mini-biography of Canadian Wilbert Smith

doc pdf URL 217. Britain's & America's intelligence agencies

doc pdf URL 218. Maj. Donald Keyhoe's classic 1955

"The Flying Saucer Conspiracy"

doc pdf URL 219. timeline of early UFO sightings in Keyhoe's book

doc pdf URL 220. excerpts from Frank Scully's 1950 UFO book

doc pdf URL 221. excerpts from Paris Flammonde's 1971 book

doc pdf URL 222. timeline of Ancient UFO Sightings

doc pdf URL 223. archive of Bob Lazar's revamped homepage

doc pdf URL 224. Lazar's post-S4 endeavors (inc. Project Terraform)

doc pdf URL 225. 1988-89 timeline of Lazar's S4 involvement

doc pdf URL 226. 6 videotaped interviews of Bob and Gene Huff

doc pdf URL 227. Joe Vaninetti's 1989/90 Bob Lazar Diary

doc pdf URL 228. What Is Area S4? (Anomalies.Net)

doc pdf URL 229. Teleportation Physics study (Scalla)

doc pdf URL 230. the story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the creation of a modern UFO Myth (Scalla)

doc pdf URL 231. asking the Right questions in UFO research

doc pdf URL 232. Bob Lazar, Element-115, Massive Stars, and Heavy Metals (Scalla)

doc pdf URL 233. "Whistleblowers", National Security, and

Unauthorized Disclosure of ETV/EBE Classified Projects (Scalla)

doc pdf URL 234. covert use of Exotic Weapons, Intelligence Leaks, and Eschatology (Scalla)

doc pdf URL 235. an interview With Clifford Stone: The EBE Guidebook (Scalla)

doc pdf URL 236. further investigations of Charles Hall and "Tall Whites" at Nellis AFB (Scalla)

doc pdf URL 237. the Dan Burisch Affidavit and Extraterrestrial Disclosure (Scalla)

doc pdf URL 238. former Canadian Defense Minister speaks out on

Extraterrestrial Visitors & Government Secrecy (Scalla)

doc pdf URL 239. evolving Political Approaches to UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (Scalla)

doc pdf URL 240. Philip Corso and Paul Hellyer (Scalla)

doc pdf URL 241. Col. Corso and his critics (Scalla)

doc pdf URL 242. Richard Doty and Project Serpo (Scalla)

doc pdf URL 243. Using Space Weapons Against Extraterrestrial Civilizations (Scalla)

doc pdf URL 244. Sen. Barry Goldwater on UFOs and Roswell

doc pdf URL 245. UFOs over Nuclear Weapons Storage Areas

doc pdf URL 246. Jacques Vallee: "Heretic among heretics"

doc pdf URL 247. Jacques Vallee: "Alien Notion" - e-mail from Vallee to Gary Singh

doc pdf URL 248. Jacques Valle: an Interview with Dr. Vallee

doc pdf URL 249. Jacques Valle: UFOs as "Control Systems"

doc pdf URL 250. Jacques Valle: Interview

doc pdf URL 251. Jacques Valle: {a supporter}

doc pdf URL 252. Jacques Valle: {a critic}

doc pdf URL 253. Jacques Valle: Aliens and Archetypes

doc pdf URL 254. Jacques Valle: The metaphysics of UFOs

doc pdf URL 255. Jacques Valle: a 6-layer model for Anomalous Phenomena

doc pdf URL 256. Jacques Valle: UFOs in the Age of Information

doc pdf URL 257. Jacques Valle: UFO Classification System

doc pdf URL 266. Bob Lazar and Tim Ventura's American AntiGravity

doc pdf URL 267. UFO-related Drawings by Col. Philip Corso

doc pdf URL 268. UFO sightings over Nuclear Weapons Storage Areas

doc pdf URL 269. 'Henry Deacon' corroborates Dan Burisch

doc pdf URL 270. Circles of Power - Behind UFO Secrecy (Greer)

doc pdf URL 271. notes on a Measured Gravito-Magnetic London Moment (UNITEL)

doc pdf URL 272. the Magic and Mystery of ORMUS elements

doc pdf URL 273. Roswell - 2007

doc pdf URL 274. ElectroMagnetic effects with the Paranormal

doc pdf URL 275. Ghostly Receptors (UFO)

doc pdf URL 276. Extraterrestrial - or terrestrial intelligence agencies? (Coppens)

doc pdf URL 277. the Maury Island UFO incident (Coppens)

doc pdf URL 278. driving Paul Bennewitz insane (Coppens)

doc pdf URL 279. the Linda Napolitano “abduction” (Coppens)

doc pdf URL 280. the Roswell incident (Coppens)

doc pdf URL 281. Leon Davidson's quest to expose the UFO cover-up

doc pdf URL 282. Jacques Valle and the "Pentacle memorandum"

doc pdf URL 283. the Gulf Breeze Six (Coppens)

doc pdf URL 284. MJ-12: "Majestic" or Incredulous? (Coppens)

doc pdf URL 285. the Pied Pipers of the CIA (Coppens)

doc pdf URL 286. doctoring Villas Boas and Aliens on ice (Coppens)

doc pdf URL 287. the Alien Overlords (Coppens)

doc pdf URL 288. the U.S. Government’s secret pursuit of the psychic drug (Coppens)

doc pdf URL 289. "The Matrix" Constructs (Coppens)

doc pdf URL 290. "Dune": the Sands of Time (Coppens)

doc pdf URL 291. "Star Wars": Beyond the Force (Coppens)

doc pdf URL 292. UFO's Bob Dean: An Officer and a Gentleman

doc pdf URL 292. Bob Dean and Marcia Schafer

doc pdf URL 293. Dan Sherman: Way Above Black

doc pdf URL 294. Stargate Secrets: Dan Burisch revisited

doc pdf URL 295. Dan Bursich Summary

doc pdf URL 296. David Wilcock: "Jump-room" to Mars

doc pdf URL 297. David Wilcock: the Road to Ascension

doc pdf URL 298. Renegade: Gordon Novel on camera

doc pdf URL 299. a Physics Review of Lazar's "Sports Model" UFO

doc pdf URL 300. Jacques Vallee on Messengers of Deception

doc pdf URL 301. UFOs and Nukes

doc pdf URL 302. UFOs, Spirituality, and Progressive Politics

doc pdf URL 303. Transdimensional Technologies' Projects (like UNITEL)

doc pdf URL 304. Einstein's Anti-Gravity (Tim Ventura)

doc pdf URL 305. the new "Nazi-Bell" Craft (Tim Ventura)

doc pdf URL 306. Secrets of the "Nazi-Bell" (Tim Ventura)

doc pdf URL 307. The Tesla Beograd WWII "Nazi-Bell" Connection (Jack Sarfatti)

doc pdf URL 308. Electrical Phenomenon Associated with UFO Encounters

doc pdf URL 309. misc. on the alleged "Nazi-Bell"

doc pdf URL 310. a Physics' Review of the "Nazi-Bell" (Sarfatti)

doc pdf URL 311. Anti-Gravity (Wikipedia)

doc pdf URL 312. UNITEL Spacecraft Magnetic Field Strength

doc pdf 313. Gravity Rand, Ltd. (1956)

doc pdf URL 314. Area-51: "Particle Beams and Saucer Dreams" (Tom Mahood)

doc pdf URL 315. Area-51: the "Interceptors"(investigators)

doc pdf URL 316. ORMEs: New Physics

doc pdf 317. Dr. Leon Davidson: ECM + CIA = UFO

doc pdf 318. Dr. Leon Davidson: an Open Letter to UFO-ers

doc pdf URL 319. Dr. Bruce Cornet's UFO research

doc pdf URL 320. UFOs, Aliens, and the New Physics (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 321. UNITEL: "Fiber Bundles and Quantum Theory"

doc pdf URL 322. UFO Abductions and Dimensional Realities

doc pdf URL 322. Is Dan Burisch a Fraud?

doc pdf URL 323. Foreward to Dawn of a New Age (Corso)

doc pdf 324. Was the Roswell Craft a "Time Machine"?

doc pdf URL 325. Roswell Incident Updated (Corso)

doc pdf 326. Geographical Analysis of NUFORC Triangle Reports (Halerewicz)

doc pdf 327. Unacknowledged Stealth Deltas, Anecdotal Case Studies (Halerewicz)

doc pdf URL 328. The New (2016) Bob Lazar website

doc pdf URL 329. Mach Effect Propulsion (Tom Mahood)

doc pdf URL 330. Rendelsham Exposed: No UFO time-traveling Aliens present.

doc pdf URL 331. Design and Operation of Bob Lazar's "Sport Model" UFO Anti-Matter Reactor (Wright)

doc pdf URL 332. Element-115 (Kenneth Wright)

doc pdf URL 333. The Physics of Star Trek and Subspace Communication (Kenneth Wright)

doc pdf URL 334. General Relativity: A Very Weird World (Kenneth Wright)

doc pdf 335. President John F. Kennedy and UFOs

doc pdf 336. U.S. Presidents and UFOs

doc pdf URL 337. Triangle UFO Patent Is Now In The Public Domain

doc pdf URL 338. Anti-Gravity and Propulsion Techniques 101

(Tim Benedict)

doc pdf URL 339. UFOs & LSD: The Secret Connection

doc pdf 340. Lockheed's Ben Rich’s comments on UFOs and ESP

pdf URL 341. UFOs, ESP, time-travel, remote-viewing

pdf URL 342. graviton/neutrino production for propellentless flight, light interaction with magnetic fields


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