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Military Technology___________________________

doc pdf URL 1. Fighter Combat Tactics in the Next Decade (i.e., 'smarter' missiles)

doc pdf URL 2. "Dirty Secrets" behind-the-scenes of some successful military programs

doc pdf URL 3. {humor} the Mating of Man with Machine (in the F-4 Phantom II)

doc pdf URL 4. Nature's equivalent to nanoengineering: 22-million tiny creatures acting as one entity!

doc pdf URL 5. Airborne Holographic Projection

doc pdf URL 6. "Have Blue" & "Tacit Blue" stealth projects

doc pdf URL 7. Russian Air Doctrine: "Top Gun Over Moscow"

doc pdf URL 8. H.A.A.R.P.

doc pdf URL 9. ElectronicCounterMeasures (ECM) tutorial

doc pdf URL
10. Radar Ranges of the Mojave (Tom Mahood)

doc pdf URL 11. "Project Ghost"

doc pdf URL 12. Stealth -- the Fight against Radar

doc pdf URL 13. How To Win In An Aerial Dogfight

doc pdf URL 14. Two enemies discover a 'Higher Call' in battle

doc pdf URL 15. Air-to-Air Weapons Effectiveness

doc pdf URL 16. Evading Air-to-Air Missiles

doc pdf URL 17. Nuclear Codes: a President's awesome power

doc pdf 18. Types of Security Cl;earances

doc pdf URL 19. Confessions of a U.S. Navy Submarine Officer

doc pdf 20. [Vietnam] A Decade in the War That Changed Everything

doc pdf URL 21. Quality vs. Quantity of Weapons in War

doc pdf URL 22. Military Weapons Do Not Always Work As Advertised

doc pdf 23. Area-51 and the Nevada Test Range

doc pdf 24. Alleged Top-Secret Bases

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"Secret" Government Organizational Structures__

doc pdf URL 1. How Above Top-Secret Projects Are Assigned Security Classifications

doc pdf URL 2. the U.S. Intelligence Community page-1

doc pdf URL 3. (continued ...) page-2

doc pdf URL 4. the "secret" Government ("Star Wars City")

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Medical Applications (Priore, Rife, Reich, Keely, etc.)

doc pdf URL 3. Cell-generated Electric Fields define organism shape

doc pdf URL 4. Electrostatic Fields In Humans and Nature -- "Blueprint For Immortality"

doc pdf URL 5. Studying Complex Cellular Reactions

Using Pulses of Laser Light

doc pdf URL 6. Multiple "Spiral Waves" in

Physical & Biological Activities

doc pdf URL 7. Dr. A. J. Ginsberg & Dr. John Heller research on the Effects of Radio Waves on Health Part 1 of 2

doc pdf URL 8. " " " " " " " Part 2 of 2

doc pdf URL 9. Antoine Priore: The Bordeaux Magnetic Machine

doc pdf URL 10. Antoine Priore: Wavelengths of charged particles that penetrate the body

doc pdf URL 11. Effects of Radio Waves on Human & Animal physiology

doc pdf URL 12. Curing Cancer with Ultra Radio Frequencies

doc pdf URL 13. can plant growth be stimulated by translating the audible vibrations of music ?

doc pdf URL 14. "White Noise" / Phase Conjugation / Tumor Treatments

doc pdf URL 15. Rife's Mortality Oscillator Rates of Bacteria and Viruses

doc pdf URL 16. a Smithsonian Report on the Rife Microscope

doc pdf URL 17. Background of Antoine Prioré and L’Affaire Prioré

doc pdf URL 18. Technical Background on the Priore Healing Process

doc pdf URL 19. a non-technical Description of the Priore Process

doc pdf URL 20. The Priore Machine and Phase Conjugation

doc pdf URL 21. The Priore Machine

doc pdf URL 23. Dr. Royal Rife Biography

doc pdf URL 24. the Immune System versus

the Cellular Regenerative System

doc pdf URL 25. Biosystems Liquid Crystals and Potential Effects of Natural & Artificial Electromagnetic Fields

doc pdf URL 26. What is "Healing Energy"? Part 3 -- Silent Pulses

doc pdf URL 27. the "Wave", Probabilistic and Linguistic Representations of Cancer and HIV

doc pdf URL 28. the Past, Present, and Future of the Electrodermal Screening System

doc pdf URL 29. the Human Energy Field in relation to Science, Consciousness, and Health

doc pdf URL 30. an overview of Microwave Resonance Therapy

doc pdf URL 31. Biosystems as Conscious Holograms

doc pdf URL 32. Quantum BioHolography : a review from 1973-2002

doc pdf URL 33. Embryonic Holography : an application of the Holographic Concept of Reality

doc pdf URL 34. the DNA Phantom Effect : Direct Measurement of a New Field in the Vacuum Substructure

doc pdf URL 35. BioElectroMagnetics (BEM)

doc pdf URL 36. about the Coherence of Biophotons

doc pdf URL 37. DNA: "Running Repair"

doc pdf URL 38. DNA: "Live Wire"

doc pdf URL 39. DNA: "Master Code"

doc pdf URL 40. DNA: "Location-Location-Location"

doc pdf URL 41. DNA: "The Robot Within" -- cellular nanobots

doc pdf URL 42. can DNA be "influenced" by frequencies?

doc pdf URL 43. Rosalind Franklin's research that led Crick &

Watson to discover the helical structure of DNA

doc pdf URL 4 4. Picturing the Molecules of Life (PBS/NOVA)

doc pdf URL 45. Before Watson and Crick (DNA research)

doc pdf URL 46. AIDS "Dissident" Seeks Redemption...

and a Cure for Cancer

doc pdf URL 47. Could an Acid Trip Cure Your OCD?

doc pdf URL 48. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife (Jeff Rense)

doc pdf URL 49. the Genius of Royal Rife (Barry Lynes)

doc pdf URL 50. Physicists Kill Viruses With Dr. Royal Rife's Genius

doc pdf URL 51. the "BCX Ultra" Rife Instrument

doc pdf URL 52. Requiem for Royal Rife

doc pdf URL 53. John Bedini's Work on Rife's Theories

doc pdf URL 54. Proteins: To Fold or Not To Fold

doc pdf URL 55. the 1918 Flu (PBS/NOVA)

doc pdf URL 56. Recipes for Life: How Genes Evolve (PBS/NOVA)

doc pdf URL 57. Triple Helix: designing a New Molecule for Life

doc pdf URL 58. a never-ending Dance of RNA

doc pdf URL 59. New Nucleotide in DNA could revolutionize Epigenetics

doc pdf URL 60. Ghost in your Genes (PBS/NOVA)

doc pdf URL 61. seemingly Misplaced DNA acts as Lenses

doc pdf URL 62. Epigenetics -- a Revolutionary Look at How Humans Work

doc pdf URL 63. What can DNA tell us?

doc pdf URL 64. Possible Links between RF/ELF and Illness

doc pdf URL 65. on the Trail of the Epigenetic Code

doc pdf URL 66. [slideshow] A Journey Into Human DNA

doc pdf URL 67. Making Life (but not as we know it)

doc pdf URL 68. How to make Viagra

doc pdf URL 69. The Aging Body

doc pdf URL 70. Biophotons

doc pdf URL 71. Biophotons: Is DNA the Next Internet

doc pdf URL 72. Biophotons: Bio-Dark Matter Chemistry

doc pdf URL 73. Epigenetic clock controls Aging

doc pdf URL 74. How the Mind Changes Genes through Meditation

doc pdf URL 75. Why Wounds Heal More Slowly With Age

doc pdf URL 76. Claire Wineland's battle with terminal Cystic Fibrosis

doc pdf URL 77. Nature: the original chemist

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