The Story of Nancy’s first Lifetime on Earth in 7090 bc and What Came of it in This Lifetime

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Chapter 4

{What came next was the straw that wove this tale all together. It was the piece of information that continually played itself out in the annals of the lives of Enki and Eeta, and inevitably of all of humanity. This was the piece of the pie that came to the beginning of the perpetuation of the species and the continuation of the emotional playouts that drove mankind through the eons and the tribulations that plague humanity to this day. These are the ending days though, and now we are about to see how this has all come full circle.}
My dear one, we are about to miss the final day of the visit with our guests. I wish to make the announcement at dinner tonight of our betrothal.” Enki placed his hands tenderly on her shoulders as they prepared to dress and return to their duties of the day. “ I do not feel that you, an empress, should go back to work in the kitchen. I ask that you gather your things together and use the day to prepare to move into a separate quarters that I will have prepared for you. There you will stay till the day of our blessed union, and then you will come to these quarters to remain for eternity.”

He took her into his arms, and whispered into her hair, “I cannot get enough of you. How can I go out there and leave you this day?” he moved her to arms length to better peer into her eyes. “Please promise me that you are as enamored of me as I am of you. I could not bear to know less.”

Eeta was not used to these adorations. This was overwhelming, and she stuttered to express her devotion. “My—my-Lor—Enki,” she suddenly smiled and laughed unable to keep herself from bursting with her joy. “I love you more than anything or anyone! I could never know anything as wonderful and blessed as this union, as the life I am to have with you.” She brought him close, and whispered, “You are my ultimate challenge and my easiest way of being. I love you with a completeness that I never knew was possible.

I was never in a state of wholeness until you took me in your arms and made me see what it is to be one with someone. You are the expression of who I never knew I was. I will always be here for you, and you can count on that. There will never be another one but you, even if I have to invent another you, it will always be you, for there is no other for me. That is my solemn promise to you, forever and ever my love.”

Enki took her in his arms again, and took her to the bed. There was no leaving that room till their thirst was satisfied and they could bear to part for even a short while. “You are the one I have been searching for since I came to earth. I didn’t even know I was searching till I found you in my arms and I saw no difference between us. I saw the ultimate and complete union we created and I knew that we would never be apart again. Eternity is not long enough for me to get all I desire from our union. I will invent as many eternities as I can just to be with you and never have to spend another moment without you.”

The words spewed forth from his soul and he had no way in which to gauge the depth of their meaning, for he was hearing them for the first time, and he knew they were the words that opened him up to the truth of who he was and what his life was to be from that point on.
The afternoon brought them out of their room, and into the lives of the others who awaited Enki’s appearance. When he opened the door and strode to his chair, it was with the expectancy of a new groom. He knew that this was to be the day when he would not only say goodbye to his visitors, but that he would give them some news to take with them, and bear to the people who would come and celebrate the union that would change history.

The proceedings and purpose of the visit had broken down, and it had been decided that there would be another meeting at a point when there was more harmony and justice to what was taking place, for it was obvious now that they were at a standstill in the evolutionary processes of the humans, and there was to be much more time and study devoted to this issue before any more progress could be made on a global level.

Enki greeted them, and smiled before he addressed them about the change in plans. “I have come to a conclusion, and I’m sure that you will all agree with me.” He told them of his decision to postpone further involvement with the subject of the humans. “I also have an announcement to make, and I also issue an invitation of great joy for me. I will very soon, in a fortnight, take Eeta as my mate and she will henceforth be known as Empress Eeta. She is of regal standing; and the Creator has decreed that she remain with me and live through eternity in my embrace. I invite all of you to the celebration, and to bring whomever you feel will add a joyous note to the festivities.”

He rose and addressed them in closing, “I invite you all to stay as long as you wish and partake of any of the pleasures this court offers. You will be given full compensation and escort as far outside of the court’s realm as you desire. I also invite you to the festivities this evening to celebrate the news I shall take to my family. There shall be great feasting tonight in honor of the announcement I have just made, and I expect that all of the royal family will be in attendance.” All except maybe, Enlil, he thought bitterly. Never mind, nothing will lessen his joy with this day.

Word had gotten to Anu that Enki was on his way, and had requested a most important meeting with the members of his family. Now what is going in that head of his, to make this impromptu visit, so soon after the last fiasco? Anu welcomed Ninhursag and Enlil as they arrived, followed by the others.

Where is he? I have too much to do to be detained by him in this way.” Enlil growled.

Patience my son; he should be here at any minute.” The rap on the door announced Enki’s presence. They are all here, even Enlil!

The announcement took them all by surprise. This was not like Enki, to take one woman into his chambers and declare her his wife. “Who is this woman?” Enlil asked.

She is a woman of my service, who has proven herself to be of exceptional character and substance. She is the expression of the finest of the earth humans, and she is an exceptional representative of the royal bloodline that comes from the source. It is from the decree of the Creator that I should have brought her into my court; and it is by the blessing of the Creator that I take her as my wife to be forevermore in my life and in this family.” Enki beamed with pride and love, for his choice must surely bring a degree of acceptance from his family.

Impossible!” Enlil roared. “This is a mere maid, a servant; and she cannot be of this family. You besmirch the blood of the royal line, and I will not permit it!”

Enki would not stay here and allow this man to talk so of his Eeta. “You have no idea what you speak of. You will take this back and apologize, or I will…”

Anu stepped in front of Enki before his fist found its mark on Enlil’s face. “Enough! I will not allow this in my court! Enlil, leave this room now, or keep a civil tongue!”

Very well, then, I shall leave, rather than stay and lend my energies to this union! Mark my words, “He snapped back as he turned halfway through the door, “You will end up regretting this someday.”

The chill resonated through Enki’s body as a knife cutting through fire. He pushed it away out of his being, and breathed heavily till his resolve was restored. This was not going to be the end of this. He knew that the words his brother uttered could be used to undermine his intentions. However, it was not going to make a difference in what comes about. He knew Eeta, and he was not mistaken that she was the one he would be with forever, into and beyond eternity.

By the time he was back on earth and looking forward to the evening festivities he had pushed Enlil’s remarks far away from his mind. Nothing was going to put a damper on his joy, for there was only the fact of their love and their Oneness.

When the time came for Enki to go to his father and ask for the trillion blessings that come from a parent at the announcement of a nuptial agreement, he did so with a great deal of trepidation. This was not going to set well with his family any more than it had set well with his brother when he announced the engagement. This was a separate thing, and not always brought to the mating. This was to be the grand blessing that gave the couple the knowledge that this union was sanctioned by God, The Creator; and that the bond would be honored even on the event of one passing into another dimension. This was the final tie that Enki wished for this union, for it assured that there was an allowance of all of the aspects of this union, including any children that would come from this alliance.

He opened the conversation, “Father, I have come for the purpose of bringing a traditional and Holy aspect to my upcoming marriage to Eeta. This is the blessing that is given to a union that represents that you approve in the name of Our Father God, the Most Holy Creator. I humbly, and with great reverence ask that this be given, so that there can be no mistake as to the clemency of this marriage.”

My son,” began Anu, “This is much to ask, for there is not complete acceptance in the family of this forthcoming union. I cannot in all conscience ask Our Holy Creator to sanction this marriage without the full blessing of the family.” He brought his saddened face to the front of the situation. Tears brimmed and remained to glisten his eyes. His heart troubled from the anguish his elder son felt. He knew this was not the answer Enki expected, yet he had to ask, such is his love for the fair maid.

Father, this is the woman I love; there is no other in my world but her. She and I are meant to be together, and I know that the Holy Creator has sanctioned this already. It is but for you now to see this and give the blessing for the rest of humanity and creation to see.” Enki was not used to begging, but this was what he knew was necessary, for his heart was wrenching from the thought of not bringing all of existence into his joy. How can he not carry the stamp of the approval of The Creator to this union? How can he not show the rest of humanity that this is the engendered way that they are to go for the rest of time? They are meant to be Gods, and that means that we will be part of their lives and they will intermix with the Annunaki and bring Gods into humanity and into the rest of eternity. This can only come with the sanctity that comes from the family blessings.

Father, I ask that if Enlil comes to an understanding of this situation and brings his acceptance into this, that you then give us the Holy blessings.”

Very well, my son. If indeed there is complete harmony with our family in this matter, you have my word that you will receive that which you ask.” Anu smiled and embraced his son. “I only wish for you to be happy and productive as you desire and intend for your duties and purposes in life.” He then walked over to his table and sat looking out at the night sky.

This is a time for you when you are facing many challenges and it is wise to proceed slowly in these matters. Eeta is a fine woman, and she bodes well in my opinion of royal blood. She seems to have been imbued with a degree of the Annunaki blood that we carry, and that is a representation that your work has some merit. We will keep a watchful eye on all of the activities and evolutions of the humans, and then we will be able to monitor the progress that you and Ninhursag make.”

Enki addressed his father, “I am most grateful to you for this. I will go now and return to Eeta. My prayers this night will be focused on persuading Enlil to see the truth, and allow his change of mind to release the blessings for our union.”

Enki’s trip back to his court gave him the time to prepare for the night with Eeta. What will he say to her of this? Perhaps it is not the time, for she would be saddened to hear the news. Better to wait till the subject changes and Enlil is in approval of the union. This has to happen! Enlil is not going to spoil it for us!
Enki opened the door the chamber and there was Eeta, sitting on the bed with tears in her eyes.

My dear one, what is it; why do you cry?”

She lifted her arms to him and allowed him to take her into his comfort. “Enlil has been to visit me and he wasn’t very supportive of our union. He told me that there was to be no wedding for that would mean an end to the family line of purity, and that cannot be. He told me that since you already are the result of a mixed blood line, that our union would further split the purity, and he would not allow that.” She could not tell him the rest of what he told her, for that would enlarge his brother’s distaste for what Enlil had done.

Enki raged away from her, and started for the door. He stopped abruptly, and turned, “My dear, I…” He could not continue, nor could he leave her this way. She was in his arms once more, and his words against her hair reassured her that he would take care of this. “I will see to it that you have a full apology from him, and that the family knows of this and reprimands him for his actions. He had no right, for he does not represent the family in this.” He lifted her quivering chin and peered into her eyes. He saw himself in them, and he saw something else. He saw the truth of what she hadn’t told him. “He offered you gold to have you go away, didn’t he?”

She gasped, and her hand flew to her mouth. “How did you know? I didn’t want you to know about that? He merely was carrying this to the point where he was respecting your love for me, and wanted to offer me some compensation.”

Eeta, do you not see that this is tyranny? He was not acting in my or your best interest! “Enki was incensed. “I will find him and I will see to it that he never treats you so again. I will make sure that he knows what he has done, and what will result from this.”

The door slammed shut behind him, and Enki once more made his way for Nibiru to demand justice.
Enlil received his brother in his quarters, and offered him a glass of wine. Enki knocked it across the room and demanded an explanation. “You had no right to go to Eeta and abuse her that way. She is to be my wife, and nothing you say or do will ever change that!”

Enlil stammered, “My brother, you do not understand, this is a matter of family purity. You have done enough…”

The blow knocked him across the room, and he came to rest beside the broken glass. “You will go to Anu, and tell him that you are not only in favor of this union, but you will also tell him that you intend to see that it is sanctioned by The Creator. If you don’t do this, you will never see me again. I will go away from here with Eeta, and I will banish you from my life forever. I will as well tell Anu what you have done, and he will bring the proper measures to assure that you are not able to bother us again.”

Enlil sneered, “And what makes you think that I care about ever seeing you again? You are the start of the impurity, and this is not to be tolerated.”

Enki growled, keeping his temper intact enough to offer a warning. “You are playing with fire. If Anu knew what you are saying he would banish you from our court forever. You are besmirching his name and our family dignity. My mother is an angel of the highest caliber, and Anu brought her into our family for a reason that is destined to perpetuate the history of mankind and all of existence. If you allow this incident to get to our father, then you will not remain in this court for one more night. You know that as well as I do.” Enki moved to the door, calmer now. “I am going now to Anu, and telling him that you have something to report to him about my upcoming union with Eeta. It is up to you what it is that you tell him.”

Yes, yes, I’m coming,” Anu tied the sash on his robe before opening the door. “Enki! I certainly didn’t expect to see you again tonight.”

Nor did I expect to be here. Father, Enlil has something he wants to tell you. He will be here shortly, I expect.”

Rather late for a family meeting, isn’t it?” Anu sat heavily on the cushions. “What is it that cannot wait till the morn?”

You will see. I knew this could not wait; I think you will agree when you hear what it is.” Enki sat across from his father, and awaited the rap on the door that would decide his fate.

Still the hesitant rap startled him. Heat rose to his temples, and at that moment he wanted nothing more than to flee the room, Nibiru, and the court forever. He took a deep breath, and met Enlil’s entrance with a warning glance of defiance. His palms reeked with the acrid odor of anxiety.

Enlil couldn’t meet his glance. He addressed their father, “Anu, I have come to have a talk with you. I have come to a conclusion, and I cannot rest till I have told you of my decision.” His voice faltered and he roughly cleared his throat. “ I, I think we should,” His words mumbled and were lost as he tried to gain composure. How can he say this, when it was so averse to what was in his heart? The family bloodline is everything here. There is no room for more of this division. Surely Enki can see that. He himself has indicated at times of this. Yet, here he is, and he does have a point. Anu brought our mother into this family, and when he did that…perhaps Enki is right. I have no choice.

Father, I would like to see that Enki and Eeta have the blessing from the Creator in their union. I am in favor of bringing this to them with your agreement. I have seen that this is the best thing, and I withdraw my original wishes that they not be wed.” With the release of the words, he drooped and sat next to Anu, his head down, choking back the words that so violently opposed the ones that hung in the air.

Anu felt the silence and the tension between his sons. What had precipitated this change of events? “Are you sure of this?”

Enlil nodded his head, and weakly replied, “Yes Father, it is this way, it has to be, for our family’s sake.”

Anu had to trust this, though some doubt lurked in Enlil’s voice. He looked at his other son. Why is he not beaming with joy? What has taken place here that brings them to this now? He knew them too well, to find this to be a mutual agreement between two loving sons. Of course they loved each other, but there has always been this grudging appreciation between them of what the family stands for, and now this is out of character for both of them. Enki is stoic, if not simply silent, and Enlil is too agreeable and soft in this announcement.

Still the fact remained; Enlil has asked for the supreme blessings for his brother and the maiden. I see no reason to object. “Very well! We will prepare for the celebration, and we will ask for the Trillion Blessings from our Holy Father The Creator and the union will be sanctioned in Heaven as well as on earth.” He smiled as the two rose and took his hands in theirs. Enlil’s eyes kept focus on the floor, and then he left the room. Enki smiled a weak smile, ordering his heart to lift and sing. Perhaps later, after the sorrow of the encounter lifted and freed him from the dread that pierced the moment. He did not like keeping the truth from his father. There was no recourse. The truth in this case did not serve anyone, except to bring this blessing to the family and the marriage that would bring a new deliverance to mankind.

Blessed are the children, for they shall inherit the means of the parents, and they shall find their solace in the wayward plans that lead to glory and to the rejoicing in all that is humble and forthcoming in the visitations that have been wrought upon their forbears. There is no greater truth than that which lives in the lives of those who seek to find it. There is no greater glory than to find the transgressions and fallacies of the previous ownership to be the torchbearers that seek the shores of the final outcome of the tribulations that come from error in the land of the lost.

For what is the meaning of life but to seek and find the truth in the tribulations that come our way? And what of the justices that ring true and replicate the injustices that lay awake in the shadows of the promises that come from the misdeeds that shoulder the responsibility of eternal life in the shortcomings of the Christ? There is not time for this to come about, save in the light of the Christ and the recognition that the only shadows cast in the light of the Christ is by those who walk away from it. It is they only who see the shadows.

Now I come to you, oh eternal Father and ask that you spare me the eternal damnation that has come to my heart and my soul through the thievery I have done this night unto the vestiges that betray the occurrence of your wrath upon the vestiges of my marriage and my family. I am wrung in shame and doubt that there is no other way out of this deed than to swear my eternal damnation lest I surrender my quest to you in the name of the Holy Spirit and gain a mere amount of Grace by thy word and thy countenance as I gaze upon it in my solace.

This is my finest hour and I come to the place of surrender and I receive thy sentence unto my life in the silence of my acquiescence and take my deed to the floor of the holy partner that is my union to be and give this unto you with the deepest of my sorrows and the replication of my sins. With this declaration I do find myself forever in thy hands and forever in the shadows of the life that I create in your name and in the name of my undoing. For I am but nothing without your Holy guidance; and in your shadow do I live throughout eternity.

Enki dropped his writing stick, and allowed his body to follow into the mud at the side of the river where he lay till the hours of the first light arose him from his bed of shame.

The road back to the chambers toiled till his head was awash with the ache that prodded him forward to the rest of his days. This night had turned a corner in his life, and the dread that followed him homeward permeated his senses with the sure, slow intricacy of the serpent’s venom that had found it’s mark.

Abgal took the lead and ran down the road toward the court. He was not going to allow the rumors that were going around to keep him from telling Enki the truth. He was his friend, and surely he would understand the measures he had taken at the mines and afterward at the shipyard where he had met with the rest of the crew. He took a shortcut and sped on ahead of the two messengers who bore the news of what had taken place at the mine that day.

The shaft was almost clear of water, for they had been able to dig a runoff shaft very quickly and then seal the hole. Enida had taken over the duties of the dead supervisors and had appointed another to assist him. Abgal had returned to the village that morning just after Enki had left to return home.

The late afternoon shadows cast patterns on the path and gave him reminiscence of when he used to see people in those patterns. Those were the days, when life was a lot more tranquil! Some day again, he would see those faces and delight in the secrets they revealed. Now, there was haste to be made to arrive before the others.

The turret loomed into view; he was almost there. Two more turns and he was in the garden, then up to the massive Cypress doors, gilt with gold. He heard the faint chatter of the messengers, and threw open the doors, rather than wait to be admitted.

My Lord!” Enki was standing at the window in the drawing room. “Thank God you’re here! Urgent news, I must tell you before it is too late!” Abgal pulled out a chair for his friend, and then sat to catch his breath. “There are messengers almost here from the mine, and they bring news that is all lies. I must tell you of the truth before they get here. Please, bar the door and do not allow anyone entrance until I have had my say.”

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