The Storm" by Betty Kersh Artists Reflection: "

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The Storm” by Betty Kersh

 Artists Reflection:

This picture is entitled The Storm.  It is no accident that I painted it.  It is no accident that it was entered in a show.  And it was no accident that Kristen saw it hanging there. There are no accidents with God.
This particular picture started as an Orange demonstration for my daughter-in-law's school class and when she returned it, I was slapping paint on it to start a new picture. For some reason, I painted a cross and then put more paint......and then stopped. 
At that very moment, I saw a stormy sky with the red blood of Christ on the cross.....and the orange ball as a new light shining through as He was resurrected... and I did nothing else to the picture. 
As I took this Orange and made a pretty picture, God takes our messed up lives and makes them beautiful. To me, it is complete.


It is no 'accident' that Christ died on the cross and it is no 'accident' that He chose to love me.  I can only praise His name.”

"Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me, bless His name."  Ps. 103:l

About the Artist:

Since she walked down the isle of her church to accept Christ as her Savior, every day has been an exciting day for Betty Kersh! That was over 70 years ago.... and she can STILL say that every day is exciting. God has loved, protected, guided and allowed Betty to have the most wonderful life; one that would have been impossible without Him. She has been a wife, mother, grandmother (great grandmother, even!) secretary, and church musician. Additionally, she taught oil painting and is now retired. Over the last 60 years, she’s been up on hilltops and down in valleys, but with every breath she still says "Bless the Lord, oh my soul.  Bless His holy name."  
Betty Kersh lives in Houston Texas, and you can email her at

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