The story of Grace & Mercy

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The story of Grace & Mercy

It’s amazing what a difference two people can make in the lives of everyone around them. Pastor Chava and Betty started on a path that led them to the opening of Grace & Mercy as a children’s ministry. In just five short years, your mission team has seen them go from dirt floors and a tarp roof to a thriving children’s ministry with a roof that keeps them warm and dry. We’d like you to take a journey of the heart with us as we tell you the story of how Grace & Mercy came to be.

Pastor Chava and his wife Betty tell a story of how God has worked in their lives to lead them to a children’s ministry and the opening of Grace & Mercy. They told us how they fought God because they wanted to continue the ministry they started at a prison. Pastor Chava and Betty couldn’t imagine how they could work with children when their voices had become hardened for the prisoners. But God tends to put stumbling blocks in our way when we don’t want to go where he wants us to and that’s exactly what He did to Pastor Chava and Betty! The last day they went to the prison, they had forgotten something in the car and went back to get it. When they returned the prison was put on lock down. After the lockdown, they were denied all future access to the prison and the passes they used for getting inside were taken away. Even after that happened, they thought that they would open a church for the men and women who were reentering society after their time in prison. A funny thing happened the day they opened the doors of their new church. Instead of the men and women they were expecting, all these kids showed up instead and Grace & Mercy became a children’s ministry, a safe haven and a beacon of hope for the community. Grace & Mercy I now serves over 80 children.

Pastor Chava and Betty know in their hearts that they are planting the seeds for the future of Juarez in the children. At Grace & Mercy the children find hope. They find a place with caring individuals that feed them, take care of them and love them. They find a place that is warm and safe from the dangers of life. As much as they prayed, they knew in their hearts that they could not bring ALL of the children to Grace & Mercy. The only possible solution was to bring Grace & Mercy to the children. So last year Grace & Mercy II became a reality in the colony of Anapra and now serves almost 30 children.

When we think about the things that Pastor Chava and Betty have accomplished, it brings to mind the words of Isaiah 58: 9-10 “If you do away with the yoke of oppression, with the pointing finger and malicious talk, and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday”. That’s what Pastor Chava and Betty are. A light that shines as bright as the sun and brings with it a hope for a better future for the children of Juarez. We no longer just see the extreme poverty when we go to Grace & Mercy, we don’t just see the shack that little Jacqueline lives in with just a sheet for a door. What we see now, is a ray of hope for the children. Pastor Chava and Betty lift these children up each and every day of their lives and show them that they matter, that they care about them and that they love them. These children truly feel Gods loving touch through Pastor Chava and Betty’s hands.

We hope that your donations and support are only the start of your missionary work for Pastor Chava & Betty. Our prayer is that each and every one of you will one day join us on the mission front at Grace & Mercy. We can promise you that this trip will change your heart.

Serving Him – Jesse and Cheryl Ramirez

We love because he first loved us” 1 John 4:19.

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