The Story of Bill

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The Story of Bill

Bill is a seventh grade student who moved into the school district at the onset of the current year. Bill lives with his father, mother, and older sister. Bill is a very capable student who appears to be near grade level in his academic progress. Bill is described by others as very sensitive and easily offended by others. His records indicate that he is awkward in social situations and does not read social cues easily. Bill was reported to have problems with coping with stress and problem-solving. Bill was reported to especially enjoy Nintendo, computers, all sports, and collecting baseball cards and Elvis memorabilia. School personnel suspect that Bill has Asperger’s Syndrome but has not been diagnosed at this time.
Bill appears to have a specific behavioral pattern. He appears to have conflicts with peers in unstructured settings, such as hallways and lunchroom. Bill was reported to have difficulties with change, particularly with substitute teachers. Conflicts with adults typically involve his refusal to complete a directive or when he is given feedback about his work or behavior. He will become angry, shouting and cursing, and threatening to harm others. If the situation is not de-escalated, Bill may be verbally or physically threatening to the other person. He may engage in hitting, punching, shoving, and kicking others. The episodes appear to occur in bursts and result in in-school suspensions and missing class time. Staff records indicate that the verbal insults occur approximately 0-3 times per week while aggression occurs approximately 3-4 times per month.

On the basis of this information, answer the following questions:

  1. What is the targeted behavior of concern?

  1. Define the targeted behavior?

  1. Identify possible antecedents?

  1. Make a hypothesis concerning the function of the targeted behavior.

  1. What types of intervention(s) may be helpful?

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