The war with zombies

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The war with zombies

When I was a little kid, there were zombies walking around the town. I was scaring from them. I was running away from them like a baby because I had nothing to defend myself. One day, I went to a shop when I was 13 years old. To my surprise, it was a weapon shop! I’ve bought a gun from there, and a few bullets. I was killing the zombies. The people were looking to me with smiling faces. One day, when I was 20 years old, there was a war began between zombies and our town. I was called there as a soldier since my shooting accuracy is so good. There were soldiers coming to help me. They gave me a lot of med kits to heal myself. They are prayed for me. And eventually, 40 days later, I won the battle! The people congratulated me, and they made me the manager of the town. I thought that the battle with the zombies is over. But it was not! The zombie king came to me for revenge. I was killed him too! There was a war began again. I was too much tired to fight, so I’ve called some soldiers to help me. If they need something, I’ve said that I can help them at any time. The war began. At that time, I was 22 years old. The soldiers have lost the battle, so I gave them a punnishment. Then, the town was filled with zombies. We had to survive. I’ve ordered the policemen to set up some barricades and some safe zones that looks disgusting to zombies, so that they can’t enter into them. I’ve also ordered the soldiers to guard the safe zone. They set up some automatic vulcan miniguns and the vulcans can shoot the zombies that are attempting to enter into the zone. Then, later, I’ve discovered atown, but that was bigger than our town. I had decided to make a cooperation with the other town, so that we can help each other. I went to that town and I had decided to contact to the manager of that town. Then, I’ve said the following:

May I make cooperation with you?

He said yes. Then, I went to my town and said the following into the microphone:

Dear people, this is your manager speaking. I’ve cooperated with a town near us. They are going to help us when we fight with zombies, but we are going to help them too. We are both going to give supplies to each other. The residents of the town accepted the cooperation. Then I’ve said that I’m having a trip to other town. Then I began to prepare my everything. Then the preparation was over. Just in time, the zombies began to come to our town. I was gave up to have a trip to other town. I informed the other town to the zombies arival. They came in just in time. We began to fight with the zombies. There were two zombie groups. One group was filled with small, child zombies. The second group was filled with tyrant and giant zombies. This time there were humans controling the zombies, so we were having lower chanse to kill the zombies. We had killed the small zombies and the large zombies. I thought the war is over. But the zombies got reanimated in a very large form, probably three or two times of their previous form. We ran away from the town, we took refuge in another town. To my surprise, the zombies were following us! They came, I thought that only resort was to survive. Then we took refuge in the safe zone. The guns were shooting every zombie that they had detected.

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