The Story of Nancy’s first Lifetime on Earth in 7090 bc and What Came of it in This Lifetime


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Chapter 9

There was only one thought that came to Enki as he stood and watched as the miners took care of the situation that had betrayed them to their work. They stood in a throng and told the Gods of their chagrin. Then they bowed their heads and offered to the Gods their forgiveness of what had befallen them and their two friends who had fallen, never to return to the ones who had escaped the trial that had brought them to this point.
Was it truly over for them, or were they to return to this mess and begin again in the future times? There was only one way to walk forth from this, and it was to forgive and forget the tumult and to know that there was only one place to be and that was in peace over the whole thing. He walked over to them and offered his love and his tears. He then took the hands of the two closest to him and said, “We are in this together and in order to bring about the lasting power of our home planet, we must continue with our work here. It is the gold that holds the power of restoration and in this work we are giving ourselves, and all of mankind the ability to be in the trueness of being. We are serving all of life here on earth and above by seeing the value of what we do here. We will rest now and take our places with our families in order to come to terms with what it is that we do to serve our God and ourselves.
He watched as they all nodded their heads and turned and walked to their huts and homes where their loved ones awaited their return. Enki knew that it would require some time for them to recover their strength. He knew that it would take some time for him to bask in the strength of his loving wife and son before he too would be able to realize the fullness of what he had experienced on this day. As the last of the miners disappeared in the lengthening shadows of dusk he knew that it was time for him to return to his family and what lies ahead.

Times were never what one would seem they were to be. Enki’s thoughts were met with the replenishment of his strength as he neared his home. When one sees life as an unfolding pattern of issues, one is tuning into what takes place around him. It is so seldom that one sees life as it can be, only what it has been and probably will continue to be. Why are we so shortsighted? Is there no purpose to life other than to live it in the moment of daily chores and the aggravating occurrences that befall us? He realized that he was falling prey to the discouragement he felt, and he knew that with his return to his loving family he would be surrounded with questions and the opportunity to raise his despair through them.
The voice that came to him was strong and sure. As he listened he realized that he had long ago found this voice to be settling to him and a source of peace with what was around him. He so needed this voice and to be able to hear it. I will stop the inner chatter and allow the voice to speak of its innermost truth.

It is time for you to go within this situation and see what it is bringing you in the way of growth. What has come about in this that speaks to you of something that you have not seen? Is there a voice in the wilderness that is showing you what it is that can make this a better way to interact with the ones who give you such a gift?”

Enki was confused. “I know of no gift, yet you speak of it. I hear what you say; yet I am not there. I must ask for a clearer interpretation so that I can see what it is that you are giving me.”

It is a gift of yourself; a gift that you carry with you at all times. All you need do is to allow yourself to hear your own words for what this voice brings to you is your own inner truth, the truth that can set you free from your torment. Listen to what your heart tells you when you think of your child and your dear wife. That is your inner truth, and bears hearing at any moment that you ask.”

Enki listened and heard what he had not thought of. He saw that he had been gauging life by his outer encumbrances and not by the inner strengths that he carried. He looked around and saw the glow from the trees as he passed by them. He saw the glow that accompanied the grasses and the branches that stood out and carried the truth of the beauty of life. Even though the sky bore many stars and a moon that stood tall from the horizon, his pathway was lit up as a passing light that accompanied him with every step.

This is what I was hearing, he realized. This is the best way I see to be able to realize the truth of the moment. I am being led home in safety. I am seeing that when others see the same light, they can too be in safety all the way through their lives, no matter where they are and what they do. The light from within is our beacon to a life full of love and promise for a wonderful future, as well as a promising present moment.

Suddenly there loomed in front of him the walls of the home that housed all of his loving expression. The windows cast a glow that called to him to hasten, for his loving embrace was being awaited by those within. He hurried his step and found himself immediately at the door, which was opening with no effort, as if in a whisper of ease of movement. His heart lifted as he felt the love from within spread out and enclose all that was in front of him, with no boundaries and no end. He was at home in his body as sure as he was at home in his home.

There came a time for Eeta when she realized that she was not only happy, she was ecstatic in her life. She had her son, her husband and a life filled with people and surroundings that served her every desire and need. She knew that because of her place in this life she was setting a precedent for the years to come. She saw that there was nothing that she could not do or have that was in her best interests and pleasure. It was a matter of taking it all in stride and making the most of all that she has and is, in order to serve others and the wonderful bounty that she was being given.

As she looked out over the garden surrounded by the flowers on the bushes that adorned the pathways to every corner of the land, she felt the ease in which she fell into this paradise. Was it already the time of harvest and the bountiful riches from what had been seeded the times before? Indeed it is, and as she saw this in its clarity she began to note all of the treasures that the bounty carried. She felt the slight stirring of her son as her hands caressed his face. She felt the longing she had to hold him and squeeze his precious body, yet not disturb him in his sleep with the angels of earth.

She turned from the window and gave the carriage a slight move for the glow of the moon to cast its warmth on Emil’s face. The contours of his cheeks, nose mouth and chin took on a meaning that gave him contact with the sky and the many facets of life represented in his soul expression. She felt the pull he had with her to emit a light that bounced back and forth between them as a candle gently flickering in the evening air. This prize of Enki’s and her love is the best example that can be in creation. It all seems too good to be true.

She stopped in mid-thought.. “What does that mean; why did that spring forth from my mind?” Never mind; erase it, for it has no bearing in truth. She looked down at the sleeping face, and her smile cast away any leftover feelings of the previous slip of thought. Her heart lifted back to ecstasy when she saw the smile on Emil’s face, then the glowing face in the window of Enki peering in at the two treasures awaiting his return.

The days, weeks and months slipped by with nary a disturbing thought or deed. This was a time of thankfulness for all that was given them. The mines had been cleared and the workers back in service. The memory of the devastation was almost forgotten, to the point where laughter and easygoing chatter was prevalent throughout the workday.

Emil was walking around holding onto furniture and people as he encountered them. He was going on two years old, and his ability for much activity was enhanced by the eagerness of all in the Court to assist him to playfulness and agility. Loer became as a big brother to him, and as Enki observed them at play, he noted a troubling feeling stir up in him. Was it a transference of the old jealousy, or was there something there that bore a note of truth?

Enki shook his head to clear it of the thought. Beware the awful lie of untruth and get back to the measure of trust that all is well and full of love. Still it took a bit more of shaking loose of the old before he could smile again while gazing upon the play of his son and one of Eeta’s dear friends.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye he spotted a figure running toward him. He started for the man and saw immediately that it was one of the supervisors from the mine. “Dear one, what it is that you come to tell me?” Enki’s expression turned to concern, matching that of the man who stopped, silent for a moment and then whispered through his shortness of breath, “My Lord, there is trouble at the mine. I got out of there in time to run for you before the trouble escalates into full-blown battle from which I would not have escaped.

Enki called for Loer to bring some water, and led the man to the bench under the tree. As the words of unannounced intervention at the mines erupted from the man’s lips, Enki sensed that this was the invasion that he had sensed was to come. Why didn’t he go and stay there when he first felt the problem was to arise? He had pushed it away so as not to disturb his peace and joy in the home and family he had created.

I will go and see to the problem,” he told the man. “Loer, round up the necessary men here and tell them to make haste to the mine as soon as possible. I will be ready to go forthwith.” He hurried to tell Eeta of what he must do. She and Emil greeted him with laughter, which stopped short when they saw Enki’s grim face.

I must go and take care of this problem. I promise to return as soon as I can. I feel this is the invasion of the creatures from the north who have been planning on coming and taking over the operations at the mine. I have been having visions of them plotting and setting dark energies of coercion and overtaking in order for them to bear the richness of the mines in their favor. They will do anything to be in a position to benefit from the need of our people on Nibiru for the gold.”

Eeta understood. She was not surprised at this for she too had been having visions and feelings. She knew that the time would come when he would have to go to the mines and bring them back into his jurisdiction. “My dear one; I know you must go, though I will miss you terribly, as will Emil. This must take precedent though, for the future of Nibiru and our people is at stake.” She hurried to pack some things and help him to ready himself for the time he would be there. The sun was lowering itself in the sky. ‘If they hurry they will reach the mines before the heavy night sets in.’ *
I must go, Enki said, even though it is something that I don’t want to face at this time. It is imperative that I do, for it is all about being able to take control before it is out of the hands of those who didn’t choose it.” As he raced to the mine he decided that it was time to renew his pledge of loyalty to the cause and to remain in a state that would not go out of control anymore. It was something that he saw would make a difference in the coming times. He needed to be there in a state of calm and love, for that is where the power lies.
As he rounded the last bend in the road, he heard the shouts coming from the mines. The echoes that came from the shouts echoed through his brain and then his heart. He knew that he would have to stay in charge of his destiny when the last remnants of this problem were over.

There they are, the miners who gave way to the ones who came to interfere with the smooth operation of the mining. I was afraid of the renegades’ interference. It was something that came in the night and disturbed my sleep, though I gave it no strength. Why did he not see what the dream had told him? Why was he in such a place of denial? He felt the weakness build and then he shook his head and blinked his eyes to return to the truth of what was before his eyes.

The turmoil was out of control. It had built since the messenger had left to warn Enki of what was happening. Nowhere could he see Abgal. He searched and called out his name. Where is anyone I recognize? Why is there no one I see who sees me as their leader? He ran to the office where he met with the supervisors. No one here! Running from there to the opening in the mine he searched the surrounding area, then thank God? Abgal came round the corrner and stopped short of falling into Enki.
My dear Lord, please come this way. I have been searching for survivors who are familiar, yet I see none. Anyone I see is a renegade and no one here has the familiar faces with the names to match. Abgal led Enki around the bushes to the side of the mine opening. There was a group of renegades who where obviously awaiting their presence. They grinned and then gave them a seductive look. that stopped Enki and Abgal in their tracks.
One of the renegades spoke in a teasing manner. “You think this is a mess. Wait until I tell you what we are going to do next time. We will fulfill that which we began here, and then there will no longer be any interference by you with what we are here for.”
Enki took a deep breath and began to speak. “I am here to tell you---“
The leader of the renegades stopped Enki in mid-sentence. His voice was slow and deep, rigged with the injustice of what they had already done and planned to continue with. “We will not allow you any more steps in this mine. We are taking it over and you will see that we have enough people to maintain our strength and control over you. We have taken all of your miners into capture. As we continue with beleaguering them down to our way of thinking we will then be able to easily take over the mines, and your power will no longer be in action.”

Enki knew that he would not be able to resist this attempt to overtake him. He also knew that he would have to be persistent in his calm and not allow them to take him out of control. “I am willing to talk with you and see what is behind your objections to what has been taking place. We need to sit and speak frankly and with agreement on what is going to happen here. There is no use in fighting over this. Only working together on this can bring us to a harmonious decision that is good for all of us.” He took a step closer to the leader of the renegades and smiled a slight smile, with an outstretched hand.

The renegade hesitated and stood his ground. “I am not going to give in on this matter. It is time for us to be in control here.” He returned the slight smile and then he moved in closer to Enki. “We will speak with you and confer as to how we can work this out. It is not something that you will have control over, for it involves more than just your people. We have our rights and we will no longer give them up.” He looked around at the others in his group and saw that they were in agreement. “We will come to your place and we will resolve this in the morning. Till then, we will see that all of the miners who have been placed in captivity are released to their families. We will see you at sun-up. Till then, we will place a hold on any more activity that might take place.”
Enki knew that he would be able to bring this all to a peaceful and harmonious commitment. It is a matter of seeing the best way to resolve this. “I will work with you to release the miners and to tell them that we are going to work together to get this whole matter working for all of us.” He held his hand out to the leader, and with the clasped hands a new step forward was in place.

A new day; a new beginning with the mining, and the ability to keep things on an even keel. It was not going to be easy, Enki felt, but something that must be done in order to keep the peace and to bring safety to the minds of all involved.
He turned and walked away as Abgal joined him, still in a daze. Enki presented his dear friend with an idea. “How about if we have a meeting with the miners and these ones who are saying that they will be in harmony with us. It is a sure way to get it all out in the open and bring a clarity to what has been going on behind the scenes.”

Do you really think that it would be a truthful and honest representation form the renegades?” Abgal faced him with the challenge in his eyes.

Enki stopped in midstride and faced Abgal. “You know as well as I do what these men are doing. They are laying the ground for a new way to subvert and take over in a whole new level.” Enki waited for the truth to sink in. Abgal is such a dear one; he believes in everyone who presents themselves in a way that appears to be real and in harmony.
They walked along for a few minutes, Enki running the words through his mind what to tell his dear friend, and Abgal trying to figure out where Enki was coming from. Is he trying to subvert them and will pull the rug out from under them, or is he just trying to delay what he will be doing to get them out of the picture? He then turned to Enki and spurted out the thought that suddenly came to him. “I think that we should have a powwow with the leader of these people and sit down in a room with Enlil and speak out minds. We have to get this out on the board and present our thoughts and doubts about how they have been compared to what they are saying now.”
Enki stopped dead in his tracks. I want us all to sit down and converse on a plane that is real and open. That means it has to be more than just the leader of these renegades. It has to be the whole group who are here, as well as our supervisors and Enlil. That is the only way! Then all will be out in the open with no subversion being able to change things.

Abgal, thought about it for a moment and then saw in his mind a vision of what it would be if they only met with the so-called leader of the renegades. It would be so subverted as to bring about a whole new hidden agenda. He saw a cloud of dust swarming around them all in the meeting with only the leader, and then the result of it all coming to total war amoung the miners and renegades who would seek to take the whole area over for their benefit. He turned to Enki, with his eyes totally clear and said, “I just saw what would happen if we don’t meet with all of them. You are absolutely right about leaving no one out who would need to have an informed voice in this. That is the only way to keep them from totally declaring war on us.”

Enki took a sudden breath, as he saw what Abgal had seen. He took him by the hand for a moment and said “We are together on this, on the same wave as is the Creator. It is already done. We shall call the meeting for this afternoon, and then we shall proceed with what we must do.”

Chapter 10

Enki strode by the field where he usually sat and pondered the times that were upon him. He headed for the riverbank, and stepped into the soothing waters. It didn’t matter how he felt and how much the water chilled him. He needed to be in the cooling waters to be able to chill out the feelings he was having. He stayed there for several minutes and then he began to feel the chill flow through him and hypnotize him into a state of nothingness. He would have succumbed to the water’s chill if he had not been startled by a voice deep within. “Do not take the time to find yourself in a cloud of heat. It is the water vapor of silence that is going to be the turning point for you in the coming times. You need to leave it now and know that every time that you feel it again, you will bind that which is upon you into the next step that will be taken in the journey into which you are about to enter.”

Enki hurriedly looked around him at the shoreline and the welcoming presence of the warmth of the banks with the sun peeking out from behind the clouds that had added to the water’s chill. He sprang from the water and climbed the bank to spread out in the sun while it was available. A deep-seated anguish flooded through him, and he knew that with the next deep breath all things were about to change for him. He gasped and held his breath, then could no longer keep himself in the former moment. He gave in to it, and then all hell broke loose within him spilling out all of the untold measures of distress and anguish that had built up inside. His wails of torment echoed through the branches of the willows and the leaves of the upright oaks and pines that surrounded his evacuation form the waters of his feelings of sinful doings. He knew that this was not what was to be in the coming times. He knew that he would never be the same, whatever that meant. He knew also that he would only remember that he was cold and wet when he made another move. So he chose to remain still and listen as the sounds of torture cooled down to the whispers of love that had been there all along, awaiting his choice to listen to the whispers that said, “I love you. You are complete unto me, for you are the chosen one to move forward in what you are doing. It is a matter of you going back to the original purpose and following it to the time when you will be able to put it all behind you and then follow the Light of the eternal Love that you are. We are One, as we All are.”

With those last words, Enki felt the warmth of the Love of the Creator stir him into motion. He followed the moves and felt the love flow through him, awaking him to the remembrance of Eeta and his new son, Emil. He knew that he must return to them and carry on with the best of his abilities. He rose from the dirt, brushed himself off, and almost ran back to the Love of his life.

Eeta stood by the window, searching for Enki. He is so late in coming back. He sent word that he was on his way, yet I see no trace of him. She turned to go to the door to inquire, and then she heard the footsteps in the hall, and the door swung open.
Enki! I was worried about you. It has been so long!” Her words got cut off by his lips covering hers. The feelings swept through her of his chagrin. She held him tighter, feeling that what happened at the mines must have been worse than she was told. His shivering subsided and then he moved slightly away from her, enough to be able to look her over and see that indeed it was her; the one of two reasons for him to be here.
Look at you; you are wet and covered with mud!” Eeta hurried him to the bathroom and helped him to shed his clothes as the warmth of the waters casts its invitation to him to partake of its comfort. He couldn’t remember why he felt so empty and yet so full of this Love from his beloved. He gave in to the caresses and slid into the bathwater that was so soothing and wondrous.
His chills stopped as Eeta smoothed his skin and bathed his hair with her caressing fingers. “I’m in heaven,” he said softly, as he looked into her eyes and surrendered to her Love. He had nary a thought as to how he would explain it all to her. He knew that it would all come to clarity when the time suited. For now I am hers and she will reunite me with our dear Emil.

The next hours could be felt as a soothing musical surrender as they lay in their bed with their dear beloved son as the feeling of blessed sleep came over them all.

It was morning as the sun rose into their eyes and beckoned them to awaken to the newness of their life. It came as a shock to Enki, for he was in a slumber that was deeper than the waters that had almost sucked him to the depths of nevermore. He opened his eyes even more and saw the figure of God in its light. He felt the beauty of what was surrounding him, and then he turned his head. Eyes wide open and searching his face were glowing from Eeta as she lay by his side. She smiled and whispered, “Dear one, you would be happy to look to the side and see what it is that is preparing for your movement toward that direction.”

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