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1. What is wrong with the system?

2. What were some of the missing pieces in this system?

3. In the opinion of the presenter, what is the government’s job?

4. Why are corporations bigger than the government?

EXTRACTION--5. What happens during extraction that impacts the planet? Name at least two.

PRODUCTION--6. What happens at his step?

DISTRIBUTION--Credo is to sell all this stuff as quickly as possible.

7. What adds to the true cost of an apparent inexpensive product?

CONSUMPTION--8. What is the Golden Arrow of Consumption?

9. What percent of items are still in use after 6 months of purchase?

10. The way of business today is Planned and Perceived Obsolescence.

Planned Obsolescence is “_______________________” for the _________________________.

11.Perceived Obsolescence is to:

12. Common idea behind marketing is that _____________________ will make things all right.

13. What two things do Americans do when they have leisure time?


14. Americans produce 4.5 pounds of garbage a day. Recycling helps but it is not enough. Give two examples of why some packaging can’t be recycled.

15. What type of system do we need?
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