The story of a girl named fear

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A young girl stood in the shadows of the night, her face a mere outline amongst the darkness.She stood and watched a young man from a distance.Always from a distance.She watched his beautiful physique as he joked and laughed. Waiting for the day when he would finally be hers. When a beautiful girl joined the group of boys she watched as the boy of her dreams jovially slung his arm around her and whispered something in her ear. She heard the sound of the girl’s light, tinkling laughter as it was carried on the wind and gently faded into the night,simply to become etched into eternity. Tears filled the girl’s eyes and she quickly stepped back furthur into the shadows.She watched as the shadows consumed her heart and took over her mind.

She was’nt always this way.Once upon a time she’d been that happy,laughing girl with no cares.But time had dampened her spirits and killed her smiles.Now she felt isolated and alone and wondered if she would ever be normal.

As the first signs of light began to taint the darkened sky, the young girl grew very afraid. What if she was exposed? It began to grow lighter and lighter and she became very fearful. She should run and hide in the comfort of the darkness, her sadness before it was too late.The pre-dawn sunshine reached her feet and she quickly took a step back.It began to slowly wash over her and reveal who she really was: A beautiful young girl with a bright future.When the sun rose fully in the sky the girl smiled and walked into the light.

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