The Story of Nancy’s first Lifetime on Earth in 7090 bc and What Came of it in This Lifetime

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Chapter 6

Breakfast was cleared away and the staff was in the kitchen when Eeta hurried in, in search of Loer. “He’s in the garden, tending to the watering,” Diandra said. She smiled secretively, “Did you get the gift he left for you?”

How did you know about that?” Eeta realized she should have known. “You are the one who brought it to my room, aren’t you? Loer wouldn’t chance coming near me there.”

He told me that he didn’t know why but someone came by and gave it to him to give to you. He knew it had to come from him. Odd, but he said that the person disappeared as quickly as he appeared, as if he just poofed out of sight.”

So, the etchings on it were already there when Loer received it?”

Oh yes, in fact he had to wrap the stone in the silk, those were his instructions.” Diandra moved the pot of soup away from the heat and covered it in readiness for lunch. She leaned closer to Eeta as if to keep the secret from ghosts in the room. “He told me that he heard some things in his head as he was wrapping it. He heard some things that told him how it would be in the future and what his part would be in that future.” She turned and walked to the door, then stopped for a second. “I’ll tell you, when he told me that I got shivers up and down my spine!”

Eeta knew what she must do. She hurried to her room and retrieved the stone. Outside the patio door she could see Loer tending to the flowers along the left wall. As her steps brought her closer to him, she could see the intent look on his face, as if he was somewhere removed from this place. Was he thinking of the message he got from the stone? It seems so like what I heard. Why? He’s stopping; oh, he’s seen me!

Loer! I just wanted to thank you.” She took his hand and held it for a moment. “This stone is magical, isn’t it?” she kept her voice soft, lest anyone should be close by.

Loer peered into her eyes for a second, then turned away. Had he seen what he thought was there? Was there a glimmer of …no, she just is thankful for the gift. “You do like it; I’m so glad. I wasn’t sure that you would see the quality it has.” He lowered his eyes. “Not everyone would see that.”

Diandra told me about how you got this and what you heard from it. It is as I heard after I opened it.”

His startled expression surprised her. “Didn’t you think that I would hear it as well?

I, I didn’t know what to think. I know that you and Lord Enki are going to be married.” With her gasp, he winked and grinned. “Yes, it is all over the court, though it isn’t officially announced yet.”

Oh Loer, you are my very best friend. I am so happy; he is perfect for me. I feel as if we have known each other all my life and beyond. We will be making the announcement soon!” she added with a tone of reverence, “His family is giving us the Trillion Blessings Celebration.”

Loer’s voice caught in his throat. He was happy for her, yet he felt the loss; he had known that he would not be able to declare how he felt. These few, dear meetings would be enough. Still, there was some way in which they were inextricably bound; the stone proved that. “What did you hear; what did the stone tell you?”

It told me that this is a stone that I have known before, and has returned for the purpose of telling me that it is a time of coming together of my destiny. My future is set, and I am to keep this close to me and always be aware of what is taking place around me, being mindful to follow the signs.” She remembered the feeling she’d had, like she was somewhere else and the voice was inside of her and outside at the same time.

Diandra told me what it told you. Don’t you see, this means that we are bound in a way that goes beyond earthly means? It is of the heavens; it is part of who we are, as if we are one in some different way, different from Enki and me. With him it is passionate, sometimes overwhelming, and I have to melt into him. With you, it is a comforting easy friendship, a haven even.”

Loer sighed, it is all I can have; it has to be enough. “My dear sweet Eeta, I will always be here for you, no matter what. There will always be a safe haven here for you. You are the most important person in my life. I love you more than life itself. If he ever…well, if you ever need a strong shoulder, I’m here for you.”

Oh Loer, I do love you; I know you are here, and I for you. Enki is very tender; he would never hurt me. We are going to be very happy together, we are happy. We are meant for each other.” She kissed his cheek and ran her fingers along the etchings of the stone. “I shall always treasure this, for as long as I live, it will represent the beautiful friendship we have; I will always think of you whenever I gaze upon its loveliness. I am growing fonder of the immense beauty of its depth of color. It is indeed speaking to me now, and the words are gentle, like you.”

She turned and ran up the slope and through the doors of the room where she and Enki had so profoundly found themselves in each other. She laid the lapis stone on the table beside the mementos of her days in the kitchen when she was the young maid so new to the life that gave her the standing to be in line as one of the best maids to be in service to the Lord of the Court.
Enki watched Eeta run from Loer and into their room. He had heard their voices, though not their words. What was it now? He certainly didn’t look like a childhood chum. I recognize adoration when I see it. He’s like a puppy, after a bone, or, he sneered at the thought, like a stud after a filly!

His clenched fists dropped to his sides, and he tried to dismiss the mounting anger. She loves you, you fool! His argument with himself did little to cool the jealousy. There’s one way to get to the bottom of this. His steps on the patio announced his coming.

Enki!” she smiled into his eyes. Fire again! “What is it?”

I need to know the truth, and I need to know it now! Has Loer been forward with you? Do I have a rival?” Enki shook, his face blanched.

My darling! There is no one but you! Loer and I are friends. He gave me a gift and I was thanking him, that is all.” She moved to the table to show him the stone.

This is lapis. I thought you didn’t like lapis!” he couldn’t help himself, the words spewed forth, “Now that he has given you this lapis, now you like it! What is going on here?”

Enki! I never said I don’t like lapis, just wasn’t my favorite. In fact I began to grow more fond of it since you and I have been together. I know how you feel about it; I had begun to appreciate its qualities more.”

Yes, but now he has given you lapis, and I haven’t. Now you love it!”

Enki! I love you! What are we arguing about here?”

He realized how this was sounding, but he had to say these things. “It’s like there’s a part of you that will never be mine. That part that is so entwined with him. How can I not feel the loss, the incompleteness? I want all of you, not just what is left. You are my everything. I am yours completely, why can’t you bring me the same?”

I am yours, in the way that we fit so completely together. That doesn’t mean that I can’t feel close with others. There is enough of me to go around. Just because I love you so completely does not mean there is nothing for anyone else. Don’t you see? I do not ask that I have all of you there is, I cannot do that, for it would not be fair to you, or me, just as anyone cannot completely own someone else. Please see this. Even though Loer and I are best friends, does not take anything away from who you and I are for each other.”

I thought I was your best friend! Isn’t that what married people are to each other?”

Eeta couldn’t believe it, he was pouting! “Don’t you understand? Loer and I are friends; that doesn’t exclude you as my lover, my best friend, my all!”

“‘How can I get through this?” Enki seemed to collapse; all the fight had gone out of him. “I don’t know what came over me,” he said in a week voice. “I, I saw you with him, and you were so obviously close. It was more than I could bear.” He looked at her with defeat streaming from his eyes. “I, please forgive me for doubting you.”

She reached out and wiped the tears with her skirt. Sometimes he seems so vulnerable and lost. How can I abide these times? My heart wrenches as if it will tear in two.

Soft cooing whisperings from her throat soothed both of them, bathing them with the love that flowed unfettered from her heart and soul. They lay back in each other’s arms allowing the release of sleep to heal the unspeakable breach that had threatened once again.

The sun broke the morning sky with tendrils of lace creating a parting of the darkness and of the night. The birds welcomed the coming warmth that would kiss the dewdrops and whisk away the stillness of the sleep that refreshed. Nary a sound came from the room that opened into the garden where the symphony awaited the burst of color that would decorate the sky and bring another day to the glory of God’s creation.

Suddenly soldiers burst into the courtyard, and ran up to the massive doors. Enki sat bolt upright in bed, awakened by their clatter. “What the…?” he jumped to the patio doors. “It’s Abgal and his men!” he quickly threw on some clothes, muttering, ”This can only mean trouble.”

It didn’t take Eeta long to dress and run a brush through her hair, fastening it away from her face. Then she followed.

They were in the conference room when she caught up with Enki. Abgal’s pale face reflected the words he spoke. “My Lord, there is trouble at the space port. When we arrived there this morning from Nibiru, there were about a dozen men riding off to the north, and the place was in a shambles. They killed one of the guards, and slaughtered all the animals.”

Enki’s face drained of color. He lowered his head, as if in prayer for a moment, then snapped to action. He shouted to the man outside the door, “Round up a dozen men and follow us to the spaceport.” He turned back to the room. “Could you make out who they were?”

I could only see one or two clearly enough to identify them. They looked like the ones who live over the land to the north and across the sea. Those renegades want to take over this valley; it isn’t the first time they have invaded. This time, they caught us off guard.” Abgal paused for a breath, “They must have been watching us, and knew when we were changing the guard.” He hesitated, “They left their trademark. All the animals were cut open, and their hearts removed.”

A chill raced up and down Enki’s spine. Eeta gasped. They knew what this meant. It was increasing, these acts of violence.

When would it end! Why was this happening? These reptilians were going to bring such disaster to the land, unless they did something about it. Where was the ammunition? Enki wasn’t referring to the bullets that would sting their opponents into surrender. Those were too primitive. Why not bring the best of the best; why not bring the ammunition from Nibiru to combat these ones and put an end to it right away?

The voice he heard crept in through his rage. It quieted his anger and quelled the fire that was threatening to emerge and take over the situation. “There will be no weapons that reach to the heavens. There will be not one who will place themselves in the hands of The Creator and besmirch my name. There is to be no carnage that will spill the blood upon the waters and poison the land for the rest of damnation. I will not allow it, and if you listen to me, your voice of reason, you will know that I speak from the innermost part of your soul.”

Enki knew that he had to abide by this voice. He knew that to bring the destruction that the weapon would create would be to destroy all who came into the fray. This would not do! Why this carnage? Why must he forever battle the darkness that erupted from within and showed itself out there in the destruction that these others wrought? Why must he forever battle that part of him that shows itself in those others, so fiercely mocking his light? He must get a hold of himself, before he would go to the depths of hell, never to return. Why do I sink into this despair so readily of late? Enki’s tormented soul cried out for solace, and found none.

My Lord!” Abgal prodded his friend. “What is it; what is troubling you so? What will we do?” he worried about him; he lapsed into these spells too often now. He seemed to be gone, somewhere far away.

Enki blinked, “I; come we must go.” He paused at the door and looked deep into Eeta’s eyes.

She shrunk from the despair she saw there. The emptiness, the loneliness, the self loathing that revealed itself, betrayed the fervent steps that echoed through the halls and out into the morning sun. At that moment she knew the carnage that ran through her lover’s heart and threatened to overcome him. She wept bitter tears and ran to consolation in the arms of her love in the memory of the nights in the room where they knew only each other and shut the world away from their door.
Enki saw the remnants of the carnage that had wrecked the spaceport. There was no use getting so upset that he would be of no help to the ones who remained. All that he could do, was done that night, and into the morning. The animals were buried and the man who lay dead at the foot of the launch silo was returned to his family and laid to rest beside his ancestors in the ground. The small party that had followed the invaders for a distance returned and reported the direction they had chased them till they finally lost track of them. Abgal ordered extra security at the site. Just before sunup, Enki returned to Eeta, and lay down beside her to find the comfort of her arms. Just a few hours of sleep, that was all he needed. Then he would put into action a plan that was formulating in his mind. This was the beginning of the end for the marauders. Tomorrow would find a different approach to them, and he would be the first to implement the plan.

Abgal strode into the quarters he occupied while on patrol at the spaceport. There was no need for sleep, for he had rested well the night before. Enki had spoken briefly of a plan that could very well ease all this. He liked what had been forming in Enki’s mind as he had dug the earth to bury the carcasses. When Enki spoke of it, he realized that this was a plan that had started to form long before this night, and had grown in purpose and perfection through the incidents that had been increasing. When Enki returns later today, then they will further put this into a workable solution and the carnage will stop.

The only thing he could see to the plan so far that could backfire is that there were to be no survivors in the event a skirmish should take place in the village; no survivors, that is, of the marauders. According to what Enki shared with him, there was a possibility that this would be the downfall of not only the marauders, but of the mine that served that village as well. Was the price too much to pay? This would remain to be seen. There must be more consideration taken before this is put into action. He knew Enki, and he knew that he would not take any action that would jeopardize the mine unless absolutely necessary.
Many miles away, a band of twelve reptilians hid away in a cave in the forest near a large river. They spread the contents of a leather bag onto the table that stood in the center of the room. Blood dripped from the corner of the table that sloped to the far wall. One by one the creatures walked to the table and picked up one of the animal hearts and returned to their place in the circle. They lay the heart at their feet and joined hands. The chanting started low at first and built to a crescendo of mournful wails. Suddenly it stopped, dead silence. In a moment, as if they were all connected with the same muscles, they bent down and retrieved the hearts and in one flowing movement consumed the hearts, then fell to the floor and moaned their supplication to the Gods of darkness.

Outside in the moonlight a lone wolf bayed his mournful tribute to the end of another era, and the beginning of the next step in the paradigm that was to usher in the fall of the era of man.

Eeta arose and looked into the eyes of her lover. It was still dark outside, though the moon cast shadows upon the landscape that seemed to mock their privacy. Enki smiled and took her in his arms, for comfort, as a boy seeks refuge from the shadows of night. She felt his tremors as he cuddled closer.

My dear, why do you tremble so?” she whispered softly, and drew him nearer.

The words barely left his lips at first, “How can I tell you of my sorrow?” Then as if balanced by the strength from her, he gained purpose and the words poured from him. “I am in a quandary! I have a fine place here, and many men who are worth their weight in the gold that comes from the mines. Yet all seems to be beginning to slip out of reach, and beyond my capabilities to control. What will I do? If the mine must be sacrificed and the men at the spaceport doubled to guard against the tyrannists, how will I be able to hold my position on earth and carry on with the work I came here to do?

I must find a way to work this out and be a valuable asset to mankind. There has to be a way to overcome this helplessness I feel! Is there no solace in the abilities I have had to fend off the outbreaks of violence that have erupted from the renegades who threaten the very sanctity of the humans and their ability to remain in force and working for the good of Nibiru and this planet earth?”

He paused for breath, and Eeta interrupted, “What are you saying? What happened out there? Surely it cannot be as terrible as all that!”

Oh, it is, and maybe worse than I have expressed. I dare not go there!” She felt anger rise in him, from the spent fear that made way for the memory of those earlier events.

Eeta encouraged him to speak of it, “You’ll feel better.”

When the tale was told and she understood his chagrin, he then told her of the plan he and Abgal were devising. There will be a degree of trouble that will come from it, but it will be short lived, and then peace will reign.

This plan,” she asked, “How will it bring an end to the tyranny? What will come from bringing an end to the mining, besides giving them another reason to think they have won?”

It will be only temporary, and then full operations will resume, once the renegades have moved on. I really feel that this is the only way.”

Eeta knew that he thought this would work, but something was rising in her, that with a little persuasion could be the answer. “This is going to be a radical thing, but there is something to what is forming in my mind.” She spoke the words as they came into her thoughts. They were loud and clearly presented and as she spoke, he began to tune in and found that he was then bringing the same words to his being and was able to see the playout before his eyes as the words took shape and transposed the old images from his mind, and interspersed the new with the images of the events that had led them to this.

It was as if they were seeing them simultaneously and were living the results and the causes together. Silence overtook them as they melted into oneness and the next thing they knew, when the images were complete they were sitting side by side in the bed, offering each other to the destinies of the foregoing message, and agreeing to the purpose of the images that they had seen and lived. For this was the interaction of life and love that had secured themselves to each other before the onset of the separation that would propel them through time and the history of man.
Abgal rested against the pillows and pondered the feelings he was experiencing. Was it a connection he was feeling with the others who had died? What was the reason for this indecisiveness that drove him to the secrets that lay hidden in his memory? Why was he not able to retrieve the information that crept to the surface and lingered just out of reach? Putting the past behind him and bringing the future into his present was not what he wanted to do. He found that it was just too much to go to the lengths it would take to find the solace that he so desperately needed now.

What was the escape he yearned for? Was it to bring to him the last vestige of a life that had no meaning beyond his service to Enki, or was there something more there that would give him meaning if Enki should not be here? There was only one way to find this answer, and it was not revealing itself.

He jumped from the bed and moved to the window. Outside the moon was close to the horizon, and soon the first light of day would cross his melancholy and change his life forever. That is what a new day brings, change and a new way of living. There is only one moment and this is the one he knows right now. No matter what he projects into this time and space, it cannot be known fully till it is over, then comes the next.

Why is he so enamored of time lately? Is it because there is so little of it in the scheme of things, yet it seems endless? How can both be true? How can he make sense of what is about to happen? This is not the way he dreamed his life would be when he left Nibiru and began his journey through the experience of earth. Why has he placed himself so, and when will it all seem real and lasting? Now it is as if at any second he will go hurtling through space and time and never find solid ground under his feet again.

He reached up and parted the curtains to get a better view of the descending night. This was where he belonged now. This was his purpose, and when he found himself falling through the space and time fearfulness, he could bring himself back to the light of day and ground his impatience with a touch of reality that served him for a time. This was his fate in life, and he knew that at some point he would be able to transgress beyond the overwhelming loneliness he felt when these fears overtook him. All he need do is bring himself to the reality of the day, and his fears melted away like so much spilled blood upon the waters.

He rose and left the confines of his room. The early morning air was strengthening to him. He know that he could bear anything as long as he could partake of this time and this feeling of standing at the beginning of time, and taking control of the newness as it showed itself to him in the shadows that gave way to the light. Far away a howl penetrated his reverie, and he turned to speak to the magic of that sound. This was his music, this was his symphony that gave way to the very core of his being, and spoke the language of the ages. The birds silently, then with uninterrupted majesty welcomed the day with their song of creativity. This nurtured the feelings that bore themselves to the tyranny of the oppressed and the freedom of those who accepted their lot. There is no tyranny that is not accepted, for without the tyranny there could be no appreciation of the lot in life that keeps you free.

He knew what he must do, and that was the motivating force that kept him in the shackles that bound him to this life. He ran the mile with the intent that came into his memory as a serpent on wings of remembrance. This was his lot and his tyranny was expelled with the first light of day that showed itself over the tips of the mountains in the distance. Somewhere over there, beyond those mountains was the escape that beckoned to him in the morning’s early light. Some day he would find that release, and then he would know the sense of this that keeps him bound to this life in this place with these people who are most assuredly his family and who would give him his release when the sun goes down and beckons him to follow.

The sun rose and tickled the faces of the two who faced the open window, contentment filled their souls and joy filled their hearts. They had spent the last few hours of the night in comforting embrace, free of the passion of lovemaking. This was a new corner they had turned, and they carried it with them to the confines of the room, and out into the vastness of the new day. Surely they would never be as happy and content as they felt at this moment, until another came along. This was the way it was meant to be. So complete and so right with heaven and all there is.

Enki stopped first and gathered her to him midst the purple and blue of the garden. The aroma of freshly opening blooms caught them in the throes of love and scintillated their senses as to bring them to their knees to better appreciate the spell. There is no greater sound than the silence of love with no bounds. Words gave bound to love and now there is none. All there is, is the feeling that surpasses all thought, and the thought that expresses all feeling.

Eeta held a soft petal between her fingers and reveled in the fragrance that lingered, she pressed her fingertip to his lips and he tasted the sweetness of the combination of her loveliness and the blossom’s gift. There is nothing sweeter than the growing ease with which they expressed. There will never be another moment like this one, and another time in which to express. I love the times that we have and the reunion that we feel when we allow ourselves this freedom to explore the core of who we are. When we allow ourselves to just be who we are in this moment, we know eternity. There is nothing more. There can never be anything better than this wholeness we feel at this moment. We are together in time and we are all there is.

Enki took the petal that she held out to him. He held it in his delicate posture and summoned the strength to surround himself with an aura of wonder. This included his love for Eeta and all things sacred. Within this cocoon, he stretched out his hands and gave the petal back to the bloom. Eeta sealed the connection with her touch, and together they found the union to be complete. This was the touch of God that consumes all there is because it is all that is. There is no other than we and them and all we see and feel. When we grow and find our selves locked into the vestiges of love and sacredness, then we find the freedom to express in the way that finds us solace and forgiveness in everyway, in everything.

They walked together into the morning and gave way to the others as they strode by and found their way into their secret world. There is no separation and there is no place that is bound to love, and free of the supremacy of man. For man is the invention of The Creator and there is nothing else that makes sense but to be the expression of The Creator and walk in the truth that comes on the wings of the All.

Tempers had flared the day before, and were now ceased. There was to be a reckoning of the events that had taken place, and soon there would be the out-throws of the progress that would be made in the name of the Holy One. This too was the plight of those who walked in the energy of the holy, for without this resonance that was being felt by the throng who stood in homage to the one who had fallen in the line of duty, there would not be any sense to the life that had drawn them so inexplicably to each other.

Days came and days went, and still there was the need to make a degree of sense out of that which had no justification. Enki knew that he would face this throng again in a few days, and he would find that their ability to bring sense to the proceedings would save the sanity of the situation. He knew that once he had presented the plan that had so ingeniously amounted between him and Eeta, there would be no adverse reactions and all would proceed smoothly. Still, there was a slight sense of urgency to his plan. This would appease the throng, and serve the people of the outer reaches as well. There was no need to bring an element of violence into this for the very nature of what was to be did not support anything but the co-operation and blending of the energies of love and sustenance.

Eeta joined him and they walked toward the village, hand in hand, heart in heart, knowing full well that there was to be an uprising if they were not clear as to the extent of their faith that this would relieve the burden of fear from the village. They rounded the corner just as the last ones came up from the mine and joined the villagers in the square. Two seats sat vacant next to Abgal, who had arrived there earlier, after being summoned by Enki. He knew from the tone of the messenger that there was an air of expectant excitement, and that he would find that his ruminations of the night before were as united with theirs as he had suspected. He smiled as they approached, and when their eyes met, he felt the confirmation.

Enki faced the crowd after he had assured Eeta was comfortably seated next to his friend. So many faces; so many dear hearts. How would they take the news? He began, “Dear friends, I am going to tell you of our plan, and I assure you that we have sought the highest of council to bring the truth of the proceedings to you this day. You all are aware of the casualties at the spaceport last night. This, along with the others that have been plaguing our village, are in part the reason for this meeting. We in no way wish to disturb your lives and disrupt the business of the mines. It is with this feeling that we announce today that we will bring in a number of the ones from over the sea to work and help to bring these mines to a successful state. We shall employ their muscle power, and include them in the governing of the mines, in as much as they will work with the superintendents in a capacity of intercession when the volunteers do not wish to continue.

A great murmur went through the crowd, and more than one shouted reproach. “How will this make amends for the violence they have perpetrated upon us? For punishment you would bring the enemy to the victims and allow them the walk among us as if they were friends?

Enki held his hands up for silence. “Please allow me my say, then you may give voice to your concerns. I will fully address them at that time.” He looked around, waiting for the murmurs to abate. “Thank you. I continue; there is a part of this plan that bears to be made clear. That is that at no time will there ever be a renegade who will oversee the entire operation. We will be giving them full authority within their capacity, though they will have to adhere to the restrictions that their position allows. This is for the purpose of sticking to the entire operations as being a project for the good of Nibiru. There is to be no authority above that of mine, and Abgal is second in authority here. He and I have collaborated with our Creator, and we have been given the blessing to continue with this plan as inspired through our continuity with our Creator.”

Eeta surveyed the people around her. They seem to be accepting this so far. I wonder if any of them have ever come into direct contact with the renegades. They may have, though if that were so, I fear they would be less accepting. Enki was superbly directing this announcement. He is so eloquent. That is because he does so dearly love and respect them. Any less than that and he would not have so gained their respect.

Enki paused, and Eeta handed him the skin of water. Refreshed, he continued, “My friends, I am going to explain why we have come to this. We recognize that these ones have been put here on earth for a reason. We know that they have caused us great harm in many ways. We also know that they have just cause to have tried to reign supreme over the ones who would serve Nibiru.”

We have come to this planet from Nibiru to establish a hierarchy that will bring this planet into the golden age of power and might. These renegades are powerful in their potential. They have within their make up the ability to promote great wealth and great purpose for the forward moving of this planet. With their assistance, and the further moving of our love into their lives, I propose that we can find the spark of light within them and fan it to a bright flame that encaptures the souls of the loved ones who all find their strength in The Creator, and not in the fear that is produced from them now.”

I propose that the strength of our love, and our allowance of them in our lives, can bring them to a closer understanding that the only real power is in the strength of The Creator and the truth that is born in that strength. This is the motivator behind my plan, and as we see it unroll we will find the aspects of this plan that are weak and the ones that are strong. From there we can go forward in a revision that will bring unity to the people and unite the purpose of all of us.”

One of the miners shouted his concern. “How do we know that they will go along with what you propose?

Enki smiled, “We shall invite them to what they have been seeking. They may not realize as yet that we can all work together and share equally, and that will bring unlimited power, but when they see the proof of it, then we will be able to go on in harmony and peace.”

The villagers had waited long enough; they had to have their say. “What happens if they don’t believe you and try to take over? They’ll be in a much better place from which to gain their power for themselves.” The man who spoke was surrounded by his ten children.

We will be in a position to monitor anything that does not meld with our way of thinking. There is much that can come about that will direct us to any troublemakers there may be.” Enki shifted his tone, “We realize that they may probably try for a while to subvert these proceedings. We are capable of interceding should they try to push their way into the hierarchy. We will be able to keep them from doing that, and if this does not work, then we will look to what it is that we are not seeing that is the missing piece of information that will tie it all together. I know,” he stated with emphasis, “that we can accomplish this, as long as we keep close surveillance on them, and continually seek guidance from The Creator!”

Okay, say this does work; in the meantime, what do we do to assure that our families and friends will be safe?”

This is part of the plan. We are going to bring in extra help from Nibiru. Abgal will hand pick the men who will assist us to ensure that peace and safety reigns here.” Enki gestured to Abgal, who nodded his agreement. “No longer will we think of ourselves as being separate from our family on Nibiru. We are all part of the same, and in that we will keep each other secure. I will be setting up temporary quarters here in the village; I will be coming regularly to stay abreast of what takes place here. I will call regular meetings with all the officers and the mine personnel who are in a supervisory position, and I will as well invite random miners to participate and report to me at these meetings. You will all have voice here, and the renegades will as well.”

Enida stood and addressed Enki, “Perhaps we could find a name to call them that is more in keeping with being our friends.”

The laughter that erupted changed the mood to an easier, more acceptable climate. Enki thought for a moment, “I would say to address them as the Annunaki, those who from heaven to earth came.” They came here as did we, and I would think, for the sake of unity, that they would bear the official name of those who are new adoptees of Mother Earth.”

Once again the murmurings of the crowd displayed the sentiments of their whispers. This was to be the beginning of the new chapter in their lives, and to start with the name of the Gods from above was to test the faith of the plan that was presented. Were they to go into this with the fullness that bears results, or were they to withhold the very essence of their separation? Enida stood above the others, and represented their assent, “Welcome to the Annunaki! May they come in peace and stay in peace forevermore!”

Enki stood above the crowd on his way up the hill to survey that surrounding countryside. Eeta waited by his side, observing the lake that glistened in the late afternoon sun. This surely must be paradise, for she felt the comfort and reverence that comes when she is in direct commune with The Creator. There is nothing I adore more than being here, or anyplace else with my dear loved one. He is the reason for my being. He is the source of my solace and my joy. This bond I feel for him goes beyond mere physical lust and love, it is born within and so shall it reign.

Where is the sun that shines from above when the countryside springs forth in the dew of the morning? It shall be seen when I come and reign in the fields and the flowers that surround the village and secret the wishes of the lonely ones who wonder among them. The sun bids it’s coming when the day begins, and hides its face at the onslaught of the rain clouds. Still it is there, and nothing can stop its warmth. That is the way of The Creator, for there is a never-ending quality about all that comes from the source. And the source shall not be squelched from it’s shining.

Eeta gazed at her lover, and found the gazing to be most enjoyable. His stance, so powerful, yet tender; his look of solidity, easy in its might. How did she come to deserve such splendor? Was she born for this? Of course! It is unmistakable, yet a mystery in its calling. There is no greater pleasure in her short life, than to gaze upon this man, and wonder at his love.

Enki turned, shy and gentle. He had sensed her adoration, and returned the same with his smile. This was so right for his life; in it’s magic was the sense of it. No more long nights by the river, despairing with his loneliness. It was as if he had lost her before she even came to his calling. Then when she was there, he found the one he had been missing, though she was as a stranger at first glance.

What corner had been turned last night? Where was this new ease with her rooted? Was it in the oneness they experienced? It had to be; there was no other explanation. He reached for her hand, and squeezed gently. Then persuaded her with a touch, and down the hill toward the village they flew, wings outspread and wind flowing through their hair, silently beckoning the Gods of twilight to ascend and wrap them in their somber embrace.

We work together, she and I. It is a miracle of union. Shall we continue with this tryst, or shall it fall apart with time? I need not think of that for to do so will invite it to be. Enki looked at his love, and offered her his water skin. The spring on the hill had oozed clear and sweet from the ground. Now it tasted cool and invigorating. He tasted the sweetness on her lips, and offered her more. “This is the blood of my blood and the wine of my wine. I join you with my life essence, and declare you my own, as I am yours.”

She raised her lips to his once more and answered in kind. “I am your life and your essence for we are the same you and I. We carry the same blood and the same wine, and we are the essence of each other for always and ever, my love.” They stood thus, until the voices from the village gave way to their rapture.

My Lord! Thank God, my Lord, you are still here. We have a situation at the mine that needs your attention.” Enida rushed to their side and hurried them in the direction of the village. Shouts broke through the splendor of the previous moments, and when the mine came in view, the bedlam was rampant. Miners ran around rounding up children, and scattering the animals that had been let loose in the village. Horses stampeded and darted away for escape. The goats vainly sought the cover of overgrown trees. Dogs barked and chased the animals, nipping at the heels of the slower ones. Wolves lingered at the edge of the forest, waiting for the unwary prey to stumble into harm’s way.

What has happened here? Who let these animals loose?” Enki reached for the harness of a horse that came close; soothing words calmed the frightened steed. Eeta took the animal and led it to the stable. Enki moved into the fray, and took charge.

It is a renegade as surely as I am sitting here!” Abgal said, after the village was restored to order. “There cannot be any other explanation.”

I agree!” Enki said, “That only means that we have to implement our plan as quickly as possible. Enida, please, find me someone from the village who will oversee acquiring temporary living quarters for me. Make sure they are of considerable comfort to accommodate Eeta, for she will accompany me as often as she pleases.” He turned to Abgal, “My friend, if you would, take charge of putting together the men from Nibiru who will take on the duties of security within the village. We will proceed with our plan, and none too soon.” He rose, and reached for Eeta’s hand, “We are off for the court. We shall remain there until such time that we must be back here to settle into our new quarters.”

Abgal also rose, “I will notify you when all is in readiness.” He opened the door, “Shall I accompany you to the court? Night is drawing nigh, and we can converse on the way.” He looked out into the sunset and sighed with pleasure, “No matter what takes place on this lowly planet, the splendor of the heavens always goes on.”

The three friends disappeared into the forest on the timeworn path that wound intricately through the trees and past the river where Enki had so often lain in desperate aloneness. This time, he paused beside the bank and whispered to the rushing waters, “I shall return some day when the days of yesterday speak only of the joy that lives in my heart today.”
When Eeta rose in the morning, the stars were still overhead. She knew not what had awoken her, though it was a pleasant feeling. She quietly slipped through the narrow opening of the door, so as not to awaken Enki. Had she dreamt it, or had a whisper announced its presence?

She stole out into the garden, and found the way to be adorned with light from the moon. Shadows gained their strength with the night sounds that followed her path. Where was she bound, and why was she drawn to that unknown? She found her way among the roses and the daisies, all asleep, awaiting the kiss of dawn when they would release their fragrance upon the dew.

Eeta stood still near the forsythia that dressed itself in green after the spill of gold that harked its coming to the spring. She remembered the sight, bursting forth to herald the end of winter.

The hush that fell over her came swift and sure. What was it she heard in that hush, sharp, unexpected? Again! Oh my dear, why am I here in this silence? Why have I come seemingly unbidden from the lair of my love? Who calls me in my dreamtime, and then steals away having had its way? What fool am I to have come with its call?

As if in answer, a voice, soft and low. There it is again. “I cannot see who you are.” She whispered in return.

It is I, Loer. I had to speak with you, please forgive me, but I could not wait till the day to ask you this.”

Eeta gasped, and then relaxed. “My friend, what is it? Why are you out here at this time of night, and why call to me?”

I had a dream, and it frightened me. I had to see that you are safe.” Loer came more into view; his eyes betrayed his worry.

Of course I am safe. Why would I not be?”

In my dream, you were not safe, indeed …I do not care to continue the scene. There were renegades; and there was Enki, and then…” Loer managed a smile, “But you are here and you are fine. I am relieved. I beg your forgiveness, but I had to see that my dream was a foolish one.” He gently turned her around and started walking her back toward the room she and Enki shared.

It is alright, my friend. I thank you for your concern, but you are quite right; I am more than fine. This day has been one of the happiest in my life.” Eeta gave him a quick kiss on his forehead. I will go the rest of the way by myself.”
Enki watched from the window. It is not what it seems! She was merely out for a walk, and he came along. After the day we had, so close, there is nothing to fear here. He wasn’t convinced. Anger threatened to break through the euphoria that had gathered through the day. All I need do is ask, she will tell me the truth. Why was the room so red, like the blood coursing through his veins? How do I quell this rising stream of fire? She loves me, and no one else, not even him! She wouldn’t go from my bed to this tryst with him! She wouldn’t…


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