The Story of Nancy’s first Lifetime on Earth in 7090 bc and What Came of it in This Lifetime

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Chapter 2

Today marked the beginning of the new way to be in the world. This was the day in which all of the humans on earth would be given the blessings of the Gods from Nibiru and they would begin the long standing reign of free will on the planet that would to their recollection, be the planet that is and always was home to them. This would be the time of the delivery and the time of the obstructions of the ways of the Creator. Nevermore in this time of earth time would there be such a revealing time as now, that is until the time in which all of the ones on earth would start to awaken to the truth of these beginnings. Then they would find that all of the lifetimes that they had experienced on earth would interweave themselves into a tapestry that would forever more be talked about, whispered about , and marveled over.

Enlil lowered his bulk to the chair. He knew not what to say, nor could he do anything. He froze inside and his resolve had slipped away to be forever captured on the truth of his brother’s words. Still his heart could not rest. Why was he coming up against such Divine Fury? How is it that he could not summon the Divinity of what he had brought to this meeting. My god, what was to become of this place with his brother in the stead of the God The Creator. I must go now, and leave before I get caught in the spell of the force that drives him. There is no help for me here, but to return to Nibiru, and enlist the aid of Anu and the energies of the divinity, for in this energy of reptitude I cannot find the sustenance.

I will leave now!” Enlil found the strength to arise and head for the door. “I am too long in this place, and fear I hear my master calling. I must return to Nibiru and rest awhile, for there is no more need of me here.”

They watched as the door slammed shut, while the empty place at the table mocked the void. Enki slowly rose from his chair and left the room. He returned in a moment and announced a fifteen-minute rest, and then they would return to the business at hand.

There was no consoling Enki as he drew to the side gate. He was not going to allow this interference; when his brother returned to Nibiru and told their father of the proceedings there would be a summons for him. He would have to make sure he was prepared. He must return to this meeting and accomplish what he had in mind. This was the only help for his people, and he was not going to let them down. He knew that they were fine specimens and that there is great hope for their evolvement.

He stilled his mind and asked for the word of truth to quiet his aching heart. The whisper was barely audible. “I am the Light and the Life, for I come to you with the promise of salvation. Give me your ones who garner themselves to me, and I will be in your heart for all times. Though you may not hear me or feel my tender touch, I shall be there, as surely as you know who I am. Go now and lay down your sword for the truth will out and the land is yours for the taking.”

Sunset already. Why has this day gone so swiftly, when so little was accomplished? Enki stared out the window of the tight room where he waited the arrival of his friend Abgal. This was little more than a closet, yet it served their need for privacy.

My Lord.” Abgal stood in the doorway.

Come in, please I have brought chairs,” he motioned for Abgal to join him. “I asked you to meet me here, for I do not want to have anyone disturb, or find us. What I have to say must not go any further than this room.”

You know that you can trust me, My Lord, for we are brothers in the same way that all our friends are brothers. I would give my life for you.” Abgal lowered his eyes, for the look from Enki was one he did not understand. What was in those dark eyes that disturbed him? It was fleeting, but nonetheless.

What is it?” Enki noticed his discomfort. “Why do you look away?”

My Lord, why is it you have asked me to be here? Be assured, all is well.”

Very well. It is a matter that must be attended to right away. There is going to be a disturbance in a few days when my brother returns to Nibiru and informs Anu of what took place here. It is only a matter of time before I am summoned to go and face the tribunal. When that happens, I will need someone here to tend to business, for the ones who are here now, will remain for a number of days, and may still be here when I am summoned.” Enki leaned closer to his friend. “When this takes place, there will be something I will ask you to do. I must have your word that this will remain between us, for the time. Soon enough it will be evident, and all will be as the Creator has deemed.”

Of course, you know that I will.” Abgal looked Enki straight in the eyes and awaited the news.

There is going to be born into this court a child who will be a precursor to the divine coming of a person who will be revered by the rest of humanity. This child is going to be born in a number of moons and he will be a savior in the years to come. This will be a person who upon maturity will gain the respect of the entire court and then of the world. He will enjoy a long lifetime, and then he will be able to surmount the tribulations of aging that is indigenous to the rest of humanity. Then he will arise again and take his place in the historical annals of the people of this planet.

When this return comes about in the next few millennia, he will then give himself over to the ways of his Divinity, and he will make a sacrifice to the Creator and to mankind. He will go to the pits of his own hell, and he will come forth in the manner that depicts a saint. He is going to become revered throughout time, until the day when once again this time and this truth will be revealed, and all the world will know who he is and from whence he came.

Then there will be a proclamation that will decree that there be a rendering of the truth throughout the lands, and there will be an awakening of all of mankind to their inherent beginnings and the power that keeps them in the Light of the Creator. This is the history as I have been told, and I was told to tell you, and no one else, not even my sister, who will help me in this birth.

What is it you want of me, in this?” Abgal felt a bit faint, and knew not why. The enormity of this seemed to weigh on him as the burden of the ages. Yet it was his to bear. What was his part in this, and why had he been summoned thus?

Enki peered into his eyes, and the trace of a tear escaped, trailing into his beard. “My friend, I am asking you to supply the seed that will perpetuate this coming in the event that I am not able to be here for this. When I am summoned to Nibiru, I may not be able to return at the appointed time, and in that case, there will need to be a seed for the coming transplant into the fetus of the carrier.”

Abgal couldn’t quite take this in. Was the enormity of what he just heard a mistake? This could not mean what he thought it meant. “Surely I did not hear you correctly. This is a small room, and echoes the words you speak.”

No mistake my friend. You heard me clearly, I’m sure. I have it all arranged should this need arise. For I will be able to inject you with some of my seed and then the rest will be in place for the transfer. I have conducted extensive study on your DNA, and it is a match for mine, but for the mixture of my ancestry through my mother. You and I it turns out are from the same heritage upon coming to Nibiru, and therefore we are almost complete in origin, but for the one difference, and that can be taken care of with this blood transfusion that I have set up for the morning. If you are in agreement, it shall be done at sunrise.”

What will this mean as far as how I am then? Will I change, with this new blood? I will not be in danger?”

I would not do that to you. I have developed a method by which this can be accomplished with no danger to the recipient at all. It can be accomplished with an injection of two ounces of my blood, and there is a process that I will undergo with the transfusion that will render it compatible with your blood, yet will change your genetic makeup for a time. Just long enough for this transference to take place. Then the dominant aspects of your blood will reverse the stamp and revert back to your original pattern. So you see, we have a window here in which we must do this, and as well, there is the matter of the energetic window for this, and it may interfere with the incidence of summons to Nibiru.” Enki’s voice lowered as he unfolded the steps.

If this is so important then why don’t you just tell your father that you will come later?” There were so many questions flitting around in Abgal’s brain.

And how would I explain the delay? No, I must have this option in order for the destiny of the world to carry through. If Anu and Enlil were to know of what is to take place, well, I do not even care to think of what could happen. It must not happen.”

A soft voice, as a whisper on the breeze caressed his ear. “Why, my love?”

Enki, distracted, rose to the window, as if to look for a passing voice. Seeing none, he turned and requested, “Leave me now, please, for I must think. Meet me at the rise of the hour, and we shall talk more. Consider what I have said, and have an answer for me then.” He then turned back to the window, and Abgal left the room.
Who are you who temp me so? Why do you taunt me with your doubt? I know my fate and I know my duty. I will do this, and it will make a difference in the carrying out of destiny. Show yourself if you have something to say!” Enki stared out into the fading light, and saw nothing.

The voice came again, gentle and sincere. “ I am you as surely as you are me. We know what the destiny is to be. Why must you play with the agony of defeat when you know that there is no recourse to the playing out of what is to be? “

I am not playing with the destiny. I am following the direction of the Creator.” Enki sat in the chair head in his hands.

You are trying to influence, rather than allow what will be. It is fate you attempt, and with that fate destiny will change the way it happens.”

“‘I shall not tamper with destiny, for fate is not my course. It is to follow my leadings; and this is a step that is decreed.” Enki was sure of his course.

This is the time to allow what will be, and to not carry your own belief structures. Let go of the need to make it all right. I am your love and your heart, and I ask you to listen to me. For if you do not then you will suffer in the change, and I do not want to see that.” The voice had become a part of him, and he could not put it down.

I will see what comes and I will listen to the word of the Creator as he speaks with me this night. I must relieve myself of this torment, and find the peace of mind to carry on in my purpose.” Enki knew who this was, and he had to accuse, “Why have you deserted me, and gone on to other endeavors. I know who you are and I find that your desertion of me is unspeakable. I never more want to hear your voice if you cannot agree with me, and come back to my waiting embrace.”

Enki withdrew from the proceedings. He cared not to have any further involvement this day, for it was too wearing on him. The shift in energies caused him to find no solace in the friends who gathered round and intervened with the conditions of their visit. He would spend the evening in his quarters, and would dine with the animals in his room. His fondness for the feline gave him great comfort when he was in this state, for she brought to his life a degree of balance that bade him well. And the canine gave him moments of pleasure that only this beast could provide.

It was a place of rest, his room this night. He found the simplicity of a light meal and the quiet emptiness quite fulfilling. It provided the area in which he could be free from the cares of the day. They weighed heavily upon his heart, and he needed the release for a time.

The moon greeted him as he stepped outside. It’s light shone down, and was so brilliant as to be speaking to him. “What have you for me tonight, my friend?” Enki whispered. “Why do you illumine me so?”

The answer was in his heart before the last nuance of questioning left his lips. “There is to come a time for you when there will be an upset that you cannot put down. Listen to me when I say that this is the coming of the destiny that you have seen. There is to be a time of great duress, followed by a time of great happiness and peace. That peace will bring a new chapter in the history of mankind, and on its tail will ride the serpent of destiny. Give yourself over to that serpent, for it brings with it the advantage of the truth of mankind and the truth of all there is. It is a purveyor of the coming adventure, and of the truth that awaits all in its wake.

With that truth comes the laying down of the pieces of silver that you will have carved from the earth, and the gold that you will have dredged from the layers of life and the destiny of the ones who live within. I speak with you through the passages of time, and tell you to bring into your life that which you have arranged, and to allow what is to be. I tell you now that there is no greater peace on earth than to lay at the bosom of truth and to declare it yours. Go now into your chamber and lay down with the one who comes to you, for she is fair and she is your destiny.”

Enki knew not what this meant. Who is being referred to here? What is to happen? He lingered on the stoop for a while, and then returned to his chamber. He settled himself in his chair and sipped the wine that awaited. The slight stirring at the door escaped him till a quiet knock disturbed his reverie.

Yes? Who is there?”

It is I, my Lord, Eeta with more wine and light supper. I answered your call as soon as I heard.”

He puzzled at her words. “I called? Uhm, come in please.” The door opened easily under his touch. He took the tray from her, and invited her in.

My Lord, forgive me, I heard your call, and hurried as best I could.”

The echo of the words flowed through him, “---lay down with the one who comes to you, for she is fair and she is your destiny.”

I’m,” he was tongue-tied; knew not what to say, grateful for the dimly lit room, lest the embarrassment deceive him. “I’m sure that this is fine. Will you please join me?” he recovered somewhat, and smiled a welcome.

Oh, my Lord; I couldn’t. I ---

Please dear lady, I would be blessed with your company; I ---, I’m a bit in need of company this eve.”

What was he saying; how were these words coming from him, when he so looked forward to the night of solitude?

Yet here she was, and so lovely in the moonlight. Her hair glows with the alabaster touches that the moonlight makes. Her face shines with the innocence that bespeaks her position in life. She is so fair, and so captivating, how can she not remain for my delight?

Please, allow me to dine with you, and share the wine you have brought.” He took her hands and led her to the table by the moonlit window. The wine glistened as it flowed into the glass; it beckoned its welcome as he held it to her lips. Her first sip tantalized her soul with its secret.

They talked into the night. Feelings rose and fell, intertwining the rays from the moon with the energies of interest from the conversations. She was so delightful; where had she been all this time? The timid miss who had graced the inner rooms of the court, had blossomed into this tender yet fragile seeming flower. Why was he so beguiled, yet so knowing of her ways? She seemed to be another part of him, yet so new and enticing.

You are a gentle flower that has opened its petals in my care.” He was whispering into her soft hair. How did he get this close to her? When did they rise and stand so near? He ran his fingers through her silky tresses, so much the color of his own mahogany locks. Why did he not stop and apologize for his forwardness, and why did he wonder at his brazenness? Was he not the Lord, and used to having any of his choosing?

But this fair one; she is different. I am completely in her power, and she knows it not. I am under her spell, and I will not struggle to remove myself, for it is so natural to be here. We shall lay together, and then we will be the oneness that is entering my soul. I am driven, and care not to escape; for this is my destiny, and it shall be so.

The night closed with their eyes, as the moon retired behind the cloud.
Once the rising sun chose to peek out from behind the clouds, it was so brilliant that neither of the couple sleeping in the room could resist the warmth of the greeting. Their eyes fluttered open, and they stirred to the emptiness of the feeling in their hearts.

Why this void? Why not joy, or sorrow, or shame? Why this feeling of nothingness that pervaded their first moments of the day? They stilled their thoughts, and then the emptiness was filled with the truth. This was what it was like to be all encompassed with the truth. This was what it was to know God as fully as you can and not be God. This moment was so fleeting, now that the knowledge of it was here, now that the light of day had shone on the truth of their togetherness. This was the thought that they shared in that first moment of a new day. Then the next moment was the separateness, and the first was but a memory that found its place with the others, safely tucked away for eternity.

Enki peered into Eeta’s eyes and saw the love there, for a moment, then he saw fear.

My Lord! Please forgive me, I must not be here!” she sprang to get out of the bed, but his strong, tender touch brought her back.

It is alright my dear one. Please don’t be afraid.” His arms encircled her and gently pulled her to him. Her fright melted away to love once more, and she eased into his embrace.

You are at home now, and this is where you can stay. Do not you realize what happened last night? We are meant to be together.” Enki lifted her chin so that their eyes met.

I, I’m not sure. What will the others say. This is not right. I have been in your court for such a short time, compared to some of the others.”

The others are not you. This is where you belong, and from now on, you will be my lady in my chamber. I shall have one of the others move your things in here, and we will be together always.” This was the one whom he had been waiting for. She was the closest he could come to having Abigail back.

Eeta jumped from the bed, “My Lord, please, I beg you to listen. This cannot be, not so soon. We must take time. This is so sudden, and I wish to prepare. Please allow me to adjust to this. I will serve you; I will bring you anything you ask for. I just desire to spend some time getting used to the position that you intend for me.”

Enki realized the haste had frightened her. “My dear one, I made a mistake. I thought only of my desires, not of your consideration. Forgive me, please. Only, just don’t forbid me to be with you, to court you and caress you. I have found you, and now I must be with you,” he hesitated but a second, “If you will allow.”

Eeta visibly loosened the grip of fear. A smile brightened the room, and she answered, “My Lord, I shall be honored to be in your company in these next days. I shall prepare myself properly for the day when I will come to you in the manner you desire. It shall be a rejoicing that will bring us together in this way, and all will be wonderful and open and lovely. I will act as befits a queen of the King, and there will be a beautiful rainbow that will stretch from here to eternity in celebration of our love. I will then show you the ways of a royal union, and there will be nothing that can come between us, ‘cept destiny itself.”

Eeta blushed, for her words surprised her, as well as the feeling of power and love that accompanied them. For a moment the old fear returned, and then washed away with the tear that found its way down her fair face.

Enki kissed the tear away, and whispered, “I will go now and allow you to return to your room. I shall be in the adjoining room here, so you may take the time you need.” He motioned to the small room where his bath awaited. A soft touch on her lips bade her farewell for the time, and he was gone.

The day dawned and the ones who gathered in the dining hall were jubilant. There had been word from Nibiru that Anu was on his way to earth. This was wonderful news, and the feeling of expectation was high among the breakfast crowd.

Enki tried to put on a joyful face, for he didn’t want to crush the moods of his friends. This coming visit from his father was an indication that Enlil had told him the worst, and that Anu felt the urgency to come and see for himself, rather than summon his wayward son to his court.

The meal went as was expected when news of an arrival was to take place. Laughter rang through the corridors and out into the garden. Eeta peered into the hall from time to time, and lingered in the shadows to catch a glimpse of the reminder of last night. Enki seemed uncomfortable with the prospect of his father’s arrival, though he did his best to hide it. How had she come to know him so well in such a short time? It was as if she were inside of his heart and feeling his discomfort. She also felt his joy when he caught sight of her and sent her a quick smile. What else was it that hung in his glance? Why did she turn and run from his smile? She knew what it was, for the feelings that swept over her were not the feelings of a young maid innocent in the ways of the body. She escaped to the pantry and busied herself with the morning’s chores.
Enlil came through the door first, and then Anu extended his hand to his other son. This was not his usual greeting; it must be worse than I thought. Enki managed a smile, though his father’s eyes held great concern.

My son, you are leading yourself on a course that cannot continue.” Anu held himself in a position of leadership that he sometimes did not savor. This was one of those times, and he became sloppy in his delivery. He sat at Enki’s side, and breathed a sigh of constraint.

Your Lordship,” Enki began, “I am honored by your visit, though I am afraid that Enlil has surpassed his estimation of the proceedings here.”

Are you saying, then, that you are not intending to allow these humans to become as Gods, and usurp the powers of their Creator?” Anu restrained from shouting, so great was his chagrin.

I am saying that these humans have our blood and seed and are just as able to realize their sovereignty as I am. Therefore they are children of The Creator, as I am, and able to be as God, as I am, and as all of us are.” Enki knew that he was stepping outside of the bounds originally set, but he also knew that that had already been done, and now destiny eased them into this new way of being, and they must be accepting of their roles. “Father, you know what I told you, and what was decreed by our Creator. How can you question that?”

You told me that you had had a voice come to you and tell you to be as children in the night, and as Gods in the day. This is a far cry from the message you refer to now. How can you defy what has been decreed, and misrepresent the will of our Creator?” Anu could no longer contain himself; he bounded from his chair and strode the room in great upset. “I told you that you cannot go on playing God with these people, and keep yourself in Grace with our Creator. This will come to naught and all of us will perish through these works. I implore you to cease this plan now, and leave this planet and the work that you have started. It cannot continue this way; and if I have to remove you from here, then I must!”

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