The Story of Nancy’s first Lifetime on Earth in 7090 bc and What Came of it in This Lifetime


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Chapter 7

You were with him!” The words hung in the still early morning air as a knife poised for the kill.

Eeta recoiled from the words and the uncontrollable fury in his eyes. “Enki! It’s not what you think, I promise you!”

He waited for her excuse.

I heard a sound in the night, like a whisper to me. I was drawn to investigate. Yes, he called to me; he was worried, and wanted to see that I was alright. He had a bad dream; he was scared for my safety.” Eeta could see that she wasn’t getting through to him. “Please Enki, haven’t you ever had a dream that frightened you terribly, then you couldn’t shake it?” His anger softened some.

That’s all it was.” Tears spurted from her eyes, mourning their closeness that was now scattered to the winds. “I can’t bear to see you like this. Please come back to me, and be my trusting love.”

He removed her hands from his arms, and muttered, “I’m going for a walk, to clear my head.” Then he was gone out into the starlit late night sky.
Morning came, and Enki was nowhere to be found. Eeta hadn’t slept since he ran out into the night. What was she to do? How could she survive this; how could their love survive this? It has to! She was determined. We will pray together every night. We will call in the love of the Creator to be with us through the day, and as we dream and sleep through the night. I cannot go on like this, and yet I cannot go on without him.

Enki wandered around for hours, until the first light of day. The spot by the river beckoned him. Perhaps I can regain some of the joy I deposited there so few hours before. No solace did he find there, just more of the despair that drove him. “Dear God why do I forsake myself so?” The cry echoed through the forest and came to rest in the bushes that lined the river where he lay. The torment that he felt emptied into the waters rushing downstream to speak to the lands of his sorrow. “I am bedeviled by my wrath, and this fair one is the object of my scorn. Why do I give her so much of my scorn, when I should indeed turn it on myself? How can I return to her time after time, begging her forgiveness? One time soon, she will not be there, and I shall find no solace in the loneliness, no reason to go on. He cried into the waters, “How do I go on?”

A still, sure voice, pure as the water he had tasted on her lips, whispered in his heart, “You are not going to find a measure of comfort and safety from your wrath till you find it in your heart to forgive who you are. There is purpose in your bloodline, and to know that perfection is to know yourself. This is according to the laws of love and the Divinity of the Creator. You have agreed to wear this cross until the end of time, as you now know it. At the end of that time, you will find the solace and joy that you seek, and it will be eternal unto me.”

He lay silent, listening to the voice, and the words that told him of the times to come. He heard the words that foretold the life he would witness, and he heard the destiny that would play out in his name. This was to be more far reaching than what he had previously seen.

He had a vision of what it would be in the future. He had a vision of man coming forth on this earth with a great plan to bring forth a new enlightenment to this planet, to all of existence. He saw this vision all at once. The Creator brought him this vision. He could not speak of it, for he was told not to. And he saw in this vision all of what was to happen. And he saw what he had to do. He saw when he had breathed that Light of The Creator, the essence of his life into the humans; when he breathed that Light, when he breathed the essence of his life into them and brought that essence into physicality to join with the essence of the Creator through him, through them, through all there is.

And the vision showed him the different stages that the people of the earth would go through. It showed him wars; it showed him a holocaust; it showed him flooding. It showed him a Savior walking the earth. The vision showed him the potential for false Gods, false learnings, false information that would come through the line of the Reptilians that had come to earth, the ones he had called the Annunaki, who came here to perpetuate their own agenda on this earth. He saw that it was all in purpose, and he saw his part in it. He saw it all.

And he saw through to the end of time, as he knew it. He saw that through all of the turmoil and all of the heaven and all of the hell, they would regard him as Jehovah, as the devil. He saw that they would regard him as the blackest of the black. And then he saw all that he did; he saw all the evil that he did, as he went through the years.

And then he saw that he would come back to the Light. He would realize that all is love, and that one day he would bring his love to the people of the earth and he would ride through eternity in the love and the light that all of mankind would rise to, and they all would live forevermore.
He didn’t know how long he lay there; was it eternity, or merely a second of time? He sat up, stiffly as though he had lain there for years. Why was he so unable to unburden the vision from his psyche? It was because it wasn’t over, there was more. It opened up in front of him, as the scene before him swayed and bended with the fluidity of time. As it settled into solidity, he saw himself, going through the motions of the wedding ceremony. His bride floated down the isle coming closer, closer. Her face was covered in mists. Was it mists from his tears, or from the mystery surrounding the outcome of this ceremony?

She drew nearer, and still the mists remained. Surely this must be a part of the dream, the vision of the future. Why cannot I see the lovely face of my Eeta? She is my bride and I love her more than life itself. Am I to go on in this mist forever, or shall I find the clarity with which to face what it is that is obscuring the truth of our alliance?

She reached out her hand to him. He clasped it in his. Her touch, so tender; and yet he sensed that it would slip out of his grasp and be forever lost if he breathed upon her countenance. With his other hand he reached up to part the mists. His hand went completely through the mists into nothingness. To his horror he found that that he was alone, standing there on the bank of the river in the opening rays of the sun. He knew he was awake; the wail that reverberated through the trees erupted from his soul and cast him to the ground in a convulsion of despair. He lay there till the echoes died away, and the song of the early morning birds greeted him and prodded him to rise and face the morning sun. It is cleansing, they sang, and it will clear the cobwebs of the dream and bring a new brightness to your day.

He closed his eyes for a few moments and drifted into a peaceful sleep. When he opened his eyes in the next moment, he felt a great peace. A butterfly dressed in crimson and gold alighted on a blossom to his left. He watched as the miracle of nature transposed itself on the palate in front of him. This time when he rose, he moved with the grace of an elk when it jumps over a stump through the air and comes to rest momentarily before ascending once more in its flight.

The memory of last night lingered as a faint dream. The only thing that made sense to him was to race back to the one who made this life complete. Eeta, Eeta, he sang in his soul. I am coming back, and I am never going to bring a tear of sorrow to your eyes again.

Eeta woke from her fitful sleep. She had managed to doze off for a time, and her dreams were filled with the raucous sounds of crows mocking her life and her time with Enki. This was to have been a fun day, one filled with merriment and good times; she had told herself that earlier yesterday. Now though, there was no merriment in her heart, only sorrow and worry. Where was he? She looked around their empty room, slipped out of bed and walked out into the sunshine.

The sun was well away from the horizon, and the birds were busily going about their daily chores. She sat on the chair that stood against the rail. Why do I feel so weak? Is it that I am not going to be able to function this day; is it because I need food? Why couldn’t she think straight? Her brain seemed a-swim with a mist that pervaded her senses and disrupted the easy flow of thought from her brain to the rest of her body.

I feel as if I’m only partly here, she rested her head on the back of the chair. This is too much, I must be able to function; there’s much to do this day. Enki! I have to find Enki!

Diandra pushed open the door and laid on the table at Eeta’s side a tray with two servings of steaming hot tea and biscuits decorated with fresh berries. “I saw you from the kitchen window. Looked like you needed a friend.” Diandra smiled and sat in the other chair.

Oh Diandra, you are a welcome face! Thank you!” She sipped the aromatic blend and sighed, “This is just what I needed.” Another few sips and her head began to clear. Diandra knows the exact right thing to cure any mood I might be in; she reads me as if she’s a part of me.

Lord Enki hasn’t come in yet. Did you have another fight?” With her friend’s raised eyebrows she continued, “I saw him leave your room last night, and he wasn’t singing.” She leaned closer as if to loose the next words on the gentle, Spring, morning air. “I am sure that he will return and you will find a difference. I heard something in the night, and it seemed to say that he is undergoing a transformation of some kind. There is nothing that goes on around here that I am not privy to. It’s uncanny, but I seem to be a collector for the shadows of this place.”

Eeta smiled for the first time since he stormed out of her arms last night. “You always were an enigma to me, my friend. Now I feel as though just being with you and enjoying your friendship has made me privy to your influences. I seem to be falling under the ability to tune in to many things that I was not able to before.” She shuddered with a remembrance of the illusions that her dreams brought her. “I seem to be able to get into his head and hear some of his thoughts, or his nightmares.”

Diandra knew what this meant. Her friend was coming into her own. Or, she was possessed by another more advanced Spirit. It’s too soon though, to tell her about such things. “I tell you what, I am going to go and bring you another cup of this wondrous tea, and then we will get you dressed and ready for the day. I sense that Lord Enki will be back soon, and you must be ready for him. This is going to be a day to end all days. This is going to be a day in which the rest of your life is formed. There will be no more dilly-dallying around. Lightness of step will be the norm, for you will be flying on the wings of the angels and nevermore will you feel like the little unknowing girl that I have seen in your eyes this morning. You changed since I came onto this patio, and now you are going to make some more changes that will prepare you for the next phase in your life.” Diandra kissed her friend on the forehead and disappeared into the confines of Eeta and Enki’s room.

Enki shook the cobwebs from his head. Why am I not able to come to terms with what happened last night? I am on my way back to the only woman who means anything to me, and yet, I may drive her away from me with my outbursts of jealousy. I have to get hold of myself! I must show her that I am changed, and that I will be a good husband for her. How can I convince her if I cannot convince myself?

He strode up the hill and into the garden. The fountain sprang forth with a cooling spray. He drenched his fevered brow with the freshness, letting the water drip down over his face and onto his chest. Still my beating heart, lest you give away your intense fright. Am I the coward who dares not steal back into my love’s heart? Or am I going to stand here forever and melt away into oblivion?

He removed his stained and rumpled shirt and wiped his face and chest. There she is! He squared his shoulders and walked across the grass. What is it I see in her stature? Is it a new reserve, a new dignity? His heart flipped and dropped with a thud. Oh God, she has decided that she doesn’t need me anymore; I’ve lost her. He stopped mid-stride and almost ran away. A still sure voice whispered, wait; it isn’t as you think. Don’t be a coward; he took a deep breath and headed for the patio.
Enki! Eeta wanted to run. But no, I must face him. She looked at the figure coming across the grass, and was surprised with what she saw. He was different; Diandra was right! How did she know? Her Spirit lifted. He looks so good; I want to run to him and tell him its all right. She stayed where she was.

He stopped just short of the steps. “Morning.” The words croaked, and he cleared his throat. “I’m so sorry that I did that to you. I will not insult you by saying that I won’t do that again, for I didn’t know that I would do it then. I ask that you allow me to speak with you, and that we can come to some kind of mature understanding about this.”

His eyes, what is different about his eyes? Eeta stood and moved toward him, her trembling hands outstretched. He grasped them in his and allowed her to draw him to her. “We will meet in the drawing room, and then we will find the strength to go on and take the necessary precautions against this happening again. Come,” she lead him in out of the hot sun, “Let’s go where it is cool and neutral.’

Enki wasn’t sure what to think of this new Eeta; so cool, and sure, yet removed somehow. Have I lost her, after all? I have no choice. He followed her into the coolness; when his eyes adjusted he found the most comfortable seat and lead her to it. He took the seat opposite and waited for her to begin.

Enki, I’ve been thinking a lot about our lives together.” She started out slowly, choosing her words as if she would loose everything if she uttered one wrong word. “I need some time to come to an understanding of what my life with you will be like.”

Enki breathed a little easier; she said will, not would.

Now I feel that we need to talk about what it is that you expect of me, and me of you. This is a time in our lives when there is so much at stake and I don’t want anything to spoil our time and keep us from being happy.” She stopped for a breath, and looked at her hands clenched in her lap. She unclenched them with a feeling of power, and the energy of release surged through her. She felt lighter, more open. Her sigh of relief echoed through the air between them, and cleared the emotions that hung heavy obstructing their communication.

Enki managed a smile, and she met it with her own. Suddenly they were in each other’s arms and the passion ran unabated for a few moments, till she forced herself to stand away from him, out of breath. She straightened her clothes and sputtered, “We, we’ve got to keep this at a distance for the time being. We can’t answer every problem we have with sex. We…” She felt the color rise from under her thin blouse and up her lovely neck, threatening to erupt in a spattering of giggles. This is impossible! We have to be serious.

Enki’s expression turned from mirth to seriousness. He felt clearer than he had in days. Is this what it is to be in respectful conversation with a woman? I feel on equal terms with her, while at the same time realizing the differences. How can that be? He took her by the hand and offered, “I’m famished! Why don’t I go to the kitchen and bring us both something to eat. We can talk through the whole afternoon.”

Remembering the untouched biscuit on the patio, she agreed. “I am hungry. I’ll go with you. We can talk while we’re fixing the food.”
By the time they had finished the meal, they were well into the communication that paved the way for their ultimate celebration of the Trillion Blessings. Never before had the respect and adoration shown itself in the words and feelings of the two lovers as it did that day. They were as children, wise beyond their years. A new lightness of being surfaced in their step and their relationship with each other. When they retired for the night, they had covered every aspect of their time together and the times in between as well. The foundation for a sure and solid union was set in place, and they slept with an assurance and a profundity that had not been felt in that room before.

It was seven months since that last fight Enki and Eeta had. For seven months they had gone through preparations for their Trillion Blessings celebration. They had come to a deeper understanding of the love they shared and the abundant life they would have together, abundant in joy and love and a peaceful union. There was no other way that they could find to express their love for each other than to go along in the sharing they were experiencing and bringing to each other. The court was running smoothly with this newfound ease, and the mines seemed to have benefited as well.

Enki greeted the morning sun with a smile and a soaring in his heart. This is the day that he becomes a King, a King in the heart of his woman, a joyful representation of the happiest and most fulfilled man in the whole universe. All those self doubts and all that craziness is behind him now, and he is going to live in the Light of the Creator from this moment on. No more descents into hell, and the despair that drives him to the rages he has no control over. This is what it is to be in the Grace of the Creator and to walk in bliss forevermore!

Just a few short hours and he will be wed to Eeta. He glanced at her lying there still, a smile upon her face. How lovely she is! How sweet and yet so wise is she. I shall rule the kingdom with her by my side and we will ride the waves of power forever and ever. There is no grander way to bring the beauty of The Creator into expression than by giving light to the love and the life that is given to us. We are the hand of The Creator when he reaches down and covers us with his guidance. We walk for him in the love that he sends to all there is. There is no better way to devote my life than to be in the service of the one who created me; I am ready for the chore.

Eeta held up the dress that her mother and Diandra had fashioned for the celebration, and all was in readiness for the feast. The palace had been newly renovated and scrubbed down to the last inch. She hung the dress in the closet and draped the cloth over it to protect it from the dust. Tomorrow was to be the big day. She ran her fingers through her thick auburn brown tresses, and turned to admire her profile in the mirror that hung over the dressing table. Her cheeks glowed with the expectancy of the coming times. She knew that there was nothing in her life that could equal this, nothing that had come as yet. Surely there would be more delightful times to come, but she knew to savor each when it was upon her. This is the heaven that she always dreamed of. To be wed to the man who was her everything, with the blessings of The Creator, was the ultimate promise to a grand and happy life.

She paraded up and down the room, practicing her vows and the gifts of jubilation that she would share with her new family. This was the custom of the bride, to share her riches with the family who was giving their all to her. She was to be the Empress, Enki announced. She was to wear the crown of the family in every way, for she bore the name very well. There is no grander way to begin one’s new life than with the embrace of the family who gave life to the one of your dreams.

This union is made in the heavenly grace of The Creator, and nothing would convince her otherwise. Enki has been so kind and devoted since that day when they spent the hours into the night immersed in the freedom of their new truth with each other. She had been told in that night, after Enki had fallen asleep that a child would come of this union, a boy child, who would bring great change into their lives. Life is so sweet; and a child will bring the finishing touch to their bliss.
Preparations were being finished for the festivities the next day. The kitchen staff had much in readiness for the last minute details. Loer carried the last tray of dishes to the formal dining room. There, now I can retire for the night. As much as he loved Eeta, he couldn’t mistake the gleam in her eyes and the love that emanated from her for Enki. She had assured him that since that night months ago when Enki had blown up again when he saw them together, they had come to a new understanding, and that their love was so much more secure. He couldn’t deny that he felt disappointment from his loss, but his affection for her was pure and he wanted for her the ultimate in happiness. If that meant she was to be wed to Enki, then so be it.

He stole a look at the tablet he took from his pocket. Her likeness was true to her image. His gift for drawing equaled his love for her. He had captured the happiness in her eyes; that enabled him to find peace in the knowledge that she would never find her way into his arms, for she knew happiness in Enki’s. As long as he could hold on to the memory, and gaze upon this likeness of her, he could survive anything.

Loer looked around the large room once more, and then extinguished the lamp before closing the door. The sanctuary of the garden drew him to the comfort of its shadows.

The air was thick with the aroma of the blooms that lined the walkway. How often had he followed the path to his secret door? Now the door stood ajar. What was this? He hesitated before peering into the darkness. Who had found his secret passage to the tunnel? He waited until his eyes had accustomed themselves to the dimness. There, now he could see the outline of the bend in the tunnel opening. He tread softly so as not to alert whomever may be in there. He was so familiar with the path, now he found his way by following the curve of the walls.

The soft glimmer ahead greeted him. He stopped and listened; no one, no noise. Did they hear him; would he be accosted as he entered the room? A stumble, and soft muttering gave away the intruder. Loer took his chance, “Who’s there?” he burst into the room, just as the man disappeared around the corner into the next passageway. “Stop! I demand you show yourself!” He ran after him and almost knocked him down. The struggle brought them back into the room, and Loer was able to pin the man against the far wall. The man was small in stature, and no match for Loer’s tall frame.

I, I have been living in here, and below,” the frightened man pointed to the passageway where he had just tried to escape. “I did not mean to show myself. I have seen you here and I am always careful not to intrude.”

Who are you, and what are you doing; what do you mean you live here?” Loer eased his grip a bit, and allowed the man to turn around. Why, he’s no more than a youth of maybe 17 or 18 years! His eyes bugged out in fright, pleading for his safety.

Forgive me; I am orphan, and I have no other place to hide. I was cast out of my family when I was only a young lad, ten years now. I have been living in places like this since then. I cannot show myself for I would be in mortal danger were I to be seen.”

Lower could not believe what he was hearing. This was too much to believe. He had heard of this lad, yet he didn’t think he would ever see him. He was banished from his people for the murder of his parents, and yet he had insisted that he was not responsible for the murder. It was them, those others who came in the darkness and took people for their rituals. Still, his people had not believed him; they said they had evidence.

Loer sat down with this lad, and engaged him in conversation, to ease his fear.

There’s something I haven’t told you yet,” the boy finally confessed. “I am not going to be a bother to you, but I have some knowledge that you must know. I have to tell someone, and I trust you. You have not tried to turn me in, or hurt me.”

Loer smiled, “Whatever you tell me it is safe with me. You have to know, though, that if I feel someone else should know, I will tell them.”

The boy nodded, then, “I am the son of a renegade. I was taken when I was only 2 years old, and reunited with my real parents. They had given me up to a couple who were in power in a village far from here. They were used to guard the mines in that area, and they were given me as payment, for I could be of use to them as I grew. Those are the parents I am accused of killing. My real parents are the ones who murdered them.” He hung his head in shame, “You see, I overheard them saying that they never intended for me to stay with them forever. They planned to use them for as long as they were useful to them, and then eliminate them and take me back. They hadn’t counted on me being accused for the murder. When that happened then they banished me, in order to divert attention away from them.” He paused and then looked Loer straight in the eyes. “There is so much more I could tell you, but not now; not till you can assure me that I will be safe.”

But how could you have murdered your adoptive parents if you were only two?”

Oh, no; you misunderstand! I was returned to my renegade parents at two, because it didn’t work out for me to remain there. I did continue to visit them, when my parents would send me there for occasional work with them. So there was the opportunity for a relationship to grow and to be of use to my real parents. It wasn’t until I was ten that they were murdered. Since then, it has been this running for me.”

Loer knew he must tell Enki about this. There was something here that the lad would have to tell them, that he would have to feel safe in telling. I will have to convince Enki that this lad should be taken in to the court and protected in exchange for this additional information.

I will take you to a place of safety. Lord Enki is a fair and just man; he will give you shelter. But first you must promise that you will tell us what it is you know.” Loer paused and then added,” You must also promise me that you will reveal to no one that you know about this cave and the tunnel. I found you hiding in the garden, do you understand? This is my secret place, where I come to be alone with my thoughts. I want it kept that way.”

The boy agreed. The thought of a comfortable bed and food in his stomach was all he needed to promise Loer anything. He was tired of running and foraging. If he played his cards right, he could be here forever in the protection of the Lord.

Eeta stood by her window and watched as Loer and a young man walked toward Enki’s office door. The door opened onto the stone patio that surrounded the whole north curve of the palace. Who is that? He certainly looks like he’s not seen a cleansing river for months, nor a warm filling meal. Maybe I should go and see if I can be of help. A feeling stopped her. She sensed danger. I’ll wait and ask Loer later, or better yet, Enki. With the celebration tomorrow, she didn’t want to do anything to spoil the festivities.

In the dimming light, she walked out onto the patio and sat in the chair by the cypress tree. Tomorrow would be the best day of her life. There was no mistaking that life with Enki would be all that she envisioned. They would have a son, and then more children, she was certain. Before too many years go by the place would be alive with laughing, running children of the King and Queen. Loer would be like an uncle to them, or a big brother. She smiled with the vision. Finally there would be peace in the family, and all would be joyful and rich. Enki will be a wonderful father, firm at times, but loving and playful.

Shouts came from the office, interrupting her thoughts. That’s Enki! What is happening? She ran across the grass and into the room just as two men grabbed the young man she’d seen with Loer. Enki reached for one of the men and shoved him aside stepping between the boy and the other man who’d tried to capture him. “Leave this house, now! You have no claim on this boy; he is a guest here.”

Loer had managed to unhand the other man, and now stood beside Enki, the two forming an impenetrable force against the intruders. Enki repeated, “Leave now! This is not your concern; I will take care of this matter.”

The two men, seeing the futility of remaining to carry out their purpose, left silently. Loer followed them to assure that they would leave the court. When he returned to the room, Enki was explaining to Eeta what had transpired.

It’s a good thing Loer found him and brought him here, for those two were on his trail, and they would have taken him and left only a reminder of who he is.”

Who is he?” Eeta felt a familiarity to him, though this puzzled her.

He is the son of my long lost uncle, my mother’s brother.” Enki noted the boy’s surprise. He didn’t know this! I thought surely… No, my uncle would not have told him; it would not do for a son of royalty to be used in such a way. It was part of the plan, to use this connection to carry on his plot of appeasement in order to control that which he was in desirous action to attain.

Eeta remembered suddenly! I have seen him in the garden; I thought him to be one of the staff.

Loer told her, “I came upon him in the garden, and sensed I must bring him here.”

Enki moved to her side and peered into her eyes. “My dear, you must rest for the day ahead. I will take care to see that the boy is comfortable and fed. No harm will come to him.” He led her closer to the boy, “Shem, this is my betrothed, Empress Eeta. We are to be wed tomorrow. I would be pleased with your attendance at our celebration, as a representation of my mother’s family.” He then turned to Eeta, “My dear, this is Shem, who has come at a most opportune time. He shall sit at the head table, if that pleases you.”

Eeta wasn’t sure how to feel. But of course, she must welcome him to the family, for this is a joyful time, and he is indeed part of who Enki is. “I am honored and pleased to welcome you to our time of joy.” She smiled and took his hands in hers. The glow in his eyes as he returned her gaze lifted her heart in a solace that she didn’t understand, but welcomed, even so. “I will go and see to a tray being brought to his room. Shall we give him the room next to your study, where you reserve the comfort for guests?”

Enki smiled; she must have read his mind. “I have already instructed Diandra to freshen the room.” He kissed her forehead, and tenderly suggested, “I feel he would like a huge piece of tonight’s berry cake, along with the bread and stew.”

As the door closed, Loer turned to Enki and asked, “What do we do now?”

Enki looked at him as if he didn’t see him, at first, and then he cleared his head, and remembered that this was now, and that was then; now there were matters to attend to. He seemed to drift in and out of time lately. What was this? And now…now he must secure the room, and make sure that those two are out of range and out of his life.

Thank you for bringing him here, Loer, “ he managed a smile. “Please show him to his room, and see to it that he is comfortable. I’ll go myself and check the grounds before I turn in.” He would also alert the guards to keep an eye out for the intruders. He recognized them as being from the band that often show themselves in the village and around the court. Now he knew why they keep themselves so prevalent; they must have been sent by his uncle to keep an eye out for Shem.

The visages that hung in front of him were as those of the unruly pair that had attempted to bring Shem to the other side of the village, where their Father resided. Enki saw the whole scene playout as if in a dream. But he wasn’t dreaming, he was fully aware of the tree he leaned against, and the rush of the water at his feet. His eyes, though only partly open saw all too clearly what was being presented to him. He saw the boy being escorted back to his father and then he saw what would take place in the event this happened. He saw the boy held in a pose that enabled the ritual to be successful. Then he saw the hand slip into the vessel that held the water that would preserve the hand throughout the life of the boy, who lay now with only one hand intact.

He could not allow this to happen. He had seen too much of this kind of atrocity take place. The reasoning surrounding this particular ceremony was to declare that there would always be a connection of this boy to the darkness that enveloped the rest of his heritage. These people, these creatures who ordained that these actions take place were a part of the darkness that always followed him through all his work with the Light. How could he ever get away from this disease, and cleanse his existence of the plague?

I must, for it is too undesirable to remain in this shadow. When I am wed with The Creator’s Blessings, then I shall always have the light of Eeta to overcome the darkness. She will be my beacon to ward off the shadows that forever haunt me.

Enki dipped silently into the current and allowed its cleansing waters to flow over his concern and bring a new freshness of being to his soul.

Eeta closed the door to Shem’s room. She had delivered the tray of food to him personally, and offered him a chance to come to an agreement with tomorrow’s festivities. She would be pleased if he would act as the one who would place a ring of gold on the hand of the one who would from that day be her husband in the deepest sense of the word. This would signify that the family of Enki’s mother too sanctified this union, and that would bring the circle to completion. She would tell Enki of her decision when he returned to their room. She knew he would be most pleased. The gold ring that would grace his finger tomorrow would be the symbol of that unity. She had the ring fashioned from the finest gold that she had been given; this was her gift to him of the symbol of their love and life together, proof to the world of their commitment to each other and the love that represented the unity of all.

As the day drew to a close, she readied herself for sleep and bade the last day of her maidenhood goodbye. Enki would return soon, and they would close the chapter on the old and open the new together.
Eeta awoke with the sun streaming in over both of them. Enki looked so peaceful, with his eyelids fluttering as if in flight. I wonder what he’s dreaming. She resisted the temptation to touch his lips with hers. Let him carry out the adventure on the other side of his slumber. His lips parted in a quick smile, which was then, just as soon gone, leaving a trace of joy on his face.

His mouth was so tempting to her. How could she ever get enough of the taste it brought? His lashes reached out and ended just in time, before they took over the emphasis of his beautiful gray-blue eyes. She had not seen such perfection in anyone before. How could it be that he was so perfect for her? What Divine twist of fate had endowed her with this shining example of the purity of her love reflected back to her? He was perfection! His body fit hers like a glove; she found ripeness in his secret places, and he found the answer with hers, he had told her so. What makes the completion so sweet if it is not that they are one after all?

His face quieted into sweet sleep for a moment or two, and then a fluttering of his eyelids, and he was staring into her adoring gaze, matching hers with his. His smile radiated out with the memory of what today will bring.

My dear one, you are the sweetest way that I can awaken for the rest of eternity.” The words left his lips as if they had been awaiting the light of day to be spoken. He reached up and tenderly touched her hair, her eyes, her lips, and then he found the place for his lips to place their promise of everlasting love. There is no sweeter time than the moments just before the rest of eternity is lived in completion in the moment of truth. There can be nothing finer than what is right now, for without the knowledge of the fullness of the moment there can be no other that can compare.

The flurry of activity that had built to this moment had started with the eruption of the house with the break of dawn. Final dusting and sweeping had been accomplished and the finest accoutrements for the wedding were being placed in every corner of the areas of festivity. Flowers decorated every flat surface. Silver gleamed from the tables, and the finest dishes were laid in perfect precision.

Guests were arriving from all parts of the area. Many villagers had banded together to form a welcoming committee for those who came great distances. They opened their homes and made them welcome.

Musicians readied their instruments and prepared to play well into the night. They came from many miles and planned to spell each other throughout the festivities. Eeta listened as the breeze played through the strings of her windharps, and teased the rods of the wind chimes that hung throughout the garden, and just outside the window to her and Enki’s room. Heaven would be one of the musicians, and the tone is oh so sweet!

She turned and walked into the grand ballroom. All is in readiness here as well. The doors that opened onto the pavilion stood ajar so as to allow the air to freshen the evening shadows, and to allow an easy overflow for the dancers to enjoy.

Diandra burst in, “There you are! We have been looking all over for you. Your mother is fit to be tied! You must be dressing for the ceremony, there is much to do!” she tucked her arm in Eeta’s and whisked her off to the recesses of the palace to where her wedding dress hung ready to play this most important role.

It’s alright Mother,” Eeta protested. “I have everything well in hand. All I have to do is slip into my wedding clothes and tidy my hair a bit”

Do you think that is all there is to do? My dear, I have some things I need to tell you about being married. This is serious business.” Eeta’s mother, Marachi, wore her frown as an emblem of supreme caring, proof that she was a doting mother, and would not relinquish her hold on her parental duties for anyone. She reigned over the staff with as much aplomb as was deserving of a King, a Lord, and with this ceremony there was a certain amount of disdain that her daughter would bring shame to the Court without her direct intervention. It is not proper for a mere maid to be wed into royalty, but alas this is the way of it, so I must uphold my duty and see that she is properly prepared to keep the sanctity of the court as her primary purpose.

Eeta sighed. She had listened to this tirade before, and thought that she might be spared on this day. “Yes Mother, I will allow you to instruct me as to the ways of being the wife of royalty, as long as I am able to dress while you tell me. I wish to take some quiet time before the ceremony in which to be alone with my thoughts and my gratitude to The Creator for his Grace that he has bestowed upon me, and my dear Enki.”

The disappointment on her mother’s face reminded Eeta of the position her mother fancied herself to be in. She takes this class thing so seriously; she’s come a long way to be in acceptance of this. Her highest aspirations for me used to be that I could someday relieve her of her duties of the head of the household staff. Now I am to be in a position that in her eyes already supercedes that of hers.

She took Marachi’s hands in hers; they’re trembling! Tears moistened her eyes, as she realized the fear in her mother’s heart. “Dear Mother, I love you so very much, and I want you to always know that Enki and I wish for you to be a part of this royal family in every way. Please reconsider and allow someone else to relieve you of your duties. We would like to allow you to be in leisure here, a regular part of the royal family, and all that entails.”

My dear daughter, how can I do that? I worked long and hard to achieve what I have. Why would you think I would give that all up for a handout that comes to me just because I bore you? No, I am not a beggar, and I will remain where I am, where I rightly earned my way.” She coaxed Eeta to sit beside her on the sofa. “I am not going to pretend that I am thrilled with this marriage. I have certain misgivings about marrying out of class. But I see I have no authority over this decision, so I will relent, and offer you and Lord Enki the best of intentions for your life together.”

She closed her eyes for a moment, and when she opened them again, the pain was obvious, “I am going to have to tell you about your father now. He did not go away when you were born. He stayed here and worked in the court. He was the butler who went away when you were sixteen. He never knew about you until one night when I could no longer keep the secret. I was going to make it very difficult for him if he had stayed, for I could no longer see him having no responsibility for you when you needed a father so. After I told him about you, he could no longer remain here. He was confused and furious with me. He felt that he could not bring to you an understanding of how he felt and the need he had to keep this from others. He was married when you were conceived, and our indiscretion would have devastated his own family.”

Eeta couldn’t believe this! Why was she telling her this now, of all times? “This is my wedding day! Mother, how could you have told me this now? What am I to do with this information?” Eeta sprang from her mother’s side, furious with the hot tears that rolled down her cheeks. “You’ve done it Mother, you’ve ruined this day for me! How could you? Please leave.”

Diandra rushed in, “I heard the shouts. What is the matter?”

Mother was just leaving; she has things to attend to. You are going to assist me to finish dressing for my perfect day!” Eeta couldn’t help the sarcasm that spat the words in her mother’s direction.

Her mother tried to explain more, but Eeta wouldn’t hear it. When they were alone, Eeta told her friend what her mother had decided to tell her on this most important day of her life.
Enki felt something was wrong. He couldn’t put a touch on it, but something, with Eeta. I must go see her! His tap on her door startled Diandra and Eeta. “I’ll go see to the punch. “ Diandra murmured, and gently closed the door behind her.

My dear, you look shaken. What is it?” Enki held her as her trembling subsided. His arms around her quieted the shouting in her head, and she told him what her mother had confessed.

Enki sighed, “That explains what the man was trying to tell me when he left so abruptly with his family. That was four years ago; she waited till now to tell you? Oh my dear!” he held her close and allowed the questions to sort themselves out in his mind before speaking again. “My darling, I know this has been a blow to you. Your father was not whom you thought, but my dear, he was a far finer man than the one whom you thought was your father. That man was someone who would not have provided a good bloodline for you; he was a scoundrel, and he did not leave of his own volition. I banished him from here.

Your mother never knew what he did, for I saw no reason to inform her about him. I thought, why add to what has already been evident by his leaving. He stole from the court and he committed adultery on another of the staff.” He thought for a moment and added,” If I had been more forthright with the news of what he did, then you would not have been so fooled all these years.”

I thought that my father had gone off to some bold adventure to find a better life for us, and that he had been killed.” Eeta laughed bitterly. “Instead I learn that he has been right here, and wasn’t even told. The secrets that my mother kept; I wonder what else she hasn’t told me.”

Enki led her to sit beside him, and poured her a small glass of wine, to sooth her. He let her talk it out, quieting her troubled mind. His comfort bolstered her for the coming events of the day, and soon she was smiling again, radiance penetrating the anguish that had clouded her face, and blocked out the sun that now beamed forth and met the love that he shone forth to her. This day was to be a day to remember. It was to set a precedent for their lives of happiness and joy, for they were meant for each other, and nothing would keep them from helping each other out of the darkness for the rest of eternity.

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