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The Philadelphia Experiment / Remote-Viewing

The Montauk Project / Time-or-Dimensional Travel

doc pdf 1. introduction to "the Montauk Project"

doc pdf URL 2. Bob King's WWII account of the Philadelphia Experiment

doc pdf URL 3. Dr. Wen Ho Lee & Holographic Dimensional Portals

doc pdf URL 4. EM interactions with the human (and alien) brain

doc pdf URL 5. introduction to modern theories of Time-Travel

doc pdf URL 6. Slowing Down Light to "Twist" time

doc pdf URL 7. a Briefing on Modern ESP & Mind-Control technologies

doc pdf URL 8. German experiments with magnetic fields & invisibility

doc pdf URL 9. Two Photo-Collages (from the P-X movie!) ready for iron-on transfers

doc pdf URL 10. Chica Bruce's interview suggesting teleportation may have been the REAL reason for the P-X

doc pdf URL 11. details of a "Delta-T" antenna made famous by the Montauk Project

doc pdf URL 12. Time-Space Displacement System Design

doc pdf URL 13. How to Generate a Rotating Field

doc pdf URL 14. The Resonant Gravity Field Coil

doc pdf URL 15. Caduceus-Tensor Coils -- Research

doc pdf URL 16. Caduceus-Tensor Coils -- Experiments

doc pdf URL 17. Remote-Viewing in the CIA/DIA (Maj. David Morehouse)

doc pdf URL 18. Montauk Field-Trips:

General Map of Montauk / "Camp Hero"

doc pdf URL 19. Montauk Field-Trips:

1 - Our First Trip to Camp Hero 4/19/1999

doc pdf URL 20. Montauk Field-Trips:

2 - Old Montauk Highway

doc pdf URL 21. Montauk Field-Trips:

3 - Caught On The Base !

doc pdf URL 22. Montauk Field-Trips:

4 - a UFO and other strange events

doc pdf URL 23. Montauk Field-Trips:

5 - Coastline Searching

doc pdf URL 24. Montauk Field-Trips:

6 - Environmental Upgrades

doc pdf URL 25. Montauk Field-Trips:

7 - New Members / Hole in the Bunker Wall

doc pdf URL 26. Montauk Field-Trips:

8 - Back on the Base / Another UFO

doc pdf URL 27. Montauk Field-Trips:

9 - Abandoned Submarine Base

doc pdf URL Montauk Field-Trips:

10 - Ballfield Area outing and a whole bunch of Black Helicopters

doc pdf URL 28. a personal statement regarding what really happened at Montauk (Marshall Barnes)

doc pdf URL 29. a KeelyNet summary of the Philadelphia Experiment

doc pdf URL 30. HAARP-Proteus unit losing targeting lock in time experiments (warning: possible dis-info)

doc pdf URL 31. Martin Cannon : Mind Control and "Abductions"

doc pdf URL 32. Martin Cannon : the pre-History of MK-ULTRA

doc pdf URL 33. Martin Cannon : Project MONARCH : the tangled web

doc pdf URL 34. Black Forest, Colorado "Dimensional Portals")

doc pdf URL 35. " " " ** * UPDATE ***

doc pdf URL 36. investigative reporter George Knapp's report on Robert Bigelow's NIDS ranch

doc pdf URL 37. time-travel experiments using pyramid geometries : intro to "Shape Power"

doc pdf URL 38. time-travel experiments using pyramid geometries : trial results

doc pdf URL 39. Matrix III : Interview with Al Bielek on mind-control and psychic warfare and his role in the Montauk Project

doc pdf URL 40. Matrix III : Conversations with Researchers on Mind Control

doc pdf URL 41. Matrix III : Al Bielek on the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project

doc pdf URL 42. Matrix III : Transfer of Energy through Time and Coupling of Parallel Universes

doc pdf URL 43. Matrix III : "Orion" Technology

doc pdf URL 44. Matrix III : Interview with Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols

doc pdf URL 45. Marshall Barnes' archived chats on the Philadelphia Experiment - 11/98

doc pdf URL 46. Marshall Barnes' archived chats on the Philadelphia Experiment - 03/99

doc pdf URL 47. Marshall Barnes' archived chats on the Philadelphia Experiment - 10/99

doc pdf URL 49. more details of the Delta-T antenna

doc pdf URL 50. ... and still another configuration of the Delta-T

doc pdf URL 51. remote-viewer Joe McMoneagle interview on the late-night Tom Snyder show

doc pdf URL 52. Marshall Barnes' "the Incunabula Theory - Truth":

Introduction / Home

doc pdf URL 53. Marshall Barnes' "the Incunabula Theory - Truth":

"MAD SCIENCE" - time machine mania, etc.

doc pdf URL 54. Marshall Barnes' "the Incunabula Theory - Truth":

the MEDIA ROOM (related movies)

doc pdf URL 55. Marshall Barnes' "the Incunabula Theory - Truth":

"Artificial Reality" Private Laboratory/Psychotronics

doc pdf URL 56. Marshall Barnes' "the Incunabula Theory - Truth":

Time Travel

doc pdf URL 57. Marshall Barnes' "the Incunabula Theory - Truth":

the Montauk Project

doc pdf URL 58. Marshall Barnes' "the Incunabula Theory - Truth":

the BosoksProject

doc pdf URL 59. Marshall Barnes' "the Incunabula Theory - Truth":

Reality Shifters, "synchronicity waves"

doc pdf URL 60. Marshall Barnes' "the Incunabula Theory - Truth":


doc pdf URL 61. Marshall Barnes' "the Incunabula Theory - Truth":

Marshall's rebukes to Joe Matheny

doc pdf URL 62. Marshall Barnes' "the Incunabula Theory - Truth":

experiment reports multi-level contact made with an actual alternate world ; seeing the "Breykiot"; bilocation

doc pdf URL 63. Marshall Barnes' "the Incunabula Theory - Truth":

Related Links

doc pdf URL 64. Marshall Barnes' "the Incunabula Theory - Truth":

principle contributors to this website

doc pdf URL 65. Marshall Barnes' "the Incunabula Theory - Truth":


doc pdf URL 66. Investigative reporter Chris Ketchum was

"disillusioned" after interviewing the Montauk Project's principals

doc pdf URL 67. The Star Chamber - "consciousness teleportation":

Basic Design [1999] (Tom Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 68. The Star Chamber - "consciousness teleportation":

How It Works [1999 1st draft] (Tom Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 69. The Star Chamber - "consciousness teleportation":

Website News & Updates (Tom Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 70. The Star Chamber - "consciousness teleportation":

Minor Design Modifications [1999] (Tom Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 71. The Star Chamber - "consciousness teleportation":

Conjectured Solutions To Creating Closed Time-like Curves (Tom Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 72. The Star Chamber - "consciousness teleportation":

How It Works: [1999/2nd draft] (Tom Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 73. The Star Chamber - "consciousness teleportation":

Prototype Photo Gallery (Tom Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 74. Aerospace Flight Test Vehicle [1999] (Tom Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 75. The Star Chamber - "consciousness teleportation":

Strategic Development Plan (Tom Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 76. Experimental Evidence Suggestive of Anomalous Consciousness Interactions

doc pdf URL 77. a Model for Remote-Mental Interactions (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 78. What We Know About Remote-Viewing

doc pdf URL 79. Entanglement and Decoherence Aspects in Remote-Viewing

doc pdf URL 80. Psi, ‘Backward Causation’, and Synchronicity

doc pdf URL 81. Theories on the Physical Basis of Psi

doc pdf URL 82. Psi, Grof, Jung, and the Quantum Vacuum

doc pdf URL 83. "Project Tesla": Wireless Transmission of Power Resonating Planet Earth

doc pdf URL 84. Tesla Biography (Dr. Velimir Abramovic)

doc pdf URL 85. Experimenting with Time (Dr. Velimir Abramovic)

doc pdf URL 86. the Institute for the Science of Time (Dr. Abramovic)

doc pdf URL 87. Geometry, Time, and the Law of Continuity

doc pdf URL 88. Marshall Barnes debunking of Al Bielek (Montauk):

- Intro

doc pdf URL 89. Marshall Barnes debunking of Al Bielek (Montauk):

- summaries of 5-year investigation by 3 researchers

doc pdf URL 90. Marshall Barnes debunking of Al Bielek (Montauk):

- a possible "source" of inspiration for fictionalizing

doc pdf URL 91. Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study

doc pdf URL 92. MIT Radiation Laboratory ("RadLab")

doc pdf URL 93. Harvard (P-X research)

doc pdf URL 94. Stanford (P-X research)

doc pdf URL 95. Brookhaven National Lab (P-X / Montauk- related)

doc pdf URL 96. EMI Thorn (producers of the P-X movie)

doc pdf URL 97. Varian Corporation

doc pdf URL 98. Sperry Corporation

doc pdf URL 99. Eaton AIL Corporation

doc pdf URL 101. Radar fundamentals

doc pdf URL 102. ElectronicCounterMeasures (ECM)

doc pdf URL 103. Rotating Magnetic Fields

doc pdf URL 104. Degaussing

doc pdf URL 105. 'Remote-Viewing' the Montauk Project (Tom Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 106. UPDATE " " " " " "

doc pdf URL 107. KeelyNet post regarding "pseudo" time-travel

over a previously-established history path

doc pdf URL 108. a "crash course" in basic

Remote-Viewing & -Influencing (Tom Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 109. Mack Shelton's investigation of the P-X

doc pdf URL 110. notes on 'Teleportation' of Biological Material (Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 111. thoughts on Magnetic 'Teleportation' (Tom Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 112. commonalities between the 'Star Chamber' and

the Aerospace Flight Test Article (Tom Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 113. archived Flight Test Article homepage (Tom Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 114. Updated Status Report of the FTA project (Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 115. alternative P-X hypothesis

by engineer Bob Beckwith

doc pdf URL 116. a face-to-face meeting with Bob Beckwith

doc pdf URL 117. Time Travel and the Caduceus Coil

doc pdf URL 118. supporters and skeptics of Caduceus Coils

doc pdf URL 119. Caduceus Wound Coil Experiments

doc pdf URL 120. more on scalar technology (Caduceus Coils)

doc pdf URL 121. a "Wishing Machine" (Caduceus Coils)

doc pdf URL 122. Brain - Computer - Soul - Consciousness

(Caduceus Coils)

doc pdf URL 123. Quantum Energy Healing Model

-- some experimental support (Caduceus Coils)

doc pdf URL 124. Preamble to Magnetic Monopoles (Caduceus Coils)

doc pdf URL 125. National Security Agency's 'StarGate' remote-viewing program

doc pdf URL 126. History of Mass-Public Medical Experiments

doc pdf URL 127. The Montauk Papers (Tom Skeggs)

doc pdf URL 128. notes on the Montauk Project (Rick Andersen)

doc pdf URL 129. files on the Philadelphia Experiment (Rick Andersen)

doc pdf URL 130. files on Scalar ElectroDynamics (Rick Andersen)

doc pdf URL 131. different configurations of the Delta-T antenna

doc pdf URL 132. Cosmic Orgone Engineering (Dr. Wilheim Reich)

doc pdf URL 133. Montauk "time manipulations" and "artificial realities"

doc pdf URL 134. Psi Spy: the Mushroom Cloud series (Gary Bekkum)

doc pdf URL 135. "Skinwalker" tells mysterious story of Fort Duchesne ranch

doc pdf URL 136. Wilhelm Reich's "contact with space" (Part 1)

doc pdf URL 137. Wilhelm Reich's "contact with space" (Part 1)

doc pdf URL 138. Wilhelm Reich, "Orgone" energy, and UFOs

doc pdf URL 139. Wilhelm Reich -- scientific genius or medical madman?

doc pdf URL 140. Wilhelm Reich biography (Wikipedia)

doc pdf URL 141. Wilhelm Reich's papers released 50 years after his death

doc pdf URL 142. the facts behind Wilhelm Reich's book-burning

doc pdf URL 143. hunting the "Skinwalker"

doc pdf URL 144. "Gone Dark" - the failure of the Unified Field

doc pdf URL 145. Reich's "orgone" radiosondes from Roswell?

doc pdf URL 146. the RCA FRR-24 receiver used in the P-X and at Montauk

doc pdf URL 147. more details on the Montauk Project radio receivers

doc pdf URL 148. the Montauk Project: experiments in time

doc pdf URL 149. ESP, Spirituality, and how the Consciousness of individuals is connected

doc pdf URL 150. modern Teleportation (Kaku)

doc pdf URL 151. the U.S. Government’s secret pursuit of the psychic drug (Coppens)

doc pdf URL 152. "Shadow People" (C2C-AM)

doc pdf URL 153. "Shadow People" (Wikipedia)

doc pdf URL 154. "Shadow People" ( Paranormal)

doc pdf URL 155. scientists discover "Shadow People"

doc pdf URL 156. what are "Shadow People"?

doc pdf URL 157. Magneto-dielectric Energy link to Orgone Energy

doc pdf URL 158. Government Mind-Control, ElectroMagnetic Warfare, and the practical application of Orgonomics

doc pdf URL 159. Hurricane Katrina, Reich's Orgone, and H.A.A.R.P

doc pdf URL 160. Are UFOs "alive" (i.e., Reich's orgone)?

doc pdf URL 161. America's Most Mysterious Places

doc pdf URL 162. Time, Closed Time-like Curves, and Causality

doc pdf URL 163. Time Reversal

doc pdf URL 164. Time Travel (Steve Stevedaoust)

doc pdf URL 165. Can Time Really Be Turned Back?

doc pdf URL 166. Time Travel (Atam Hume)

doc pdf URL 167. The Wellsian Temporal Theory

doc pdf URL 168. Time-Travel Summary

doc pdf URL 169. Dr. Reginald Jaynes: introduction

doc pdf URL 170. Dr. Reginald Jaynes: UFO Propulsion

doc pdf URL 171. Dr. Reginald Jaynes: Mind-Control

doc pdf URL 172. Dr. Reginald Jaynes: Gravity

doc pdf URL 173. Dr. Reginald Jaynes: Unified Field Theory

doc pdf URL 174. Dr. Reginald Jaynes: Researchers and Inventors

doc pdf URL 175. Dr. Reginald Jaynes: Tesla Coil

doc pdf URL 176. Dr. Reginald Jaynes: Solid-State Tesla Coil

doc pdf URL 177. Dr. Reginald Jaynes: Full-Wave Bridge Tesla Coil

doc pdf URL 178. the Montauk Project (or Physics run amok)

doc pdf URL 179. the 10 most Outrageous Military Experiments

doc pdf URL 180. inside the Philadelphia Experiment (Marshall Barnes)

doc pdf URL 182. Bermuda Triange: the Disappearance of 'Flight 19'

doc pdf URL 183. Bermuda Triangle: Mega-Electric Thunderstorms (David Pares)

doc pdf URL 184. Bermuda Triangle: the science behind Bruce Gernon's Flight

doc pdf URL 185. Did an A-36 Beechcraft Bonanza Aircraft encounter a Thunderstorm Analog of a Warp Drive Space-Time?

doc pdf URL 186. Exploring the Mystery of the Norway Spiral

doc pdf URL 187. details of the RCA "FRR-24" Receiver

doc pdf URL 188. Magnetic Field Teleportation

doc pdf URL 189. the Montauk Project (John Quinn)

doc pdf URL 190. HAARP's Covert Agendas (John Quinn)

doc pdf URL 191. the Rocky Mountain Horror Show [Montauk] (Quinn)

doc pdf URL 192. the Montauk Project and Camp Hero today (Quinn)

doc pdf 193. Hypotheses: Superatoms, Quasicrystals, and ExtraTerrestrials (Beckwith)

doc pdf URL 194. Martin Cannon : The Controllers

doc pdf 195. Martin Cannon : The Montauk Project Was A Hoax

doc pdf URL 196. ESP Communications with Submarines

doc pdf URL 197. remote-viewer Joe McMoneagle Tells How His Near-Death Experience Led to Remote Viewing

doc pdf URL 198. remote-viewer Joe McMoneagle Remote-Viewing Ancient Aliens on Mars

doc pdf 199. "The Philadelphia Experiment" (anonymous PhD's)

doc pdf 200. "The Philadelphia Experiment" (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 201. The Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project (Wikipedia)

doc pdf URL 202. Paranormal Phenomena

doc pdf 203. the Levinson Time Equations of the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project

doc pdf URL 204. Scalar Waves: What might they Be?

doc pdf URL 205. List of Advanced Montauk Projects and Intelligence

doc pdf URL 206. [Montauk} Interview with David Wilcock's informant

doc pdf URL 207. Various Delta_T Antenna images

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