The Story of Much Ado about Nothing

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The Story of Much Ado about Nothing

  1. Everyone is excited to see the men arrive back at Leonato’s house after a battle.

  2. Beatrice & Benedick quarrel, while Claudio notices and falls in love with ‘the short and pretty Hero’: they become engaged.

  3. Benedick is tricked by his friends in to believing Beatrice loves him. Beatrice is tricked by her friends into believing Benedick loves her.

  4. Don John plots to trick Claudio into believing Hero is a loose woman. Hero is totally unaware of this as she prepares for her wedding day.

  5. At the wedding, Claudio shocks everyone by publicly rejecting Hero, who he believes is having an affair.

  6. The priest devises a secret plan to pretend Hero has died of grief. Meanwhile Benedick & Beatrice declare their love for one another.

  7. The lies against the virtuous Hero are discovered and Claudio, feeling bad, decides to visit her mock grave.

  8. At the tomb the repentant Claudio discovers Hero is not dead and the two couples (Claudio & Hero/Benedick & Beatrice) end up together.

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