The version of this song by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes is played to the tune of “Generator” by Bad Religion. A woman dives off a cliff as text reveals you


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CULT Nationals 2010

Round 12



1) The version of this song by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes is played to the tune of “Generator” by Bad Religion.  A woman dives off a cliff as text reveals you can’t put a price on getting the most out of life in a Mastercard commercial where people sing this song.  A version of this song by The Lennon Sisters plays to a montage of anti-war posters in the opening shot (*) of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  This song shares its name with an album that concludes with the track, “But Not For Me”, in addition to a version of a Cole Porter song, “Everytime We Say Goodbye”.  Besides that John Coltrane album, this song was song was sung in place of "The Lonely Goatherd" during a thunderstorm by Julie Andrews.  Mentioning “silver white winters” and “brown paper packages”, for 10 points, name song from The Sound of Music.

ANSWER: “My Favorite Things


2) This man won a 53-stroke rally against Julien Benneteau in Cincinnati last August, but would lose to Roger Federer in the semi-finals.  In the 2008 Rome Masters he claimed that rival Juan Martin del Porto insulted his mother and that del Porto tried to hit a ball at her.  His ATP Masters victories include a win over Novak Djokovic in the last year’s Sony Ericsson Open, (*) and his first Davis Cup appearance came alongside teammates David Sherwood and Greg Rusedski.  He blamed his 2006 French Open loss to Gael Monfils on back pain, which he claimed was because he wasn't "fully grown", and Patrick McEnroe has deemed him “one of the game’s best returners”.  Roger Federer defeated him in the finals of the 2008 US Open and 2010 Australian Open.  For 10 points, name this 23-year-old tennis phenom from Scotland.

ANSWER: Andrew “Andy” Murray


3) One scenario in this game is only available after you collect items like the Book of the Crimson Ceremony from the Reading Room.  An Xbox-only ending in this game sees the main character using the Blue Gem before a black and white film plays.  Other endings to this game see a dog sitting in the Observation Room (*) and the protagonist being berated for killing his wife.  Later editions of this game included the “Born From a Wish” introduction that takes place before the player visits Rosewater Park, while all editions featured a fight with Eddie Dombrowski.  The penultimate boss in this game consists of not one but two "Pyramid Heads" who hold Buster-size knives.  The first PS2 entry in its series, for 10 points, name this survivor horror sequel by Konami centering on James Sunderland.

ANSWER: Silent Hill 2


4) This character's story was updated in a Dick Van Dyke film involving a NASA chimp and his sidekick, played by Nancy Kwan.  The film Enemy Mine is a partial remake of a movie where Commander Christopher Draper is billed as "[this character] on Mars".  One of the best film appearances of this character was by Dan O'Herlihy in a 1952 film by Luis Bunuel.  More recently, this character was portrayed as an enemy of Santos (*) Santana and an ally of Mia Maestro's Olivia on a short-lived 2008 NBC drama starring Philip Winchester in this role.  That series saw the protagonist’s companion, played by Tongayi Chirisa, rescued from cannibals.  Richard Roundtree plays his role-reversing sidekick in the 1976 film, Man Friday.  For 10 points, identify this literary character, shipwrecked in a novel by Daniel Defoe.

ANSWER: Robinson Crusoe (accept either underlined answer)


5) This man played a rumor spreading high school classmate of Maya on an episode of Just Shoot Me, and on his final episode of the show that made him famous, he finally won a long-running competition by using images of his partner's family making out.  This actor's best comedy series saw him working with Byron Togler and having conversations with the long-dead (*) Mr. Pickering, a former president of the company he worked as a technical writer for.  This father of Parker, Pearce, Penny, Paige and Patton on the short-lived Quintuplets also played an accountant-turned-private-eye on NBC's Andy Barker, P.I.  For 10 points, name this man who “Controls the Universe” in one series, formerly the announcer for The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.

ANSWER: Paul Andrew "Andy" Richter


6) ‘90s tracks by this man like “Screams From Beyond” were less successful than his ‘80s album, The Change Has Come, which fueled a minor comeback thanks to his songs, “Harder Than Diamond” and “Running”.  That decade also saw him crack the Top 20 with a remix of his biggest hit by the Fat Boys.  During his most popular era, he scored hits with tracks like “Popeye the Hitchhiker” (*) and “The Fly”, the latter a song in the mold of his most successful track.  The artist behind 1962’s “Limbo Rock”, his most famous song holds the distinction of being the only song to ever reach #1 on two separate runs up the chart.  His most popular song instructs you to "take me by my little hand and go like this" and was followed by a sequel where it was done “Again”.  For 10 points, name this artist who popularized “The Twist”.

ANSWER: Chubby Checker (or Ernest Evans)


7) A school now in this conference produced running backs like Eldon "The Phantom" Fortie and Luke Staley.  Another school in this conference tied both Iowa and TCU in an undefeated 1953 season featuring stars Brock Storm and Rich Mayo, and that school more recently was led by option specialist Dee Dowis. (*)  This year's New Mexico Bowl was won in double overtime by another team from this conference, who are now coached by Dave Christensen.  Last year, two teams then in this conference played for the Bronze Boot, with one coached by LaVell Edwards; that game was the Holy War. The conference to which the Aztecs of San Diego State belong, one of the better schools in this conference produced quarterbacks Ty Detmer and Steve Young.  For 10 points, name this conference home to schools like Colorado State, Air Force and Bringham Young.

ANSWER: Mountain West Conference


8) As puts it, this character "is convinced that the former trapeze artist she's been dating is out to kill her" in the Season 8 episode "The Gymnast Show", while much earlier she almost marries Sal Malina.  Later in the series this character gets a job at Ajax Aerospace.  Her father owns the Burbank-based Cowboy Bills in later seasons, although early on that father owned the (*) Pizza Bowl and married Edna Babish.  The actress who played her later went on to direct A League of Their Own.  This character's roommate eventually left the show after marrying army medic Walter Meany, and that roommate was played by Cindy Williams.  A worker at Shotz Brewery in Milwaukee, for 10 points, identify this character played by Penny Marshall who appears in the title of a Happy Days spin-off with Shirley Feeney.

ANSWER: Laverne De Fazio (accept either underlined answer)


9) A kid’s publication with this name produces the PBS show Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies and Nick's Toot & Puddle.  A television channel of this name airs the US version of Locked Up Abroad as well as the fishing show, Hooked, (*) while employees of a publication of this name established the so-called "Red Shirt School of Photography" to spruce up photos.  An organization of this name periodically gives out a medal named for its first president, Gardiner Greene Hubbard.  Shows like World’s Toughest FixesTaboo and Expedition Great White air on the TV network of this name, while the magazine of this name has recently covered “Polygamy in America” and “Wolf Wars”.  For 10 points, name this nature magazine noted for its yellow framed covers.

ANSWER: National Geographic Magazine


10) In an early feature role, this actor's fling with a student played by Mary Carlisle causes problems for the school's football star, played by Richard Arlen.  In addition to College Humor, his only picture at Columbia sees him receive a note from Hart, a convict on death row, to give to Patsy Smith; that film was Pennies (*) From Heaven.  In the first of a series of films, this man plays Josh Mallon, who pals around with Ace Lannigan and ends up in Singapore; later adventures would take this star of The Bells of St. Mary's to locations like Morocco and Zanzibar.  He captured an Oscar for playing Father O’Malley in Going My Way and appeared with Bob Hope in multiple Road films.  For 10 points, name this actor and musician who sang the theme song of the film, White Christmas.

ANSWER: Bing Crosby (or Harry Lillis Crosby)


11) A recent article by Lee Jenkins revealed how this player likes to review operas backstage with tenor Placido Domingo.  As a youth, he helped his team capture victory in the 1998 Albert Schweitzer Tournament.  His team was swept in the first round by the Spurs in 2004 despite his 22 points in Game 4.  This MVP of the 2001 King’s Cup (*) of Basketball suffered an ankle injury in 2008 when he was stepped on by then-teammate Vladimir Radmanovic, and in the same year vowed to get stronger following a weak play-off performance against Kendrick Perkins.  He was the subject of an unbalanced trade for Aaron McKie, Javaris Crittenton and Kwame Brown, and took over starting duties after Andrew Bynum was injured.  He captured the 2002 Rookie of the Year Award while with Memphis, where his brother Marc still plays.  For 10 points, name this Spanish-born Lakers center.

ANSWER: Pau Gasol i Saez


12) In one episode, this character reveals that he still remembers the phone number 818-J-K-L-PUZO of his former fiancée.  In "My Damn Stalker", he travels to London to track down a woman he slept with before the series began, while in the first season, his fling with divorce attorney Laura, played by Heather (*) Locklear, causes trouble.  That aforementioned stalker named all of her boyfriends after him and encouraged them to dress in his signature bowling shirts.  His other relationships include one with Self-Help author Angie, and, more recently, with Chelsea, who moves into his Malibu Beach House.  Once engaged to Mia, his brother Alan, played by Jon Cryer, has a son named Jake Harper.  For 10 points, name this character from Two and a Half Men who shares his first name with the actor who portrays him.

ANSWER: Charles Francis "Charlie" Harper (prompt on “Harper”)


13) "Jetstream" and "The Drunkk Machine" appear on a Japanese-only collection of B-Sides from his first solo album, an EP titled Spitting Feathers.  He sings "night and day I dream of making love to you now baby" in a duet on "This Mess We're In" with PJ Harvey, and this man traded lead vocals with Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers on a side-project named for a Velvet Underground song, (*) The Venus in Furs.  On recent tours he has collaborated with his best known group's drummer on performances of "Bangers & Mash", and he had charting success with the solo tracks, "Harrowdown Hill" and "Black Swan".  Although he'd release the 2006 solo album Eraser, this man is best known for singing songs like "Exit Music (For a Film)" and many on the album Amnesiac.  Also the vocalist on "Karma Police" and "Creep", for 10 points, name this lead singer of Radiohead.

ANSWER: Thom Yorke


14) A PC version of this game added the Trash Can and Crane Dump mini-games, while the most recent physical version of this game saw some players reaping rewards when other players got 10s.  A 1990s update to this game added namesake tiles that weren't turned over (*) until the end of the game, while the previous version contained "Lucky Day" spaces where players could gamble for prizes.  Most versions have retained the 3D board design and spinner from the 1960s version, although the game pieces were changed from convertibles to mini-vans in the '80s.  That 1960s version of this game, endorsed by Art Linkletter, allowed players to choose between business and college to ultimately decide their salary.  For 10 points, identify this Milton Bradley game.

ANSWER: The Checkered Game of Life


{Moderator: Note that “enchanced” is intentionally misspelled}

15) Its DVD contains an unusual "enchanced" commentary track that adds 30 minutes to the original film, and that DVD also contains a deleted scene with Pete Rose.  Other extras on its DVD include an interview with agent Lloyd Robinson after the film premiered, a premiere which hastily edited out a scene featuring La Toya Jackson.  One scene in the theatrical release has the protagonist committing (*) "carbocide" before temporarily hooking up with a character he finally accepts after ditching his "Straight Dave" persona.  A character in this film is traded first for an iPod and later a Macbook Pro and is named O.J., while Lutz's poor scheduling results in Paula Abdul being interviewed while using Mexicans for a chair.  The protagonist is fired from Funkytime after causing a stir at Milan Fashion Week.  For 10 points, name this Sacha Baron Cohen film about a flamboyantly gay Austrian.



16) Her dramatic roles include playing “Nazi Hunter” Beate Klarsfeld as well as Francine Hughes, the abused wife of Mickey in a TV movie based on a Faith McNulty book.  Later roles by this actress include an Emmy-winning guest appearance as a lover of Burton Fallin on The Guardian.  Her most famous character worked undercover to catch a jewel thief played by Timothy Dalton after deciding to drive (*) racecars for a living.  She also played Judge Claire Simmons, who is dating Mayor Randall Winston on Spin City.  She’s best known for playing a woman who was replaced by her younger sister Kris, played by Cheryl Ladd, after she left the show following its first season.  For 10 points, identify this actress who died of cancer in 2009, best known for playing Jill Munroe on Charlie's Angels.

ANSWER: Farrah Leni Fawcett-Majors


17) [NK] These former members of the Asparagus Valley Cultural Society had a cameo appearance in Run-DMC's "It's Tricky" video.  In 1994, they hosted The Unpleasant World of [them] on Channel 4 in Great Britain, and they’ve collaborated on books like as How to Play in Traffic.  “Demon from Hell” (*) was one of the titular Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends in a videotape they produced, and they currently host a show that has featured episodes on the 9/11 Memorial, the Boy Scouts and Carbon Credits.  In 1989 they teamed up on a comedy where they Get Killed, while one member of this group joined with Paul Provenza to co-produce the Aristocrats.  For 10 points, name this duo, the hosts of Showtime's Bullshit, stage musicians known for the silence of the skinny one.

ANSWER: Penn & Teller (accept Penn Fraser Jillette & Raymond Joseph Teller


18) CSI's William Petersen narrated a documentary titled for this substance, and a blog named for this substance contains "News and Notes from Mesa".  1010, 1038 and 1048 Waveland are all venues that promise to go beyond this substance.  Lou "The Mad Russian" Novikoff was so afraid of this entity that he was reprimanded by manager Charlie Grimm for not getting near it.  A book by George Castle titled for this substance contains chapters like "The Paradoxes of Andy MacPhail" and "D-Lee's Team", about a man who the 1987 NL MVP.  Jose Cardenal used it for a nefarious defensive (*) strategy, and it was originally set up by Bob Dorr on the orders of Bill Veeck in 1937.  Andy Olsen ruled Warren Cromartie still caught a ball despite it getting slowed down by this substance.  For 10 points, name this substance that decorates the outfield walls at the home stadium of the Cubs.

ANSWER: The Ivy at Wrigley Field (accept equivalents that mention Ivy; prompt on “The Outfield Wall at Wrigley Field”)


19) At the request of his label, this artist released a 2008 cover album including versions of "Baby Got Back" and "Buffalo Soldier" which claimed that he Is Back.  He declared, “if your game is tight then I know you goin’” on “Get Your Ass Up” from his 2001 album, Bi-Polar.  He bragged, “I’m just a character in a made up cartoon (*) / Like Witchel and Hazel, boy, you’re pushin’ a broom” on a song from his best-selling; that song was titled “It’s a Party”.  Since he’s “quick to the point to the point of no faking”, he is able to cook rivals “like a pound of bacon” according to his biggest hit.  An update of a 1976 hit by Wild Cherry done with Earthquake was his first single, although its B-Side, which sampled “Under Pressure”, became much more famous.  For 10 points, name this rapper behind, “Ice, Ice Baby”.

ANSWER: Vanilla Ice (or Robert Matthew Van Winkle)


20) A midi version of this song is Sgt. Gavilan's ringtone in Hollywood Homicide.  Leonard Maltin suggested a moratorium on this song's use in film after it was played during the basketball scene in Father of the Bride, but this was not heeded in Walk Hard, when Dewey Cox walks past its original group (*) performing it and says he "doesn't want to succumb" to them.  Two films in the 1990s were named for this song, the second of which sees Austin O'Brien leading its protagonist through L.A. to help her write an essay about her dead mother; the first saw Jamie Lee Curtis's Shelley marry an undertaker played by Dan Aykroyd while the protagonist copes with the death of her best friend from bee stings.  For 10 points, a 1991 film starring Anna Chlumsky and Macauley Culkin takes its name from what best-known song by the Temptations?



21) One person guilty of doing this, along with Joe Klecko, delivered a career-ending left knee injury to Dwight Stephenson.  The person who charged Kalani Heppe with doing this was described as having the "quote of the year" by a television announcer.  The first recorded instance of this was wrongly attributed to Mark Gastineau by Ben Dreith, since it was actually performed by Marty Lyons.  An optional (*) hand signal involved in calling it has the referee making a downwards motion with his fist, as in its first calling during a game between the Jets and the Bills.  Called again by Ron Cherry in a 2007 game between NC State and Maryland, for 10 points, name this unusual fifteen yard football penalty, ostensibly issued for punching a player on the ground.

ANSWER: The "he was giving him the business down there" penalty (prompt on "Unnecessary Roughness" or "Block in the Back") 




1) This movie contained inspired dialogue like "We are the few, the proud, the water boys" and "Can I call you General Sweetpants?", both spoken by Bones.  For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this 1994 film co-starring Andy Dick as an inept soldier who gets called up to fight in Chad.

ANSWER: In the Army Now
[10] This man played Bones Conway in In the Army Now.  He’s notorious for his awful performance as Bud Macintosh in 1996’s Biodome.
ANSWER: Pauly Shore (or Paul Montgomery Shore)

[10] This actor had an uncredited cameo as Link in In the Army Now.  He played cartoonist Stu Miley whose animated spirit gets separated from his body in a 2001 film based on the graphic novel, Dark Town.

ANSWER: Brendan James Fraser


2) This group found early success with the 1978 track, “Ready Steady Go”, and they share their name with a Douglas Coupland novel.  For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this British band who recorded “Dancing with Myself” for their album Kiss Me Deadly before their frontman made it a big solo hit.
ANSWER: Generation X (or Gen X)
[10] The most famous member of Generation X was this man, born William Broad.  His solo career included stateside hits like a cover of a Tommy James and the Shondells song called “Mony Mony” and the mega-popular “White Wedding”.
ANSWER: Billy Idol (or William Michael Albert Broad)
[10] Perri Lister provides French backing vocals for this fourth track from Idol’s album Rebel Yell.  Its title comes from a 1960 Georges Franju film about Dr. Genessier, and the title objects “got no human grace”.
ANSWER: “Eyes Without a Face


3) Answer some questions about pitchers who gave up some notable home runs, for 10 points each.

[10] Kirk Gibson hit his “one-handed moonshot” against this A’s closer in the 1988 World Series.
ANSWER: Dennis Lee Eckersley
[10] Steve Trachsel was pretty pissed off when his Cubs teammates high-fived this Cardinals slugger after hitting a notable homerun off the pitcher on September 8th, 1998.
ANSWER: Mark David McGwire
[10] This pitcher gave up a massive three-run homer against Royals hitter George Brett in Game 3 of the 1980 World Series.  He was the last man to strike out Pete Rose while with the Padres in 1986.
ANSWER: Rich “Goose” Gossage (or Rick Gossage


4) In 2003, this company was sued by The String Cheese Incident for violating the Sherman Antitrust Act.  For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this company that controversially acquired LiveNation in 2010.
ANSWER: Ticketmaster

[10] This group ended up canceling portions of their 1994 tour when Ticketbastard refused to lower its service fees to keep tickets under $20.  More recently they signed to J Records and released the album Backspacer.

ANSWER: Pearl Jam
[10] Ticketmaster rival StubHub was once sued by this franchise in order to get a list of season ticket owners who used the site.  Fans who don’t want to pay for tickets can listen to Gino Cappelletti, a former player for this team, do color commentary for them.

ANSWER: New England Patriots (accept either underlined answer)


5) Dash Boots in this game can be acquired from Dr. Light in Chill Penguin’s level.  For 10 points each:

[10] Identify SNES game, the first in a series of Capcom platforming titles.  It takes place 100 years after the original series.
ANSWER: Mega Man X [“Mega Man ex”] (do not accept “Mega Man 10”, do not prompt on just “Mega Man”)

[10] This organization, led by Sigma until he turned evil, is commanded by Zero at the beginning of Mega Man X.  This group appears in the title of the PSP version of the game.

ANSWER: Maverick Hunters (or Irregular Hunters)
[10] In Armored Armadillo’s stage, players can acquire this secret power up for X.  In another series, this move with a Japanese name can be performed by rotating the joystick from down to forward and then pressing punch.
ANSWER: Hadouken (prompt on “fireball”)


6) [NK] Identify the following about a certain NBA player, for 10 points each.

[10] Besides teaming up with Urkel for a basketball tournament on Family Matters, this player won a championship at UNLV with teammate Stacey Augmon.  He also made a famous three pointer against the Celtics in 1993 that helped Charlotte advance to the playoffs.

ANSWER: Larry Demetric Johnson (prompt on "LJ" or "Grandmama")

[10] A backup for this team had an impressive 40.1% three point shooting percentage in that 1993 season.  At the time they were owned by George Shinn and their current GM is Jeff Bower.
ANSWER: Charlotte Hornets (or New Orleans Hornets; accept any underlined answer)

[10] This was the Hornets backup that shot the 40.1% three point shooting in 1993 season. His son was drafted from Davidson in 2009 after leading them to the Elite 8 with 33 points over Wisconsin in 2008.

ANSWER: Dell Curry


7) Identify the following about Blender's list of the 50 Worst Songs Ever, for 10 points each.

[10] The magazine's review of this song begins, "small-penis alert!" and goes on to criticize the "la-la-la's" that appear over the phrase "Lay back and enjoy the ride" at the end of this song.  The singer of this Color Me Badd song also wants to "rub you down".
ANSWER: "I Wanna Sex You Up"
[10Blender pointed out the irony of this song, as lead singer Richard Fairbrass “resembled Midnight Oil’s Peter Garrett”.  This Right Said Fred song has the singer degrading his socks, his love, and the entire country of Japan because they’re not attractive enough for him.
ANSWER: “I’m Too Sexy

[10] This Chicago song, which helped a little girl connect with her dead father in Elite Beat Agents, also appeared on the list.  Its final chorus talks about "when you love somebody 'til the end of time".

ANSWER: "You're the Inspiration"


8) Identify the following about Universal Television's Action Pack, for 10 points each.

[10] Probably the most notable series in the syndication package was this one, which starred Kevin Sorbo as the titular mythological figure.  That title character was joined by Michael Hurst, who played Iolaus.
ANSWER: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
[10] Usually followed by Jack of All Trades in the "Back2Back Action Hour", this show had the hilarious premise of its protagonist getting frozen until the titular year to save her from a breast enhancement surgery gone awry.
ANSWER: Cleopatra 2525

[10] Years before NBC resurrected this show, a 2010 version of it was included as a made-for-TV movie in the Action Pack.  Mysteriously, Jake McQueen lacks a car for most of it, as the character voiced by William Daniels in the original is nowhere to be found.

ANSWER: Knight Rider 2010


9) In one of his films, the cast of Home for Purim gets involved in Oscar campaigning; that film was For Your Consideration.  For 10 points each:

[10] Name this director well regarded for mockumentaries like This Is Spinal Tap.
ANSWER: Christopher Guest
[10] Another mocukmentary by Christopher Guest is this 2000 comedy whose ensemble cast included Eugene Levy, a man who wins a contest at the Mayflower Kennel Club with his wife Cookie and dog Winky.
ANSWER: Best in Show
[10] Guest's acting career has included playing Ivan the Terrible, a partner in evil with Jon Berthal’s Al Capone in this sequel.
ANSWER: Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (or Night at the Museum 2


10) This song is sung by the cast over the credits of There’s Something About Mary.  For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this track, which claims “I need you, I need you more than anyone darling”.
ANSWER: “Build Me Up Buttercup
[10] “Build Me Up Buttercup” was originally recorded by this group, who also reached #1 in the UK with “Baby Now That I’ve Found You”.
ANSWER: The Foundations

[10] The Foundations once toured with this band, which included singer Barbara Harris and had a hit with "A Lover's Concerto".  They share their name with the first word in the title of a 1975 album containing the songs “Sweet Emotion” and “You See Me Crying”.

ANSWER: The Toys


11) [NK] Answer some questions about every college student’s favorite game show, The Price is Right, for 10 points each.

[10] In this pricing game, contestants win chips that are then sent down the namesake board in hopes of landing on the big money spot in the middle and avoiding the zeroes that flank it.

ANSWER: Plinko

[10] In this other pricing game, contestants pull out numbers from a bag that correspond to digits in the price of a car.  The player loses if he pulls out too many “X” chips.
ANSWER: 3 Strikes

[10] While Rod Roddy is probably the most well known man to yell “Come on Down!”, this University of Florida graduate is the current announcer.

ANSWER: Rich Fields


12) During his career, he won world titles in six separate weight classes, and in May 2007, he lost a split decision to Floyd Mayweather. For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this retired American-Mexican boxer nicknamed the "Golden Boy".
ANSWER: Oscar De La Hoya
[10] De La Hoya's last fight, dubbed "The Dream Match", was against this Filipino boxer, who won by TKO. He also faced Miguel Angel Cotto in Las Vegas in November.
ANSWER: Manny Pacquiao
[10] De La Hoya’s retirement in 2009 meant that he would end his career without facing this Mexican boxer’s eponymous son.  In 1996, De La Hoya defeated this man with a third-round TKO, and in 1993 this boxer fought Pernell Whitaker to a draw.

ANSWER: Julio Cesar Chavez Gonzalez, Sr.


13) In a 1993 film, his nemesis ruins a banquet he's holding by causing him to miss the blooming of a flower in the full moon.  For 10 points each:

[10] Name this retired postman originally created by Hank Ketcham.
ANSWER: Mr. Wilson (or George Everett Wilson)
[10] Mr. Wilson appears in this comic strip, which outrageously featured a Little Black Sambo character named Jackson whom the title character "has a race problem with" in a 1970 strip.  The title character of this strip is also friends with Joey.
ANSWER: Dennis the Menace
[10] Her last name derives from a pen Ketcham used to draw her, and this friend of Dennis is "his kind of girl" according to the Official Dennis the Menace Website.
ANSWER: Gina Gillotti (accept either underlined answer)


14) His most recent television appearance, playing Barker on The Suite Life on Deck, drew comparisons to his most famous TV role.  For 10 points each:

[10] Name this actor, who also played Uncle Stu on The King of Queens and Merrill Stubing, the captain of the Pacific Princess.
ANSWER: Gavin MacLeod
[10] This was the ‘70s and ‘80s show where Gavin MacLeod played Captain Merrill Stubing.
ANSWER: The Love Boat
[10] Robert Urich, who played Captain Jim Kennedy on The Love Boat: The Next Wave, is probably best known for playing this detective on an ‘80s series based on some Robert B. Parker books.
ANSWER: Spencer: For Hire


15) He successfully played "the red-faced, bureaucratic blowhard" in Hopscotch and his other governmental roles include playing Congressman Clarence Long in Charlie Wilson's War.  For 10 points each:

[10] Name this actor, whose character Bobby was commanded to "squeal like a pig" in Deliverance.

ANSWER: Ned Thomas Beatty
[10] Beatty played the title character's father in this film about Daniel E. Rueuttiger's quest to play for Notre Dame.  It starred Sean Astin.
[10] Beatty played Jack Delorean in 2007’s The Walker, which was the most recent of this director’s Night Workers films.  His previous films in that series include Light SleeperAmerican Gigolo and Taxi Driver.
ANSWER: Paul Joseph Schrader
16) Identify some of this junk you can buy in the SkyMall catalog, for 10 points each.

[10] Item 75698G in the catalog is a voice-activated version of this movie character, who can both “play tag” and “answer yes/no questions”.  This character rode in the back of Red 5 during the Battle of Yavin in A New Hope.

ANSWER: R2-D2 (prompt on “Artoo”)
[10] Instead of buying the World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle from SkyMall, why not do a regular sized one by this man?  Not to be confused with Will Shortz, he is seen creating a crossword in the documentary Wordplay and creates the Sunday puzzle that appears in the San Francisco Chronicle.
ANSWER: Merl Reagle

[10] A recent issue of SkyMall featured a “scooter with a twist” of this name on the cover.  Mickey Rourke played Ivan Vanko, otherwise known by this name in Iron Man 2.

ANSWER: Whiplash


17) Answer some questions about everyone's favorite movie genre, Ape on the Loose Movies, for 10 points each.

[10] Obviously one of the most famous films in this genre is King Kong, who doesn't like it when this movie director--originally portrayed by Robert Armstrong--ties him up and exhibits him on stage in New York.

ANSWER: Carl Denham (accept either underlined answer)
[10] This actor Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla in a 1952 comedy, where his character Dr. Zabor makes comedians Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo "subjects of [his] terrible experiments in evolution".  Late in his career he collaborated with Ed Wood on Glen or Glenda and Bride of the Monster.
ANSWER: Bela Lugosi (or Lugosi Bela or Bela Ferenc Dezso Blasko or Arisztid Olt)
[10] Another Ape on the Loose movie starring Bela Lugosi was an adaptation of this Poe short story, where Lugosi played Dr. Mirakle.  The film of this name departs from the Poe story by having Dupin chase the ape down and shoot him after the Ourang-Outang commits the titular crimes.
ANSWER: Murders in the Rue Morgue


18) Identify the following about some artists who performed on the first Lilith Fair, for 10 points each.

[10] The tour was organized by this Canadian, whose multi-platinum album Surfacing spawned hits like "Sweet Surrender" and "Angel".  More recently her album Wintersong hit #1 on the Canadian charts.
ANSWER: Sarah Ann McLachlan
[10] Another artist on the first tour was Susanna Hoffs, better known for being a member of this all-girl group, whose biggest hit sees the singer "wish it was Sunday, 'cause that's my funday".
ANSWER: The Bangles

[10] The Lilith Fair artist behind the albums Purple Tape and Firecracker is best known for this early single, which hit #1 despite the fact that the artist wasn't signed to a record label at the time.  Appearing on Reality Bites, this song mentions how "I turned the radio on, I turned the radio up".

ANSWER: "Stay (I Missed You)"


19) You probably don't remember Matthew McConaughey playing Larry Dickens on the second episode of the 1992 season of this show, but you may remember Virginia Madsen joining the CBS incarnation of it.  For 10 points each: 

[10] Identify this show once hosted by the trench coat-wearing Robert Stack.
ANSWER: Unsolved Mysteries
[10Unsolved Mysteries strangely appeared on this cable network from 2001 to 2002.  Other out of character programming included the gameshow Debt, although it's better known for airing programs like Army Wives.
ANSWER: Lifetime
[10] The Unsolved Mysteries: UFO tape contains an episode addressing the “lights” above this city, where a bunch of people saw a “V” in the sky in 1997.  It’s also where Medium is set.
ANSWER: Phoenix, Arizona


20) Identify the following about some broadcasters who have appeared on Monday Night Football, for 10 points each.

[10] One of Alex Karras’ few contributions to the commentary in the mid ‘70s was stating that this Oakland player attended “the University of Mars” rather than the US Marines.  He later teamed up with Michael Hayes in the National Wrestling Alliance.
ANSWER: Otis Sistrunk

[10] This woman did sideline reporting for MNF from 2000-2002.  This former Rams cheerleader also appeared on The Best Damn Sports Show PeriodInside Edition and The World Series of Pop Culture.

ANSWER: Lisa Coles Guerrero

[10] This former co-owner of the Philadelphia Soul now provides insightful color commentary on Monday Night Football alongside Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden.  As a quarterback, he led the Eagles to an appearance in Super Bowl XV.

ANSWER: Ronald Vincent "Ron" Jaworski (prompt on "Jaws")


21) One scene in this film sees a bunch of local kids chanting "Chester" in admiration of Chester Williams, who served as an adviser to one of its stars.  For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this film, based on John Carlin's book Playing the Enemy and titled for William Ernest Henley poem.
ANSWER: Invictus
[10] This actor played Springboks captain Francois Pienaar in Invictus.  He also played the title character in The Talented Mr. Ripley.
ANSWER: Matthew Paige "Matt" Damon
[10] One of the few non-Clint Eastwood directed films that Scott Eastwood has appeared in is this other schmaltzy sports film where Bernie Mac played Elston, a janitor at the Marcus Foster Recreation Center in the ‘70s.  It centers on swimming.






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