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    1. God’s Great Plan

About the topic

This topic is designed to develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of God’s beautiful world. It also helps the children appreciate that God created them because he loves them and that each person should thank God for the gifts of creation and help God look after the world.

Where the topic fits in

This topic builds on previous learning in the Foundation Stage during the topic F1 ‘God’s World’.

Prior learning

They have learned that God created the world and made each one of us different and special. They will have some experience of looking after things in the classroom, at home and things special to them. They will be able to identify things they are thankful for.

Key Scripture

Genesis 1: 1-31, 2: 1-4 (the story of Creation in seven days)

Genesis 2: 5-25 (the story of the creation of man and woman in a beautiful world)

Genesis 6: 14- chapter 8: 22 (the story of Noah and the Ark)

Psalm 104 (in praise of creation)
Key words

Creation, God’s world, Bible, choices, Noah, Flood, Rainbow, Promise

Optional links to ‘Here I Am’

Route A: ‘Myself’ see HIA 1, pp.50-51

Route A: ‘Neighbours’ see HIA 1, pp. 106-07

Route B: ‘Beginnings’ see HIA 1, pp. 116-17

Route B: ‘Treasures’ see HIA 1, pp. 172-73

Route C: ‘Freedom & Responsibility’ see HIA 1, pp. 232-33.

Links to ‘God’s Story

God’s Story 1, pp. 4-23
Key Learning Outcomes

• Awareness of the beauty of God’s world

• Knowledge and some understanding of the story of Creation from Genesis 1

• Knowledge of the story of Creation of man and woman from Genesis 2

• Understanding of choices that are good for the world and choices that are bad for

the world

• Know they have a responsibility to look after the world

• Knowledge of the story of Noah & the Flood

• Know that the rainbow is important in the story of the Flood

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