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Science / Advanced and "Alternative" Physics__

doc pdf URL 1. Introduction to SuperString Theory and its

evolution from Gauss/Riemann to Einstein to Ramanujan to Witten and today

doc pdf URL 2. the Philip Taylor Kramer 'missing persons' story

doc pdf URL 3. another version of the Taylor Kramer story

doc pdf URL 4. Dept.-of-Energy Contract to study interstellar travel via modifying space-time geometry

doc pdf URL 5. an Impulse Gravity Generator

doc pdf URL 6. reference to the "vision" of John Keely

and his controversial research

doc pdf URL 8. a proposed link between Human Consciousness and Quantum Theory-Relativity

doc pdf URL 9. Notes on the Hutchison & Casimir Effects

doc pdf URL 10. Uniting electricity, magnetism, and the "weak"

nuclear force in a new model in search of the Higgs particle

doc pdf URL 11. #1 -- the REAL reason for the atomic test bans ???

doc pdf URL 12. #2 -- " " " " " " " " ?

doc pdf URL 13. #3 -- " " " " " " " " ?

doc pdf URL 14. #4 -- " " " " " " " " ?

doc pdf URL 15. #5 -- " " " " " " " " ?

doc pdf URL 16. #6 -- " " " " " " " " ?

doc pdf URL 17. #7 -- " " " " " " " " ?

doc pdf URL 18. an easy-reading summary of the course of physics

from Newton to Riemann to Einstein to today's current superstring theories

doc pdf URL 19. Soviet article on investigations into their Podkamennaya Tunguska incident

doc pdf URL 20. CIPA : an Introduction to Zero-Point Energy for the layman

doc pdf URL 21. CIPA : Mass and the Higgs particle

doc pdf URL 22. CIPA : the Origin of Inertia

doc pdf URL 23. CIPA : Inertia and the Zero-Point Field

doc pdf URL 24. CIPA : how does a Gravitational Force produce a force?

doc pdf URL 25. the Ekpyrotic alternative to the Inflationary model in the "Big Bang" theory

doc pdf URL 26. Time never ends in the Multiverse

doc pdf URL 27. a "slide show" of Physics to post-Quantum and meta-physics by Jack Sarfatti

doc pdf URL 28. ISSO: a few remarks on Geometry and Physics

doc pdf URL 29. ISSO: Ccan the Vacuum of Space (Zero-Point Energy) be Engineered for Space Flight?

doc pdf URL 30. * UPDATE: Engineering the Zero-Point Field 

and Polarizable Vacuum for Interstellar Flight

doc pdf URL 31. ISSO: modern progress in Post-Quantum theory

doc pdf URL 32. ISSO: Quantum attempts to explain human Consciousness

doc pdf URL 33. ISSO : Nature's Mind: the Quantum Hologram

doc pdf URL 34. Gravity/Inertia Dampening Circuits and associated patents

doc pdf URL 35. NEXUS: Mycoplasma - cause of AIDS and Cancer

doc pdf URL 36. NEXUS: the Hurricane Andrew cover-up

doc pdf URL 37. NEXUS: ET Contact via "Subtle" Energies

doc pdf URL 38. NEXUS: the CIA, UFOs, MJ-12, and JFK

doc pdf URL 39. NEXUS: The "Pegasus" File --

alleged U.S. involvement in the world drug trade along with France, England, and others

doc pdf URL 40. NEXUS: Tesla-type & Star Wars weapons

doc pdf URL 41. NEXUS: reverse-engineering UFOs

doc pdf URL 42. How a Chiral Quantum Vacuum and "Big Bang-

entanglement" could lead to a causal reconciliation of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity, Consciousness, and Free Will

doc pdf URL 43. Grant Chronicles (Alternative Physics):

The Universal Laws of Gravity and Repulsion

doc pdf URL 44. Grant Chronicles (Alternative Physics):

Parallel Universes and Density Shifting

doc pdf URL 45. Grant Chronicles (Alternative Physics):

Interstellar Travel

doc pdf URL 46. An excellent historical and current overview of

the Casimir Force and efforts to extract energy from the ZPE field

doc pdf URL 47. Timeline of Secret Government Projects

doc pdf URL 48. Nick Cook's expose on "Operation Paperclip" 

doc pdf URL 49. a Scientific American "Extreme Light" article

which provides insights into "chirp pulse amplification" of lasers to create plasma

doc pdf URL 50. world-record for generated magnetic field strength

doc pdf URL 51. Dr. Jack Sarfatti's explanation of physical

Hyperspace versus the mental-quantum Multiverse

doc pdf URL 52. Does Zero-Point Energy create an "illusion" of

mass? (i.e., there may be no Higgs particle after all)

doc pdf URL 53. Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG) theory may explain

3-D quantum space better than the leading superstring/M-brane theories

doc pdf URL 54. KeelyNet's Charter & Purpose (founded on John

Keely's research and innovations)

doc pdf URL 70. General Relativity according to Sarfatti/Sakharov/

Anderson compared with "conventional" models of Witten, Kaku and others

doc pdf URL 71. a layman's intro to Parallel Universes (Max Tegmark)

doc pdf URL 72. Morality, Free Will, Good & Evil

interconnected with Quantum Physics

doc pdf URL 73. peer review of Sir Roger Penrose

doc pdf URL 74. Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics and the

Nature of Reality

doc pdf URL 75. T(opological)G(eometro)D(ynamics)-inspired

theory of Consciousness (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 76. Biosystems as Macroscopic Quantum Systems

doc pdf URL 77. Virtual Replica of Matter in Bivacuum

doc pdf URL 78. 2-dimensional illustrations related to

the many-sheeted space-time concept

doc pdf URL 79. 2-dimensional illustrations related to the

TGD-inspired theory of the conscious brain

doc pdf URL 80. Feasibility of Macroscopic Quantum Mechanisms

in the Brain

doc pdf URL 81. a Model of Consciousness :

an Engineering Approach

doc pdf URL 82. the "Speakable" and "Unspeakable" in Quantum Mechanics

doc pdf URL 83. comparison of Karl Pribram's "Holographic Brain

Theory" with more conventional models of neuronal computation

doc pdf URL 84. David Bohm on the relationship between

Mind and Matter

doc pdf URL 85. comparison of TGD-based theory of

self-organization with Sheldrake's morphic fields and morphic resonance

doc pdf URL 86. toward a Physics of Consciousness: an interview with Matti Pitkanen and Alex Kaivarainen

doc pdf URL 87. a Quantum Explanation of Morphic Resonance

doc pdf URL 88. Quantum Field theoretical approaches to Consciousness

doc pdf URL 89. FAQ about how to Lucid-Dream

doc pdf URL 90. FAQ about Dreams and Dreaming

doc pdf URL 91. electrical/chemical inducement of Lucid dreaming

doc pdf URL 92. the Science of audio-based brainwave entrapment

doc pdf URL 93. the function of the various brainwaves

doc pdf URL 94. inducing altered states of consciousness

with binaural beat technology

doc pdf URL 95. many uses for binaural beat technology

doc pdf URL 96. Memphis State University research paper on

Binaural Beat Frequencies

doc pdf URL 97. An Empirical Investigation Into the Effect of

Beta Frequency Binaural-beat Audio Signals on Memory

doc pdf URL 98. Brain Waves (40-Hz) research

doc pdf URL 99. OOBE - the Out-of-Body Experience

doc pdf URL 100. "Gravastars" - a new model of a 'black hole'

doc pdf URL 101. creating a "wormhole" just got easier

doc pdf URL 102. Particle Movement ('the Grant Chronicles')

doc pdf URL 103. the Atomic Structure ('the Grant Chronicles')

doc pdf URL 104. Quantum Vacuum Fluctuations (Dr. Hal Puthoff)

doc pdf URL 105. ORMEs : recent history and applications

doc pdf URL 106. Archimedes - "Infinite Secrets" (PBS/NOVA)

doc pdf URL 109. 0 - Nuclear Weapons Frequently Asked

Questions (Carey Sublette)

doc pdf URL 110. 1 - Types of Nuclear Weapons (Carey Sublette)

doc pdf URL 111. 2 - Introduction to Nuclear Weapon Physics

and Design (Carey Sublette)

doc pdf URL 112. 3 - Matter, Energy, and Radiation

Hydrodynamics (Carey Sublette)

doc pdf URL 113. 4 - Engineering & Design of Nuclear Weapons

doc pdf URL 114. 4.1 - Elements of Fission Weapon Design (Sublette)

doc pdf URL 115. 4.2 - Fission Weapon Design (Carey Sublette)

doc pdf URL 116. 4.3 - Fission-Fusion Hybrid Designs (Sublette)

doc pdf URL 117. 4.4 - Elements of Thermonuclear Weapon

Design (Carey Sublette)

doc pdf URL 118. 4.5 - Thermonuclear Weapon Design (Sublette)

doc pdf URL 119. 5 - Effects of Nuclear Explosions (Carey Sublette)

doc pdf URL 120. 6 - Nuclear Materials (Carey Sublette)

doc pdf URL 121. 7.1/7.2 - Nuclear Weapon Countries (Carey Sublette)

doc pdf URL 122. 7.3 - Suspected Nuclear States (Carey Sublette)

doc pdf URL 123. 8 - The First Nuclear Weapons (Carey Sublette)

doc pdf URL 124. 10 - Chronology for the

Origin of Atomic Weapons (Carey Sublette)

doc pdf URL 125. Dr. Kurt Johmann on "artificial reality"

engineering and tie-ins to remote-viewing, UFOs, and Life-after-Death

doc pdf URL 127. evolution of superstring/M-brane/Matrix theories

doc pdf URL 128. Consciousness as an Active Force (Amy Lansky)

doc pdf URL 129. Cutting-Edge New Ideas in Physics (Jack Sarfatti)

doc pdf URL 130. the Cosmological Constant vs.

Superstrings & Loop Quantum Gravity (Sarfatti)

doc pdf URL 131. can the "Kirlian effect" visualize scalar fields?

doc pdf URL 132. Supporters and Critics of Dr. Jack Sarfatti

doc pdf URL 133. Einstein's Wife (PBS/NOVA)

doc pdf URL 134. Shackleton's 1915 Antarctica Voyage of the

Endurance (PBS/NOVA)

doc pdf URL 135. a Historical Timeline of Mathematics & Physics

doc pdf URL 136. the Earth's Magneitc Field (PBS/NOVA)

doc pdf URL 137. biography & published works

of Dr. Robert Baker, Jr.

doc pdf URL 138. Dr. Robert Baker, Jr.'s supplemental

HFGW homepage

doc pdf URL 139. High-Frequency Gravitational Waves (Robert Baker)

doc pdf URL 140. Precursor Proof-of-Concept Experiments for

Various Categories of HFGW generators (Baker)

doc pdf URL 141. applications of HFGW to imaging (Robert Baker)

doc pdf URL 142. counter-argument to Dr. Baker's HFGW thesis

doc pdf URL 143. Warp-Drive within Maxwell's Equations

doc pdf URL 144. "Borrowed Time" and timelines (Michio Kaku)

doc pdf URL 145. ground-breaking work in understanding 'Time'

doc pdf URL 146. Hyperbolic GeometroDynamic Warp Drives and

Beyond (Dr. Paul Hoiland & Ed Halerewicz, Jr.)

doc pdf URL 148. Magnifying Free Energy Transmitters (Tesla)

doc pdf URL 149. Earthquake Generator (Nikola Tesla)

doc pdf URL 150. Gravastars - updated model (04/2005)

doc pdf URL 151. Modern Female Physicists

doc pdf URL 152. Gallery of U.S. Nuclear Tests (Carey Sublette)

doc pdf URL 153. Dawn of the Atomic Age (Carey Sublette)

doc pdf URL 154. superstrings & M-branes: "The Elegant Universe"

doc pdf URL 155. physicists' views on string theory

doc pdf URL 156. can Gravity be induced by Plasma? (Goodfellow)

doc pdf URL 157. a "Tornado" in Space

doc pdf URL 158. Solar Neutrinos: "The Ghost Particle" (PBS/NOVA)

doc pdf URL 159. "Dark-energy/matter" vs. Gravastars

doc pdf URL 160. the Holographic Universe

doc pdf URL 161. Mind-Control: the ultimate "Brave New World"

doc pdf URL 162. HAARP: Vandalism in the Sky?

doc pdf URL 163. Principles of Nuclear Weapons' Security (Sublette)

doc pdf URL 164. List of Nuclear-related Links (Carey Sublette)

doc pdf URL 165. Mind-Control: the ultimate "Brave New World"

doc pdf URL 166. Nuclear Gravitational Field Theory (Wright)

doc pdf URL 167. Aerospace writer Michael Dornheim's mysterious death

doc pdf URL 168. arguing for Loop Quantum Gravity over superstrings

doc pdf URL 169. Induced After-Death Communications (Tymn)

doc pdf URL 170. the Living Weapon (germ warfare)

doc pdf URL 171. Harry Oldfield's Amazing Imaging Technologies

doc pdf URL 172. 1950's gravity research (Stan Deyo)

doc pdf URL 173. the Power of Induction [Tesla]

doc pdf URL 174. are we missing a dimension of Time? (Highfield)

doc pdf URL 175. physics with 2 "times" (Itzhak Bars)

doc pdf URL 176. TGD: bio of Dr. Matti Pitkanen (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 177. TGD: PowerPoint Presentation (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 178. TGD-inspired theory of Consciousness: PowerPoint Presentation (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 179. TGD and Quantum Biology (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 180. TGD: discussions with Eduardo de Luna (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 181. TGD-inspired theory of Consciousness -- some applications (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 182. TGD: brief summary of TGD (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 183. TGD: Figures and Illustrations (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 184. TGD - an Overview (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 185. TGD: updates to 'TGD - an Overview? (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 186. TGD: Quantum TGD as infinite-spinor geometry

doc pdf URL 187. TGD: updates in Physics as Infinite-Dimensinal Geometry (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 188. TGD: towards S-Matrix (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 189. TGD: updates to 'Towards S-Matrix' (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 190. TGD as a Generalized Number Theory (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 191. TGD: updates to 'TGD as a Generalized Number Theory' (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 192. TGD: Classical Physics in Many-Sheeted Space-Time

doc pdf URL 193. TGD: updates to 'Classical Physics in Many-Sheeted Space-Time' (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 194. TGD: P-adic length scale hypothesis and Dark Matter hierarchy (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 195. TGD: updates to 'P-adic length scale hypothesis and Dark Matter hierarchy' (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 196. TGD and "Fringe" physics (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 197. TGD: updates to TGD and "Fringe" physics

doc pdf URL 198. TGD-inspired theory of Consciousness (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 199. TGD: updates to 'TGD-inspired theory of Consciousness' (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 200. TGD: Bio-systems as Self-Organizing Systems

doc pdf URL 201. TGD: Quantum Hardware of Living Systems

doc pdf URL 202. TGD: updates to 'Quantum Hardware of Living Systems' (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 203. TGD: Bio-systems as Conscious Holograms (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 204. TGD: updates to 'Bio Systems as Conscious Holograms (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 205. TGD: Genes and Memes (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 206. TGD: updates to 'Genes and Memes' (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 207. TGD and EEG (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 208. TGD: Magnetosphere Consciousness (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 209. TGD: updates to 'Magnetosphere Consciousness'

doc pdf URL 210. TGD: Mathematical Aspects of Consciousness

doc pdf URL 211. TGD: updates to 'Mathematical Aspects of Consciousness' (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 212. TGD: ELFs or UFO-ETs? (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 213. Theories of Consciousness (Wikipedia)

doc pdf URL 214. Plasma Lifeforms (Alfred)

doc pdf URL 215. Plasma Vortexes (Alfred)

doc pdf URL 216. Bioplasma Bodies (Alfred)

doc pdf URL 217. the Aura and the Aurora (Alfred)

doc pdf URL 218. are we living inside a Gigantic Brain? (Alfred)

doc pdf URL 219. Chakras, Galaxies, and Black Holes (Alfred)

doc pdf URL 220. is SHC caused by electrical discharge? (Alfred)

doc pdf URL 221. Acupunture, Meridians, and the Cosmic Spider Web

doc pdf URL 222. What happened before the Big Bang? (Kaku)

doc pdf URL 223. investigating the Out-of-Body Experience [OBE]

doc pdf URL 224. William Buhlman - bio and interviews (Buhlman)

doc pdf URL 225. OBE and Astral Travel techniques (Buhlman)

doc pdf URL 226. OBE newsletter archives (Buhlman)

doc pdf URL 227. Alt-Energy and a new Theory of the Universe

doc pdf URL 228. 3 Theories that might blow up the "Big Bang"

doc pdf URL 229. String theorists hope to classify the Cosmos

doc pdf URL 230. forum discussing John Hutchison (the "Hutchison Effect")

doc pdf URL 231. the "Hutchison Effect": John Hutchison's & Mel Winfield's role

doc pdf URL 232. Nikola Tesla's "Black Magic" Touring Car

doc pdf URL 233. "War of (Electrical) Currents" [Tesla]

doc pdf URL 234. Nikola Tesla's 3-Phase AC and Motors

doc pdf URL 235. The Coming Revolutions in Particle Physics

doc pdf URL 236. SLIders and the Streetlight Phenomenon

doc pdf URL 237. Super-atoms: Small but Super

doc pdf URL 238. Lost but Not Forgotten -- Philip Taylor Kramer

doc pdf URL 239. Philip Taylor Kramer: The Vanishing

doc pdf URL 240. misc. articles relating to Philip Taylor Kramer

doc pdf URL 241. Using Causality to Solve the Puzzle of Spacetime

doc pdf URL 242. Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes?

doc pdf URL 243. a Psychic Nearly Destroys a Family

doc pdf URL 244. “Outside the Box" Space and Terrestrial Transportation and Energy Technologies for the 21st Century (Thomas Loder)

doc pdf URL 245. How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena (Marie D. Jones)

doc pdf URL 246. Tesla AutoBiography

doc pdf URL 247. Artifical Life (PBS/NOVA)

doc pdf URL 248. Biologists on the verge of creating a New Form of Life

doc pdf URL 249. Big Bang or Big Bounce?: New Theory on the Universe's Birth

doc pdf URL 250. the Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI) theory today

doc pdf URL 251. some original Hugh Everett MWI documents

doc pdf URL 252. Parallel Worlds (MWI): Science Fact and Fiction

doc pdf URL 253. The Many Worlds (MWI) of Hugh Everett

doc pdf URL 254. (MWI) Parallel Worlds / Parallal Lives (PBS/NOVA)

doc pdf URL 255. Quantum Chaos

doc pdf URL 256. Fractals: Benoit Mandelbrot's Fractal Geometry

doc pdf URL 257. Fractals: hunting the hidden dimension

doc pdf URL 258. Using Causality to Solve the Puzzle of Quantum Spacetime

doc pdf URL 259. Science's Alternative to an Intelligent Creator: the Multiverse Theory

doc pdf URL 260. Key to Hallucinations is found

doc pdf URL 261. the Standard Model gets rights answers for Proton,Neutron masses

doc pdf URL 262. did our Cosmos exist before the 'Big Bang'?

doc pdf URL 263. ElectroGravitics References

doc pdf URL 264. the hunt for the Un-Universe

doc pdf URL 265. Four Radical Routes to the 'Theory of Everything'

doc pdf URL 266. Desktop Atom-Smasher could replace the LHC

doc pdf URL 267. What makes our Universe "tick"?

doc pdf URL 268. "Recycled Universe" Theory could solve Cosmic Mystery

doc pdf URL 269. Our World may be a Giant Hologram

doc pdf URL 270. Dark Flow: proof of another universe?

doc pdf URL 271. TGD-inspired Quantum Model of Living Matter

doc pdf URL 272. Lagrangian Points cancel out Gravity

doc pdf URL 273. a Quantum Threat to Special Relativity

doc pdf URL 274. Crop Circles and Life at Parallel Space-Time Sheets

doc pdf URL 275. does Dark Energy really exist?

doc pdf URL 276. Déjà vu: where Fact meets Fantasy

doc pdf URL 277. can Fractals make sense of the Quantum World?

doc pdf URL 278. hunting the mysterious Magnetic Monopole

doc pdf URL 279. "Warp Drive" -- not impossible

doc pdf URL 280. High-Frequency Gravitational Waves Investigation

doc pdf URL 281. what String Theory is really good for

doc pdf URL 282. Genes and Water Memory (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 283. ELFs or ETs? (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 284. about strange effects due to Rotating Magnetic Systems (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 285. Topological GeometroDyanmics (TGD) (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 286. GeometroDynamics mathematical roots of TGD

doc pdf URL 287. the Planet that Should Not Exist (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 288. did Boltzmann understand all about Time? (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 289. Condensed Matter Monopoles Found (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 290. what are the Basic Questions about Quantum-TGD?

doc pdf URL 291. a new Dark Matter anomaly (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 292. Zero Energy Ontology and quantum version of Robertson-Walker Cosmology (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 293. a new Cosmological Finding challenging General Relativity (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 294. Malevolent Backwards Causation as source of problems at LHC (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 295. Dirac's conception of the Magnetic Monopole

doc pdf URL 296. new evidence for Macroscopic Quantum Coherence in Living Matter (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 297. The hidden history of the Nation's worst financial crisis since the Great Depression (PBS/FrontLine)

doc pdf URL 298. an Experimental breakthrough in the Quantum understanding of Telepathy

doc pdf URL 299. Electro-Pions from Lightning discharges (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 300. Is the QFT-type description of Gravitational Interactions possible in TGD framework? (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 301. Fractals: the "Mandelbulb": first 'true' 3D image of famous fractal

doc pdf URL 302. TGD Blog (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 303. comments about M-matrix and Connes tensor product (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 304. high Tc superconductivity in manysheeted spacetime (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 305. what one really means by "Virtual Particle" (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 306. Exceptional Symmetries in condensed matter system? (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 307. new information about the Distribution of Galatic Dark Matter (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 308. how Infinite Primes could correspond to quantum states and space-time surfaces

doc pdf URL 309. 24 Questions for Fundamental Physics (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 310. Verlinde's thermal origin of Gravitation from a TGD point-of-view (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 311. Life as islands of rational/algebraic numbers in the seas of real and p-adic continua

doc pdf URL 312. Want to find your Mind? Learn to direct your Dreams

doc pdf URL 313. Messages From Beyond? 9/11 Families Say They're Touched by Loved Ones Lost

doc pdf URL 314. How You Can Control Your Dreams

doc pdf URL 315. Fractals promise higher-temperature Superconductors

doc pdf URL 316. Magnetic flux tubes and Ocean Bacteria as a Super-Organism (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 317. Negentropy Maximization Principle updated (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 318. "The Miracle of Existence" (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 319. does Harmonic Complexity reduce to 3-adicity? (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 320. considerable progress in generalized Feynman diagrammatics (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 321. the incredible Shrinking Proton (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 322. comparison of the TGD Higgs with the MSSM Higgs (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 323. Re-create Life to understand how Life began (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 324. TGD - Background (Matti Pitkanen)

doc pdf 325. Important Postulations from TGD theory (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 326. Missing: Philip Taylor Kramer

doc pdf URL 327. Induced After-Death Communication

doc pdf URL 328. Desktop Atom-Smashers could replace the LHC

doc pdf URL 329. Big Banks Cash In on Commodities

doc pdf URL 330. The Presence of the Past (Rupert Sheldrake)

doc pdf URL 331. No "Quirks" says the DZERO experiment

doc pdf URL 332. Hologram Revolution -- the theory changing all Physics

doc pdf URL 333. Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (PBS/NOVA)

doc pdf 334. Is Philip Taylor Kramer Still ALIVE?

doc pdf URL 335. mysterious Ball Lightning may be a Hallucination

doc pdf URL 336. The Case for Parallel Universes

doc pdf 337. Introduction in Model and Design of Travels in Space and Time

doc pdf 338. what is really behind Rising Oil Prices

doc pdf URL 339. the Trials of J. Robert Oppenheimer (PBS)

doc pdf URL 340. Stephen Hawking and God (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 341. Quark-Gluon Plasma which does not behave as it should (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 342. a comment about formulation of TGD in the product of Twistor space and its dual (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 343. What happened before the 'Big Bang'? - I (Pitkanen)

doc pdf 344. What happened before the 'Big Bang'? - II (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 345. a short comment about the sociology of Science (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 346. Magnetic Monopoles at Age 60 (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 347. why Positrons are so shy (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 348. Model for the findings about hologram generating properties of DNA (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 349. the arrow of Time and self referentiality of Consciousness (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 350. the revolution taking place in Genetics (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 351. does Water represent Genetic Code? (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 352. Nima's lecture about Twistor uprising (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 353. Personal Out-of-Body Experiences (OBE) (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 354. more about the strange asymmetry in t-tbar production (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 355. does high-temperature Superconductivity involve a new phase of Matter? (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 356. Summary about breakthrough in the construction of U-matrix and understanding of Twistorialization

doc pdf URL 357. Oil Droplets as a primitive lifeform? (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 358. p-Adic physics as a correlate for Boolean cognition (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 359. comments about the beautiful mathematics in Brane theory (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 360. Strings without strings (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 361. Quantum Model for remote replication of DNA (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 362. Sheldrake's Morphic Fields and the TGD View about Quantum Biology (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 363. Cold Fusion becoming commercial? (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 364. more about nasty Superluminal Neutrinos (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 365. Cosmic Evolution as transformation of Dark Energy to Matter (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 366. 'God' as a Quantum Jump (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 367. Eternal Inflation and TGD (Pitkanen)

doc pdf 368. Consciousness and the Soul (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 369. about the notion of the Conscious Hologram (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 370. TGD-based interpretation of the "God helmet" experiments (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 371. the Basic Objection against TGD (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 372. the Quantum view about Metabolism (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 373. Moscow's Secret Moon-Landing Plan

doc pdf URL 374. Duality – the World has No Dimensionality at all

doc pdf URL 375. Black-Holes Demystified (Sascha Vongehr)

doc pdf URL 376. Energy Conservation Law Questioned (Vongehr)

doc pdf URL 377. the Space-Plunger (Sascha Vongehr)

doc pdf URL 378. Tesla Coils: Unleash the Aether

doc pdf 379. Demystifying Telsa (Halerewicz)

doc pdf URL 380. Beyond space-time: welcome to Phase Space

doc pdf URL 381. a 'Bare Bones" Vision on the Origin of Physical Dynamics

doc pdf URL 382. Critics of Tom Bearden

doc pdf URL 383. what kind of "bang" was the 'Big Bang'?

doc pdf 384. extract from Brotherhood of the Bomb

doc pdf URL 385. B-2 Sighting confirms field propulsion theory

doc pdf URL 386. Lucid Dreamers May Help Unravel the Mystery of Consciousness

doc pdf URL 387. What is the Geometry of Space-Time?

doc pdf URL 388. Junk DNA : Doorway to Transformation

doc pdf URL 389. misc. TGD-Physics Questions and Answers (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 390. The History/Evolution of TGD-physics (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 391. a proposal for Microtubular Memory Code (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 392. the Riemann Zeta and Quantum Theory as square-root of Thermodynamics (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 393. how to build a Quantum Computer from Magnetic Flux Tubes (Pitkanen)

doc pdf 394. In Search Of A New Mathematics To Describe TGD Physics (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 395. The Biological DC Currents of Robert Becker

doc pdf URL 396. Two attempts to understand Psychokinesis(PK)

doc pdf URL 397. Do we need a Theory of Everything? (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 398. Sacred Geometry and Biology (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 399. how to construct Akashic Records and read them

doc pdf URL 400. the God theory of Bernard Haisch (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 401. How a sequence of quantum jumps could give rise to experience about continuous flow of Time (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 402. A general model for Metabolism (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 403. Psychedelics-induced experiences and the Magnetic Body (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 404. One Mind theory, Akashic records, and Negentropic Entanglement (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 405. Why Topological GeometroDynamics (TGD)?

doc pdf URL 406. How Ramanujan did it (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 407. Is Cold Fusion becoming a new technology? (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 408. About interactions of Selves and their Time Reversals (and a few words about "Ghosts") (Pitkanen)

doc pdf 409. Debating (and understanding) TGD-Physics

doc pdf URL 410. A Quantum Threat to Special Relativity

doc pdf URL 411. can Fractals make sense of the Quantum World?

doc pdf 412. Teleportation Physcis Study (Eric Davis)

doc pdf URL 413. Is it possible to learn TGD? (Pitkanen)

doc pdf URL 414. Topological Geometrodynamics for Dummies (Halerewicz)

pdf URL 415. Hugh Everett's MWI PhD Thesis

doc pdf 416. Tesla and Anti-Gravity

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