The Story of Carl Gustav Jung (31 each), narrated by Laurens van der Post


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Jung Videos

The Story of Carl Gustav Jung (31” each), narrated by Laurens van der Post

In Search of the Soul (VHS 4157 pt.1)

67,000 Dreams (VHS 4157 pt.2)

Mystery That Heals (VHS 4157 pt.3)

Parts 2 & 3 are particularly excellent. Contains footage from Jung’s Red Book.
Jung on Film (VHS 2782) (77”)

Carl Gustav Jung is interviewed August 5-8, 1957 in Zurich, Switzerland. Touches on all the major themes in Jung’s psychological research and analytical work.

Matter of Heart (VHS 3915) (107”)

A compelling and inspiring film portrait of Carl Gustav Jung. The film presents a fuller perspective on this humanist, healer, friend and mentor, through interviewing, rare home movies, archival footage, and a wealth of interviews.

The Wisdom of the Dream (VHS 812) (53” each)

A Life of Dreams— v. 1.

Inheritance of Dreams— v. 2.

A World of Dreams. V. 3.

Offers a new depth of understanding of the concepts of psychoanalyst Carl Jung and serves as an introduction to those concepts for the beginner. Interviews with Jung followers show his psychological approach to life.

Remembering Jung:

Hilde Kirsch remembering Jung (VHS 2440) (61”)

Jungian analyst Gilda Frantz interviews Hilde Kirsch, a lay analyst and wife of analyst James Kirsch. They helped found the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles. Topics include the meaning of suffering and the challenge of accepting the psyche and its many paradoxes, and Jung’s insightfulness with dream material. With archival photos and film footage.

Jane Wheelwright remembering Jung (VHS 2443) (61”)

Interview of Jane Hollister Wheelwright, wife of Joe Wheelwright, both of whom worked with C.G. Jung. Topics include Jung as an analyst; Zurich in the 1930s; Jung’s relationship with women; and her own work with a woman who was dying of cancer which she documented in Death of a woman. Includes archival photos and film footage.

Joe Wheelwright remembering Jung (VHS 2441) (61”)

James Yandell interviews Joseph Wheelwright, a colleague of C.G. Jung and co-founder of the Jung Institute. Topics include Jung and Freud; personality types in relationships, including husband-wife and analyst-patient; his own transference to Jung; the nature of projection; and development of the contra-sexual aspect of the personality. With archival photos and film footage.

Joseph Henderson remembering Jung (VHS 2442) (61”)

Interview with Joseph Henderson, who worked with Jung and helped found the Jung Institute of San Francisco. Topics include the typology of cultural consciousness; Native Americans and differences between Americans and Europeans; Jung’s unique contribution to depth psychology; and Jung and Freud. With archival photos and film footage.

Appointment with the Wise Old Dog: Dream Images in a Time of Crisis (29”)

A moving and incomparable video on the use of dreams as a path to healing and to individuation. It is the story of conductor David Blum’s work with dreams as he faced terminal cancer. It’s an unforgettable demonstration of how dreams and active imagination carry the energy of Self/Spirit; elicits tears in viewers. Peerless in videos demonstrating Jungian concepts, dream work, active imagination, anima, Self. Personal copy stored in Laurel’s office. Can be ordered from Blum’s widow, Sarah Blum, PO Box 104, Medina WA 98039-0104. Reasonably priced.

A Sense of the Sacred: A Portrait of Helen Luke (VHS 5138) (75”)

An exquisite and moving video on Helen Luke, with interviews of Luke, Robert Johnson, Peter Brook. Illustrates the path of individuation, and of how the sacred is awakened in one’s exploration of one’s essence. Luke’s loving and beautiful spirit comes across, is very moving and evocative for students.

Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth, interviews with Bill Moyers (60” each)

The hero's adventure (VHS 435)

Long before medieval knights charged off to slay dragons, tales of heroic adventures were an integral part of all world cultures. Campbell challenges everyone to see the presence of a heroic journey in his or her own life.

The message of the Myth (VHS 436)

Campbell compares the creation story in Genesis with creation stories from around the world. Because the world changes, religion has to be transformed and new mythologies created. People today are stuck with old metaphors and myths that don't fit their needs.
The First Storytellers (VHS 437)

Discusses the importance of accepting death as rebirth as in the myth of the buffalo and the story of Christ, the rite of passage in primitive societies, the role of mystical Shamans, and the decline of ritual in today's society.

Sacrifice and Bliss (VHS 438)

Campbell discusses the role of sacrifice in myth, which symbolizes the necessity for rebirth. He also talks about the significance of sacrifice--in particular, a mother's sacrifice for her child, and the sacrifice to the relationship in marriage--and stresses the need for every one of us to find our sacred place in the midst of today's fast-paced, technological world.

Love and the Goddess (VHS 439)

Discusses romantic love, beginning with the 12th century troubadours, and addresses questions about the image of woman--as goddess, virgin, Mother Earth.

Masks of Eternity. (VHS 440)

Campbell provides challenging insights into the concepts of God, religion and eternity, as revealed in Christian teachings and the beliefs of Buddhists, Navajo Indians, Schopenhauer, Jung and others.

Masks of Eternity, Bill Moyers interviewing Joseph Campbell (VHS 440) (60”)

Campbell provides challenging insights into the concepts of God, religion and eternity, as revealed in Christian teachings and the beliefs of Buddhists, Navajo Indians, Schopenhauer, Jung and others.

Thinking Allowed series, interviews with Jeffrey Mishlove:

Archetypal Psychology (VHS 4113) (90”)

The Jungian analyst Jean Bolen discusses synchronicity and Jung’s theories of synchronicity. Straight studio shots of Bolen and Mishlove.
Boundaries of the Soul: Explorations in Jungian Analysis (VHS 4079) (90”)

Dr. June Singer presents the theory and practice of Carl G. Jung’s analytic psychology.

Jung Revisited: A Historical and Conceptual Review. (VHS 4890) (50”)

Dr. Ramon G. Corrales examines Jung and his work. Also explores through dialogue with Dr. Charles Rhodes how Jung helped the understanding of the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit into a cultural and social component

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