The Trail of the Serpent Part 5 ‘The Greater Light’ Pastor Mita Edwardson

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The Trail of the Serpent

Part 5
The Greater Light
Pastor Mita Edwardson
20th January, 2013 Wanganui, New Zealand

1 Blessed be the Lord Jesus. Amen… worthy… Let’s give the Lord a hand. Praise the Lord. Clap your hands all ye people and give thanks and praise unto the Lord. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Hallelujah. Amen. Thank you Lord. You are worthy, truly. We worship you and thank you for the Light you give us Lord. Praise your mighty name. Amen.
2 Brother Don wrote me and he’s gone to Haiti. He’s either left to go to Haiti or he’s in Haiti… I don’t know if it’s this week or last week because I picked up my email a week later. Anyway, he’s going to be in Haiti, and he has asked us to pray for him. He told me about four or five months ago that he’s going to take the youth convention in Haiti. Haiti is rugged. It was rugged when I was there and then they had this great earthquake that shook the whole nation. It looked like they’ve had seven or eight of them already so you can imagine it’s not a very pleasant place. The people are desperate. The United Nations are their police. You know how we have our local New Zealand police... well they have the UN driving around with guns mounted on top of army vehicles.

3 Brother Don’s gone there, so let’s pray for him and just keep him in our heart. We appreciate the Ministry of our Brother. It’s his intention to come here at Easter so get ready for that. I’m a little bit slow on everything but today I have written to Brother Don and spoken about him coming here, and so now we want you to extend the invitation to all of your friends… tell them all to come. This is the Third Coming of Jesus Christ – the greatest revival that has ever struck the earth. The Word of God has been revealed on a level that has never been seen before. We are not taking away from the previous Ministry of the Prophet of Malachi 4, but we’re actually enhancing it, and it’s greater. The message previous to us... what makes it greater is the fact that that the message has progressed forward to where we are now… to what we have got now. It’s the same message in its ‘progressed’ form.

4 Here we are small in number… you would think this place would be crowded out. It should be you know… but it’s not the case. God’s got us in a humble little group like this... the same as John the Divine had a small little group… about fifty people in his Church. He wrote the Book of Revelation and had the greatest insight that we have seen a Prophet ever have beside Moses, Elijah all the Prophets... here was John the Divine on the Island of Patmos with a great revelation breaking forward. And he was a small Pastor and his life was always in jeopardy. He was rejected and spat out. Can you imagine, in the whole Holy City of Jerusalem, that there was a small little group under John, who was the Pastor of the Church there? It’s just similar to where we

are right now. This is the greatest revelation breaking and this is a wonderful little group... and history keeps repeating itself. Amen.

5 You know, I don’t like to say this… I don’t want to reflect in a bad way about people that don’t stay with the revelation, although I do want to say that the Bible talks about how ‘the great net is cast and everybody comes in but not everything that comes in the net is fish’. You pick up some crabs and probably a couple of pauas might be floating around with some divers... all kinds of stuff might get in the net. The fisherman doesn’t keep everything... a lot of stuff he will just dump, and they go back to where they come from. And so is it with this great revelation... it’s fishing. Jesus taught us ‘I will make you fishers of men’. The good thing is... and even in Brother Branhams vision about fishing... the Third Pull caught the Rainbow Trout. So the Rainbow Trout is not about numbers and people but it’s about the quality of spirit and it’s about election... predestination... the called and chosen of God. So are you glad to be that?

6 You know if you really just get saturated in the reality of the thought that you are called and chosen of God to be part of his great revival in this great hour, you wouldn’t look around to the left or the right. You wouldn’t be worried about ‘Who’s doing this, this one’s doing that, they’ve got this, and they’ve got that’. You can’t be distracted. The Bible says ‘Don’t look to the left nor the right’. Just thank God for who you are and what you are. Amen, that’s it.

7 So, I would like to continue on series the of ‘The Trail of the Serpent’. I must apologise to you a little bit because we are going to have to bring again some of the things that we have already taught... maybe even six or seven years ago... just to match it in and blend it in so that we’ve got one thread of a thought on ‘The Trail of the Serpent’, because in previous years we have been preaching a little bit here and a little bit there… scattered here and there. So I’m trying to gather all these things together. Gather it so it’s not so scattered.
8 I listened to myself preach the other day... the first time for I don’t know, for how many years. I thought ‘My goodness. How could anybody ever understand that’? I’d say half a sentence and don’t finish it off... start a scripture don’t finish that off before starting on another story. I am glad that I listened to myself and I fell asleep. So you people... a hundred points for you. I take my hat off to you that you can handle this Ministry and that you are so gracious and very courteous. You are very courteous... very supportive and I appreciate that you would sit here and listen, with the limits I’ve got, and accept it and take something from it, and keep coming back year-after-year. Thank you so much. Brother Howard out the back there... I just saw Brother Howard sitting there you know, he’s an old boy now. He’s still younger than me but you know what I’m saying... and Sister Sue and all of you. Thank you.

9 That’s all I can say. I appreciate you all. I really do. I mean it, Brother Neil. I really mean it... and so I’ll do my best. I’ll try to improve because I’ve got room to improve and to make the thought clear for you, so that your mind doesn’t have to say ‘Why do you mean that? How did he say this? Why did he say only half a sentence, and how does that connect with the other sentence’? Oh my goodness. A couple of times I might hit the mark. You know, Brother Branham was the greatest Preacher ever, and he was a bit like a scatter gun, but not as bad as me. I thought ‘Wow’!

10 So let’s have a look at the message ‘Standing in the Sun’, because The Trail of the Serpent… and that’s our message this morning. We’re talking about the Greater Light... Standing in the Sun. It’s a vision that John had when he was on the Island of Patmos. In Revelation 10 he said ‘I saw a mighty Angel come down clothed in the sun’. So the Angel was clothed in the sun and we understand what it represents... because the Book is full of symbols. We are talking about ‘The Trail of the Serpent’. We have two messages out called ‘My Commission’ and ‘The Prophecy’ and they are both one and the same message. It is just one continuing on from the other. I hope you didn’t get me wrong but I am not saying personally that it is ‘my personal commission’.
11 I looked at it and I kept marking it when I went over it. Brother John and Sister Kay wrote it out for us, and I scribbled and said ‘Yes. I thought I made that quite clear’. When I say ‘my commission’, I am asking you to make that ‘your commission’. I want you to say this is ‘my commission’. And… and it’s not an imagination, so I want to make that clear, that’s why I said ‘It’s a prophecy’. ‘The Prophecy’ is not just a little thought that I thought up in my study… you know, ‘Let’s get a little sermon together. Let’s make ourselves feel better’. Mary’s life was the prophecy of Isaiah in flesh and blood. So this is real people. This is not some little imagination and not something we have conjured up. This is the prophecy of the season that every prophecy comes in its designated season.

12 When the Lord came to Abraham, he said ‘At the appointed time I will visit you and Sarah shall conceive and bear a child’. Notice the words ‘At the appointed time’. In Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, the Bible says that ‘To everything there is a time and a season... for every purpose’. So we have a purpose, you know. What am I doing at Church on Sunday? What am I doing? What’s my existence for? If you are thinking about dollars and cents and education and careers you would no doubt get a little bit dizzy.

13 We are Eternal bodies with an Eternal purpose. Sometimes we think, well, what is my purpose? To be, rearing children, educating them and all that? Yes... that is a part of it but let’s put all the other things aside. This is our purpose... to bring the Word in its season. You are here supporting me as a Preacher, so you are bringing the Word in its season. When you people pay your tithes you are supporting this. You are a part of it. When you show respect to the Ministry, you are giving strength to the cause and purpose. When you give a little Amen, when you sing a song in Church, you bring a little contribution, you are supporting the purpose. We do have a purpose here. We’re not just casually going on. So our purpose is to fulfil our prophecy in its designated season. That is very rich and God has always done that in every part of the Bible.

14 When Moses came, he had to find his prophecy and bring his character in its designated season. It took him eighty years before he actually came into his maturity and started to fulfil his purpose. Although he was brought up in Egypt then went out into the desert... that was all working towards the purpose... and the purpose of Moses was to bring an exodus. He was to reveal the first exodus in person, to deliver the children of Israel. He had a purpose. So we have a purpose and that is to fulfil the prophecy in our season. So we spoke on that. That’s why I preached on ‘The Prophecy’ and ‘My Commission’... to get us focussed on what is our purpose. This message is ‘The Greater Light’, and we’re dealing with the Prophet’s vision of ‘Standing in the Sun’. John the Divine had a vision of an angel standing in the sun. He said ‘I saw one like the Son of Man’ and he identifies him with the sun. So many times in the Bible, relating to the sun, the symbol actually represents the Greater Light. It was greater than the light which preceded it... greater than the light that came before it. OK?

15 So we’re talking on ‘The Trail of The Serpent’, and this message is on the serpent seed. Let me say it this way... this message supersedes any light that previously came on the subject of the serpent. The sunlight supersedes any light that came in the evening time. The moon and it’s light is beautiful. I like to go out in the moonlight... the stars are beautiful... but when the sun is up you can’t see the moon so clearly. If it is there you can’t see it for the greatness and the glory of the light that comes after it. And here we are standing talking on ‘The Trail of The Serpent’. We are talking about the serpent’s seed.
16 Brother Branham said that his message on the ‘Serpent Seed’ came as a result of the opening of the Seven Seals. Although he had talked on it before, when the Seals opened he began to see the trail of the serpent throughout the ages. As he progressed on after the opening of the Seals, he told us that out of Revelation 12 came a new trinity... the serpent. Brother Branham tells us that satan is a triune being. He called it satan’s trinity… Nicolaitianism, Balaamism and Jezebelism... through the Ages. William Branham was standing in the Seals identifying the trail of the serpent through the Church down through the Ages. And he said ‘It started off with a thought, it became the unmovable way, the binding way. It became a doctrine a person... flesh, and they crowned it with a triple crown’. So he was following that religious demon that had got the people away from the original Word.

17 And to some people, that’s what the Seals are all about, but Brother Don comes along and starts to show us, that when Brother Branham stood there preaching the Seals, there was a new set of Seals inside. He would mention it in the First Seal, mention something else, mention something else from the Fifth Seal, and mention a little bit in the Sixth Seal showing that there is a whole set of Thunders that should be revealed in its season. William Branham was revealing the Seals and the Thunders on a historical level. ‘This is the First Thunder’... ‘This is the Second Seal, the Second Age that pertains to this’. ‘This pertains to that’. He’s going through the history, but as he’s standing there preaching the history, he’s simultaneously opening up satans movement in the earth at the time he was speaking. Not in Pauls time. Not in Irenaeus’ time. Not in Columba’s time, nor in Luther’s time... but in his time.

18 He had already identified the demons down through the Ages. Now he comes up and preaches ‘The Anointed Ones at the End Time’, showing the serpent and how he had progressed right up to that time. ‘As Jannes and Jambres’… William Branham is quoting the scripture. He said ‘As Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses’… Moses was standing there. He said ‘A modern-day Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, Jannes and Jambres’. It was history repeating itself. Our Moses, Brother Branham, was standing there, and there were the false anointed ones in the religious realm. Think about that demon we are tracing. It’s so religious. He hates the very cause of Christ. In just the same way that Jannes and Jambres came out to embarrass Aaron and Moses, but failed to do so... here were others attempting to embarrass the anointed one that was sent by God for His purpose in that season. They failed their duty; they tried to embarrass Moses and Aaron. They brought out serpents just like them; they brought out rods just like them.
19 Here we’ve got Seven Seals… people on the other side of the City have got Seven Seals. We might talk about ‘The Trail of The Serpent’, and they’ll talk about the same thing. But they try to kill us. That’s the difference. We’re not trying to kill them. Listen to me, we’re not trying to kill anyone, but we have an enemy out there who is religious... who has worked his way through the Ages. He is here still doing the same old tricks that Cain did to Abel... that Judas did to Jesus. They are hostile, evil, arrogant, lifted up and they are being revealed in this hour. As the Word opens it is exposing their folly and showing who their father is.

20 When Jesus was on the earth what did he say? He said ‘You are of your father the devil’. He cut to the chase, talking about the serpent. He said ‘You are of your father, the serpent’. And a religious hierarchy, the dignitaries, the well-to-do, they had their lives sorted while they lived in houses while he was living in a cave. They had all the money in the world to pay their taxes, but He had to send out a little fisherman to go and catch a fish to pay His taxes. It seemed ridiculous but that same snake... the same religious serpent, has worked its way all the way up to the top of the religious order. But the Bible tells us in the prophecy that there is coming a people that will deal with that serpent like nobody ever dealt with it ever before. Let’s make a difference now.

21 There are people on the earth right now, who will do something to this serpent that has never been done before. He shall be revealed and he shall be consumed in the brightness of this coming. Now that’s pretty powerful, that’s terminal. We’ve got an evil spirit in the earth that realises that there’s a prophecy hanging over him that says, ‘God will have an anointed Church’, I’ll call it Church, called out ones, ‘who realise they are anointed for the purpose of defeating the great arch enemy’. So let’s have a look at that now. Let’s go into our message
22 Brother Branhams said in ‘Blasphemous Names’... telling of a vision. The vision is ‘Standing in the Sun’.
BLASPHEMOUS NAMES’; Jeffersonville, Indiana. 4th November, 1962

41-1 ... The day before yesterday morning I had a vision... I was standing in the sun and I was preaching the Gospel to a large mammoth congregation and they were sitting in a forest and streaks of the sun was shining down on them, just here and there are getting it… getting the Word.
You remember when we spoke about that, just streaks of light…talking about his day now. He was bringing the serpent revelation. But in the Ministry of William Branham, sitting under him, were people that were only getting parts, and in fact he was only giving parts.

23 Like the Apostle Paul said about his day ‘We are only prophesying in part’. Moonlight is only partial light of the sun. Stars light are only part that... a fraction of the sun light. And this vision here is showing that the people are only getting parts of that which was being projected. In William Branham’s day the people were not grasping it... just a little here and a little there. When we first came to the revelation of Malachi 4, we too sat down and read Books like ‘Sirs What Time Is It’? We were only getting parts... streaks of light... because God would only give us a light, as we grew... then He’d give us a bit more light... and a bit more. As we grow He gives us more.

24 OK, so he’s preaching to a mammoth congregation that was sitting in a forest. I’m not going to go back and elaborate too much on it because you understand the symbols, but I need to bring this in to this subject of ‘The Trail of The Serpent’. Let me say it for this reason. If you go back and listen to the ‘Serpent Seed’, you’ll find that it’s different than the serpent we’re preaching. OK? The light of the sun is different than the light of the moon but it’s all working together in Gods sight. God did it there, God put the moon there, God put the sun there, the sun comes up in its designated time. Praise the Lord for it. And we are now in the daylight.
25 William Branham came along and said ‘Shalom’. ‘Good morning’. The morning star hangs out there, and he was the morning star heralding the rising sun. He was showing that there’s a Great Light coming. He was telling his people ‘There’s a Great Light on the horizon. It is the dawning of a Bright New Day’. In other words ‘A Brilliant Light that will supersede that which you’ve already seen’. That’s what he’s meaning. And they were sitting in a forest, OK? Forests only allow you partial light. Just little spots here and there are getting the light… getting the Word. ‘The congregation became hungry’... I’m quoting William Branham... ‘for physical food and some of them got tired so they just got up and went out’. That’s quite clear it’s fulfilled itself. Many of them walked away from William Branham. He said ‘Demos has forsaken me having loved this present World. Demos Shakarian and the Full Gospel Businessmen... some of his good supporters, had walked out on him. Even his old father in the faith didn’t understand him. Nobody understood him.

26 Brother Branham came out in that message and he said ‘All men have forsaken me’. So here he is in that frame of mind, preaching the message ‘Blasphemous Names’, feeling the rejection. 1962 was the great rejection. In 1962 and 1963 there was a great feeling in the Prophet’s tapes... if you listen to his voice. He was always preaching about the Headstone being rejected when it comes. So he speaks about Paul been rejected by Demos… ‘The Rejected King’… speaking about Israel how they rejected Gods Prophet Samuel and there he was, William Branham, being rejected by the Full Gospel Businessmen and so forth. So he’s got that feeling going on. Even his own congregation were rejecting him. You might not hear that on the tape because he wasn’t that kind of a man to expose exactly everything that was going on but we found out later that they disobeyed him... even the Branham Tabernacle.

27 That’s pretty serious. How’s a man like me going to produce something different than he did? He was far greater than I, and even his followers forsook him. But he says in that message that ‘Everyone that is rejected, in the time of the rejection, has come to their crowning’. He says ‘It’s darkest just before the day’. Jesus was rejected and hung on Calvary. It became dark, but his Ministry was crowned at Calvary. Anyway, just get the feeling of that. People become hungry for physical food and physical things. They want systems, they want methods. They want places and times. They want programmes and schedules. They want issues, newspapers and magazines… physical stuff.
28 What about the Seventh Seal? What about a sword in the hand? What about ‘I’ll ride this trail again’?. They say, ‘Oh, don’t worry about that. Let’s make freezers, air conditioners and cabinets, so we can preserve the original reel-to-reels’, and ‘Let’s put out monthly issues on people that met William Branham’, and ‘Let’s talk about that as a subject and feed the people on that’. That’s nice... but here he was bringing the Word and that was the condition of the people. And I want to say it’s no different than that today.
41-3 ... they just got up and went out to get them some food, started going out. I said, ‘Don't, don't’.
‘Don’t, don’t’, is two times... twice!
I had two climaxes I wanted to meet--I wanted to meet in my sermon... I was standing there looking and watching myself preach.

29 We know Brother Don had the same thing. He had a vision of… he saw this young man preaching and he saw another group been preached to and then he realised he was the young man in the vision preaching to this whole great crowd of people. William Branham, the Prophet, under the same anointing, saw himself preaching to a great congregation. We are so fortunate in this day that we have Prophets.

I had two climaxes I wanted to meet in my sermon two climaxes. I was standing there looking and watching myself preach and I was just preaching to who wouldn’t have it.
Why that must have been such a blow for him to preach to people when he knew they weren’t receiving it. They didn’t want it. Aren’t you glad that you actually want this? You know how it must feel to a Prophet for his message to be preached and accepted? Don’t worry about where we are – out in Castlecliff. We’ve got a little church building here, we’ve got a small group.
30 Just imagine how you would be if William Branham was standing here right now. You would be on the edge of your seat, crying out ‘Preach it Brother’. You would be right there, hanging off every Word. You’d feel so satisfied with that Prophet and you’d accept what he said. Well here he was standing here, and he said ‘I was watching myself preach to those who wouldn’t have it’. Get the feeling of that. You know what it’s like to be rejected by your own kids. You parents know all about it. Your parents knew all about it when you were a kid... what it was like for you to be rebellious, jump the fence, take off down the road and your poor Dad and Mum were going grey chasing after you. Then you got older and forgot that you did that to your parents, and you feel the great shock of being rejected by your own kids. ‘They won’t listen and they’re rebellious little things’... the same as you were. I’m just trying to give you the feeling... how it feels awkward. Parents... think as parents... think for a moment. You would love your kids to receive you. You want your kids to accept you. You want them to take the Word that you are giving them. They’re your babies and here they are standing and they’ll take another man’s food. What a feeling.

31 They were physically hungry. They had had enough Spiritual… so they started walking away. Physically hungry – hungry for natural things – but here was their man... their father in the faith giving them the food they had need of, but they wanted something else – a substitute. That’s an awkward thing going on right there.

I said ‘Just a minute friends, just a minute. You’ll be back again when the evening shadows fall’.
That’s nice. There’s the prophecy, ‘You’re coming back. You all have forsaken this Word. You don’t have a clue what I am talking about but you’re going to come back to this’.
32 Now I just wanted to say that about ‘I will ride this trail again’... ‘The Trail of the Serpent’. William Branham was tracking that thing down. Nobody had a clue. They couldn’t have cared less because they had had enough of Spiritual. They were fully entertained. They’d seen all the sick healed and all that. ‘We’re done with that. We’re going to go out and make big money and big business and make ourselves important’, and that’s what everyone did around William Branham. They got hungry for natural, physical things. Let’s not fall back into that trap. God help us, each one, that the Word of God will be our focus. Nothing else matters.

‘You’ll be back again when the evening shadows fall’.
Always when I’m reading the message of William Branham I see prophecy... what about you?
33 You’ve been bred on that, you feel that, you think that, everything is a prophecy.
You’ll be back again when the evening shadows fall’. I said ‘you’ll be back again’. (He keeps repeating it)... ‘But let me give you this first climax’.
When I was a child I spake about serpent seed like a child. When I became a man I put that concept aside, then I prophesied in part but now face to face. Hallelujah. He’s saying to them, ‘Just let me give you this first bit’, let alone get to the second part. So he is talking to a people who are mature at that level of the maturity. He’s trying to reach this great climax of the second part of his Ministry so he said ‘Oh well let me give you the first part’. Serpent seed I’m talking about.
‘You’ll be back when the evening shadows fall’.

Do you remember what we said about that? Shadows, symbols, types… people have lived on shadows, types and symbols.

34 When he’s talking right there, the Spirit of God (in my opinion), is telling us clearly through a Prophet’s voice – remember that the Prophets say something and their little stories are actually prophetic, and they are anointed – although they might seem to just be telling a little story. In that story, the Spirit of God is speaking to a future generation, who will pick up the in-between places. William Branham said, when he was preaching to his people... he knew they couldn’t catch it. He said ‘You young men will catch these prophecies and things one day. Remember my Words. You young men will catch these prophecies and things’. This is just exactly like David standing there saying ‘My bones, my bones, they stare at me, they pierce me in my side’, as if he was the Messiah. We know that he was talking about somebody coming… ‘You’ll be back again’. Get that word ‘again’… ‘The Trail of the Serpent’… ‘We’ll ride this trail again’.
35 Is that quite clear that we’re not making this up? Can you see that it’s all laying right there? That we would come to these sermons... that we would come to this series? Not just because we are preaching a series of meetings. I’m talking about the concept and the understanding, that the prophecy for our day, the anointed Word in its designated season is being fulfilled in our midst. It’s right there, laying in the message… ‘You’ll be back again’. But when? ‘You’ll be back when the shadows and the symbols are taken away… when the evening shadows fall’. You say ‘Well that’s talking about judgement day’. It has a multiple, compound meaning... when the symbols are unveiled. When the dragon (which is a symbol, the dragon is a shadow) when the dragon is exposed. It’s not a real, literal dragon. It’s a metaphorical dragon. It’s a legend. Its mythology, and it’s the very thing that can keep you blind.

36 If you’re looking for a dragon, then I’m sorry, you’re going to miss it. If you are looking for something scaly with a long tail and fire coming out of his nose, you are going to wait and wait. You are going to grow cobwebs waiting at a bus stop. ‘We’re waiting for this dragon because John said there’s a dragon coming’. That was a symbol and a shadow. There’s a time coming, Brother Branham said, that ‘The shadows are going to flee away’. Out comes Don Parnell, as I said to you last time we spoke on this subject... the first thing he preaches is the ‘Book of Symbols’, in the ‘Unveiling Series’. He starts to talk about the whole Book of Symbols and he peels back all those symbols. The shadows are fleeing away right before our eyes, our wondering eyes. You go back to that ‘Unveiling Series’ and have a look. Put your eyes in there and you will see every shadow in the Book of Revelation flee away. That was fulfilling the prophecy right there. When the evening shadows fall that’s when you’re coming back to this.

37 In the Song of Solomon, chapter 4 and verse 6…

6 Until the day break, and the shadows flee away...
It’s prophesying a day break. It’s not day break yet, in that scripture, but ‘until’ the day break. So they are in darkness right there. The children of the Son of David are sitting in moonlight right there because the day has not broken yet. Solomon’s people are sitting in darkness with a Prophet-King prophesying ‘until the day break and the shadows flee away’… until it happens. It hasn’t happened yet but until it happens, stay with me I will get…
I will get me to the mountain of myrrh, to the hill of frankincense.
Let me anoint your memory right there. Until that new day dawns... until the sunlight comes... until the Greater Light supersedes the moonlight... until ‘The Trail of the Serpent’ supersedes ‘The Serpents Seed’, I am going to get me to a mountain of myrrh. Do you know what myrrh and frankincense relates to? It relates to intercession.

38 I will stay under the mountain of intercession. You know that John wept. He wept on the mourner’s bench. The ‘mountain of myrrh’... Faith, Virtue, Knowledge, Temperance, Godliness, Brotherly kindness, Perfect Love… a mountain. A mountain represents people. People who stood there on that day, weeping. What does that mean? They were under the old light of intercession. They were struggling to see Light. They were struggling to stay with the cause. Brother Branham said ‘John represented every true believer’. Every true believer stood there on the mountain that day when William Branham was opening the Seals. The Bible said ‘John wept’. John represented that whole mountain. But ‘Until the day break I will be in weeping and mourning, I will remain under the intercession of a Priest’. Until that happens... until the day breaks... until that Great Light comes, that’s where you’re going to find me. And Brother Branham says ‘everyone was standing there.’ And the scripture shows that John wept.

39 There’s the mountain of myrrh. Why? Because the Angel of Revelation 10... the one who was standing in the sun... had not yet brought his message. So everyone was in partial light with partial understanding. The elder stood up and said ‘John don’t weep any more, for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has prevailed’. Until you see the Lion… until you see him prevail... do you know where you are going to find me? You’ll find me back in the Church Ages… ‘until the day breaks’. Go back to Brother Branham’s vision of ‘Standing in the Sun’.
42-3 I said, "What a time it'll be. Praise be to God." And I seen myself getting real little, and heard that, "Praise be to God." I seen myself fading up like that, and here I was standing there.
40 Is this really a good time for you? He said it would be a great time. It depends on what you interpret as being a great time. What is a great time? What’s your interpretation of a great time? Five hundred people? Lots of different people? Will that make you glad... as a social butterfly? It depends on what you interpret as being ‘a good time’. He said ‘Oh what a great, marvellous climax. I seen myself fading’. Do you know that the light on the serpent seed has actually faded?
...What a time. Praise be to God.
He’s not worried about us preaching a Greater Light. He says ‘Praise be to God’, he says ‘And I seen myself been real little’. Yes... you’ve got it.
41 In the message ‘Sirs is This the Time’? preached at Jeffersonville, Indiana, 30th December, 1962, he said...
29-4 Do you remember the vision about three weeks ago, standing in the sun, preaching to the congregation? ... Just even every bit of that has been said, types right into this.

Now here he is standing there, he’s just seen a cloud coming, he started preaching in that message about an angel standing in the sun, didn’t he?

Revelation 10

1 I saw another mighty angel clothed with a cloud, rainbow was upon his head, face shone as the sun.
That’s what he’s preaching in ‘Sirs is this the Time’? So he’s tying that right back into the vision he had three weeks before about the Greater Light and the Second Climax. He said they were only getting streaks of light but wait to the shadows flee.
42 ‘Standing in the Sun’ types right into this... this must be the interpretation. Do you know in ‘Sirs is This the Time’? that he saw a cloud? He saw a great mountain of people… Celestial Bodies. He said these angels caught me up into themselves. That’s what he is talking about in that message right there. He said that ties back into the vision ‘Standing in the Sun’. So when you get him ‘Standing in the Sun’ there was a mammoth congregation that was to come back again, and in ‘Sirs What Time Is It’? he’s caught up into the midst of that mammoth congregation. Now this congregation that he’s speaking of, only had partial light through the Ages. Paul prophesied in part, Irenaeus prophesied in part. Paul said ‘When that which is perfect is come, that which we have preached in part shall be done away with’. We won’t have moonlight, star light or partial light, but when that sunlight comes, all the partial light is going to be done away with.

43 And they were all standing there that day… Paul, Irenaeus, Martin, Columba, Luther, Wesley and William Branham... all standing right there. William Branham says in ‘Sirs is This the Time’?, ‘Is this the time for Revelation 10:1 through to 7? Is it the time to be fulfilled, Sirs’? Then he ties it right back into that mammoth congregation that was growing weary. A mountain of myrrh, weariness, myrrh, frankincense, tiredness… and John wept… until the day broke. He said ‘I was standing in the Sun’ and he types it right into this. This must be the interpretation. So then, Sunset Mountain... the coming of the Lord in the clouds with all the Saints... is that mammoth congregation that caught him up into their midst. And he tells us the story. He said ‘Two lots of the angels went East, I

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