The thread increasingly surrounded by darkness Riding out the winter (decline) of industrial civilization

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Current Pursuits:

Grace’s dawn

The ant and the goat’s head—journey across the yard

Mildred interviews post

Titan posts

Wasteland Twinning research proposal—compile brownlands work


Call Wally—the disk needs to be returned—it’s part of the collection.

Email Moodmasters—Netherlands

England—if anyone over there needs a caretaker…


Have CODA DVD’s made online—distribution

Have notes document printed at 400 pages—proof

Party planning


Tucson to Chicago:

1,781 miles

Allow 38 days minimum
Tucson to Burlington, VT:

via Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Columbus, Pittsburg, NY

2,730 miles

Allow 60 days minimum

Hi Nadine, it's Brett, I thought, If you're gonna come by and and. I don't know if you're sunsets no backyards and spoke Smash and maybe watch movie One of those things but. I would like to see it. So, gimme a call when you can.

Lessons of Darkness (German: Lektionen in Finsternis) is a 1992 film by director Werner Herzog. Shot in documentary style on 16mm film from the perspective of an almost alien observer, the film is an exploration of the ravaged oil fields of post-Gulf War Kuwait, decontextualised and characterised in such a way as to emphasise the terrain's cataclysmic strangeness. An effective companion to his earlier film Fata Morgana, Herzog again perceives the desert as a landscape with its own voice.

Mirage—another curated visual program for dancefloor screening (2 hours)

  1. Blowup

  2. Zabriskie Point

  3. The Great Ecstasy of the Woodcarver Steiner

  4. Fata Morgana

an optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions, esp. the appearance of a sheet of water in a desert or on a hot road caused by the refraction of light from the sky by heated air.

something that appears real or possible but is not in fact so.
Themes: play, flight, steam, transit/voyages, atmospherics, the desert, ice & snow

  1. Blowup (model shoot, romp with girls)

  2. Zabriskie Point (roll in the dust, slow motion explosions montage)

  3. The Great Ecstasy of the Woodcarver Steiner (slow motion flights)

  4. Fata Morgana (Planes landing, dunes)

  5. Airbus approaches

  6. Snowfall

  7. Insects in flight

  8. Desserts

  9. Lessons of darkness—helicopter flyovers (flipped for further decontextualisation)

  10. Tewaterlating (Parallel Worlds Edit)

  11. Market Street streetcar voyage—1906

  12. Dolphins playing (from Oceans III—French documentary)

  13. Shaky eclipse

  14. Avalanche approach

  15. Crystals

  16. Fantastic Voyage (first look)

  17. Voyage in Time—Tarkovski Documentary (girl with balloon and Roman bath)

  18. Space Shuttle Start

  19. Chinese marching

  20. Deserto Rosso (Steam release)

  21. Winged migration


Bus stop riff-raff compilation—daily shots of folks gathering at the bus shelter, warm late-afternoon light bathes the scene.

Condo Crawl. trash liners scented and spiced
Deep end—referring to the deep house on the playlist. Abandoned pool image for flyer.
boulder fantasy

There’s a really good massage school in Boulder—like one of the best. I could totally see me going there while you go to cooking school. We’d be roommates again—off to our respective campuses each morning, eating well, doing outdoors shit. Sounds good right?
Goat’s heads are sprouting in the yard, revealing distribution patterns and much about their structure and how they germinate. Also, the big black desert ants are collecting them like there’s no tomorrow, making long journeys across the yard, hauling the awkward objects over gravel and rough terrain. Around the nest is an abundance of spent nutlets, suggesting the ants are sprouting underground then hauling out their trash. I’d venture to say it’s their main energy source, at least at the moment.

Assignment: document the entirety of one of these exhausting journeys, from source to nest. Over boulders, through young Tribulus Terrestris forests, ending with an arrival at the entrance to the nest.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Die große Ekstase des Kellners Tracy

The great Ecstasy of the Waiter Tracy

‘Mirage’ Projection

3 hour 10 min ‘spring mix’ (with alternates)


premium vodka, mixers

at least six hits of molly

the last joint

other drugs?
Finalize spring mix—balance levels, check transitions, export, upload

Call Patrick


Write invite email template

Request Sunday off

Do Arrival map with satellite

Pull incredible journey clip—replace window content

Or woodcarver Steiner with blue void for bold white text

Hyper 3d the interior of the living room

Lounge light photograph

Invite list:

Caitlin, sparkroot (1st)

Michael, gay men (1st)

Nadine (1st)

Maynard’s (Melanie, Karolina, Gage, Carson, Gaby, Christian, Rip?, John)

Dino, Joe

Julie, Ashley, yogis

Matt McCoy (1st)

Amber (1st)
Visualizer Killer Content:



Email JP when mix is done re bottom bracket, and Joe
Chairs are about status, power, and control. That’s why we like them. Ask any furniture historian about the origins of the chair and they’ll gleefully tell you that it all started with the throne.

As chairs became prevalent in schoolrooms, they became a tool for teachers to control the movement of children, whose healthy tendency toward activity made them difficult to teach. Today, children in the developed world learn early that sitting still in a chair is part of what it means to be an adult. The result is that by the time they actually reach adulthood, most have lost the musculature to sit comfortably for prolonged periods without back support.

Burn the furniture

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