The Story of Nancy’s first Lifetime on Earth in 7090 bc and What Came of it in This Lifetime


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Enki too was on his feet. “I will not go against what the Creator has decreed. I know what I saw, and I know what I heard!” he collected himself before continuing. “Dear father, I do not wish to defy you, or anyone else whom I hold in such revere. I love and respect you dearly, and I am not going to settle this without hearing what my brother told you. Enlil has not even uttered a word since his return to my court,” he turned to face Enlil. “Now it is his turn to speak his piece so that I may know what I defend.”

Enlil’s blanched face gave away the fear in his heart. What can he say to merit the response that Anu has wrought? He could find no words now to explain what was in his heart, and why he held Enki’s plan in such contempt. Was it because of his need to be the one in charge? How can he step behind this man who did not hold stead in the position of leader within the family? This was too much, and he knew that in this atmosphere, he had lost some of his influence, for he was of very few words, and feared being shown for what had really brought this representation of his attitude to the family.

He cleared his throat, and spoke, “My dear brother, this is not the first time that you have defied a straight order from our father. It is a matter of family order here, and when you so brazenly leave the boundaries that have been placed on a situation, you do so with the full knowledge that you will be censored. Why do you not just face the charge, and desist from your plans? This is clearly blasphemous, and will not be tolerated. I implore you to stand back and see this for what it is. You have forgotten your position in this earth venture, and now you must come back and face the tribunal and undergo a clearing that will restore your will to a purity that you have forgotten.”

Enki lunged for his brother, and Anu stopped him before his fist found its mark. “You will both stop all this, this instant. I will not tolerate your fighting! Now sit down, both of you, and we will get to the bottom of this like civilized people.” Anu stood his ground, and the two withdrew to their chairs.

After a few moments, Anu continued, “I am going to tell you both something now, and I want you to never forget what it is. I was in my chamber the other evening, and I was visited by a commander of your ship, Enki. He came to me, and he told me something that greatly disturbed me. He said that the conditions at the mines were in deplorable shape, and that there was a mutiny that was about to happen. He said that if it weren’t for him, there would have been a riot, and that many would have lost their lives. He said that he was able to quell the melee, and bring a sense of order once again. When I questioned him as to how this could have all happened, he said that it was due to the wayward feelings that were coming up with the people, and that they had lost control of their faculties and were in a deplorable state of mind, due to what he deemed to be a short-circuiting of their brains and their cellular make up. They had tried to work many hours on little sleep, for they were told that they had abilities of the Gods. So they were allowed to live in their own discretion, and this is the result.”

Enki could not believe his ears! What was the nonsense, and who had uttered these lies? “Who is the commander who told you this?” He had but one commander, and he could not believe his friend would slander his people so.

You have but one commander, and that is Abgal, do you not?” Enlil relished bringing this to the light, for he found Abgal to be just too well in favor of his brother.

Anu shot a “Silence!” look to Enlil. “ I will not tolerate this obstinance!” He then continued, “When Abgal came to my rooms, he did so because he was deeply concerned that this would elevate and cause even worse conditions. He felt that perhaps you were operating under a strain, and not yourself. He had wanted to talk with you about it, but did not feel the freedom. So he came to me”

Enki could not fathom this. How could his friend and commander of his ship turn on him so blatantly? How could he not feel he could come to him, and reveal his unease over this? This could have been cleared up with just a simple conversation. No, this just doesn’t make sense.

Enlil, leave us now. I will speak with our father alone for a time.” Enki kept his voice level.

Enlil started to object, but Anu silenced him, “Leave, for now. You have had your say, now we are to be alone.”

Enlil slowly rose, his face frozen into a mask of rage; nonetheless, he exited, leaving a vast silence that echoed through the two left behind.

Enki tried to quiet the mocking voices that swam through his head. They screamed the disillusion of deceit. No, this is not what it seems; there is an explanation. “Okay, my father. Please tell me what this is all about. I cannot believe that Abgal would betray me so. There is another part to this that you are not telling me, isn’t there.”

My son,” Anu’s heart was heavy with grief for his son. He knew the pain of betrayal in friendship, and this was the worst of all. “ I know what you must feel. I wish there were some other way to bring you this news, but I fear this is the only recourse I have. You must know what is taking place with your crew, and the people who are under their command. I had occasion to survey the ongoing escapades of some of the men under Abgal. They consistently mimicked their commander, and exhibited their disdain for him behind his back. On the occasions when I was able to observe this, they were unaware of my presence, as I was in passing and would catch a word or two that would cause me to linger. I was not eavesdropping, for it was in the interest of our family and most especially of you and your work here.”

And what were they saying that caught your interest? Did they make jest of me, or were they pitying me?” Enki saw at that moment no difference between the two.

They were talking of how Abgal had often partaken of too much of the liquid spirits and come to find great fault in what you were doing here on earth. He said that it deeply troubled him that some of the ones who were in supervisory positions in the mines were telling the miners that they were in dire danger, and that they would soon be in even graver danger if they did not start to speak up for their rights and start to take some control of their lives. These men were specifically stirring up trouble, and they had a purpose for that. They wanted to gain the trust of the miners, and then be able to control and use them to their purposes. This did not fare well with Abgal, and he decided to do something about it. So he took himself to the mines on a regular basis, and talked with the miners, individually, most of the time, and persuaded them that they were under the jurisdiction of their Lord, you, and that they had to abide by what you told them, even when it usurped the instructions that the supervisors gave them. He told them that their first alliance is to their Lord, and that they had every right to use their own discretion in these matters.

So you see, my son, he went behind your back and knowledge, and took matters into his own hands that might well have been in yours and taken care of without the duress that he caused. He saw to it that the miners were at odds with the supervisors, and that left the door open for the mutinous activity that resulted. This is all because your friend and commander did not feel that he could speak with you about this, and took it on himself to settle the situation. Some are saying that he had motivation in mind that was not in accord with your friendship. Some say that he deliberately usurped your word in this matter, and came around through the back door to become the Lord in this case.”

Some say, some say! Tell me father, did you hear any of them say those things, or was it second hand information?” Enki was numb with distress.

I heard these things myself; please do not twist my words to ease your feelings. It will do no good to start fighting over this. I am working in your interest, and I will do anything I can to see that this does not get blown out of proportion and end in disaster.” Anu softened his stance, and smiled a weak smile. “You are my son, and I do not enjoy seeing you in such pain.”

Enki bolted from his chair and stood by the window looking over his courtyard. The trees were in bloom and soon would bear fruit to fill the larders for the cooler season. The birds filled their nests with various pieces of fluff to soften the place for the new life they were soon to bring forth. From every direction activity spruced up the grounds and represented that he was well loved by his people. Surely there has not been inserted into all this the deception which is hanging so heavy in this room!

Father, I must have time to absorb this…”

Wait, please. There is more I must tell you.” Anu’s heart ached with this task. “Just the other day, when Abgal came to me, he told me as well, that there is something he must do, and that is to take control of the miners and take it out of the supervisors hands. He said that it had gotten to the point where he couldn’t allow the conditions to remain as they were, and that nobody was going to keep him from doing what he must do. He said that he had had a dream in which you came to him and told him that he was to be in control at the mines, and that he was not to come to you in the daytime and share this knowledge with you. So he, though he was troubled by not telling you of this, decided to take you at your word in the dream, and carry out what you had decreed. This was why he wanted to tell me, for he wanted someone else who is close to you to know of this and to realize his reasons for doing this.”

This is ludicrous!” Enki raged at the thought. “It does not make sense that a man would determine his actions by what he heard in a dream such as this! Does he not realize not to take a dream literally? Does he not know that I would not ask him to keep something like this from me?” He beat his fists on the table. “ I will not allow this to go on any further! I will find him and demand that he explain this all to me. I will have his head before I will let him betray me further!”

Enki banged open the door and bounded out into the sunshine, leaving his father to face the demons that remained in his stead.

Enki didn’t know where he would find him, but find him he must. There was no getting around the possibility that he had been deceived in the worst way a man can be deceived by his friend. To take him down in the eyes of his men was a betrayal that equaled none other.

He looked first in the hall, and finding it empty, he tried the kitchen. “I haven’t seen him since this morning, my Lord.”

So he ran to the quarters where Abgal stayed. “I saw him heading for the river just about a half hour ago.”
As soon as he heard the rush of the current, he slowed down. What is it I hear from my heart? What is this new voice that calls me to stop? I cannot deny it, for it is ever so provocative. He leaned against a tree, and gave in to the voice that drew him so to it’s message. “There is a place in the water ahead where your friend awaits his fate. This is a place where you are going, and if you should reach that place before I have had my say, then you will give in to the temptations of fate. Hear my warning, and know that there is folly to haste. I am your truthmeter, and I tell you to wait, to consider the turn of this story. Have you taken the time to clear your mind, and to allow the voice of my reason to enter?”

As the voice continued relentlessly, Enki grew more sedate, and found his strength to be ebbing. He slid down the trunk and rested in the moss at his feet. The voice continued, soothing in its tone. “You are in err of the estimation of your part in this. There is a piece to this tale that bears listening to. When your friend took himself to the hill, and surveyed the goings on in the mine, he did so with an amount of trepidation, for he saw that there were several of the supervisors who were in secret meeting. This meeting was of a nature that smelled of deceit and overpowering of the humans. This meeting disguised itself of the normal way of appearance of the supervisors, and their fullness was exposed. Their wings unfurled, and they displayed their true selves. Their countenance was that of their true nature, and not of human.

They took themselves into ceremony, and conducted ritual. This ritual was that of sacrifice, and this sacrifice was that of one of the miners. “A mere replacement for the ones who are to come,” was the promise. “This is the curse that is laid upon us for eternity, and this is the curse we return in full course. We shall go into the night with the promise in effect, and return to the appeasement of their everyday thoughts. They regard us as being on their side, and we shall continue to direct them thus. It is the blood of the Lord that we drink, for he is represented in this chalice of red.”

With those last words, Enki saw the leader raise the chalice to his lips and drink of the essence of the one whom they give their regard to. He saw them partake of his own royal essence; and a great shudder gave way to his sensibilities, causing him to convulse in agony, till the last one had drunk from the chalice. Then he lay there weak, spent, till blessed sleep overtook him.
The late afternoon sun lay lazily over Enki as he stirred and opened his eyes. His head still ached a bit from the vision of the betrayal of the supervisors. He sat up; this was more than just a betrayal. Those men had not been honest with him. They had not left their ancestry behind. They carried on in the practices of his own forefathers. His blood was tainted, and he could not escape it. How could he have taken the lead and brought this fate to the ones whom he was decreed to create? What was the reasoning behind this deception, and why was he not allowed to find the other one who had gained his trust, only to betray it? What was the voice telling him; that Abgal had seen this take place?

It was all too much for him to comprehend. How was he to get it all clear, and know what to feel? Why this confusion; why this position that caused him to forget so much of what he knows to be true? How can I not go to Abgal, and demand an answer? Is there no justice in this; is there no reason for carrying out the plan?

He realized that he could no longer keep a clear head. There was too much, all the visions and voices in his head, all to confuse him still more. He shook his head and yet it did not clear. He scrambled to his feet, and started to move away from the spot. Then he saw them, the furls and curls of the wings that he had abolished and evolved from his beingness.

No! It can’t be! Why am I tormented so? He ran! He moved through the trees like a madman, and suddenly there was the river. Abgal! Too late; he’s seen me! I can’t let him see me this way! Look not on my countenance dear friend, for I am not myself today. I am bedeviled and you cannot…Oh, no, his eyes have seen the truth! The wail from his throat flowed up as bile and erupted in a stream of poison, soaking the ground as he fled.

The force of the flight shook him from the nightmare, and this time he trembled with the knowledge of what had taken place, and blessedly what had not. He looked around him. The shadows created beautiful patterns on the carpet of moss and grasses at his feet. The birds sang their tribute to the lowering light, and the coming, colored tribute to the day. A marmot peered at him with curious eyes, before darting away. Enki rested there, drinking it all in to restore his sanity. This is a peaceful world, when you look around, rather than inside at the shadows that lurk there.

He remained there until the sky beckoned him to come out into the setting sun, and drink of the beauty that heals from the heavens. He felt the heat of the love displayed across the sky infiltrate his beingness and soothe the shadows away. When all was in repose, he gave way to the closing light, and slowly walked back to the room where memories lingered and soothed his soul once more.

The trace of her perfume greeted him as he lay his head on the pillow.

Chapter 3

When Enki opened his eyes, the sun was already high in the sky. “Why didn’t anyone wake me?” He asked the feline cuddled up in the crook of his knees. “Toa, move dear one, I have to get to the meeting.” Toa stretched and yawned, but barely moved an inch. Enki slid away from her, and hurried into his clothes, mumbling about his lateness, and how ravenous he was.

As he raised his hand to open the door, there came a soft rap. Eeta! Her voice settled his grumbling, and then her sweet face soothed his harrowed brow. I brought you some sweet cakes, and hot, strong tea.” She lowered her eyes at his smile. “I saw you come in last night, and I said a prayer for you, for I sensed your mood, and knew you meant to be alone.”

Enki’s heart flooded with warmth. “Thank you, Eeta,” the meeting forgotten, “Will you join me?”

I, I have to return to my duties.” She looked him squarely in the eyes, suddenly daring, “Perhaps later.”

Of course, yes. We will meet later!” Enki’s surprise at her sudden boldness embarrassed her, and she abruptly hurried away, leaving him grinning, very much pleased with himself.
The meeting room was crowded, all faces turned and silence descended when Enki walked in and took his place at the table. They hadn’t seen much of him yesterday, and they were ready for a report, or at least a plan for the remainder of their stay.

My friends, you’re all looking very chipper today. I must say it is a fine day, one meant for a great deal of accomplishment.” He sat and surveyed the room. Who is not here?” he noted the one empty chair.

Puka answered slowly, reserved hiding his puzzlement, “Enlil has returned to Nibiru. I’m told he will not return.”

Enki was taken aback. How could he have forgotten? He rummaged with the papers in front of him, and regained his composure. “Of course, I had thought perhaps he might reconsider.” It wasn’t a total lie; the man might have done that; it had occurred to him for an instant.

Okay, on with the day’s plans. First I want to have a tour of the mines. We shall go visit the three closest to the court. This should take most of the day. I have sent word on ahead. They will be ready for our arrival. There is much to be learned by observing the men in their work, and then we will visit their families. The objective is to see how they fare in all aspects of their lives. We will have a spot of tea with the first ones, lunch with the second, and finish today’s tours with the third. So, shall we get started then?” Enki stood and gathered his papers, the signal for the departure.

All three mines were running efficiently and in their own way supplied the needs of not only Nibiru’s ailing atmosphere, but the needs of the ground crew as well. There was much to be said for the energy of having gold around you in your home. The energy that was derived from the metal was a strong part of the ability to communicate with the celestial cloud that rose over the earth. It acted as a communicator and a transmitter all at once. The quality of the gold determined the degree of power it had, and this from these mines was very strong and pure. Each of the mines was but a few miles from each other, and obviously part of the same vein. Most of the gold that was taken to Nibiru was from these three mines.

When the time came to visit the last mine of the day, all of the visitors had been very impressed with the degree of intellect and reasoning power the miners had. They were definitely of high caliber and able to directly communicate with their finer aspects, and that translated into being in touch with their Godness. Enki could hardly contain his pride in these humans. He had been right! They were fine specimens and now his guests would take this knowledge home with them and look for the same qualities in their people. They would then be able to work with them, and spread the teachings of The Creator, making his dream a reality. The earth will be populated with a race of Supremacy, and his mission will be realized.

The sun hung in the sky signaling the mid afternoon epic of its path across the heavens. Enki knew that the time was near when their day would come to a close. For now, their descent into this mine was a welcome relief from the heat that had followed them since the visit to the second mine.

When they reached the bottom of the passageway, three men swung their picks in rhythm against the wall ahead. They had already filled one cart and had started on another. This was to be the final one of the day. When they saw their visitors, they bowed low, and smiled.

My Lord,” the closest one offered, “I am honored with your visit. We were told that you would be here, for word spread from the other mines in the district.” He gestured toward the full cart waiting for the supervisors to come for it. “We have filled this and ten others today. The gold is almost pouring out of these rock walls.” He sifted the debris through his fingers; the gold glistened even in the low light. “This is some of the finest I have seen yet.”

Enki admired the quality. He admired the man who showed him, for he obviously loved his work. He cared about what he did, and he would some day make a fine supervisor. He would make note of that. “What is your name, my friend?”

I am Enida.” The man answered, “I come from the far side of the hill in back of the mine. My family is there, and I return to them every fortnight. Soon they will be able to join me and be a part of the village life.”

Enki smiled appreciative of this man. He liked his energy, and he liked his demeanor, his openness. “That day may come sooner than you think. I appreciate your service, and your willingness to work hard.” He wanted to assure this man that he indeed had a reason to feel his dreams could come true.

He smiled at the other two, who had silently gathered around, and now returned to their digging. You men are exemplary examples of what this work is all about. I commend you for your dedication. I will not forget this in the times to come.

He turned to go, “I will leave you to your work, and will see you soon at the dinner table in the square. A feast is being prepared, and all miners and their families are invited.” He winked at Enida, “You will find a pleasant surprise yourself there. Over the hill is not that far away.” He smiled at the look of surprise and the wide grin that beamed at him, then he walked away.
In the shadows, unseen by any of them, two supervisors lurked, observing Enki’s visit with the three miners. They were not happy with this turn of events. It was to have been a bad day in the mines this day, and they would then have had reason to show a report of insubordination.

Now, this was not possible, for Enki had seen how well the day had gone. Their plans had gone awry because of the big mouth of this Enida. He will pay for this. Now they had to go and bring forth the six of the ten loads of diggings that the men had done, rather than hide them in the place where all the other loads they had pilfered had been dumped. This was not good! They would not have the bargaining power they thought they would have; unless…yes; the shorter one whispered to his partner. “I have a plan. This gold will not be lost to us; here’s what we’ll do. Their words would not be heard above the rasping and thunking of the picks on stone.

Enki returned to the surface and hurried toward the hut where the supervisors made their office. The hut was empty, except for a messenger who had a tablet with an inscription of a duck and a parrot, each with their heads in a cloud. Enki recognized that as a signal that the events of the day in the next mining town were over, and they could call the men up from the depths. This tablet was brought from village to village when the day’s work was over, and the setting sun would not hamper the re-emergence of the miners.

You may leave, I will pass the message on to the supervisors.” Enki handed the tablet back to the youth and sent him on his way. He didn’t have a long wait till one of the men, Tull, entered the hut.

There you are! The tablet has been passed, you may call your men forth.” He sniffed the late day air, “From the aromas coming from the square, I’d say the feast awaits the miners, and is laid out in its lavishness.” He took a seat next to the door. “Is all in readiness for the rewards of the week?”

Tull moved to the opening on the far side of the room. “Yes, my Lord, all is prepared and so are we. He seemed a bit uneasy, restless. Eicka and Zooli will be along shortly. They must be rounding up the miners to bring them to the surface.

Very well, then I shall go out and make my visit to the people.” He stepped out and gazed upon the sky. “Heaven has sure been busy this day. The setting sun is readying for a splendid celebration!”

Enki sat long after the meal was over. The festivities had brought much laughter and joy to the village, and the last few miners and their families were enjoying this easy conversation with their Lord. Enida sat across from Enki with his family. The surprise had been arranged swiftly and the messenger who was sent to bring them brought their dog as well. Enki wanted to observe Enida with his family before making his final decision on replacing Eicka as a supervisor. He was convinced now, and he would make the announcement in the morning. He had sent the others on back to the court with the news that he would return in the afternoon.

Due to the engagement of the supervisors with their own duties after the day’s work, they had hung around only for a few minutes after the food was cleared away. They had put off the wrapping up, as they called it, till after the meal, so as to rest from the hard day.

Enki saw that the lamp still burned in the hut, and once in a while a shadow crossed the window. Why were they still there? It had been long enough for them to have finished up, and then some. I’m going over there, he decided. Perhaps I can be of some help. Or perhaps this uneasy feeling I have needs to be paid attention to.
The low voices stopped when his footstep interrupted their conversation. “Who’s there?”

Enki entered, and they put down the box they were examining, trying to be nonchalant about it.

What is that?” Enki pointed to the gold gilt box. “I haven’t seen that here before.” He picked it up and admired the workmanship. “Is this one of yours? He opened the lid. “It is filled with coins and what is this, a feather and a claw.” He held up to the light another object, and his face turned pale. “This is a human tooth!”

Y-y-es, My Lord. It is the tooth from a friend. He asked me to keep it for him, a good luck piece.” Eicka stammered.

There was something more going on here! Enki remembered the ritual he had heard about for the death of a person who was in the way of what some of the Annunaki were doing. The claw, the feather, and the man’s tooth, all on the cache of coins. Who were they planning to kill? Who was in their way?

Could they have found out that I am going to replace one of them? Enki closed the box and handed it to Zooli. “Tell me about this. What is the real reason for this box? Who is in your way?”

They knew he was no stranger to the ways of their kind. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Zooli answered. “These are merely random things that we have put in this box.” He set it on the table and moved toward the door.

Enki swiftly blocked their exit. “You are not going anywhere until you tell me the truth. I know what these represent.”

The glint of the steel in the lamplight warned Enki, and his blow to Eicka’s hand sent the knife clattering to the floor. Another blow warded off the raised fist that Zooli aimed at his head. In a flash, Enki’s saber brandished a slice in the air between them. The growl that emitted from his mouth stopped the two men short. “Cease, or you’re dead!”

Enida burst into the room, and lunged for the knife on the floor. “Back against the wall!” Enida bellowed. “Now; both of you!” Enki quickly moved to bind Zooli with his sash, while Enida used the belt that was slung over a chair to secure Eicka.

Now, we will get to the bottom of this, if it takes all night.” Enki straddled a chair and laid his saber across his knees. He smiled at Enida, “Make yourself comfortable; we could be here a while.”

When Enki awoke the next morning, it was to the song of the birds and the annoying trickle of the water against the side of the hut. Why was that instilling in him annoyance? Usually he liked the sound of water. This was something to be investigated.

The door burst open and three miners stood in the early light silhouetted against the brilliance. “My Lord, please to come and see what has taken place at the mine overnight! It is a terrible thing!” The largest one moved forward and helped Enki with his things. “Please forgive, forgive, but this is a terrible thing! The mine, it is flooded!”

A trickle of water; what omen is this? Enki now knew what the annoyance was, or where it came from. He had a sense of a dream…but no time now for that. He was dressed and out the door and ran to join the crowd converging on the mine.

They must have hit a vein of water, My Lord!” Enida explained excited. “When we arrived for work this morning, this was what we found.”

The water was within three feet of the surface, and the ground around the hole was wet. “Must have been a tremendous wave, with much force, to have caused this!” Enida exclaimed.

This was not to have happened; we made sure that the vein was well away from the mine.” Enida couldn’t believe that their calculations had been so off the mark. “There is something terribly wrong here.” He looked around for the supervisors, “Where are Zooli and Eicka? They should be here?”

One of the miners pushed through the crowd and addressed Enki, “My Lord, after you bound them over to the magistrate last night, they escaped and no one has seen them since. We didn’t know till just a few minutes ago, for when we went to get them, we found the guards dead and the supervisors gone.”

Another miner hurried forward and announced, “I was taking a walk last night to clear my head after too much wine, and I saw the two over by the mine. I thought nothing of it; I didn’t know they had been incarcerated.”

Where by the mine were they, and what were they doing?” Enki drew closer to the miner.

They were just climbing out of the mine; their picks were on the ground as they pulled themselves up. They hurried away, leaving the picks there.” He led them over to the mine entrance, “There, they’re still there.”

Enki examined the head of one of the picks. “This looks like dried mud here.” Some of the wet dirt fell away from the point. “We must find these men” He turned to Enida and the small group that had gathered. “I want you all to go out and search for them. Enida, you organize them, and report back to me. I shall be in the hut for the next few hours; anything at all you have for me I shall receive instantly.”

Enki needed to be alone and ask for guidance. This is not the way he foresaw the proceedings at this mine, and he had to know what had taken place. He remembered the trickle of water, and the dream. What was the dream? Where had he been to have felt this? He returned to the hut and made himself a cup of hot tea. This will bring my thoughts together, and allow the voices to speak.

So many times he had tried to find the reasons for things that had taken place. Why must he understand everything? What was it that drove him to the relentless pursuit of the knowledge of every occurrence? Why must he have all the answers, even when they didn’t make sense? He stilled his mind, and allowed the familiar quiet to overcome the surrounding influences.

There it was. There was the answer, right before his eyes. He leaned down and picked the lint off the floor. This was a piece of bindery that had fallen from the sheaf that concealed the knife that had glinted so close to his head last night. The wool matched the cover that held the sheaf in place. Where had he seen this before? It is Abgal! Abgal has a sheaf just like the one this lint came from. That is what was gnawing at him since he discovered the crimes this morning. Abgal was the only one here who used this type of sheaf; he has made others like this for trusted friends. He has not made one for me, Enki realized, even though he promised to gift him with one at the last solstice.

Enki didn’t like what he was thinking. No, Abgal is his friend. There’s a simple explanation. He closed his eyes and allowed the visions to appear. There it is; there’s the reason. He saw two miners exchanging knives that they had found. One had a sheaf of leather; the other had one of the same wool. Who were these miners? Where did they get the sheaf?

No sooner was his thought expressed when the scene shifted. Now he was seeing a post with a design carved into it. The design was that of an eagle with a small bundle of straw in its mouth. The bundle had bound around it a bit of leather, with a tassel on the end; no, it is a skull, carved from a bit of ivory. This is one of the symbols used by the reptilians for the use of expressing their supremacy over the humans.

Where is this post; what is it holding up? There, the roof of the mine, and the post supported a beam that staved up the ceiling of a room that Enki had not seen before. He looked closer. Great piles of diggings filled the room. Off to one side waited a cart and several picks. A lantern rested against a wall. Then he saw him! There was no mistake; it was Abgal! What is he doing there? Abgal darted out of the room, and returned momentarily with Zooli. They were pushing another cartload of diggings. Abgal started emptying the dirt veined with gold, and Zooli pushed the empty cart out of the room, and disappeared.

Anger rose in Enki as a serpent about to strike. “He forsakes me!” erupted from his lips. “He betrays our friendship?” Enki’s desolate realization sunk him to his knees. “My God, tell me that I have seen wrongly! Help me to see the true picture of this.” When he closed his eyes, the picture remained, over and over. The pleading for mercy did not change the truth.

Too much was this betrayal! He could not bear this any longer. Escape was the only recourse, to run off the torment. He bounded for the wood behind the hut, seeking release in the rushing waters of the river.

If he had but asked for more information rather than accepting only the partial truth, history would have bade differently. If he had only allowed that information to come.
The river ran swift and deep. It raged with the spring waters and melted away the already loosened banks of sand. Enki jumped into the water and allowed the current to sweep him away from the village and the mine, and the betrayal. Soon he found the place to collapse upon the grassy bank and immediately fall fast asleep.

Dreams sometimes bring torment closer; sometimes spare him the ongoing anguish. This time it was peace that overcame him. This time he was blessed with the Grace of deep sleep and overwhelming love flowing through him. It was but a minute; and in that minute he slept an eternity.

He saw the outcome of this latest transgression. He saw the results of the day’s activities. He saw the overwhelming peace with which he resolved this dilemma. He saw the wonders unfold in the history that lay before him. Then he saw the love of the savior who was to be born and walk the land with him. And then he saw blessed nothing.

When he awoke, he cleared his head of the debris of the morning, and walked back to the village with the reserve of the knowingness of the duty he must perform. He knew not of what he had seen.

When the day drew to a close, Enki was on his way back to the court. He made himself remember that he was not responsible for all that took place at the mines, and that he had the situation fully covered. He trusted the ones he left in control there, and with Enida newly appointed as supervisor, along with an assistant that he had personally recommended, he knew that the mine was in good hands. He would be notified that next day of any progress on finding Zooli and Eicka. What he had to do now is find Abgal and get to the bottom of this.

He knew that his visitors were waiting for him, and he was not eager to meet with them and tell them of this latest development. This was not going to sit well with any of them, and especially with Anu. Might as well get it over with. He entered the hall and headed for the conference room.

Before he did anything else he worked with the energies that surrounded him. He instilled the light and he brought to his countenance a degree of solitude that bade him well for the meeting. What was this sojourn of the mind that brought him to a place of resistance with this matter of Abgal? Why did he take a chance on seeing his Father and telling him of the development that took place at the mine? What would be the trouble if he were to keep this from the ones here? Could he even think that this would not reach the ears of any of them?

No, he could not keep this a secret. There was too much at stake to start going against the innate knowing he had that all would work for the best as long as he keeps the truth intact. When he entered the room, all heads turned and he knew that this would be the first order of business. There was no turning back from the truth, and especially in this case, it would only serve to know the truth for all concerned.

Eeta brought the last tray of food to the hungry men waiting for the feast that would end the day’s activities. This had been a day of surprises and much knowledge about the turn of events that had transpired the day before. There had even been news from the village. The two supervisors had been found dead in the wood, and it was obvious that they had been involved in a ritual. They were decapitated and their heads were nowhere to be seen. They also had not one ounce of blood left in their bodies. This was too gruesome for them to remain in conversation on, and so they had retired for the day, to rid themselves of the vision that had traveled round the table upon the arrival of the messenger. Soon enough on the morrow to address this news.

The glance that passed between Eeta and Enki was as a candle reflected in Loer’s eyes. He did not like the implication, and yet he had no say over what she did in her spare time. He had no say over anything she did, for his affection for her was not matched by Eeta. He would have to take a back seat to Enki’s advances, which he was sure he was seeing. Soon he would know for sure how far they had gone and he would then make his retreat, or his advance.

He mentioned to no one how he felt. There were those who knew him well enough to surmise where his affections lay. No need to tempt fate and announce his intentions now, for to be found to be the fool would be more than he could bear. He helped himself to a cup of tea and sat by himself in the kitchen watching Eeta as she put the final touches on the masterpiece of a cake. His heart sank. This was not just a labor of ego; it was a labor of love; and it wasn’t for the visitors that she embellished the ring of fruits with a heart shape of sweet, fluffy cream.
Eeta lightly rapped on Enki’s door. The look he had given her when no one noticed was not to be mistaken. Every particle of intent was delivered in that glance. There was only one way that she could have misread it, and that was not the case. He was looking her squarely in the eye, and he was saying, come to me.

The door swung wide, and there he was smiling down on her. Why did his presence disturb her so? Was it that he overpowered her, or just the opposite? What does she do with her strength? Would it become her to show it or must she forever keep it within check? She dared not return his stare, for she felt she would surely be lost. She slowly walked into the room and stood by the window. The moon shone at half size, and it seemed to wink its pleasure. His hands on her arms tenderly touching every part of their softness weakened her knees, and her resolve. She could not help herself. Leave the strength for the daytime. This is now, and he is so close, and we are alone.

Morning shone brilliantly on her shoulders. How could anyone’s skin feel so soft and yet be so firm and ready for whatever came its way? She had been the best he’d known; and her fair skin held the secrets of her body in a pact between herself and anyone else. Enki stroked her with the tenderness that started last nights dream. When was this going to end, this dream this fantasy of his? Would he awaken in an instant and find the bed to be mocking his solitude?

He turned his attention for a moment to the birds welcoming the early sun. How sweet their song, so like her breath as she lay sleeping. He had not slept more than a few winks. He drank in her loveliness through most of the night. He created a map of her body. Here was the way to bliss, right here between this mound and the matching one. And this crevasse right here, oh, heaven waited on the other side of that path. This mountain here was where the solitude disappeared, and this line of love was where it was all spelled out in curve and dimple, and warmth beyond measure. Oh the trips, the journeys that lay in store for him. He could lose his way so easily, and have the means to find his way back home in any second.

Her eyes fluttered open, and a smile softened her features. She reached to his face and smoothed the place she kissed. She was caught in the spell of the night, and closed her eyes to keep the memory fresh. She continued her reverie, till suddenly her eyes flew open and she jumped from bed.

I must go! I must be terribly late! I was to start the breakfast today, and now it is well past the time!”

Enki pulled her back, “Wait. I have taken care of that, last night. It is all done, and I’m sure we will be hearing a rap on our door any time. I hope you’re as hungry as I am.”

Eeta relaxed. Grinning she said, “You think of everything. I may just not want to leave here ever!” Oh no what have I said. His look…”Forgive me my Lord; I got carried away.”

His laugh sealed the kiss that ended her embarrassment. “Yes, you got carried away, by me and my demand that you be my woman. I am going to see to it that you do not leave me!” he swept her into his arms, and last night came back in a flurry that she did not even try to stop.

The breakfast tray grew cold on the table outside the door long after the rap announced its coming.
Enki closed the door behind her. Mid morning; time to attend to business. There is nothing I’d rather do than to stay with Eeta; she is so lovely and such a woman. To look at her you would not realize the strength I sense in her. I can feel it in everything she does. She thinks I do not appreciate that in her. I will convince her. We will be man and wife in more than one way, and she will come to be a part of my chambers, of my life. What children we will have; the answer to the supremacy to which I aspire! She is the jewel of the eternal flame, so like…

He stopped dead in his tracks; weakness overtook him. Abigail! How could I have forgotten? He shook his head. She chose her life without me. I cannot mourn her leaving all my life. Eeta is so like her! If I didn’t know better…but Abigail is on to her own journeys, and they don’t include me. Still something nagged at him, tugged at his heart. He couldn’t put it down. Where was she? Why couldn’t he tune in to her? She shut herself off to me, and now, now The Creator, in his love for me, has sent me this beautiful creature, and she will be my wife before the next moon. We will have a ceremony graced by God, and our sacrament will be forever standing in the love of the Spirit that brought us together. Enki smiled, happy with the secret he would hold till the night, when he would propose this union and accept her blessing for this beginning of their lives, forevermore together.

A great raucous came from the meeting room, and bounded Enki out of his nuptial thoughts, and into the business at hand. Why was he so impossibly distracted by the proceedings of the room behind him, when there was an obvious commotion ahead?

All thoughts of Eeta disappeared when he saw what awaited in the meeting.

Enki couldn’t believe his eyes. Before him stood two of the largest beings he had ever seen. Who were they? They barely fit into the chairs in which they rested. When they rose to greet them, they barely left headroom.

Master, we have come to assist you in the proceedings in which you are involved with these ones and with your sister, Ninhursag. She is on her way here now. I am an old friend of your father’s and this here is my assistant and mate. We are from the planet of your origin and we have come on a special mission to assist you to the instilling of the God life in your creations. We were sent for a fortnight ago and now we are ready to get on with the work. First we must prepare the subjects who will carry the gene and they will be the ones who will supplant the bloodline of our own ancestry.”

Enki didn’t know what to say. What is this, that his father has gone over his head and arranged this? This is not as it was meant to be! “You have not identified yourselves to me; please, who are you?”

Pardon me my Lord!” The stranger answered. “I Am Esiphilous, and this is my mate, Congrola.”

Enki just glared at them, trying to regain his composure. “We shall sit and discuss this. I do not recall my father telling me of your arrival.”

He just wanted us to make our appearance and advise you of our purpose for being here. This is not an easy thing he has decided and therefore he has given us full authority to do whatever we find is necessary for the completion of this mission.” Esiphilous smiled and crossed his hands on the table.

I will tell you one thing; this is not to be, for it is not in the plan. I have carefully outlined with the assistance of my sister to complete this mission in the fullness of how I have been advised by God. There is no recourse but to follow this. I do apologize for my father’s inclination to want to take this into his hands and reign over the procedure.” Enki tried to be courteous, but his father’s interference was unforgivable.

Ninhursag closed the door with a slam. She had heard Enki’s retort, and demanded to know what was going on. “I was summoned here; and now I hear that our father has interfered yet again?”

Enki rushed to her side, and turned back to the visitors. “I think we need to hear more of what our guests have to say. It is obvious there has been a misunderstanding; we will get to the resolution of this.”

My dear ones, this is a matter that has long been on your father’s mind. He has come to the conclusion that though this is inevitable, it must not be left to an amateur in the ways of the scientific means to come to a settlement of this procedure. We were conferred with, and Anu told us that he would be persuaded to join with us in this work. He in no way insinuated that you are not versed in what you are doing. He just recalls the amount of time and care you both took to come to the eventual maturity of the creatures that we see now.”

Do you mean that you have seen some of the humans? Where and when? Have you been monitoring our studies?” Enki didn’t like the feeling of being spied upon.

Oh please, do not misunderstand? We have been on earth for some days, and we have been visiting the various colonies of humans in order to better know the subjects that we will be working with. We have a plan outlined that should fare well in our work. We very much wish to study your objectives, and we would like to begin with that as soon as possible.

Enki could not believe this! His and Ninhursag’s work was theirs and not to be tampered with. No this was not to be. It smelled of interference, and he would not tolerate it. A thought rang through him. Enlil!

I take it my brother Enlil was involved with this as well?”

The two guests looked at each other, and she answered, “We have met with him, yes. He was with your father in our first meeting, and at every subsequent meeting since.”

I thought so,” Enki motioned to Ninhursag. “When you last saw our brother, did he say anything to you about this?”

She smiled a wry smile and recalled, “He said that he was going to take care of this, and that all would be just fine. He was referring to the plan we have and the reserve our father has about it.” She sobered, “Now I see what he was referring to. I might have known he would pull something like this.”

Enki breathed deep and collected himself. He turned to his guests. “I apologize for my brother’s and fathers actions. I see now that they were mistaken to call you into this, and now I must say that we will give you every courtesy and then escort you back to your ship. We will demand that you are given a formal letter of apology from my family, and the subject will be closed.”

That won’t be necessary!”

All eyes turned to the door.

Enlil!” Ninhursag gasped.

I am here to see that our father’s wishes are carried out. There will be no more talk of sending our guests away, for there is work to do, and they have come a long way to be of service in this with us.”

Two men followed Enlil into the room and stood at the ready behind him.

My dear brother and sister, you have accomplished a great deal, and now it is time to allow these two esteemed ones to carry on with you and to guide you to a proper settlement of the work that you have been doing.” Enlil’s smile carried with it his success.

Enki pulled himself up to his fullest stature and approached his brother. “I am still in charge here and you have no authority in this matter whatsoever!” he stood over Enlil, breathing in his face. “You will return to Nibiru and take your friends with you, and you will do it now!”

Enlil motioned to the two waiting behind them. They moved around and took Enki by the arms.

I am taking over this place for now, and when I am finished these friends will have accomplished what they came for. In the meantime, you will be assigned to your quarters and you will be informed as to how the proceedings are taking place. If at any time you wish to come to a proper idea of joining in the work, you may do so. Till then, you will be brought food and whatever else will make you comfortable.” Enlil gloated, motioned again and the guards pulled the struggling Enki out of the room.

You will not get away with this!” Enki shouted, “I am not going to be a prisoner in my own home!” He had seen Ninhursag sneak out of the room during the scuffle. She will come to his rescue. She was probably on her way to see Anu. Enki was sure that their father would not have agreed to this.
The next day, Ninhursag arrived back on earth from Nibiru. She had her note from Anu that Enki would be able to use to set this all straight. Enlil was in deep trouble, and soon the whole compound would see Enlil for who he is in this matter.

She hurried to her brother’s room, and admonished the guards to release their hold and leave, for she had an edict from Anu for them and Enlil to return to Nibiru and face their King.

Enki embraced her, and she showed him the letter from Anu. “He’s gone too far this time!” Enki declared. “Come we’ll go and find him. We’ll all appear before our father, and he will not be allowed on earth again.”
Enki enlisted the aid of two of his men, and together they found Enlil and his guests at the laboratory. Enlil’s face blanched at the letter that Enki held. He showed them the official seal from Anu, and read the proclamation. ‘You are all to return to Nibiru immediately. I demand a meeting with not only our honorable guests from Lyra, but with my two sons and their sister. All work that has been started with the evolutionary progress of the humans will desist until we have had conference. Enki has full permission to use force if necessary to bring his brother and his guards back to Nibiru. Esiphilous and Congrola will be treated with the utmost courtesy and respect.’ The letter was signed, Anu.

Anu waited for them in the anteroom beside his office. This was going to be a rough time coming up, for with this dissention in his family he would have to keep a close eye on his sons. When Enlil wants to do something he is very difficult to keep track of. He can slither like a snake and be every bit as conniving as his brother. What is it that drives him to the measures he resorts to?

He listened to the thoughts he just had, why did I consider Enki to be conniving? This wasn’t something I’d ever thought of him? Might it be due to the anticipation of what will be told in this room soon? Will there be a coming together of the understandable features of the reptilians in the blood of my son?

And where does this come from, my advent of the type of person Enlil is? He is of pure descent, yet he exudes the blood of a mix. Is it that perhaps this is example of the Oneness, and in that all is the same? Perhaps the features of existence, of life all comes into play through the energy of the All, and it has less to do with the individuality of race and creed. This is one of the great mysteries of life, and I shall ruminate on it at another time. For now I hear their approach.

He rose to open the door. Enki charged in first and assumed his position closest to Anu’s chair.

So like my elder son, Anu thought with amusement. He was always happy to see him; there was a quality about him that Anu softened to before he did to Enlil. Could be that it was the essence of his mother’s blood that endeared him.

The others settled themselves, and tea was passed all around. We will begin this on a respectful note, and continue through the day, Anu thought. Socialization creates success.

Enki opened the proceedings. “Father, we have come at your bidding, and may I say I am indeed grateful to you for calling us here. I see there is much taking place here that is not in the open, and must be resolved. Enlil is up to his old tricks again, and he must be stopped.”

Enlil lunged for his brother. He had been fuming since the summons to appear before Anu.

Enlil!!! Sit down, or you will be removed from these proceedings!” Anu was not about to take this from anyone. “If you cause anymore disruptions you will lose voice in this and all will be resolved without you!” He turned to Enki. “I suggest you keep a civil tongue, or you may find yourself ousted as well.”

I apologize, father.” Enki sat down, and steadied himself. Enlil would not have the last word in this. We are here to get to the bottom of this, and indeed we will. He turned to Esiphilous and Congrola. “Please pardon our family quarrel. We will set that aside for now and resolve this as best we can.”

Esiphilous smiled and responded. “Perhaps there can be no separation made, for all is the same energy, therefore cannot be resolved without addressing the family quarrel.” He looked to his mate, and then began the story of the contact they had with Enlil. “If you will pardon my starting with our contact with Enlil, you will see why I feel this is all tied together.”

Anu nodded and replied, “Of course my friend. We have not had the pleasure of your company for many moons, and now I am enjoying this visit of your wisdom and grace. Please proceed.”

Your Grace,” Congrola began, “I would like to begin by addressing the matter of the revolution that is taking place in our system of planets at this time. There is coming together a different perspective of the function of the triads upon the earth and on the ones of Nibiru. We have seen that the activities that are taking place on earth with Enki and Ninhursag regarding the humans and their system of evolvement are taking on a proportionately larger picture than had been originally thought. This is causing some concern among the tribunal; and when we last met it was determined that we would call a meeting of the ones concerned.

When we notified Enlil of our intentions, he assured us that he would meet with all of you and declare that there be a gathering of information that would be presented to the tribunal in a report that represented the progress that was being made with the humans. This we are seeing now he did not follow through on, and we as well are beginning to see the reason of the distance between the philosophical patterns of the siblings.”

Congrola looked at her mate and nodded for him to continue with the reporting.

My dear friends, this is a matter of family difference, and yet it is much more. We are seeing that there is a disharmony that is severing this family, and that there is the need to bind that in order for this mission to be completed successfully.” Esiphilous paused and addressed Anu, “Do you not agree?”

Anu shifted in his seat, uncomfortable with his lack of knowledge of all that has been said. “I am afraid that my son has told you of some matters that he has not bothered to come to me with. I would be pleased if you would fill me in.”

Enki was thinking the same thing. What has his brother been plotting behind their backs? He waited silent and expectant.

Esiphilous sat straighter, and after one more sip of tea, began what was to be the needle and thread that would serve to bring a closure to the rift that had plagued the family for the past several circuits.

Very well; I shall take you back to a time when we all met on Lyra the last time. Remember that there was a plan devised that would begin a whole new phase of existence in expression for our people and for the universe? That was a long time ago, and since then much has been set in place to carry out the mission.”

Enki wasn’t sure what this meeting had been; he had a faint recollection. Why wasn’t it present clearly, when he felt the meaning in his heart? He felt drawn to peer into Congrola’s eyes. What was the message there? He felt himself draw closer, and then he saw the picture, the one with the key. He knew he was there and that he was being reminded of that long ago time. He knew that they were no longer in this time and space on Nibiru, and that they all were being transported back in time to that beginning, he knew that he would derive from this recollection what he would need to go forward in his destiny. He knew that he would face his own demise and then see it come back and refresh itself in the annals of the story he would create for the preservation of the history of mankind.

And he knew one final thing; and that was that not all of those in the meeting on Nibiru that day would be seeing what he was seeing. He knew that they each had their own vision of their own story, and that they never would come to a complete understanding and agreement until the Light shone forth on all of humanity and brought them all together again.

Enki drew his arms around Eeta. She lay in his arms and created a nest with her legs and chest. This was the way it was supposed to be between a man and a woman. Why hadn’t he ever found this kind of completeness with anyone else? He didn’t even have to be with her to be able to feel her and smell her, and touch her mind and her heart. She was as much a part of him as…as Abigail.

How could that be! Where was Abigail, and why was he thinking of her so often, especially when he was with Eeta? Could it be that she was closer than he thought? Could it be…?

Good morning,” her eyes held the promise of what the day could be. He held her in a grip that caused her to gasp. “Enki, I can’t breath!” she giggled, “You take my breath away!”

Oh, my dear Eeta. Please do not ever leave me. I am so in love with you.” he sat cross-legged in bed, and grew serious. Taking her hand in his he looked into her eyes with the reserve of a tender lion about to devour her cub with her loving kisses. Instead what he did was ask for her to be his wife and come to his chambers to be forever in his embrace. “My dear one, I am so enamored of you! I wish to take you into my family and make you the Empress that you deserve to be. I wish to have children with you. I wish to spend the rest of my days with you,” he smiled a secret smile, “And my nights, especially my nights.”

Eeta was overcome, “My Lord, this is so sudden! How can I, a mere maid, be an Empress?”

You are an empress, I feel it in my bones, in my heart and soul. You come from fine stock and your origin is that of royalty. I adore you from a standpoint of knowing you as the finest there is, and will ever be. You are me, and I am you and there is no separation but that we serve each other in the things we do and say and bring to each other.” Enki felt mesmerized by the words he spoke. He was not able to stop, and yet he knew that he must lest he go on forever not giving her the chance to say yes. He covered her mouth with his kiss, and drew from her a sigh that brought forth the sweetest yes that he had ever heard. This was heaven, and he was never going to leave.

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