The Story of Nancy’s first Lifetime on Earth in 7090 bc and What Came of it in This Lifetime

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Eeta returned the look and added to what he had just said. “I will say this much. There has been an intervention in what was going to be, and in that is the key to all intervention that is going to take place in and on this planet in the coming times. We would have brought to this world a great deal of chaos and unsettlement. But for some reason we are not going to be allowed to go to that old paradigm. We have made it different ourselves in the last few hours. Whatever it is, it is in place and for us to follow up on with what is coming for us in this time and place.”

Enki couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It was as if they had been writing a book and then they decided to take a break from it and see what comes to their individualization. He placed his hand on Eeta’s face and gently moved to her side. As his hands caressed her cheeks and drew up many lifetimes of memories, he knew that he was experiencing a ride back into time and at the same time, a move forward to the next settlement of what is to come. It is a wild imagining that he is feeling. It is as if he was alone without her for a long time, and at the same time, never without her.

His hands trembled as he withdrew them from her face and settled them on her breasts. He felt the urge to bend and embrace them with his mouth and then to speak to her of the magic that she brought through in him. He lifted her off the floor and took her to the bed. They lay there in each other’s arms, while they felt the movement of the earth and the heavens all around them. They felt the magic that was consuming them in all ways of being. It was as if they were being floated through the time of the evolvement of all of humanity. It was filled with love and hate, fear and joy, and lasting and turning peace.

It was involved in magic and manipulation. It tore open the premises of love that flowed through their veins. It came back together in a different way and told them of the difference that was taking place. Only the very consuming energy of Love and fear was tearing through the systems of the universe at the same time. As it completed its course and came to rest in their hearts, they recognized what was taking place. It was the reenactment of the history of earth and what it was brought to its Oneness for. It was the rejoicing of the Oneness that expressed itself in the magic of the ones who created it in the first place.

Eeta stopped the floating in her mind and came to a place of knowing. She looked at Enki as his eyes opened and closed constantly. He came to a standstill in his mind and then opened his eyes at the same time that Eeta did. Was there something that they were doing to exercise their abilities to create another world? Was there a coming together of all of what could have happened and what did happen in all realities?

This is more than I can imagine can be!” exclaimed Enki. “I only know what I am feeling and experiencing in this moment. What does it all mean? Why are there so many ways in which the world is revolving as it stands still at the same time?”

Eeta smiled, for she could feel the Oneness that he was seeing. She knew that as soon as he allowed his mind to still itself then he too would feel the perfection. There is nothing that is not in the perfection of the Creator. All that might have been, all that we looked at and chose and didn’t choose is all in the magic of Creation. We now have the ability to decide what it is that we desire and intend for our lives. All that was and all that will be is our choice. As we look at what we have experienced in so many ways and so many timetables we are allowed to choose what it is that we intend to live our lives around.

Enki heard her thoughts. He heard them as his feelings and now he translated them as his words. He saw that what was once in his reality was behind him now, and no longer his choice. He saw the same for Eeta and for all the others who followed their lineage. He knew that there was no separation in him and the Creator and all others who have joined with them in the timetables that gave them the opportunity to serve themselves and each other in the oneness of experience that they all came here for.

No more was there to be what was often considered the victumhood of others. No longer are there to be those who are taken out of their choices and aligned with the choices of others. All would be the same in the integration of oneness and the individualization of each and every particle of existence.

This is the beauty of what is taking place right now in this world of creativity and the freedom of choice in the Love that is all and ever in place.
Enki and Eeta stood in front of the window and saw the sun coming around the building. They saw the moon closing itself against the horizon. They stepped to the door and opened it into their new world. They felt the peace, the joy and the Love of all of Creation and they knew that there was always going to be the freedom of expression and the unity of Oneness in the forever of the universes and all of existence.

This is the freedom of choice and the power of Love that was deposited in the final chapters of their lives of old and the new beginnings of their lives in the newness of their ability to create all that they desire, while at the same time knowing it would be all in harmony with all that is and ever will be.
As they stepped out into the beauty of the flowers, trees and wildlife they saw it all in the one moment of perfection and lived forever in that moment.
The New Beginning is here.

The Story of The Legacy

I began writing The Legacy back in 2004 after I had been receiving information from Enki about my first lifetime on earth. I was living with a dear friend, who was very interested in the information I was receiving. We learned that she was also part of that first lifetime. As the information came forth and grew to be what we realized was a great deal like what we had discovered our lifetimes on earth paralleled, we put together the information and I began to see the importance to the way my life had transformed in this present lifetime.

As time went on and I left my friend’s home to move back to Bisbee, I put the book writing to a place that was not in the front of my purpose. I still continued with it for a time, but my life was changing in a way that included more than just what I was doing with the book. My dear friend Bob and I became a couple, and we began our life together and bought an RV. We began to travel and have events in various places. We were doing what we were inspired to do. The basis of what I had received from Enki and my higher self was part of what we were doing together. It actually laid the groundwork for us to realize that we too had shared that first lifetime on earth, and many more since then.
As we took our steps in being together and bringing to life that which we had previously experienced in different ways, we knew that it was all in purpose for this lifetime and for what was yet to come. We have followed our guidance through the years we’ve been together. We’ve always known that there was something that was to come for us that would show us what it was that will give us a new focus for our lives.
It is now the Summer of 2014. What has come to me in the past few months is that we have had to clear out what we began our lives here on earth with, that set in place something that would eventually be changed. We didn’t know that then, of course, and not until after we moved to where we are living now did we realize that it is time for that change in what took place in that original timeline of my first lifetime on earth. It was something I was led to read, about changing what actually happened before, by creating a different timeline to replace the one that no longer serves me.

After I read that, it affected me so strongly. I had begun to finally write more on the book, The Legacy, with the intent to finish it and get it published. As I did, there were days in between when I would write some and then close up to more. I almost had to force myself to work on it. I asked myself one day why I didn’t feel like going on with it.

Suddenly I was reminded of what I had read about the changing of timelines. I was reminded of what happened with me then, and how it has been the root of some of the things I have been experiencing in this lifetime. I knew then on a deep level that brought tears to my eyes, and gasping of my breath, that not only could I do that, but also in that knowing, in that instant of deep emotional feeling, I had done it. I had changed what I experienced in that first lifetime that had created such a strong essence of unworthiness that had been seeded in my beingness before coming to earth. It was seeded in the timewarp of the Maldek experience, and then carried through into my first lifetime on earth and beyond.
What follows here is what I experienced in that lifetime, in that timeline that I have now changed.
I was a maid in Enki’s court; my name was Eeta. I had a dear friend, Loer, who was an aspect of me, and who also worked there as a groundskeeper. After Enki and Eeta met, they eventually interacted more and more, which led to them falling in love and eventually marrying. Soon after that Eeta became pregnant and then gave birth to their son, whom they named Emil.
In the meantime Enki had to spend time at the mines to take care of problems that were developing there. Eeta and Loer were dear friends still. Some of the times when Enki returned to his court he saw them together in their closeness as friends. This built up in his mind, and eventually, his jealousy overcame him.

Enki came to feel that Emil was not his son, that Loer was Emil’s father. He had Eeta thrown in the dungeon. Abgal, who was Enki’s spacecraft commander and dear friend, knew that Enki was mistaken; Emil was Enki’s son. There was no doubt in his mind. He visited Eeta in the dungeon every day and eventually they fell in love.

When Enki found out about that he had both Eeta and Abgal killed. He forced Loer to do it; then he had Loer killed. Abgal was an aspect of Enki. On a soul level, Enki had aspected the majority of his lightness into Abgal so that he could carry out his mission that he agreed to here on earth. Bob was Abgal in that lifetime. The woman friend I lived with when I began writing The Legacy was the reincarnation of Eeta’s and Enki’s son, Emil.
Eeta stayed around on a soul level for many years looking over her son, Emil and making sure his life was alright. She just couldn’t let go of being there for him, so she lent her energy to him many times, as much as she could.
When I, on a soul level finally knew I was ready to come back in another lifetime I went back to a much earlier time in earth’s evolution, then spent many lifetimes working up to the time of my life as Eeta. I knew on some level that by doing that, when I reached that lifetime again, it would be different. I would be able to change it.
When I received that information back in 2004, I had not as yet heard that timelines can be changed. I began to write a book on that reincarnation back in time and working my way forward to that lifetime. I titled it The Return. I stopped writing on that book as well, after the first year or two of writing on it.

I have told you this information to let you know what it was that happened in that lifetime with me and with Bob, and how that first lifetime changed what this present day is offering us. It is that way for all of us. In order to get beyond all of the experiences that have left their mark on us that could be holding us back from moving forward in our ascension, we have the choice of creating a different timeline. It can not only set us free from that which no longer benefits us, it can also help to set us all free from the old paradigm. It is time now to give power to the energies of self-empowerment, freedom, creativity and Love. It is time to move forward in our new Lives of Light.

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