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Arctrigville is a very unusual town in Calculus, USA. The people of this town always travel in pairs, one with a positive attitude and his comate with a negative attitude. Of course, all the people in this town are just a little bit square, but you quickly become accustomed to their ways. The mayor of Arctrigville is Mr. One, so all the inhabitants live under the rule of Mr. One. The inhabitants have only three styles of houses. The following is a description of the house styles in Arctrigville:
Style one: Dx(sin-1x) and Dx(cos-1x) live in the most common type of house. They like to come through the front door, , and then just go relax in their comfy den at the back of their house.

Style two: Dx(sec-1x) and Dx(csc-1x) like to receive friends at their houses so they are often seen standing by the doorway visiting their friend, |x|.

Style three: Dx(tan-1x) and Dx(cot-1x) love to be outside so that they can get a tan. They always stay outdoors so we don't know what type of house they own.


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