The thread increasingly surrounded by darkness Riding out the winter (decline) of industrial civilization


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Produced monthly:
3 video compositions with overlapping content

Advert: 30 seconds

PSA: ~2 minutes

Serial: ~4-5 minutes

(a 10-minute composition could be produced in lieu of the usual three)

2-3 location/field shoots each month (within a 50-mile radius)

Informal concept generating sessions

Voiceover recording/audio processing

Basic titling

DVD formatting including menus design

Compression (compositions readied for upload to video sharing websites)

Extras (not included in the monthly rate):
Longer video pieces (15-30 minute compositions)

Still photography and graphic design work

With polished video and design work, a fresh aesthetic will challenge the tacky colors and fonts that have thus far defined the cannabis industry. The ambition is to build upon Mendocino County’s well-deserved reputation as a premiere growing region producing superior product. We’d like to produce work that will position your collective at the forefront of this ongoing branding process.

Ideas for Serials:
The serial is the

Emphasis on the series. Audience will anticipate the next. Build a following.

  1. Enter the grower’s world with a series of video pieces focusing on various stages in the production cycle. The highly developed methodology of growing would be revealed in a multi -- Get in to A series Follow the production process from planting to trimming. Give the viewer a sense of the grower’s world. Not an instruction manual, but a window into the methodology—the decision making process, the care and deep understanding of the plant and its cultivation. The intuition of the grower—what they put in.

  1. Featured Growers. Each month a Mendocino grower gets the spotlight. Because they’re plants are often grown in picturesque locations, the ambiance of the setting tells much of the story—the mystique of a beautiful hidden away location.

  1. Products and services offered by your dispensary. Delivery, edibles, special offers. Show them in a decidedly flattering light.

  1. Varietal of the month. Testimonials, interviews. Focusing on the unique qualities and growing requirements for each strain. , images.

Applicable qualifications.
Bicycle mounted cannabis delivery in Santa Barbara, CA

MFA, University of Chicago, 2008.

Content shot in high definition format

Passing through the industrial phase, safely to the other side.

First euphoric episode since the move. In the office bathroom. 7:11 PM Saturday, September 24, 2011. Dinner is prepared. Audible sound is discovered to be possible.
Second Friday Dance Period at the RDC
Sarah moves the handbill—ruled to center from its leftward position.
Equinox dance party at the RDC. September, 23, 2011. Just me.
I think they can sense I don’t care about wine. I think its all very silly this leisure life. Go back where you came from and do something worthwhile.
You’re so anxious—so worried LooK at the path you’re on… look at how you spend you’re time. It’s a privileged existence of your own design.
Delivery. Growing. Marketing.

The vet on the beach with the PTS service dog. Anger issues. Rehabbing Buffalo homes. Shipbuilder—installing weapons systems. Fucked by a priest. Lives off his penchant.

Equinox ceremony. Aztec circular plaque—very 2012. Slept on a torpedo. Small fire, small offering. A gathering of minds. How the world is changing.
Ceilings are higher, rooms larger when you’re small.
Try and always be grateful.

May it never be definitive.

What if everything you said and did was being recorded. You were singled out for surveillance. Seems he has a genuine disregard for centralized control.
Apologizing to the natives.

The first television advertisement was broadcast in the United States on July 1, 1941. The watchmaker Bulova paid $9 for a placement on New York station WNBT before a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies. The 20-second spot displayed a picture of a clock superimposed on a map of the United States, accompanied by the voice-over "America runs on Bulova time."
The effect upon the viewing public of commercial advertisements, and mass media in general, has been the subject of philosophical discourse by such luminaries as Marshall McLuhan.

Ma Muze
OZ Farm

The mirror that is new people. Not reflecting back the image of yourself you’re familiar with. A self consciousness—a reexamination of self. Golden Waves crashing against the headlands reef.
Do you often physically position yourself below another? They sit on the couch you sit on the floor. A submission, a humble gesture.
Hitched back to town from navaro ridge. In three segments.
Screen print on butcher paper, Jacob’s imagery, single color on white ground
List of needs and wants:
A space to occupy

replacement front wheel


Replacement binaurls.

Exit cash


We live in a world of shadow, outside is a world of light, and the purpose of art is to use deeper shadow to show the way to light, without trapping us in shadow.

My favorite vision of the future is Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou: a low population, lots of overgrown ruins, and life is relaxed and peaceful. This could actually happen! But the way to get there is not to force some sudden radical change, which would cause a lot of trauma and make people mean and short-sighted. The path to utopia is to minimize trauma and be patient.
So, will energy decline and climate change cause severe food shortages and drive violence per capita up to what it was a thousand years ago? I think there's a bigger threat to stability, something the champions of modernity are missing. If the world really is getting better, why do we feel that it's worse? If strong central control reduces violence, why have the people always opposed it? Our culture tells us that lack of pain is the best measure of quality of life, but it's not, or we would all live in padded cells. The best measure of quality of life is meaningfulness of life, and most of us will risk a lot of pain to feel alive.


We don’t venerate a perpetuator of the progress myth. No oxidizing apples for the deceased.
Moran Plant, Burlington, VA
Abandoned nuclear reactor shell—used as a set in the film The Abyss. South Carolina
Transparent hearts—starring daphnia pulex
Starting narrow—widening to end with the full crowd shot.

People sometimes tell me I should be more emotional or engaged, which puzzles me, because I'm engaged and feeling emotions all the time. What they mean is, I need to practice widely focused attention.

Steve Jobs said he wanted to destroy Android and would spend all of Apple's money and his dying breath if that is what it took to do so.

According to extracts of Mr Isaacson's book, obtained by the Associated Press, Mr. Jobs said: "I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this."

He is also quoted as saying: "I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion [£25bn] in the bank, to right this wrong."

Sarah makes another list and deems it a productive morning.

This is not about you.
Things have gotten downright unfriendly with Sarah and I’m unwilling to deal with her hypocrisy
Mendocino collected feathers package.
Pop culture is anything infecting public consciousness that’s primarily intended to make money.
Wolf of the steppes—leering toward the warm center from outside on the margins
Scan list for Patrick.

Hi John—hope all is well and that you’re enjoying Chicago’s dramatic offerings.


Regarding your last email—I’m ninety percent sure I didn’t pour a Pinot flight the night you were asking about. I’ve always made sure to enter anything I’ve poured.


Regretfully, this correspondence is also a letter of resignation. As you know, my patch of living room floor here in the village is, as of today, no longer mine. I’ve not found alternative lodging within my means and must forfeit my spot in Mendocino. Additionally, things have descended into downright nastiness with Sarah and the hope of us ever having a healthy working relationship has vanished. Most importantly, it’s way past time that I applied my skill set to an undertaking with substance and collaborated with folks appreciative of what I offer. Indeed, a life of quality is a life with meaning. I hope you understand.


I’ll complete all shifts for which I’m already scheduled but will be unable to appear after Monday, November 7. I’ve very much enjoyed you and the rest off the staff (and animals) at Glendeven. I wish you all the best.

Shipping Mendocino overflow to Davis

Passport renewal

Wheel/lighting system-- $600



Riding gloves—rapha-- $100

Replacement binaurals-- $100



Travel Tripod

Edelux light-- $200

Wilfried Schmidt SON28 36 hole dynamo hub-- $300

Mavic CXP 33 (36 hole)-- $85
In the works:
Separate and mail home Mendocino overflow

DVD’s for Sarah

Artist’s list for Patrick—select and scan

Mildred interview—Nov. 9 or 10

Mind map—brown butcher paper, black sharpie

Transparent hearts

Mendocino B-roll comp

S4 DVD comp with vintage book packaging. Title?

Burlington professorship app.—CV and cover letter—Nov. 15 deadline

Music mixing ongoing

Package for jillian—copy of the workout DVD, Reka, and stage three overture/stage three DVD, $10
Big jet plane—aircraft footage?

Sublime means no ridiculous editing. Let the images and the music come together without forcing it.

Move with grace and lightness

Be less prosthetic

Eliminate superfluous speech
Pleasant headrush—a touch less oxygen to the head.

Sarah stomping around in her clunky heals—Driving her heavy car.

What I wouldn’t give for a light-footed female in flats around here.

Impersonation: “I (presumably) use social medial all the time and I’m as lonely and unhappy as anyone.”

It’s just strange to learn your anxiety is so transparent.
Long-term storage of the digital self. “Your body might not survive the apocalypse but your digital self surely will.” Emphasis on the weakness of the larger platform, its prospects for the future.
Enjoy your carbon subsidy (while it lasts).
"My riches consist not in the extent of my possessions, but in the fewness of my wants."

-J. Brotherton

all the tourists peering in through the glass, wondering what’s going on in there.
The table setting at Glendeven’s farm to table dinner. Setting the dynamic.

From the most exquisite of suppers to the most humble:

Small chunk of smoked salmon, lentil soup form a can (a good can), added: green onion, Russian kale from Justin’s farm, red onion. Tomato slices topped with pesto. Plain yoghurt with frozen blackberries (mashed up)
Ties to the middle class (Hesse’s frivolous bourgeois society) yet pulled toward the feral life (the Steppenwolf).
Questions for Mildred:
describe the form your life has taken over the past few years—moving onto properties and taking charge of food production.

why have you decided dedicate so much of your time to growing food?

Describe what your life here (at the Calvino Farm) has been like.
sewing and mending

wash & pack



market gardening

(primitive) tool fabrication

foraging and salvage

bicycle maintenance


cover cropping

plant science/breeding

CSA logistics

winnowing (beans)


tree care



stable logistics

homestead dairy

off grid spring water and solar


canning/food preservation

1. skills
Generally, what determines which skills get absorbed? Are you seeking out particular ones or has it been circumstance and necessity?
Do you have a larger vision for the kind of farmer you’d like to be? Is there an intention, something bigger you’d eventually like to apply your vast and varied skill set to?
2. transience
You’ve been particularly transient by most standards, often moving with the seasons.
What’s triggering these moves in general? Is it the seasonal shifts, relationships, the feeling that you’ve learned all you can in a place?
What’s important to have learned when living transiently?
3. value
just want a sane and valued role growing food...

You also mention having to bug an employer for your stipend.

There’s nothing more fundamentally important than growing food, yet farmers are consistently undervalued. Sports stars and actors are practically worshipped yet they’re providing entertainment. Why do you think this inverse relationship exists?
4. legacy
You’ve planted seeds all over the country by setting up gardens and helping to establish CSA’s and a co-op.
Is it important that something you’ve applied yourself to or been involved in the building of (the co-op, a garden somewhere) persist after you’ve moved on? It this an intention?
5. proper respect for nature
In your memoir you mention two hailstorms, one that misses you, one that hits your lettuce crop directly. You also mention drought.
Whether we like it or not, understanding of how our fate it directed by our environment—climate —the whims of the natural world. The hailstorms and drought that destroy our crops. The industrial age has largely been about controlling or taming the natural world—Why do you think it’s important
6. prospects for the underground food economy

Do you feel you are part of an underground food economy—operating on the margins, subverting the larger money economy—do you think this way of operating will eventually succeed the industrial model, countering the dominant trend of the past two centuries: Taking into account what’s happening with industrial organic, are we moving toward or away from industrial agriculture at this moment?

Anything else you’d like to mention?


Barter—trade experiences, work trade

Fundamental—not getting wrapped up in needing to make money. By farming you were able to make earning money secondary. Not having a car. How did you get here?

Grateful— a privilege to be able to garden. So many people want to garden and don’t have time—need to earn money.
Soon all the farmers will be rock stars. People are getting into it.
Thinking of market gardening as subversive—a painful realization because why should it be?
What’s at play here? What forces are holding this process back?
Get her to make some suggestions for other people?
Define your vision.
The backyard gardens are producing an undeterminable percentage of what we’re eating. The numbers coming out of the industrial production are much easier to track.
Feeling the safety net of industrial food production. The surplus.

Surplus resources in cities. Use what’s available, what’s lying around.

Living off the waste—the streams of surplus spun off by the industrial machine.
Going back to the plots you’ve started, checking in.
It’s weather, it’s bugs—it goes around. Describe your attitude or approach to the reality that out fate is tied to unpredictable events—the whims of wild nature.
A balancing—sometimes thrown together—sometimes more time spent to make things perfect.
Books—country living encyclopedia.
Commitment to soil—this extra sense.
Setting an example
Second Round:
You’ve said that you’re grateful to be able to garden because so many people want to but can’t. How have you structured your life so that you can? (Living simply/barter/work trade/not having a car. How have you made money secondary?)
You’ve said: “soon all farmers will be rock stars.” What’s behind the attention farmers have been getting lately?
What’s the larger vision behind your skill set?

Explain the realization that you’re part of a “subversive” underground food economy. Why is it subversive and how did we get to a place where growing food challenges the status quo. Do you envision a shift away from industrial agriculture and toward kitchen gardens and smaller scale farming? Is this backwards—a return to an earlier model?

Any words of advice for young people wanting to get into market gardening?
Describe your commitment to soil.
Do you see yourself as setting an example?
Third Round:

  1. How have you made making money secondary? What has this allowed you to do? What have you sacrificed?

  2. Does being able to grow much of your own food and make your own warm clothing give you a sense of security? None is able to pull the carpet out from under your life.

  3. Do you have a sense of where our food system is headed?

  4. Describe your commitment to soil.

  5. What insight might we pull from The Ox Cart Man or any other books you might have read as a child?

  6. What experience or knowledge do you have of the salvage/scavenge economy in larger cities?

We’re so scared of pain—of risking our bodies. Too afraid of death.

Pop culture identifiers/Grace’s 80s film revue

The kid in The Neverending Story.

Luke Skywalker

The robot in short circuit

Paranoid delusional episodes

One at the RDC, one at Sameer’s place in downtown SJ.

The hotel at the base of Pikes Peak—a fantastic ruin—animals living in the ballroom.
Massage your third eye
Youth with a mission > Youth with a meeting.
Steppenwolf Quotes:
A wolf of the Steppes that had lost its way and strayed into the towns and the life of the herd, a more striking image could not be found for his shy loneliness, his savagery, his restlessness, his homesickness, his homelessness.

In his youth when he was poor and had difficulty in earning his bread, he preferred to go hungry and in torn clothes rather than endanger his narrow limit of independence. He never sold himself for money or an easy life or to women or to those in power; and had thrown away a hundred times what in the world’s eyes was his advantage and happiness in order to safeguard his liberty.

The man of power is ruined by power, the man of money by money, the submissive man by subservience, the pleasure seeker by pleasure.
Without really wanting to at all, they pay calls and carry on conversations, sit out their hours at desks and on office chairs; and it is all compulsory, mechanical and against the grain, and it could all be done or left undone just as well by machines; and indeed it is this never-ceasing machinery that prevents their being, like me, the critics of their own lives and recognizing the stupidity and shallowness, the hopeless tragedy and waste of the lives they lead, and the awful ambiguity grinning over it all.
Qualities that must be brought to dancing: gaiety, innocence, frivolity, elasticity.
126—There are always a few such people who demand the utmost of life and yet cannot come to terms with its stupidity and crudness.
You are much too exacting and hungry for this simple, easygoing and easily contented world of today. You have a dimension too many. Whoever wants to live and enjoy his life today must not be like you and me. Whoever wants music instead of noise, joy instead of pleasure, soul instead of gold, creative work instead of business, passion instead of foolery, finds no home in this trivial world of ours.
Laughter of the immortals:

154—It was a laughter without an object. It was simply light and lucidity. It was that which is left over when a true man has passed through all the sufferings, vices, mistakes, passions and misunderstandings of men and got through to eternity and the world of space.

… true humor begins when a man ceases to take himself seriously.

“This is the art of life,” he said dreamily. “You may yourself as an artist develop the game of your life and lend it animation. You may complicate and enrich it as you please. It lies in your hands. Just as madness, in a higher sense, is the beginning of all wisdom, so is schizomania the beginning of all art and all fantasy.”



I was a child in the stream of sex, at play in the midst of all its charm, its danger and surprise. And it astonished me to find how rich my life—the seemingly so poor and loveless life of the Steppenwolf—had been in the opportunities and allurements of love. I had missed them. I had fled before them. I had stumbled on over them. I had made haste to forget them. But here they all were, stored up in their hundreds, and not one missing.
53—In fact, the vital force of the bourgeoisie resides by no means in the qualities of its normal members, but in those of its extremely numerous “outsiders” who by virtue of the extensiveness and elasticity of its ideals it can embrace.

Random horoscope sent by Jillian:

According to my reading of the omens, Aquarius, you can finally take advantage of a long-standing invitation or opportunity that you have always felt unworthy of or unready for. Congratulations on being so doggedly persistent about ripening the immature parts of yourself. Now here's an extra bonus: This breakthrough may in turn lead to you finding a lost piece to the puzzle of your identity.

Dan sorry I couldn’t answer your question well before getting through it. but you should watch these if you have access to fast internet and I’m almost certain you must.


I feel like an Egyptian prince wearing your hat. It reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Predator and references medieval armor yet it’s comfy knit wool! An incredible gift to be sure. Hopefully you meant it to be a gift. I was uber stoned when you gave it to me and had trouble reconstructing the event when I sobered. I’ll understand if you want it back.

I’ve begun a multi-stage move back to Tucson for the winter. The interview footage looks quite good and I should be uploading the first chunks of it in a few days. I’ll send a DVD from Arizona when it’s all done.

I have tremendous respect for what you do. You’re one of the few people I’ve met that I’m truly inspired by. Thank you again.

Brett Tracy c/o Grace Larson

2427 E Mabel St.

Tucson AZ 85719
I overreacted to you taking the rings. I’d started a video piece in which the rings were a key component and their removal not only aborted the project, but temporarily derailed my artistic practice. I apologize for reacting the way I did and for not making their importance know to you.
I’ve successfully earned my keep in non-financial ways for several years now and I’m sorry you didn’t find value in my upkeep of the house. The place had become one big mess of your making before I arrived and, in fairness to Sameer, that had to change.
The white chair was your bad. The object embodied your thoughtlessness and it had to go. You were given explicit notice that it was on the way out.
We have a long history you and I, and I have many fond memories in which you play the central role. You have an incredible mind and I’m impressed by the endeavors you’ve chosen for your attention. You’re aesthetic sense as well as your design and engineering skills are top notch. The bikes I’ve watched you build inspire deep respect and admiration. Despite all this, I’m strangely poisoned by you. Perhaps it’s related to the passive aggressive atmosphere that settled over the house, but I often felt physically choked in your presence—like some invisible hand around my neck. Fucking Darth Vader shit. You should know that in addition to all your positive attributes, you’re condescending and manipulative.

I’ve been living in the village of Mendocino for the past few months and had the opportunity to do some outdoor growing. I’ll be coming through Santa Cruz in a week or so and would love to pass along some of the harvest as an offering of peace.
I wish you all the best Eric.

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