The thread increasingly surrounded by darkness Riding out the winter (decline) of industrial civilization


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Dialogue in a parallel universe:
You’ve been living with him right? And he’s been poor this whole time?


And you’re interested in how he lives—at least from a philosophical standpoint if not in practice?


Yet you came here to buy something expensive in the name of vanity.
I don’t care a whole lot about how I’m seen by most people, but this doesn’t apply to Karla. She was always wary of Ran and the disentangling process. But I stood by it as it more and more became my identity. So this much time goes by and the people closest to me are still behaving in ways completely at adds with the example I set. It’s as if they’re saying, “Yeah, how quaint. Not for me though.”


Karla sees that my friends are buying suits and cars and homes and assumes I’m still shouting into the wind, deaf ears all around. I look ineffectual—what I’m doing seems trivial. And she further writes me off.

Well said Sameer.
It’s the contrast thing.
Although I accept it was not meant in a malicious way, “dropping” a sum of money that would keep me in tires for decades on an outfit that’s especially important to look good in this one time, feels a bit like being mocked. I don’t mind being an inside joke between you and your trainer (may he rest in peace), but I don’t want to be one between you and Karla.
Or maybe I need vitamin D
I understand your desire to make a “grand exit” but be careful you don’t make the process of leaving behind industrial civilization look like showing off. The transition need not be so abrupt.
Your truest friend,


Thanks for being honest.

Best not to be a gimmick.

Rejecting the religion of progress doesn’t mean artistic, creative or cultural progress had been subverted. In fact, these types of progress should accelerate after a long period of stifled freedom of thought. The interest will come at the intersections of things like energy scarcity and electronic music—a rapidly accelerating creative genre that depends entirely on an uninterrupted flow of electric current.

I’ve looked at the documents you sent over and I must admit that I underestimated the complex and humiliating hoops that must be jumped through in order to work with children. Fingerprinting was not required during the eight years I taught kids how to sail. Unfortunately that’s a paper trail I’m not prepared to leave behind.
If you can waive the fingerprinting and reimburse me for the CPR certification then consider me all in. Otherwise you’ll need to hire someone else.
My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience so late in the process.

Patch elbows of grey sweater

Brownlands dance footage

Tap out beat inside tower for possible audio replacement

Final showdown with security

Fix and photograph spiral site—it’s future is in question

Early morning rings routine

Williams syndrome

Lack of social inhibition

Authentic displays of empathy

Vaguely elfish look

Good vocabulary

(“can’t draw a house properly”)

Missing some genes.

Love to dance and make music

We should be following their example
All you can remember about the interaction with security:

The SUV was white and perfectly clean. Its approach wasn’t even noticed although it had looped all the way around the outside of edge of the property to arrive at that spot. The unifrm was equally starch. The man was pudgy—pot belly tucked in tight. Indian. Of standard height. I waved as he pulled up. Shirtless and filthy, glossy with sweat. Finishing up three house of moving bricks around in the brilliant June sunshine.

“What is going on here—quite a project. Are you building yourself a house?”

Doesn’t return my handshake

Tell him I know the company that owns the property—the absentee landlord.

“Where did you get the blocks (bricks)?”

“From over there,” gesturing vaguely toward a distant corner of the property.

He takes a picture with his phone.

He climbs around on it—testing the durability of the construction—kicking parts with his booted foot. “Forget about all this, forget about this.” He seems frantic and a bit distort—emotionally affected by having to destroy what clearly took time and skill to build.

He waited until I’d begun to leave before he started destroying it.
Tells me they’re watching by satellite. That he knows the place we’re entering from. That there are no trespassing signs posted and that I’d be arrested if caught again inside.
Tells me his company “manages” the property for the landowner.

Probably dispatched from Sacramento

Rolls up after I’d already crossed the fence. Presumably having finished his demoltion work—but he misses the fence passage, preserving the lie that I “just walked in.”
Repeat this piece somewhere else. ‘Improve’ a site using material found on the property. Document the process.

Facebook face recognition and “check in” features.

Hey facebook users, you guys all look ridiculous handing over your social lives (not to mention your whereabouts) to a rich advertising company.
Dealing in valuable data—habits, preferences, friends.
A TED type series for the underground Topeka crowd. TOPEKA talks.
I just turned down a job because I didn’t want to be fingerprinted. So no, I don’t want my location reported by other users. That should be obvious.
h Gate
human growth hormone and a smart drugs. An unfair advantage—further fracturing the species.
Notes for Brownlands Dance Shoot:


Similar style block end stages can be used in strategic cuts/fades/connections

Pick a doable number of stages and focus on those. Three perhaps?

The shadows make some of the blocks look like they’re floating. Play up this effect.

Must be shot from identical tripod height and distance. (measured using string)

Stage c good for silhouetted footwork

Even this modest use of energy (this trickle)
If you want high quality versions of any piece, I’d appreciate the help perpetuating the fragile images I’ve collected into the future. Format is no good. And I’ll continue to move away from anything that requires plug in energy, and anything that entangles one in unwanted responsibility.
Well designed card goes a long way.

Delivery service—barter and donation based payment/reward format/. also welcome. Other kinds of deliveries available as well.

The look and shape of the energy you put out is particularly readable. It can almost be seen with the eyes. Being aware of this makes social interaction difficut. Then another in this small town. Another reader. Another onlooker.
You should make another large chart on paper. What do you understand at this time. How everything is connected. Figure out how much your computer is
Ask Joseph miller if the chart is among the things being stored.—maybe you sent that piece home? Because that’s a key to the puzzle. Either way I guess we can assume it’s out there in the world—hopefully not burried 30 feet deep in a landfill squashed between plastic milk jugs and
Fund the printing of this file—one for the benefactor, and an artist’s proof. On acid free paper.
I believe you’re turning into an owl spirit my friend. Those tufts created by the headband. The sunglasses. Silent flight as a virtue. But you’re not a carnivore. Top predator. These are the species least likely to persist much longer.
One buyer.
What the fuck Jenn?
Email Jessica Lah

Looking for things to do—places to shift into. Have you any?

And Atlas Obscura again.
Hi Atlas creators, map makers, cartographer

Anthropological/Cultural Cartographers

I have a sophisticated system set up

I’d ask for help acquiring a new camera and for daily expenses (modest—campfire dinners and the occasional cheap hotel stay when the weather turns foul.

Too much
I hope you guys can use me because I like what you do. Silent flight/silent type. You gotta watch the quiet ones.
Guy looking at his planner—look! I’ve got this then this then this to do.

Yes, I shuffle data. I have no use in the future I imagine. Other skills must be cultivated. This process has already started. Half a lit keyboard.

Still sound out the 20this is when you should start the process.

The stages are good but they’re probably not going anywhere. That’s what’s nice about working with ruins—they naturally move toward more beauty. It’s only when the process is interrupted.

The artistic process as well. Very disorienting to be pulled out of it.

Resentment is understandable.

It’s the wisdom of the time that pushes priorities in parenting. And if the wisdom is: program your child to be just like you—a good consumer, then we can see how we quickly get into a situation where we have a hollow culture with little direction except to digest the latest technology and consume resources at high rates. Advertising, especially television, seeks to maintain the illusion that we’re all meant to be spending our time either working to acquire the funds to consume, or actually consuming. This is the highest a person is meant to strive for.
Currently with fetus
Brett CC (2nd child)


Angie Andrews (this is awful)

Ryan Nelson (and his sister with her second)

Shave your / head out
Cabin boy/deckhand—for international voyage.

The trust of youth

The Mendopendence Conference

Limited work trade opportunities available. Please contact us at for more info.

I’d at least like to come and talk to the speakers.

Go and do a screening/talk in the sidelines—test your ideas as the outsider.

As projects come up, they get written up. With preliminary research done.

Emails to:


Sarah Bodnar


Sarah Geller




CLUI re bike tours.

Dance magic.
Hi Sonya.

Thanks for hanging out. I was nearly ready to write that place off before we met and i’m glad to have a friend in my hometown again.


First, I may have mentioned this but our next TOPEKA Second Friday danceparty is July 8 here in San Jose (flier attached). If you can shift some lessons around and come down, we’d love to have you and your shifty hips grace our dancefloor (which you should know is just our livingroom). I know how much you like getting away form Davis. Molly will likely be available if you’re so inclined (and willing to bring your own sleeping gear). Then spend the rest of the weekend with your sister in Santa Cruz! Right on.


Second, although I’m not sorry we can’t be facebook friends, you do seem to rely heavily upon it for your interpersonal communication. Hopefully you know you can call or email me anytime.


Third, I’m looking for an excuse to ride my bike to Northern California but mostly think I’d enjoy spending time around a good smelling plant. If there’s anyone you can put me in touch with I suspect I trim like a madman (in the most productive sense).


K solong fornow



The internet and aging. Because old stale web pages don’t break down like things in the physical realm, we look to their design to determine age.

The room is largely windows on three sides and invites study of my home life—Like a specimen in an observation enclosure.

Do a write up for each ride. Illuminated Tread Ride. Each should get a ‘cover design’ with applicable image and standardized text layout. List of applicable vids
espresso shifts:


Sorry we didn’t connect. My timing with some people has been alarmingly off lately. Sorry again for reacting with exasperation to your pregnancy announcement. I’ve just been forced to think about this alot lately. Not only are you and Justin with fetus so to speak, so are Angie Andrews (who I never got my second romance with) and Ryan Nelson. Hopefully you understand how I might be troubled by this flight from my own childless state. It doesn’t make me want one, just feel a little alienated from people i've known a long time. But I’m happy you’re happy.


Anyway. Any thoughts on Nikon’s D5100? Seems like it’s unquestionably the most awesome camera at this moment.


Oh those invisible lines:
Hi Sarah! Maybe you’re on another continent, but in case you’re not, we should meet up in the city for coffee. I’m approaching desperate for cash and need to sell that drawing you’re holding onto to a Davis woman that’s taken an interest in my work. It is of course yours to claim if you’d like to keep it. (You could ask that highrollin man of yours if he’ll buy you a present.) Talk to you soon.


Ask Sameer if he has Rachel’s email—you should keep her as an ally

Edit train piece.

Audio should be of boy with catalogue

Should be room on hard drive no.4
Organize new photos onto no.5
Process audio and written notes

Topeka Speaks
I’m honored to know someone engaged in the proliferation of such advanced and much needed ideas. Thank you so much for this.
Because the beginning of the Deindustrial Age has such broad implications, I have lots I can talk about. Below are six topics I came up with in the last ten minutes. Any one of them could be expand into a short talk. I’d pull vignettes from my archive and splice them in—one or two at a time to say what cannot be said with words. Maybe a 50/50 split between words and video.
If you’re thinking you’d rather keep the conference topics more firmly rooted in Mendocino issues, I also wouldn’t mind just screening some stuff in the sidelines—as ambiance. Between or after talks perhaps.

1. Rise From the Underworld: inverting the bell-shaped-curve of the industrial age
2. The Deindustrial Revolution and the Age of Salvage
3. Megastructures as Monumental Mythic Ruins
4. The Value of Ruined Space
5. City Planning after the Automobile: retrofits and reversions
6. From Black Mesa to Tucson: water conveyance in California and the Desert Southwest

I’ll talk to you soon.

Next day flyers


order number

¼ page club flyer

Matte finish
File Name: spomenik_second_friday_PRINT.tif

File Type: TIFF

Width: 5.251 in

Height: 4.126 in

221.5 dpi

White borders are part of the design and image is centered in field. File does not need to be resized or stretched in any way. Just add canvas if you need more bleed.

They did it anyway.

Can one’s intuition be exercised?

The destruction of the Bamyan Buddhas became a symbol of oppression and a rallying point for the freedom of religious expression. Despite the fact that most Afghans are now Muslim, they too had embraced their past and many were appalled by the destruction.
The day of Buddhas—the investigation above and the statuette on the floor in the Los Gatos Yoga Center where the Shamanic Disco is held every Wednesday. Beautiful Wendy on the decks.
Another talk:

Saved by the Superfund—how a toxic legacy can guard against irresponsible redevelopment—preserving ruins.

Lost Coast Culture Machine

The culture is fixed. The writing is clean. The dogs don’t like the explosions. They bark and cry.

The boss
For Sunday:

Record sound from outside the building, broadcast into outdoor space.

And start shooting the audience via the mirror.
The concentration of energy in hydrocarbons is often overlooked—especially with regard to the trade off.
76 advert campaign

Yeah that was probably just a bump in the road

In 2055 you’ll need a pilot’s license to drive a car. And you’ll still get free gas.

Bascom: Timeline.

scan list for Patrick

just trying to reduce your stuff is simple-minded, and instead you should make sure you have "smart stuff" -- that the stuff you have fits into your life. My favorite bits: "What keeps nomads smart is that having to constantly pack up and move keeps them sensitive to the meaning and purpose of all the stuff in their lives."

Also, how much of our excess mental "stuff" is in service of physical stuff? Wipe your feet off, put that drink on a coaster, don't eat in that chair. These are middle class rules: poor people have nothing to lose and rich people can afford to not care. Here's one rule that can take the place of many rules: if cosmetic damage to an item will bother you, don't own it.

For mom.

Import audio:
Import conference video. Begin edits
Complete industrial rail scan piece. Audio? Voiceover? Chickens clucking in the backyard?

Many industrialized humans would rather die than learn a whole new way of living. I think the best strategy is to stay out of the way of the stubborn people, and try to organize the adaptable people.
Leave San Jose. Move to Mendocino.
Can Cuddle Party restore your faith in humanity? It just might. But at the very least, you’ll have a great time, and leave feeling relaxed and inspired.
The dawn dissolved any remaining cynicism. Her innocent and earnest way. Her lightness.
Another pleasure flush. Mein Neues Fahrrad - Boys Noize Edit, a stretch of the abdomen.
July 2011- Sameer acknowledges a certain loss of innocence in adopting an expanded worldview inclusive of the suffering and havoc of our current age.
Tucson city rant
A Twitter account attributed to the suspect has also emerged but it only has one post, which is a quote from philosopher John Stuart Mill: "One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests."
Philippines opens Bataan nuclear plant to tourists
FNPPs are a new illustration of the perspective to use the world’s oceans as industrial zones.
Banksy says: at some point you have to stop collecting data and make something with it. You need to replace those binaurals and start recording voiceover.
Maybe it was the trackjacket. Maybe it was Ibiza. Maybe it was Sean Slaughter. Maybe it was Applegate.

Anita you nearly tarnished the sanctity of my conscious dance experience. All I could think about was how good your legs looked in that dress. Are those beads that dangle off the hem?--fucking sexy. I would have played dirty dancing with you last night but I’m still learning the etiquette—the taboos of the dancefloor. However I do know the way you move is fantastic and I’m super attracted to you.

Regrettably this is all just for your amusement because I’m moving in two weeks and have a friend in town after tomorrow night. I wish I’d found my way into that auditorium six months ago. Blasted calendars! Anyway, thanks for engaging with me. May your days be filled with romance and intrigue.

Vacuum tubes use plenty of power and convert most of it into heat, and the sturdy structure made necessary by that inefficiency makes tubes shrug off sudden transient pulses of the sort an EMP generates. Modern integrated circuits are many orders of magnitude more efficient, and so those same transient pulses go right into the heart of an IC chip and destroy it.
[The move toward efficiency created the vulnerability both at the refinery’s micro and macro levels.]
Still, downscaled expectations will be among the most common themes of the decades ahead of us, and those who have the uncommon sense to figure this out in advance and start getting ready for a less efficient future will very likely benefit from the increased resilience that will provide.
Todd has completely staked his claim on efficiency. Everything is planned out—no time is to be wasted. Except he’s left no room for chance occurrences and disruptions. So the plan lacks resiliency.

People In San Jose:







Couchsurfer vouches:

Center for regenerative design

Regenerative Design Center
0031—reclamation panel

0038 Green business certification. Sarah talking about Mendocino movement

0040—food panel start

0041 Tanya on stewardship-- 8:45

0080—defense of the term “sovereign”

0079—re-branding of the environmental center

Binaural acquisitions
Literally Pointing at Corners (can only be viewed here)
Interview series—because people are looking for information about the future—and the best sources are the people around them.
replace audio of declaration reading
replace last scene with bench/kids. can’t deal with that pullout shot
and titles/ names?
Tanya’s needs trimming—head drop, deep breaths endtitle
Dig into intro audio—Saturday morning welcome talk-- 0029, 0030

Justin has a bit on bringing resources together.
Consider a change in order…
Reevaluate growing food back and forth dialogue between Michael and Marty.
Add fire where there’s a lack of it. get the kids involved

If you don’t want them, stop having them.

add cisterns for water collection

re-write voicover for FLNG

you could also use this for a k campaign

Dance church.

RDC—regenerative design center
Justin and Sarah are becoming better speakers by the day. Their styles are complementary. He waxes poetic and she cleans up the mess.
This office is going to be incredible. Built in 1880—beautiful unfinished wood floor—these fold down tables—reclaimed wood sanded incredibly smooth and very lightly waxed.

2nd screening.

The savvy cannabis club guy. On the sustainability movement colliding with the indoor growing industry. The grower’s position.
The business of perception management
Four tet—locked

Radiohead remixes

being uncomfortable and self conscious about broadcasting your sexual fitness.

Making the mill property look magical- getting access for an image taking session. Justin’s camera. 11-3—Dan

Import Casperfest footage—audio—Sarah: infrastructure. Justin—dairy shutdown and “this is real deal stuff”. Food farm woman.

Dance mix onto ipod

Reformat resume for innkeeping—print at office

Drop off around village—check in at MacHouse

Find sunglasses

Upload clip for Becky—email

Remove vids from u-tube

Bright and shiny

Isolate your introduction audio—to grace for consideration

Call Justin
Strangeness at the beach

father surfer—incredibly lean—every vertebrae perfectly visible.

Muscular horse with improvised theatrical garb

Man burying his dog’s feces in the sand

In alignment somehow!

That giant house out on the point—following the contours of the terrain.

Justine and Joseph (Joey)—Mendocino coast environmental center.

Evo—Portugal—girlfriend is artist in residence at Mendocino art center.

Wed. 24th presentation to shoot—at center
Continue bookending presentations with establishing shots from within the watershed.
Families in the surf under the bridge. Lighthouse.
She’s not fond of showers because it’s cold when she gets out.

She recommended a book (she seems to have read) on goats. She told me many things about them. She sings to them.

She liked the image of the Buddha more than the actual. The lighting was better.

Her red hair, still damp when she hugged me.

Michael Foley

Marty Johnson

Andy Pothas

John Richardson

Steve Heckeroth

Tanya Wyldflower

Dr. Richard Miller

Charles Cresson Wood

Sarah Bodnar

Norman Solomon

Jim Tarbell

Justin Calvino

Scott Cratty

Doug Mosel

Hi John,

I understand you’re looking for hospitality staff at Glendeven and wanted to pass along my resume (attached). I might be the perfect person for this position. I worked seven months at the Roadrunner Hostel in Tucson then moved to Jan Jose and established a free hostel with the help of a friend. I’m an astonishingly thorough housekeeper and get along well with a wide variety of personality types. I take sincere pleasure in keeping a home. I have a master’s degree and good wine knowledge. Anyway, we should meet. I’m living in the village and available often. Call or email if you’d like to set up an interview.

Also, here are the phone numbers of a couple people who can attest to my cleaning/people skills:
Tanya (my manager at the Roadrunner Hostel)

Sameer (we established the Topeka House together)



Brett Tracy

ps—I dropped in earlier today during a bike ride. The property looks amazing—I’m excited to see more of it. Also, I do this if you’re interested:


Thank you again for meeting with me yesterday John. Glendeven is an exceptionally beautiful place and I’d be honored to join you and the others in perpetuating its legacy.


Whether or not you decide I’m the right person to help behind the desk (and the bar), I’d like to again offer my video production capacities. Because they are each so unique, I could see the benefit in doing a tour for each room—leaving a few surprises for the guest’s arrival of course. While you can get a pretty good idea of my style from the vignettes in the archive (, I thought I’d compile some shots taken in the area in the last few weeks. I’ll send you a link when i have a rough edit. We could also do a updated version of the vid you currently have on the website-- perhaps with some voiceover.


Also, I wanted to present an idea I’ve had for some time now. I could see myself as a guide for any guests wanting to explore the coast by bicycle. With my relatively large carrying capacity, I could pack along essential tools for minor repairs and flats, extra clothing, cameras, etc.—anything the guest couldn’t or preferred not to carry, leaving them delightfully unencumbered. Included would be a full picnic lunch—maybe wine and cheese, bread and fruit. I’d have picnic spots scouted in advance. While some might be intimidated by automobiles and the rugged terrain, many will embrace the local routs, finding them some of them most picturesque anywhere. I don’t do the spandex thing and would perform this role with grace, style, and competence.


While I think I’d be great in the consulting and planning stage of any personalized outing, I’d want to also be responsible for the execution. The not driving thing makes this difficult of course but I’d be willing to put in what I can. While it’s true I’m not a local yet, I’ve explored much of the coastline and have a number of favorite spots already.


Thanks again for your time,


sarah seems troublingly unserious

justin has too much going on—he’s struggling to support his family and has no time

the plants got sunburned—one less thing to provide a sense of purpose

the abandoned house has mice

your insight and skill sets are vastly underappreciated

you have no real friends here

justin wants to make bad videos

gossip all around

poor listeners—they’re not interested in your thoughts

waiting for the universe to provide—“manifesting” instead of doing what’s required

enough about fucking burning man

he gave me his hats to shrink—his head’s too big

I’ll take what I need in food and shelter if there’s no money. When there’s nothing left to learn from you I’ll move on.

Your possessions migrating deeper into the red head’s room—paths across the shaggy white rug.

Is it something you’re doing—is there pretension?
Questions for Foley—

Hi Michael—

I’m editing the audio and video I took at your farm the other day and needed to ask a couple questions about what is and isn’t ok to include in a finished piece intended for public consumption. First, you indicated you were uncomfortable with anything pertaining to the dairy share model. It seems like useful information but I’ll understand if you’d still prefer to leave it out. Second, I’d really like to include your anecdote about the Mendocino County Agricultural Commissioner explaining why we’re unlikely to pass a law banning raw milk. It’s an ideal lead in to discussing who such laws are meant to serve. Lastly, at the conference you estimated it would cost a million dollars to bring the farm in line with the codes for a licensed dairy. During our interview at the farm you said a quarter of a million. I’m probably rather use the clip from the farm but both sound good. Which is more accurate?

Thanks so much for your time. The footage looks great and I’ll be sending you a link to view the finished piece before it’s made public. Keep up the good work!


Brett, thanks for asking all this.  First, on the model, I'm fine with anything that explains the model.  We just don't want anything on film that outright says we're doing it now.  We are probably overly cautious on this, but it's the advice we get from our lawyer and other folks embroiled in conflict with CDFA.
Second, I think it's OK to include the Ag Commissioner's comment.  I was a little sorry I said "he actually admitted that," because I think he's probably as skeptical of that sort of influence as we are.
Finally, I think the quarter million dollar figure is the more accurate.  In the first case, I was going off of what I understood a local, licensed dairy had spent -- but they're much bigger.  So then I started thinking about the costs of doing it from scratch on a small place like ours.  A quarter million is still a ballpark figure, but it's the one I'm using regularly now.
I'm only sorry Sara didn't get on this one!
Psilocybe atlantis is a rare psychedelic mushroom which contains psilocybin and psilocin as main active compounds. It is a close relative of Psilocybe mexicana and has been recorded only from Georgia. It has a pleasant taste and smell.

Psilocybe atlantis has been found in grassy lawns and vacant lots in Fulton County, Georgia.

My education is being intentionally played down—it’s mostly indoctrination she says, a waste of time. This is the rationalization used to undervalue me. Why am I here?—I could be with my love. The value of my relationship with Grace is played down—you’d jump to someone else in a hot minute he says. My physicality is downplayed. I ride 15 miles into town. He hires someone to move a hottub with the money he owes me. I don’t have to be here. Three nearly dead animals on the way in—removed from the road. Two dragonflies locked in mating ring and a beautiful snake—quite shocked and not completely dead. Deer grazing in the meadow nearby as I read under an apple tree that drops its fruit every few minutes. Even Sarah is doing it, “now that I’m a bicycle commuter (having done the ride only once and mostly out of necessity)…” She wants the halo but can’t live without the Benz.

Why am I here again? Remind me.
We're leaving behind that kind of economy, with secure salaried plug-in positions provided by giant corporations and governments. We're headed into a world not of "jobs" but of vocations, trades, crafts, situations, and a lot of casual labor, largely self-guided by those with who possess a functioning internal compass.
Walking the Labyrinth at the Methodist Church Titan Site. Part of the pilgrimage.

What part does a pilgrimage play in one’s broader spiritual journey?
The weirdly off timing continues with Jenn and she acknowledges it in text.
Build Mendoccino views project—email Jonathan

DVD’s burned to hand out on Saturday—or eventually anyway.

Clean Office Space

Corrections for Mendopendence:

Where’s the intro audio?

The last section needs to go—the audio is terrible.

A place for keynote as well as other process recordings. Marketing has had its time…

But what’s the base audio track—pull the original audio back in.

Longer blank between credits.
Campaign to fund the interview series
What is the ambition?

Portrait of a local food sovereignty movement—the figures involved, their individual stories and how they overlap to tell the larger story.

How many interviews? With Whom?

What’s to be produced?

Web series? DVD? Book
What is the money for?



Publishing, design work

Stencil Hard Drives—big white numbers

Curate show on Salton Sea Art

Proposal for FLNG construction documentation project

Interview Questions (general):

  1. What do you grow, raise, preserve or prepare here? Describe your operation and something of its history.

  1. How do you encourage others to eat locally? What are your talking points?

  1. Describe your role, as you see it, in the move toward a local food system.

  1. What do you understand to be the major impediments to building a thriving local food economy (in Mendocino County)?

  1. What advantages or unique resources does this region have that might facilitate the transition to a locally-based food system?

  1. What do you see as an achievable level of sovereignty for Mendocino County?

High personal standards

A night with Greg Gordon the celebrity portrait photographer and his student/model entourage—

Something very strange with the world

Life is an unfortunate cliché.

He’s coming out—balding guy looses the hat.

Unbelievable pictures of the
The mullet and the sculpture gardnder
He seems to want what we want at the most basic level. Receiving a download while holding space.

Very awkward moments—and he’ll never change.

Establishing boundaries.

I was thinking about cleaning a beach with some artists

There was a slide where her hips look fat. “Damn those catered lunches.” Making the model look

an audience when dancing.

A weak ego
Bought, used then returned a can opener from Harvest. Strangely that other guy in line buying another one.
Admired an early harvest

Well trimmed bud

What are they doing in that office there? They aren’t pedaling anything. Very peculiar,

Picnic at a pot farm

You all with the money—lighten the up will you.?

Apart from your typical humble company. To eat and drink feast and the finest of wines.

It’s sad, maybe the photographer will reevaluate his life. Maybe you’ll live in his studio.

Karla and Oscar Wilde taught you. There is nothing on the world but youth.

Chris Burden has designed

Well edited and scored.

She said it made her queasy. I think something about the audio.
The dash is more finely detailed than anything i've ever seen

you can't tell a story in the modern world without advertising for something you can buy.

The spirit of Rome is alive and well.
What are the girls told about the plants

Love without condition.

A manhunt at the edge of a forest. Lights on but no sirens.

He’s lived in the woods for years

It’s risky to flush him out.
And she comes for a visit. She emerges from the woods—a goddess.

Early harvest.

Beef and pork and an exquisite salad.
Beating back the smell of rodent urine.

No beating around the bush, no gossip no small talk.

No one likes a moral genius. They make everyone’s behavior seem juvenile and absurd.
Meat prepared with love

And no dessert is meant to leave you wanting more.4444

Jacob's print is fantastic.
A world where the food doesn’t have to be locked up at night. More bodies with which to channel resources to the top of the Aztec pyramid.
Interview yourself.
metropolis is fantastic
some pictures of you taken with expensive cameras. The last night of a portrait photography class.
Steam coming out of your mouth. The farthest point out.

Another attempt to write you off. Oh you were inspired by them…

get me sally’s phone number for an interview and a visit.

You’re so cool, with your models and your stoner boytoy. Captions you were up late writing. Not a delay pedal bass cellist. A recording.

That’s what you’re working on? second Friday. It will be your idea.

Hear what he hears.

Ryland—waking to a half plucked chicken. The Yurte. The goat milking, the owl flying over silently, ordaining the friendship. Hand picked.

Video Production Package

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