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Ēostre Divinity of the Radiant Dawn


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Divinity of the Radiant Dawn
Eostre, the Celtic version of Ostara, was a goddess also associated with the moon, and with mythic stories of death, redemption, and resurrection during the turning of winter to spring. Eostre, too, was a shape–shifter, taking the shape of a hare at each full moon; all hares were sacred to her, and acted as her messengers.
Ostara, Eástre seems therefore to have been the divinity of the radiant dawn, of upspringing light, a spectacle that brings joy and blessing, whose meaning could be easily adapted by the resurrection-day of the christian's God.
Little else [...] is known about [Ēostre], but it has been suggested that her lights, as goddess of the dawn, were carried by hares. And she certainly represented spring fecundity, and love and carnal pleasure that leads to fecundity.”

-- John Andrew Boyle
"The consort of "EOSTRE" - was none other than a hare (rabbit) - that great animal symbol of fertility."
Packard Plant attracts dozens on heels of news it may soon be razed:

As word of the Packard Plant's potential demise spread Friday, people from across metro Detroit showed up, many with cameras in tow, to explore the ruins. / Mike Brookbank / Detroit Free Press 3/2/2012

Something, Something, Something, Detroit

Lazy Journalists Love Pictures of Abandoned Stuff

Thomas Morton / Vice Magazine

(Italian for "tail", plural code) is a term used in music in a number of different senses, primarily to designate a passage that brings a piece (or a movement) to an end.
Stage Four Cycle: 26m 32s

  1. Eostre: Divinity of the Radiant Dawn 4m 24s T
  2. Tucson Commute 3m 25s T

  3. Lethe: River of Oblivion 6m 28s T

  4. AMARG 8m 39s T

  5. Las Delicias 3m 36s T

Interviews: 23m 11s

  1. Michael Foley: Green Uprising Farm 4m 33s T Int.

  2. John Richardson: Noyo Hill Farm 5m 14s T Int.

  3. Mildred Amanda (Nov. 13) 6m 55s T Int.

  4. Mildred Amanda (Nov. 16) 6m 29s T Int.

Regenerative Design Center: 22m 49s

  1. Mendopendence Conference 19m 45s T

  2. Casparfest 3m 4s T


  1. brownlands screen test & camera trial 2m 0s T

  2. Equipotential Space 1m 45s \

  3. Transparent Hearts 6m 49s \

  4. A New Ordinance 2m 0s \

  5. The Joy of Infinity: Part 3 (Mendocino B-roll) 3m 13s T

Online disk duplication:

$128 for 100 ($15 shipping)

At subanesthetic doses, ketamine produces a dissociative state, characterised by a sense of detachment from one's physical body and the external world which is known as depersonalization and derealization.

Depersonalization (or depersonalisation) is an anomaly of the mechanism by which an individual has self-awareness. It is a feeling of watching oneself act, while having no control over a situation. Sufferers feel they have changed, and the world has become less real, vague, dreamlike, or lacking in significance. It can be a disturbing experience, since many feel that, indeed, they are living in a "dream".

Derealization (sometimes abbreviated as DR) is an alteration in the perception or experience of the external world so that it seems unreal. Other symptoms include feeling as though one's environment is lacking in spontaneity, emotional coloring and depth.
An entheogen ("generating the divine within") is a psychoactive substance used in a religious, shamanic, or spiritual context.
Psychonautics (from the Greek ψυχή (psychē "soul/spirit/mind") and ναύτης (naútēs "sailor/navigator") – a sailor of the mind/soul) refers both to a methodology for describing and explaining the subjective effects of altered states of consciousness, including those induced by meditation or mind altering substances, and to a research paradigm in which the researcher voluntarily immerses him/herself into an altered state by means of such techniques, as a means to explore human experience and existence.
The Glass Bead Game


facing a void… great material scarcity… premonitions of doom.


They had just fully realized that the youth and the creative period of our culture was over… the inauthenticity of art… the music of decline.

Cynicism—people went dancing and dismissed all anxiety about the future as old-fashioned folly.

p.29-30 temptuous music, temptuous tonal effects, a bit on dance

p.82-83 on doctrine and truth and the deity within

p112. On dating within Castillia, on men giving more of themselves because there is no money or offers of marriage.


Before his evening meditation he and his aids, the coach and the meditation master, were supposed to review each official day, noting what had been well done or ill done, feeling his own pulse, as meditation teachers call this practice, that is, recognizing and measuring one’s own momentary situation, state of health, the distribution of one’s energies, one’s hopes and cares—in a word, seeing oneself and one’s daily work objectively and carrying nothing unresolved on into the night and the next day.


The question is only: Where do we classify this phenomenon? What do we call it, how explain it? That sounds like the pedantic schoolmaster, but we Castilians are schoolmasters, after all; and if I want to classify and find a term for your and our experience, it is not because I wish to destroy its beauty by generalizing it, but because I want to describe and preserve it as distinctly as possible.


“That is exactly what I am denying. World history is a race with time, a scramble for profit, for powers, for treasures. What counts is who has the strength, luck, or vulgarity not to miss his opportunity. The achievements of thought, of culture, of art are just the opposite. They are always an escape form the serfdom of time. Man crawling out of the muck of his instincts and out of his sluggishness and climbing to a higher plane, to timelessness, liberation from time, divinity. They are utterly unhistorical and antihistorical.”

“Your love for culture and the products of the mind does you credit. But it happens that cultural creativity is something that we cannot participate in quite so fully as some people think. A dialogue of Plato’s or a coral movement by Heinrich Isaac—in fact all the things we call a product or the mind or a work of art or objectified spirit—are the outcomes of a struggle for purification and liberation. They are, to use your phrase, escapes from time into timelessness, and in most cases the best such works are those which no longer show any signs of the anguish and effort that preceded them. It is a great good fortune that we have these works, and of course we Castillians live almost entirely by them; the only creativity we have left lies in preserving them. We live permanently in that realm beyond time and conflict embodied in those very works and which we would know nothing of, but for them. And we go even further into the realms of pure mind, or if you prefer, pure abstraction: in our Glass Bead Game we analyse those products of sages and artists into their components, we derive rules of style and patterns of form from them, and we operate with these abstractions as though they were building blocks. Of course all this is very fine; no one will contend otherwise. But not everyone can spend his entire life breathing, eating, and drinking nothing but abstractions. History has one great strength over the things a Waldzell tutor feels to be worthy of his interest: it deals with reality. Abstractions are fine, but I think people also have to breathe air and eat bread.”


…reached the point at which great men must leave the path of tradition and obedient subordination and, trusting to supreme, indefinable powers, strike out on new, trackless courses where experience is no guide.

[the impossible task – to continue a life in the Castilian sense in the midst of worldliness.]

…this very practice of meditation, the cultivation and exercising of the psyche, was what isolated me, made me seem so unpleasantly strange to others, and actually rendered me incapable of really understanding them.


What I am seeking is not so much fulfillment of idle curiosity or of a hankering for worldly life, but experience without reservations. I do not want to go out into the world with insurance in my pocket, in case I am disappointed. I don’t want to be a prudent traveler taking a bit of a look at the world. On the contrary, I crave risk, difficulty, and danger; I am hungry for reality, for tasks and deeds, and also for deprivations and suffering.


Toto looked eagerly toward the dark crest of the mountain, behind which the sky pulsed in the morning light. Now a fragment of the rocky ridge flashed violently like a glowing metal beginning to melt. The crest blurred and seemed suddenly lower, as if it were melting down, and from the fiery gap the dazzling sun appeared. Simultaneously, the ground, the house, and their shore of the lake were illuminated, and the two, standing in the strong radiance, instantly felt the delightful warmth of this light. The boy, filled with the solemn beauty of the moment and the glorious sensation of his youth and strength, stretched his limbs with rhythmic arm movements, which his whole body soon took up, celebrating the break of day in an enthusiastic dance and expressing his deep oneness with the surging, radiant elements. His steps flew in joyous homage toward the victorious sun and reverently retreated from it; his outspread arms embraced mountain, lake, and sky; kneeling, he seemed to pay tribute to the earth mother, and extending his hands, to the waters of the lake; he offered himself, his youth, his freedom, his burning sense of his own life, like a festive sacrifice to the powers. The sunlight gleamed on his tanned shoulders; his eyes were half-closed to the dazzle; his young face stared masklike with an expression of inspired, almost fanatical gravity.



Lately I’ve been finding the project's embedded structures to be rigid and limiting. My thinking has become increasingly static because of a perceived need to maintain conceptual continuity within the thread. What’s called for is a freer and more agile consideration of possibilities, in multiple arenas.

I’ll be wrapping up The Illuminated Thread in the next month or so to pursue other interests. The collection of implicit rules guiding the project has become increasingly rigid and refined, framing and restricting my practice. Laden with a desire for continuity in the archive and assumptions about what type of piece fits within the Thread, I am (if only subconsciously) overlooking a broader set of creative possibilities, and am predisposed to approach new material in a way that consigns it to fit within the mold of prior work. Additionally, I am beginning to question the value of adding more photographs and video to a world already saturated with this sort of material. I’ve learned much that will be carried forward into future endeavors. My sincerest thanks to everyone who took an interest in the project. I encourage you to explore the archives.
through which I develop and evaluate new ideas for work, allow to consider the full spectrum of possibilities
often rejecting possibilities that don’t reflect the core concerns of the project.
In essence, The Illuminated Thread now acts as a lens, filtering my awareness of stylistic and conceptual possibilities for new work.

Tewaterlateing cont.—rotate 180, flip, reverse, mirror. Replace sound with something less abrasive. Perhaps a beat. One more layer of processing. Select visually interesting fixed position shots. Streamers and confetti are nice. Consider music. Consider transparency and overlay. Think the approach/reverse is a better version of the two directions possible for playback. In most cases—maybe alternate in and out—respiration—repeated penetration.

Protocol—if it’s going to be upside down, which they all should be—export at 640x480 rotated 180 degrees.
All other effects can be applied later with no quality loss.
Trying to increase ambiguity in terms of the type of vehicle moving through the frame. Add filters one at a time, in a certain order, until ambiguity threshold is reached.
180 rotate > reverse playback direction > flip over vertical axis > mirror
or pursue the most visually interesting combination

conservative use of mirroring—sprinkled in

More ambiguity weighted toward the beginning. The patterns should be difficult to recognize. Boats launching in reverse creates an additional layer of complexity.
Imagine a sci-fi world of giant ships launching into Jupiter’s gaseous atmosphere.
Parallel Worlds Edit

patriotic ship launch song:

composé en 1906 par Charles A. Zimmerman

‘Anchors Aweigh’—American Military March and official song of the US Navy

Brownlands Work:
The Passage

Eostre: Divinity of the Radiant Dawn

Brownlands Screen Test


Brownlands Satellite Composite Image

Brownlands Return Images

Brownlands Fitness: Short & Long Edit

Spiral Hearth

Audio Class Proposal

Audio Recordings both performance and ambient

Tower Lapse

Human Remains—vans, torched and extinguished

Davis art center as venue for future Brownlands exhibition
Tree Shaker

Apparently this process kicks up so much dust that neighbors are instructed to stay indoors while shaking is occurring.

shake (another's) tree Slang

To arouse to action or reaction; disturb

A good blog post on what they describe as a post industrial heritage park. Immerse yourself in Burtinski landscape next time in Spain.

Hi Matt

Checking in with you.

I’d definitely enjoy creating some visual material for your dancefloor. I have lots of ideas. Is there a theme or an essence, or perhaps a spirit for the event on the sixth?

If you’re occupied and can’t get in touch I’ll understand, but I'll be forced to lower my expectations and download a beat matching cross-fade plug-in for itunes (and nobody wants that).

Talk to you soon I hope,


Mendocino Coast Novel

The Shipbreaker’ notes:
on the beach burning fine furniture from the wrecked clipper ship.

“she’ll need a fire if you want her to live.” Burn the furniture.

Kudzu vines pervasive

Scavenge economy/spirituality

Drowned coastal cities—submerged buildings create a dangerous reef

Brutal competition for resources

Rigid hierarchy

“Feral” overused

Loyalty and trust—major themes

“The Accelerated Age”

Post-oil world fiction series, great seminar class
The Univega tells its story in pictures
You are only the center of your own film.
Crista's Totally Fit Health & Wellness Center

(520) 398-9940

70 W El Burro Ln, Tubac, AZ 85640
Uses for coconut oil:
Skin Moisturizer


Shoe polish

Massage oil

Thermostat—melting point near room temperature

Hair product

Matt McCoy DJ seminar

week one assignments:
Clean up album artwork and ID3 tags for tracks in primary playlist

Add cue points to active playlist tracks

Balance levels where appropriate

Do another set with Final Cut timeline

Play around with scratch live—loops, crates

Categories: Hard electro, eighties (sounding), eighties, comedown


Why are the cool ways of dropping out so difficult, and the easy ways so uncool? I'm totally in favor of living with your parents, going on the dole, investing in Monsanto, marrying into money, selling ads on your blog, whatever your easiest path is to the foundation and precondition of true meaning in life: giant blocks of time when there's nothing you're supposed to be doing. This is what I was getting at in How To Drop Out, when I said it's better to get a slack job you don't care about, than try to get a job doing something you love. Because you don't even know what you love until you break your life down and build it up from giant blocks of unstructured time.


If an emotional display comes raw from inside you, you will most likely be punished for it; if there is an emotional display that you are rewarded for showing, most people who show it will be faking it.
This applies not only to emotions but identity. Our culture gives us a set of cliches, or myths, or stereotypes. The more you show yourself as you really are, the more you will come into conflict with people who want you to fit a box that's already in their head, so they don't have to think to understand you. And the more perfectly someone seems to fit one of those boxes, the more likely they're faking it. (There's a grey area between pretending to be what you're not, and changing yourself, which I'm not going to get into now.)

sound of noise film

destabilizing a society

the addiction to digital communication technology is a weakness. Imagine how many would have nervous breakdowns if they couldn’t get a call through. Start taking out cell towers and people will loose their shit fast.
Chef Ryan delivered a well stated message during the brunch group’s impromptu meeting out back today. He said we all need to be professionals for the restaurant to thrive. Well I didn’t feel like a professional at all today and I think it was obvious to most that I was at my limit. Adding insult to injury, the guy that didn’t tip me on mother’s day came in and was particularly generous with Adriel. The last thing I want to do is let my co-workers down so I may need to quit the team. Also, I’m feeling particularly disliked by the kitchen staff. This much said, I remember the cheeses.
Though you should know where my head is at. Please Advise.
The Abandoned Remains of the Superconducting Super Collider

Waxahachie, Texas

The shipbreaking yards of Chittagong, Bangladesh
Shipbreakers (2004) is a documentary film. A co-production of the National Film Board of Canada with Storyline Entertainment directed by Michael Kot, the film explores the practice of ship breaking decommissioned vessels in Alang, India.
The Shipbreakers from: International Labour Organization
Ready notes for print—

And we’re leaving some plank pages in the spiral to continue plans in analogue

Copy for Sameer to keep and proof.
Dreams of crushing marble Greek statues with concrete blocks hoisted to the high corners of temples (a parking lot nearby) a witness only/Jimmy and Tanya/Sparkroot Goat Milk Latte fail/
Fighting Traffic Quotes:

p.30 Speed, Danger and Motor Tyranny. “In the early 1920s most people found the blame for pedestrian casuaties very easy to deduce. According to prevailing opinions, when a motor vehicle was involved in the injury or death of a pedestrian, responsibility lay entirely with the motorist.”

p.66-70 Pedestrians’ Rights

p.79 “Challenged by an automobile, most people on foot conceded the roadway (including crosswalks) as a matter of practical necessity, leaving aside finer matters of custom, right, or equity. This change in habits lent support to those who claimed that pedestrians did not belong in the streets. “The custom which made the common law is likely sooner or later to change it,” one journalist observed.”

p.107 engineers and social control “The experts who formulated the elements of social control were often engineers. In the Progressive Era, the language of engineering was extended to include the ordering of society; no longer was it confined to the design of masonry abutments, iron drive shafts, or electrical windings. Engineers developed their own forms of social control to manage the problems of modernity. “We are trying to accommodate human nature to new physical facts,” Engineering News-Record editorialized in 1924. Traffic control was one such effort.

p.119 conditions of natural monopolies

p.124 a “rational engineering model based upon empirical considerations of urban need.”

p.135 central control of timed signals “At 8:00 A.M. on Sunday, February 7, 1926, Mayor William Denver threw a knife switch, starting the system.”

p.138 “[engineers] narrowed the functions of both the sidewalks and the roadway. This formalization of traffic forever changed the character of city streets. Within a decade,

p.156 new capacity inviting new demand

p.164 “the old common law…

p.166 each year

the introduction of electric lighting and a change in biological rhythms
Sao Palo rectangle images—locate originals
Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens - $430
Field Notes Transcribed:
Discussions at Shot in the Dark: How to run a collective, a socialist organization.

Discussions with Rob: how to return the Rancho to a collective mode.

I overloaded my ride trying to eat like Mildred and had to walk it home.
The turn to glance out the glass front door and catch the little girl in pink with her arm spread out the backseat window of her father’s SUV. The energy building whose glass façade reflects the setting sun directly at your front door. (on a particular day of the year). Blinded by copper light as you lock the door behind you. Rolling fast down Sentinel Peak, shot from the top of the energy building downtown. A manic day fueled by highly nutritious concoction. A chat with Tribune reporter about Dixie Square.
Dixie Square—who will witness the demolition? Any devotees? Any last respects?

An alternate trajectory. Outer sections of the structure are periodically reclaimed as they “open up,” urban agricultural plots slowly push toward a sanctified core that remains a space for exploration and quiet contemplation.

The Domes north of Tucson
Six Flags New Orleans—spent some time underwater—abandoned
Preston and Ed finish your ride with a steel tab painted black

Tucson wastewater treatment plant’s eternal flame

Molten ore dumped on a hillside, glowing in the twilight—smelter waste product
Mining vintage architecture books for visual material
This American Life—China’s electronics production
Supernatural Norms—something in an everyday context that breaks through into the supernatural, however briefly.
REI Garage Sale—a consumption frenzy with hundreds of “outdoor enthusiasts” and there’s space to park in the four bike racks. People barely holding on to their civility. The shoe table attracts a high concentration. Being the first to leave emptyhanded.
If you’re still being proud of yourself. Tack this on and send you east into the desert.
Animal TOTEM cutting—very high value.
The tractor trailer that transforms into a trade show tent
A moment to count brand logos within your field of vision (partial and complete): Edirol/Roland, Crown Royal, Verizon, Samsung, ArtTool, Staedtler, Sunset, Marmot, Bell, Eddie Bauer, Gore-Tex, 5/10, Ted Baker, SON, (that’s fucking 16!)
Needs to sit for a bit

Needs to be more of a help

Needs to realize his strength is diminishing

Humbled by such apparent wisdom

Charcoals hung on the walls of abandoned office building lobbies

Giant green plastic round dumpster sitting in the wash’s sand waiting for the monsoon paddle downstream.

The Motley at Scripts, yellow legal pads, seal courtyard, the guilt of invading a forbidden world
The ongoing zombie apocalypse. Or ‘Saturday Morning Pursuits’—Consumption based activities. America greets itself out in the consumption zones.
The Final Empire – William Kotkey

I used to be aware that worry was all in my head—paranoia could be almost entirely avoided. Now reality seems more out of my control—less easy to brush off. Less a product of my imagination. I feel out of control—more at the mercy of events.

A healthy level of apathy and disconnect
Poisoned again

Doing lots of expanding,

Lots of hard listening and haircuts.

Reached a peak on that night

More and more

Ego self all the time.

When Telepathy strikes you as boring.
Nasa TV rocket test clips
He remembers how to apply his leverage.

Frightening indoor topography,

And the eyes drift toward each other

Living during a time before good characters, gifted humans.

Its his escape

Live at the time

Then they’re off for more sounds.

Admits to a flaming rock from space

Testing the waters

Coming clean

Time for sleeping in
Ron’s ride—Ron’s Produce, Ron Barber—after thinking of grandfather’s de and the golfer cake top figure he had out on his desk. There is a nice charcoal of this somewhere.
Hypr3D—3d modeling software using multiple images
Expecting to die any day

Happy to have made it to another stage

Passion lacking

Cult of the deindustrial future—creating a religion is difficult

Two references to keeping old numbers in your phone: Adriel/Nadine

Two references to spending less time before screens: Nadine/Caitlin

Rarely feel enchanted

Don’t like using the vacuum. It’s noise and obviously high electrical drain makes me feel rushed when it’s running. When I feel rushed I don’t feel like myself.

People are giving meaning to their lives with pursuits that that are largely shallow and often harmful. Consumption based activity—buying things, getting the sweet deal. Operating automobiles and generally looking for ways to continue using excessive and irresponsible amounts of energy

Water has been summoned again. Aquarian. On Mt. Lemon today, water arrived shortly after its critical need was admitted. It came in a plastic bottle carried by a black jeep (intended for the dog). Hands back the empty container and thanks the woman

Eclipse dried laundry

Eclipse ice cream man

Lunar grazing
A table’s son shares your first two names

You tell people what you think they want to hear

Substantial promise
Everyone’s time becomes cheap to buy, everyone is eager to sell.
The appealing drama of Mexican gang carnage

Where one’s time goes

Unplugging the vacuum robot during its first charge cycle—damage. Shouldn’t be operating. Let the technology die. Let the modern gadgets go. Eternally optimistic about his own condition. Best Practices, that’s Taylor.
Phonier people never lived.

Godly sick of academics.

Where one finds meaning.

Ultra archival—the story is passed down. The seeker

Cat flea infestation

Implant from todd

Revel in a place’s spiritual history—elevate its value as a site

Learning to read minds—getting people to speak their thoughts

Cheese plate and a diet coke—the sheriff coming to check my progress

Requiem for a ring tone

Failed collider ring, ripe for a visit

You’re not convinced these are the final seconds of your life. You could stab or slit his throat but you don’t and so you die.

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