The Story of Nancy’s first Lifetime on Earth in 7090 bc and What Came of it in This Lifetime


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The Story of Nancy’s first Lifetime on Earth in 7090 BC

And What Came of it in This Lifetime

Written by

Nancy Tate

Published 2014

Chapter 1

High upon a hill in the mountains of Sumer there stood a vessel of light that shone forth it’s greeting whenever anyone from the ship descended to earth. The sensors were working fine this night, and when the ship came into view all were ready for the arrival. Eyes peered to the heavens, and when the glisten of the ships ports reflected on the lake below, there came a great shout from those who awaited the coming.

Enki especially awaited this descent, for he knew that his brother would be arriving with news of the one he left behind on the planet that was his home for the past seven hundred thousand years. He barely remembered the early times when there wasn’t even a home that he called Nibiru.

Those were the times when he was in regard to all of life, and yet he felt a growing emergence of something that would be forever recorded in the memories of all that is. This was a feeling that had grown in him till it could no longer be dismissed, and now it was to be the subject of this visit with his brother.

As the ship came into the stirrups of the port, it eased into the glove that awaited. First the tremor was oh so faint, and then the familiar rattles in the gut, followed by the sigh of touchdown. This was a sight that belied the experience, which never ceased to move him in its duplicity. The touchdown was always smooth, though giving its own mark to the experience.

Enki was the first to greet Enlil, as he emerged from the craft. “My brother, you are most welcome, and just in time for the joining of the brothers into the League of Celestial Happenings. You will find the others are eager and ready to begin this new journey into the eternal whisper of the cosmos.”

I am not going to waste words, Enki!” The sternness in his brother’s manner was unexpected. “You have brought me here on another of your wild imaginings, and I am not going to be very patient unless there is something of merit that you summoned me thus.”

My dear brother, this is of the utmost importance. There is never going to be anything that can top this, unless it comes on the heels of this matter.” Enki lay his straps down and untied the tethers that bound him to the lariat that he carried with him to the spaceport. This was a practice that bade him well, for he encountered many beasts on the path to the port. This eve, there were none.

My dear brother, there is never going to be an end to what you consider to be of importance; and there is never going to be an end to what I feel is folly with you. I don’t know why Anu demanded I come for this meeting, but I will not allow that he knows less than I.” Enlil slid down the leaf encrusted slope and came to a stop just short of a group of bystanders who had curiously watched their approach.

Captain!” Enki spoke to the man in the rear. “Come and escort us through this crowd. We must not be detained from this meeting.” The people were closing in and forming an expectant ring around the two, and the burly man swung into action with his saber, delivering swift cuts to the air above their heads.

Enlil and Enki hurried past the hastily dispersed throng, and rounded the corner to mount the waiting stallions. In no time they were at the gates to the palace, and streaming into the compound.
The slave quarters were a buzz with preparations for the accommodations that were required for this meeting. Lords, Constables and Seers from afar had gathered that night, and would be here for many days, if all went as Lord Enki prophesied. The air of expectancy was thick and acrid, for there were mixed feelings about this gathering, though the word was not out as to the subject.

Eeta placed a napkin on one of the trays and smoothed its lines with her fingers, forming a crease. Her thoughts dwelled on the encroaching time when she would have to serve. She was a novice, and the details sometimes escaped her. She wiped a treasonous tear from her face, and told herself that there was nothing to fear; she would do fine. Her trembling hand belied her resolve, and she drew herself up to her full 5’6”, and turned smiling to her duty.

Where is Loer, she thought looking around for his smiling face. He can always cheer me up. A movement from the corner caught her attention, and there he was, chipper as always and heading for her.

My dear Loer, you have come, and now I can feel more at ease. I was so feared that you would forget me and allow me to rest in the uneasiness I carry with this night.” Eeta clung to his hands as he kissed them, and dried the tears that eased her chagrin. “You are my dearest friend, and now I feel stronger just to be near you.”

My dear,” Loer smiled teasingly, “You are the prettiest when you are upset, for it is then that I can be the hero and come to your rescue.” He led her to the table in the great hall, and held for her the heavy tray laden with dishes and flatware.

You are going to spoil me, I swear, but I don’t ever want you to stop, and you are not ever going to leave; I won’t let you.” Eeta placed the settings around the table. This was the way it was meant to be, friends standing by friends in their time of need.

The heavy doors flung open and Enki and Enlil filled the doorway. Her weak hands found Loer’s strong ones and gripped till they stilled.

Where are the others, it is past time and we must get this meal over with. There is much to do this night!” Enki stormed past the two and opened the door to the kitchen. “Is everything ready?” He stopped suddenly and looked at the maids who were busily preparing the hall. The twinkle in his eyes was at first elusive and then it sparked forth with the laugh that erupted from his throat.

I forgot! The time was put off for another hour, wasn’t it?” He gave them all a huge smile and ruffled the hair of a sprightly blond maid who held the door for him as he strode from the hall. “Come Enlil, we’ll go to my drawing room, and refresh ourselves from the ride.” He paused by the door, “Eeta, some wine, please.”

The color drained from her frightened face.

Pretty maid, do not fear our Lord. He is gentle when he wants to be, and most forgiving of meekness. Go on now!” Loer squeezed her hands, and sent her on her way.

The plains beyond the palace stretched far unto a distant shore of the lake that hid the secret of Enki’s coming to earth. He long ago left a treasure there beneath the waters that no one else had seen him deposit in its hiding place. This was to be his drawing card if ever he was driven to drastic measures. The chalice that lay in it’s golden box was safely tucked into the underwater cave and secured with masses of rock that fit intricately to form an immovable copse; immovable that is until his hands decoded the enmeshing. This was to be the secret that he must tell only one person, and that person had not come into his company as yet.

Enki saw a light in that far off distance that eve, and he wondered at the location and the occasion, for it was a desolate place, and not many go there. The light flickered and then died so quickly that he wondered if indeed he had seen it. No matter, he decided. On a break in the meeting the next day, he would go there and ensure that all was well.

He tipped the glass to his lips, and watched as the girl Eeta stole from the room. A fine maid, but a bit timid. Her locks deeply flickered with the mahogany tones of his own long hair. Her fair face, delicate against the rich softness, shone in the semi-darkness. Her blue eyes she averted from his gaze, for once he saw fear there, though he knew not why. He found them to be most interesting, irresistible in a sense, with a tinge of gold in the iris. This fair maid was a beauty, but so shy, and slow of step in a disarming way.

The girl is not worthy of your attention, Enki. She is lacking in status and grace. To summon to your chamber on occasion perhaps, but not worth a second glance, at will.” Enlil drank thirstily and poured another. “Now what can you tell me about this meeting before the others join us? I am your brother, and in that we must stand together in this and present a strong front. First I must know what it is I’m compromising my standards on, and if I indeed can even stay and be part of this.”

Very well, I will tell you this much. There is a message I received from our God the Creator. He gave me an edict to follow and it is that there will be coming a time when all of the ones that I and Ninhursag have created will be instilled with the life force that is God the Creator. This is to be as surely as I stand here, and it is indeed already starting. This has been in effect for many hundreds of earth years, and now it is beginning to prove itself out. The timid maid is a prime example. We were given this edict in order to bring forth the humans as is prophesied by the Seers that are to be here this eve. We will be making a report as to how this is playing itself out and accomplishing what it is that we have come here to do. There is no turning back from this, I warn you. If you try to stop us we will have to take it to Anu, and he will not be happy with you, for he does not defy The Creator.”

Enlil’s face reddened, and then turned black as stone. He rose and threatened to strike out, then thought better of it. “I cannot believe that the Creator would hand you down an edict that is so blasphemous. You are playing God, and the ones who are on the receiving end are only too willing to regard you as their Creator. You must stop this at once!”

I will not!” Enki roared, then settled himself. Through black lashes he stared into Enlil’s eyes, and whispered. “I came here to carry out the Creator’s word, and by God I am going to do just that. There is nothing that you or anyone else can say that will dissuade me from my mission. This is Divine Providence and I will not be responsible for the consequences if I do not do this.”

The knock on the door jolted the brothers apart, and Eeta whispered, “Dinner is served my Lords”
They were all there, the Lords from the various stations of the King, and the Seers who oversaw the spiritual aspects of the court. This was a gathering of many faces, and the constables were there to report on the lawful representation of the humans who were stationed in the mines and at the various sites throughout the kingdom.

Enki shifted his gaze between the ones who sat round the table, and rested his attention on the one directly across from him. “My Lord Anabal, what have you to say this eve about the goings on in the mine of your domain?”

My Lord, there is a time when this will be discussed, and then there will be no more accounting of the goings on without the attendance of the chief of the mine operations for he will be here in the morn, and then it is best to attend to the matters concerning this mine. Till then I beg your understanding and waive my time with this matter tonight.” Lord Anabal fixed his gaze on Enki, and a slow smile of recognition appeared, at his Lord’s acquiescence. He knew that Enki had heard of the recent trouble, and this was not the time to bring it up. The formality had been satisfied.

Very well then we shall table this matter till the dawn.” Enki turned his attention to the man to his left side. Actura, what have you to say?”

My Lord, there is much to say about the governing forces of the sector I preside over. This is a time when there is very little action in the mines, and much action in the villages. With the onset of the cold, there is much to be taken care of and the villagers are preparing for the inevitable wearing of the outer accoutrements and the bundling of the huts. They will soon have this taken care of and they will return to the mines. I have no doubt that they will find the procedures will go smoothly and they will be hunkered down and able to return their focus on their work.” Actura bowed his head signaling the end of his report.

Enki wanted to make sure that his people were comfortable, in fact he insisted on it. “This is most pleasing to me, See that they get all that they need. I will send some of my men to assist if need be.”

Thank you, my Lord!” Actura exclaimed. “You are most generous!”

Now my dear ones, we are going to find the subversion that is going to ring a bell with the whole of society from this day and from the times up through. We are going to go to the depths of the psyches, and see the underlying currents that are prevalent and that are driving these men. You will see that they are displaying something quite different to the spirit world than to the outside world. I do this for reason, which will become evident in time.”

Actura laid aside his knife and pierced his lamb with the sharp tines of his fork. His thrust belied the emotions that he was feeling. My Lord, were his thoughts, you are very concerned with the ones who live in the village, for they are your subjects and they represent gold to you. This is the only consideration you have for them, and now you are pretending to care for them as a father. Indeed you say you are their father, and they revere you.

His thoughts turned to silent questions; why is it that you betray their trust and their devotion? Is it that you are that wary of their ability to turn on you, or are they genuinely in your favor? I say it is the former, for you are cold in many ways that I have seen.

He remembered the time when Enki accosted several of them on the day when they chanced to be taking a rest. Upon his coming they did not see the folly and suffered the consequences with two extra days of hard work before gaining a restful day off.

You appear to have their interests at heart, Actura said to himself, and yet you often display no heart of your own. I may spit in my soup before the night is over, unless I can control my urgings.

He bowed his head and pretended to be absorbed in his meal; he was silent for the rest of the evening. Even when they retired to the meeting room and were served the tasty, sweet wine did he keep his council to himself. There was too much welling up inside that could betray his position and take him away from the ones with whom he had established a strong rapport.
The moon pulled itself up over the crest of the mountain, and rested in the night sky for a few moments, before starting it’s passage through the heavens. Enki stared, mesmerized by the light in its stark reality against the black night. Actura seemed pensive tonight, as though he were somewhere else, absent from his body. What was bothering him? Was it that the people were taking time for the oncoming cold, or was it just his mood? He was a good man, and Enki was lucky for his friendships with his men. He knew that this was one of the reasons for the exceptional productivity of the mine, and he served the purpose very well. I shall speak with him tomorrow and explain my good will toward him.

He stepped out into the chill night. When I breathe this air I feel invigorated, as if there is nothing that can come between me and my mission. There is a clarity that is present when there is no heaviness of the heat of the day. He stared at the moon, and then directed his focus toward the other side of the sky. There she is, Nibiru, my sentinel of the heavens. I am no more important to all that there is than she is. She is the bearer of my fortune and of my lot in life. I go to her when I need bolstering, and then I come back ready for the next onslaught. There is nothing in the world that can serve me better than my orb of home in the heavens. It is the home of my Godliness, and when I am done that is the portal through which I will find my way home from whence I came.

He came to a river in his meanderings through the meadow that skirted the palace. Finding a place to sit he eased himself near the rocks that jutted out into the flow at right angles to the shore. Why is it that he seeks the cold when his men are distant? Why must he place himself in the jarring circumstances that bring him discomfort in the face of jeering thoughts? He held so many questions that took him to the depths, and yet he always clawed his way back from those depths, exhausted and full of remorse. Why did he go there, and why did he not take the easy way to meet his challenges?

The water slipped over the rocks and washed upon his boots, wetting the shroud that hung low to his ankles, yet he cared not. It was as if he dared not the comfort that would ease his solitude. Why do I despair so the iniquities by which I judge the world? Is there no relief, and is there no release? If this is my fate, then why don’t I change it, for fate is for man to change, not for God to erase. If this be my lot in life, then why did I choose it? And how can I find the Grace to lift myself from it?

The water trickled down his legs and sought their own release from the spray that had come so suddenly. Was it from his sudden slip on the wet rocks, or from the despair that had thrust into the pool from his heavy heart? It mattered not. Enlil was going to return to Nibiru with a report that would issue a return from his father. Anu would summon him, and there would be a new challenge from which he may not arise this time.

Oh, Father of mine in the Heavenly Abode beyond heavenly abodes, why must I labor so in the iniquities of the mind, when all I must do to find the peace is to turn my face to your light and know thy warm taste of wine is sweet upon my lips? Is it not enough that I slumber in my heart and know thy mind only in the still sweetness? Why must I overcome the obstacles of the darkness when thy path is so unencumbered? How is it that I am so lost? Do my troubles mean so much upon the pages of time that I must endure for eternity? This is thy salvation that I see before me, and it is the burden of my brother that I bear, for his is of the heavens and mine is of the earth. And in this I serve, and in this I live my life in the shadow of the light that you give me.

He turned his face back to the moon that now looked down from a high place, and he rose to his feet in earnest and joy, raising his arms to the light, “I love thee my God, for thee art with me in my discretions. I go now to my humble beginnings, and I lay myself down to your knowings, so that I may go on in this life that I agreed to.”

As he opened the door to his room and closed the door on the night, the moon slipped behind a cloud and was gone.

Enki could wait no longer for news of his beloved. Enlil accepted the glass his brother offered him with the dark wine, sweet with the fruit of the season.

My brother, Abigail sends news that she doesn’t wish you to know, yet she knows you must. She will be involved in an endeavor that will keep her from you in her fullest for a long time. This is a journey that she must take, and when it is over, she will come to you, and it will be as if there has been no time at all. There is to be no gathering of the tears and no remorse at the leaving, for this would surely allow her to be less than her completeness in the journey she must take. She leaves this word of love and forever longing to be with you, and this will carry her through the eternity that she must bear in order to complete her mission.” Enlil eyes found a spot on the floor and held it fast.

Every word stabbed deep into Enki’s heart. The words would not come from the wound that was mortal. Why must I be alone so? Why must I be apart from the one who completes me? This is supposed to be a Divine journey! If it is so, then why must I be incomplete in the workings of it? No, I cannot bear it; I won’t!

He moved to the door, and was stopped by his brother’s command. “You must stay here! You cannot leave now, for it is not possible to regain her. She has gone.”

Enki’s hand hung in the air, paralyzed in flight. “Then go now. I must be alone.” The words left empty holes in the acrid room.

He didn’t hear Enlil close the door. He didn’t hear anything till the whisper of dawn rose him from his chair. In those moments in between he started closing doors. The door to his heart, the door to his memories with her, the door to the love they shared, the door to the completeness he had with her, the door to the warmth, the door to the reason for joy, the door to love of life.

Abigail, in her love for him, tearfully started re-opening those doors just a bit, for she was on her journey, and it was to be right where she was, just out of reach.

The ship left the spaceport at exactly sunrise. There was no descending energy of change and there was nary a cloud to obscure the view that they had from their places in the ship. There was only great light breaking over the horizon, and the glow of Nibiru in the distance. Enki looked forward to this encounter with his chief captain. It was time for Abgal to join the proceedings, and Enki was going to summon him personally. It was more than three weeks since he had word with his friend, and he was looking forward to the visit.

What had taken place through the night was but a preamble to the rest of the meeting, and he knew that he would have to find the time here and there to take quick naps, for there would be little sleep till this was all over. After he had returned to his room from the river, he had encountered the snake that occasionally slithered into his room. This was a harmless serpent that had made itself known before. He derived great knowledge from this serpent, for it was imbued with the energy of one of his counterparts on earth.

This night it came to him with a message to go and find a person who waited in the thicket at the edge of the wood, for there was a message for him regarding the next morning’s activities. The man waiting for him stood in the shadows till he was certain it was his Lord. He then stepped into the moonlight, so that he could be identified.

Meesha!” Enki exclaimed. “I have not seen you in a fortnight. Where have you been?”

My Lord, I have been away, and now I come back to hear of dissention in the village. The miners are worried that they have not seen Abgal for so long, they fear for his life. There is talk that he has been banished to the ship, and that he will be undergoing a trial for his life because of the incident at the mine just after I left the village. I sent for you for I know you will be straight with me.”

Enki grinned and assured his friend that all was well. “We asked Abgal to return to the ship, for he had been working too hard and he needed the rest. We knew he would not take it, if he remained here, so we summoned him to duty on the ship, duty that would afford him an easy time of it.”

I am relieved, my Lord, for I was worried that there would be harm come to him, and unjustly so. I don’t believe what the ones said about what he did, for it was not as he would have acted.” Meesha managed a smile of relief.

What are you talking about; what is it that he was supposed to have done?” Enki asked, “Why have I not heard of this?”

It is said that he caused the death of a miner through his misjudgment and callous handling of the accident. They say that he turned his back for a half day and slept while the miners were unsupervised, and that when he was awoken to come back to the mine, he dismissed them with a demand to be left alone, adding that he didn’t care at all whether the conditions were safe.” The man simply lowered his head with shame to be even repeating the words. “My Lord, I know this is not what Abgal would do, for he is an honorable man, and cares deeply for the miners.”

Enki was concerned for the people in the village. “Who are the ones spreading these vicious lies?”

It is the two called Encka and Vulee. They have not been happy about being passed over for the supervisor’s job; they have started this rumor, and found those to back them up. They will stop at nothing to cause this dissention, and there are those who are too ready to believe them.”

Enki knew what he must do. He knew that Abgal would not do this. “I will see to this. Rest assured that it will be taken care of and that there will be justice done. Thank you for coming and I will see you again soon, my friend.” He abruptly turned and strode toward his room and a little sleep before the sunrise.

Already the room was full when Enki and Abgal entered. An extra place had been set at the table, and Abgal followed Enki’s lead. Greetings around the table welcomed the unexpected visitor, and they got down to business.

Before we proceed with the reason I gathered you here, I have invited the commander here, to attend our meetings for he has first hand knowledge of how the miners and their families are faring in the mines and the villages. He has been on Nibiru for the past three weeks compiling data that supports the advances that have taken place with the humans, and their ability to not only learn well, but to reason and think in a way that proves their intellectual capabilities.”

Enki was not ready as yet to tell the others of the new development in the village. Time enough for that. He had taken the opportunity when he arrived on Nibiru to fill his friend in on what had taken place in the village and why he was there. He assured him that he would be able to return and the matter would be settled. Now was the time to be setting up the space for the furtherance of the energy in which this could be cleared. The ones who gathered here today and for the next few days would create a new council of civil Liberties that would govern the people, and assure their safety and development.

The visitors had come from far away and next door. They represented all the groups and colonies of the ones who had disbursed and taken their allegiances to the areas where they would serve in the manner that the people could live their innate natures. If there was to be a complete assembly and renovation of the colonies, there must be representation from all concerned. Eighteen were in attendance, as well as Enki, Enlil, and Abgal.

The seer, Puka, from the land of the seas came, with the maid who held his pieces of gold and silver. From the land across the waters came Eecanown, who kept the people of his kind in order in a peaceable manner. The mountains to the west were represented by the seer, Homan, and to the east by the seer Puni. They all came with another from their tribe except Ebachi, who came from the land of the sun, and he came with two others, for they were considering dividing their tribes along the shore of the mountains as they meet the seas. The rest of the eighteen were from as yet unorganized and unexplored areas, some still searching for their lands.

Enki reached for the nearest water bottle and after pouring, thirstily emptied the full glass. He then filled another, and sat at the head of the table. Now it is time to address the real reason for my calling you all here. As you know sometime ago I came to this planet with a plan to create a race of people who would provide a destiny for the rest of the universe. This has been successful, for the most part, and now I am going to tell you of a new development that has been decreed from the Creator. When I imbued life into the humans, the life of the Creator, in order for them to be able to be self-perpetuating, I did so with the full authority within my being, and with the direct instruction from Creation. This has been proven to be a vastly superior step, and now we are ready to proceed in earnest with the rest of the plan.”

Enlil was infuriated. He slowly rose and accusingly extended his hand to his brother. “You are not going to carry this blasphemy any further! You will stop all this now, and never speak of it again! I will not allow this to go on one more moment!” he stood his ground as Enki rose to meet his challenge.

My dear brother; how is that you do not see that I take my orders and instruction from the only source of information that makes sense to me? I am forever in your debt for providing me with the opportunity to remain here while you reside in the ship above the planet. However, I have the blessings not only of our father, but of Heaven as well, and I will, for I must, carry on in this plan and decide that destiny shall be carried out.” His face reddened with the effort for control.

Enlil broke away from the table, and approached his brother, fists at the ready. He had something he wished to say in private, and this was to be done now.

There is nothing that cannot be said here in front of the men who will be deciding the fate of their people, therefore we shall remain here, and that is my final word.” Enki stared his brother back to his seat, and then emptied the filled glass before him.

Enlil began with slow words and sure breath. He did not care to expose the frailties of his brother to the group, but the conditions had been stated. “I must proceed with some facts of this trip. There was an instance when Lord Enki came to Nibiru last year, and brought with him the girl who gave him a son and then died soon after. It was this girl who brought to the family a degree of shame and when the son of that union grew restless for loss of his mother, he became so agitated as to not be able to nurse. This caused great consternation with Enki, and soon he was wanting to return to earth and take his son to be raised by Ninhursag. He knew that in her capable hands the boy would thrive and become strong. So he took him back with him----

Stop! I forbid you to go any further. This has no relevance on why we are here today!” Enki had risen and was turning to stone before their eyes; such was his fury.

No relevance, my brother? And why would there be no relevance between what we are here to discuss, and the fact that you have used your son in your experimentations?”

The others gasped at the piercing words. Enki froze; hate filled his eyes, soon to be replaced by the despair of truth.

Enki’s voice was barely a whisper. “I had to find a way to bring him back to life. He had given up on life, and I knew that with a woman’s touch he would fare better than with only me. I brought him here to place him in the most capable hands I knew. I brought him to the only hope he had for survival, and now he is healthy and living in the compound in the court.”

He is a mutant, because of the experiments you did with him. He is not like the rest of the humans. He has one chromosome more than the others, and now he will forever be an outcast! Do you call that being in his best interest?” Enlil would not let it go.

He is my son, and I did what I could for him. He is fine and he is normal. You will see; one day he will surpass all of us, and he will never go to the lengths that you have gone to assure everyone that he is a product of manipulation.” Enki’s voice quieted, with a strength that belied his position. “He will one day realize who he is and what his capabilities are; and he will walk in the light of the Creator, and he will do great things. He is one of the chosen ones, and when you see that, my dear brother, then you will know of what it is I speak.” Enki seemed to reach to the ceiling and encompass the whole room for a moment. It was as if they had been visited by the spirit in total; and they were held mesmerized by the sight.

So my brother, you may bring this up if you wish, and attempt to subvert my actions, but you will not accomplish what you came here to do, for it is the destiny of these humans to go forward through eternity and become who they are totally in the light. They will know that they are gods and they will find that they are home and in the Grace of The Creator. Till then, we will go on and do what we are bound to do, and there will be no stopping me, for I take my guidance from my Source, who is the Source of All.” Enki sat with a thud, eyes lowered; and all knew that the subject was closed, for now.

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