The Story of Nancy’s first Lifetime on Earth in 7090 bc and What Came of it in This Lifetime

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Enki kissed her lips and then turned to the other side. He met the eyes of his son, and the smile on his lips. The look of expectancy was written in light all over his face. “Emil, you are so beautiful and present in my heart.” Enki’s voice was barely heard, yet completely understood and felt by Emil. The young treasure giggled and stretched out his arms to invite his father to his world. Enki took him in his arms and cuddled him with caresses and tickling that brought forth laughter from them all.

As the morning rode on, the threesome shared breakfast from within and from the table of goodies that were brought from Diandra. They basked in the soft sunlight and talked of what the day might be like. No mention of the mines was spoken, for to do so would have interfered with the gentleness that gave them the gift of Love from all parts of their home.
Nevermore would Enki bring the stories of the mine while his son was present, at least not until he was old enough to know about them on a more advanced level. He would not clutter up his life with things that had no relation to him, for to do so would only confuse him. Enki knew that in time Emil would be strong enough to hear about those things and be able to handle them in a strength that comes from being in a purity of Love and peace for the first few years of his life.
A knock on the door jarred Enki from his innermost thoughts. Diandra stood with a smile on her face and then held out a crystal. Enki looked at it, and then asked, “Where did you get that?”

It came from a messenger from up noth,” she said. “There were two men who rode in on horseback and deposited it in front of the door, then rode of in a hurry as I opened the door to welcome them. Then I noticed the crystal and knew that I needed to bring it to you.” She stood with hands folded, awaiting his response.

Enki turned the crystal over in his hands and felt the pristine beauty in it. It was the size of a bonnet that would fit on Eeta’s head, yet not as heavy as it looked to be, for the size. The glow from within its facets was violet and yet crimson in some respects. He realized it was the glow of the sun that influenced its color. He felt a tingling as he held it in the sun, and as he moved away into the shadows of the room, it lay still in his hands.
Eeta moved to his side, with a look on her face that spoke of something that affected her about the crystal. She touched it with a quick pass and then she held her hand over it and felt the glow come from within it’s secret. She knew that it needed the sun again to send forth its message.
Enki, I must hold this in the sun and let it speak to me. I feel the urgency and I know its language.” Enki laid it in her hands and his puzzlement kept him silent. He watched as she took two steps closer to the window.
She listened and as the glow came and the colors reverberated with the layers of sunbeams that beckoned her voice, she spoke the words that came forth in its vibrations. “We are the Lighted Ones who come to you with a bit of news. We urge you to take a vacation from the mines and to take a journey into the desert. It is time for you three to be together in a close-knit way and to speak of the images that come forth.” She paused for a moment and glanced at Emil.

Your son, Emil, is full of wisdom, and he has his own way of speaking and communicating that wisdom to you. There will be a time when there will be no trouble at the mines and that is when you must go. In two more days there will be a peaceful tribute to all of the supervisors and the workers at the mines from all of the renegades who have been coming into the flock. They will give some news that will resonate with you and that will be the signal that it is time for you to take your hiatus from the everyday life and reinstate your power in the peacefulness of life.”

With those last words, Eeta covered the crystal with her hands and then returned it to Enki. The vibration had stopped and the message was complete. She looked into his eyes and couldn’t believe what she saw.
Enki expressed her look in what she saw, “I know that you are a powerful being, dear one, but I have never seen you do this. You heard the words of the Lighted Ones. I have only heard of them, but not from them, though I have asked for it. He broke out in a grin as he realized what that meant. He took the crystal from her hands and gave it back to Diandra, then turned once more to his beloved. “You are the conveyor of the truth of the Lighted Ones, and of many others who will speak to you in the coming times. I am the one who will benefit from that and will be able to move forward with it. We are One in our abilities to communicate and move in the Spirit of expression. We will all benefit from what comes from our flow of communication with the Creator.”
He turned and extended his hands out to Diandra, and Eeta at the same time moved to her dear friend’s side. Their embrace of their dear friend closed the promise of silence for the time being of this new gift from the Source of the truth of Beingness. Diandra held out the crystal and with a smile exchanged by all of them and a loving giggle from Emil, the crystal found its new home on the shelf of marble to the side of the window that opened the communication between them.

It was a day filled with Love and fun. The stresses of the past few days were but a memory of times that were gone and buried. There was a new speck on the horizon and in that speck beamed a light that shone forth in a brilliance that intensified itself in a way that gave it a distance of many miles from which people could see it, and feel its glow. As Enki, Eeta and Emil basked in the softness of the day, they ran their fingers through each other’s hair and giggled at the braids that found their places over the faces that spoke of joy and peace. As the day’s light dimmed into the sunset, they gathered with the rest of the ones who served their purpose in the court. It was time for a sunset celebration of the newness that was being felt by all of them.

As enki slept the tones of love kept running through his dreams. He found himself keeping aup with the tones and bringing forth music that he’d never heard before. He gathered it all together and echoed them on through the night into a charade of instensity that equaled none he’d ever heard. It was as if the entire universe was singing to him. Yet it was not until the final note when he realized what it was telling hi, what the music was relaying to him for a lst supper revisit that would bring all of the miners, supervisors and renegades together into one solid flowing group of people who would go forth from this place and share the message that was to be relegated into the categories of furthermore throughout all of existence. As he realized this more deeply in his beingness, his eyes opened wide and he saw at first a glowing being before him. Then as he moved ever so slightly, he saw the Being open up into many Beings who came to him in a dazzling light of many colors. He saw the parade of Beings come forth, and all grouped around the bed. One of them touched each of them who were lying close together. His beloved Eeta and Emil stirred a bit and then settled back into sleep, with smiles on their faces. Enki closed his eyes and joined his beloveds in the sleep of recognition of the truth of what was before them.

As the night moved on in and out of the timelessness and the rigidity of what was to come, the three in the bed floated in and out of the solaces of sleep and dreamland, bringing all that they saw and did into their beingness for the rest of eternity. The crystal on the marble top spun in circles and vibrated with all the colors of the intensified rainbows of forever. The clouds in the night sky opened their faces and smiled down on the court wisping into nothingness as they invited the stars to shine forth their message of Love and harmony over all the land. The moon echoed the phrases of eternal Joy and rolled over the heavens as a ball spinning through space. It was a night to end all nights, and to begin the rest of the parade through time and space.

The morning light peeked through the filmy covers of the windows and announced the promise of another day. Eeta was the first in the room to open her eyes. She looked around in wonder of what she knew not she was looking for. “Why am I looking for what I know not of?” she asked herself within. She closed her eyes to invite the memories into her consciousness. All she heard was a humming and tone of joy and peacefulness. Then she drifted off into a new dream. In that dreamland she spun through the courtyard as a ball released from a myriad of tailspins. She bounced from the trees, back and forth between the bushes and flowers, amoung the stone fences and the pyramids of power and seduction. She saw the ushers of the new way of being separate the old from the new. In that movement was the toning that rung through her mind and into her heart, bringing her back to the room and the loved ones beside her on the bed.
As her eyes cleared she was greeted with a smile and a giggle from the ones who rose to their sitting and reached for her embrace. “Welcome back to our new way of being, my dear love.” Enki’s whisper caught her in the mildest of surprises. She smiled and drew him even closer as Emil squirmed his way between them and tickled them with his moving hands. Hi first words caught them by surprise with a tender tug at their hearts, “Musha, Dania.” His whispered words echoed the true meaning of who they are to him.
Enki couldn’t believe his ears! The only other time he had heard those names was in a dream he had several years ago. They were the ancient original words for Mother and Father in the Lyran language. He had been told that they came from the original language of the universe and from the energy that was the beginning of the universal creation.

Eeta smiled and spoke her surprise, “You are the cutest and most informed child I have ever known. How did you know that you call me Musha and your father Dania? That is something that has not been known for longer than I can say,” she hugged him to her breast. “You must be hungry for my gift of breakfast. So I’ve been told a child will stop at nothing to satisfy their need for sustenance.” She giggled and offered her gift to him, settling back against the pillows and Enki’s arms surrounding them.

Enki couldn’t believe he heard this. “Darling one, how did you know that about the Musha and Dania? I don’t know of any others who know of it, or have said they do.”
Eeta smiled and said, “I’d say that we both have been in touch with the same energy Beings. I feel that there is a lot more that we will be sharing with each other.” She bent her head and kissed Emil’s forehead and then stretched a bit to deposit a kiss on Enki’s brow.
Emil paused in the relishing of his morning treat and giggled at both of them. He had been waiting for this to happen, and now he will see what other items of truth come up for them. He may not be able to speak their language yet, but oh, does he have lots to share with Musha and Dania when he can.
He bent again to the dish of Love and smiled an inner smile at the originator of the words he would be relaying.

Chapter 11

The day wound on with little taking place for the first three hours. It was a nice time in the meadows and a beautiful place in which to gain some insight as to what was to happen in the coming times. It was as if the Creator had laid aside this time for Enki to seek the solace that was needed in the coming trends that would be seen in the glimpses of history. He laid beside the waters and saw the fish as their darted to and fro. It reminded him of his life and the turmoil that seemed to be coming into it, and then suddenly left. It was a wondrous happening, and he knew it would stay that way. “It has to!” He exclaimed.

What are you doing here so late in the day?” the voice came to him from inside. Where did that come from? Was it his own self, or that of another? He looked around him and saw no one. He stood and began to walk toward the courthouse. Upon entering the road to the main house he saw several beings heading for his office. They were clothed in rags and yet they stood with a strength that was unmistakable.

He caught up with them just as the one in the lead reached for the door handle. “Are you here on business?” Enki asked.

The leader turned slowly around and smiled at Enki. “You are the one we have come to see. We have a proposal that we wish to present to you, and it is this. First we want to sit with you and rest, for we have come a long way.”

Enki smiled back and moved to the door. “Come, follow me and we shall rest. I will order something to drink for you. Are you hungry?” he asked as an after-thought.

We would appreciate some water and perhaps a little bread to sustain us, thank you.”

Enki saw Diandra heading for the kitchen, and motioned her to his side. “Diandra, dear, would you please bring us some water and some bread with a topping that would help to restore our visitors strength?”

Diandra smiled at the three men who she could see where tired and in need of sustenance. “I have just the thing for you and it will be here post hence.” She hurried to the kitchen.
In the meeting space Enki led the men to the sofa and motioned for them to rest themselves in comfort. “You have come a long way, you said. Where are you from; where is your home?”

The leader spoke, “We are from what you may know as the Netherlands. It is a place where the climate is irregular and yet enticing. We have come to speak with you about a matter that is delicate, yet necessary to bring forth.”

Enki asked, “Before we go any further, please tell me who you all are.”

Oh yes,” the leader and the others smiled. “I am Mehusa and these ones are my friends and associates, Whaina and Salunna. We are the ones who decide what our next step is when our community is in dire need. Then we take our ponderings and thoughts to the others and when we know we are all in agreement, we go forth from there. We are part of the ones who first came to earth and settled here in Africa. We found the times of trouble to be more than we wanted to deal with, so we left as a tribe and found our new home up many miles from here. It was not populated in any of the areas that we searched, and so we decided on the part of it that felt the most ideal and settled there. That was two generations ago.”

Enki remembered that there had been a group of people who had suddenly left the mining area, and he now knew where they had gone and why. There was no question in his mind why. It was a time then of so much trouble and it affected the whole population of the southern part of the continent.

Mehusa spoke again,” We are here now to ask you for some assistance.” He hesitated looking for a response from Enki that would indicate his willingness to hear more. With Enki’s silence he continued, “We have found that there are many of our tribe who are missing the rest of their families, the ones who would not leave here due to the positions they were in at the time. It has been felt for some time that the positions they were in have now changed and the rest of the family members are now in a position of not being able to leave, and have no way of finding us if they do. That is why we are here now; to assist them in coming home to us. We are asking for your help in doing this.” Mehusa hurried through his dialog, hoping that he wouldn’t be interrupted during his presentation.

Enki looked into their eyes, one by one. He saw a clarity of vision. He also saw a need in them to be reunited with their family on a larger scale. “Does your family here know that you are coming to help them?”

Mehusa looked at the others in a quick glance. “We’re not sure. We sent the word through a couple of messengers, but we did not hear from them in the amount of time it should have been for them to return with word on the outcome.”
Enki remembered there being some strangers come into the mining camp a while back, but there wasn’t much communication with them. They asked about some members of a long lost tribe who we thought had completely vacated the area, but they didn’t seem to be a part of it. They were not very communicative in telling us why they were there.”
Enki felt that they didn’t want to undermine why they were there, or invite any interference. “I think that they must have been here and asked about the whereabouts of the others. But they weren’t clear on why they were here. I remember when some strangers came into the camp and asked about some of their family, but they did not go into detail.”

Mehusa asked, “What did they look like; was their skin darker than yours, as ours is?”

Yes, and they seemed to be more rugged living than we are, as if they could live in very secluded and primitive ways.” Enki remembered the energy they emitted, not feeling comfortable in a closed building with lots of household things around. They mostly wanted to be outside, in what was obviously their comfort zone.

There is something that I need to tell you about them.” Enki paused for a moment, and then continued, “They took of themselves to wander around the area for a long time after the rest of the tribe left. They looked as if they were lost, or had no place to call home. What I felt was that they were missing the rest of the tribe and that would subside after a while. Then there was a time when we saw them often and they seemed to be more at home. Then all of a sudden they were gone; no one saw them again. It was as if they ceased to exist.”

Mehusa knew immediately what had happened. “They found their leader and they knew what to do. They went home to where they were supposed to be and that is where they still are.” He knew that the leader he spoke of was not in the same plane as they were, but that they had been able to be advised and reminded of what the mission was to be here on this planet. He also knew that he could not tell Enki of that part of the story.

They said their goodbyes and left the court with Enki outside watching them as they disappeared from his sight. They knew that their time there was beneficial to them, and to Enki as well. They would be back and they would once more meet with Enki after he had the chance to go back to the mine and ask some questions. It was a matter of bringing him up to date so that on their next visit in a few days there would be more to communicate with him. They had much more to tell him, but first they must take care of the initial information of bringing him up to date.
Enki pondered what it was that kept gnawing on his mind. What was it that he was trying to remember? There was something that he needed to bring to this new development, and it was vital to what was to come with these members of the tribe.

That’s it! He turned and ran back into the court, seeking Eeta in their room and in the kitchen. He found her in the garden outside their room. “Dear one!” He uttered, there is something I need to speak with you about; do you have a few minutes of undivided attention?”

Eeta smiled and rose to embrace him. “I will give you all the time that you want, as long as you bring to me the best time tonight that you can muster.”

Enki lifted her to his chest and gave her the best kiss he could bring from his heart. “I am here completely for you now, so you won’t even be able to imagine the depth that we will find tonight.” He smiled as he sat beside her on the settee that he lowered her onto.

He then told her of the guests that he had spoken with and what they were going to do in the coming times. He told her what he was feeling about some of the ones who had come to the mines and then had disappeared, never to be seen again. “The ones who came today carried with them the same air that those others did. They were of the Mushaba energy, and they carried something that spoke to me, an energy from off this planet and beyond the solar system, while at the same time, being a part of here, as much as we are.”

Eeta felt something welling up inside of her. It was as if she was one of the ones who were carrying the Mushaba energy, yet she was not of the same color skin and the same placement in this planet. What was it that took her into this feeling? Was it the truth of what she was getting, or was it her tuning into the ones who Enki spoke of?

The voice that came through her was solid and pure. It spoke of what she was asking and it was very clear and understandable. “You are one of them, and because of that you are taking a lead in this whole endeavor. Though your skin is not as dark as theirs, it is the same energy within and the same source of genetics, as Enki has. It is not something that he realizes, but he too is from a genetic pool that originated with the Mushaba beings. It was the same inheritance that you have, and it is from another part of this universe that you both come, in the pool of inheritance.”
Enki stared at her wide-eyed, and then burst out, “I was hearing that from you just as I was hearing it within me. It was as if both of us were singing in harmony the same words, words that we’ve never heard before!”

Eeta stared back at him and realized that it was Enki’s voice that she had heard, and that she was echoing what he was saying. “It was as if we were one.” She said to him. We both spoke the words. We must both know what it means and more.”

It is a matter of both of us being in the same energy and experiencing the sameness.” Enki suddenly knew what he was saying and also what he had not realized. He and Eeta are one in more ways than he had contemplated. They have the same minds? How can that be, if they are not sharing the same body, then how can they have the same thoughts?

It is not the same thoughts; it is the same information and the same intent to bring it forward. It is also bringing forth the individualization that is allowing you to be as two people. It is now, in times such as this, that you each bring the same information so that you will consciously be in tune and able to create that which you speak of. It is destined to be coming forth now, for it is a time in the evolvement of this planet that all goes back into oneness in order to complete the cycle that will emit forth the new beginnings of life on earth.”

Enki and Eeta looked at each other, knowing that each had spoken this. They knew what was to come and how it would affect earth and it’s heritage with the rest of the universe. It would be as if there was never the fear and falling into chaos that was to be continued in the times to come. It was the beginning of setting the energies for the evolvement beyond what was going to be. It is creating the new earth as we speak.

It will be in storage for all of the time that the old earth is being experienced. It will be there always for the people of earth to tap into at anytime that they change their ways of being into that of the positive. There will be moments in which they will tune in and live what we are creating now. As these moments continue to be tuned into there will be a buildup of the energies from the negative to the positive and then all will switch and become the new earth and beyond.

Enki paused in his knowing and looked at Eeta. “Are you thinking the same thing that I am? Are you seeing that there is an intervention taking place here that governs the way that we will be living in the times to come?”

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