Theatre Epicentre

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Theatre Epicentre

Theatre Center for Young Audiences in Central and Southeastern Europe

Petra Preradovića 44; 10000 Zagreb, Croatia; tel/fax: +3851 4667034 –

The world premiere: July 26, 2012, National Theatre of Korea- Daroreum Stage as a part of Multicultural Festival
We are happy to present one of the largest international cooperation theatre projects for children and young audiences in 2012: Patchwork Family - ASSITEJ International Project, that includes theatres and theatre festivals in Europe (Austria, Croatia, Russia) and Asia (Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan).
The result of the collaboration is the original performance Superhero, a theatrical reality show for children of 9+, written by Russian playwright Mikhail Bartenev and directed by Ivica Šimić, prominent Croatian theatre director and actor.
In the following you will find all required information. I do hope it will be of interest for you and we are looking forward to our possible future cooperation on presenting the project.

Dschungel Wien, Vienna, Austria, producer Stephan Rabl

Mala Scena, Zagreb, Croatia, producer Vitomira Lončar

Mingri Theater, Hong Kong, producer Simon Wong

Kijimuna Festa, Okinawa, Japan, producer Hisashi Shimojama

Ekaterinburg Theatre for Young Spectators (TUZ), Russia, producers, Svetlana Uchaikina and Natalia Druzhinina

Joyful Theater, Seoul, South Korea, producer Byong Ho Kim

Song Song Song Children’s & Puppet Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan, producer Shu Ming Ju
supported by the partners

Guangzhou Filming and Performance Ltd., China

SAMART, Samara, Russia

Artistic Team:
Playwright: Mikhail Bartenev (Russia)

Director: Ivica Šimić (Croatia)

Music: Alen Kraljić (Croatia)

Translation from Russian to English: Lucija Žigrović (Croatia)

Producers: Vitomira Lončar (Croatia)

Hisashi Shimoyama (Japan)
Michael Alexander Pöllmann (Austria)

Dražen Čuček (Croatia)

Leung Tin Chak (Hong Kong)

Tomoko Inoue (Japan)

Natalia Kuznetsova (Russia)

Sanghoon Han (South Korea)

Hsuan-Ju Hsieh (Taiwan)
Team in South Korea:
General producer: Byong Ho Kim

Actor (voice): Juseong Kim

International coordinator: Yonghee Kim

Technical supervisor: Soungtae Kim

Russian translator : Heejeong Jang

Assistant director and English translator: Boyoung Kim

Technical director and Light designer: Wonkyoon Han
Performances in Seoul, National Theatre of Korea- Daroreum Stage

July 26, 27

3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

July 28

3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

July 29

3 p.m.

About the performance

The minute we are born we find ourselves in a situation of being casted, selected, competed against. For a place in the kindergarten, in the most prestigious (or the nearest) school, in the sports team.

Then there are exams, school competitions, grading scales. Followed by final exams, entrance exams and university exams. Then résumés, CVs and job applications -suffering through anything imaginable, only not to be prematurely retired.

And not to forget - it is also very important on which cemetery you are buried.

On TV, endless competitions: who is to win the million, who will participate in

the Big Brother show and become famous, Eurosong contest for adults, Eurosong contests for children (that's right, people have to be sucked in while still very young).

Miss World! Miss Universe! Tears of joy, tears of disappointment...
Books of records, minutes of glory...

To win, to fight through no matter what, to gain advantage over others (by whatever

means necessary: tripping others, tricking them, pouring them with acid) – that is the

only way to shiny happiness. There are no other ways to achieve it. Only

to become a star in the show business. America's Next Top Model, Russia's,

Japan's, Austria's. Dancing with the Stars, Figure Skating with the Stars, Circus with the Stars, Shunting with the Stars.

Stars, stars, stars, how are they keeping up? What are they doing? Who are they living with? The new astronomy. A total peep show...
Mikhail Bartenev, playwright (Russia)

About the process:

At the beginning, there was a wish to create an intercultural production that should be based on the stories, experiences, motives and ideas of the actors from seven different cultures of Europe and Asia. The process started in the ateliers we made in Linz, Austria and Okinawa, Japan in summer 2011. Mikhail Bartenev and Ivica Šimić met in Zagreb in October 2011 to formulate all the ideas and stories in a first draft of the play. In February 2012, all the actors gathered in Okinawa, to start their work, having for the basis this first draft. After three weeks of improvisations, rehearsals and tryouts, through which a lot of intercultural contacts and exchanges was made and explored, huge material was set and organized, and that was a treasure! The work in calm and isolated February Okinawa gave birth to the second draft that Mikhail wrote in June, and which is the basis for the performance SUPERHERO, rehearsed and performed in Seoul, South Korea in summer 2012.

The form of the story is a reality show. We chose this form not to create a parody, but because it allows actors to show their individuality. It is a reality show, because the process we were creating the play in many ways resembled a reality show (actors involved in the project spend a lot of time together, getting to know each other in the process of working, improvising towards a not entirely clear goal, living together, eating together...). That is one of the reasons why our SUPERHERO performance has the very same form.
Ivica Šimić, director (Croatia)
Timeline of the work:
October 2009 – Zagreb, Croatia - the idea came from Hisashi Shimojama presented to Ivica Šimić and Vitomira Lončar

January 2010 – Seoul, Korea – the first presentation to Korean partner

Spring 2010 – communitation with potential partners

Juni 2010 – Šibenik, Croatia – meeting with partners from Austria, Croatia, Japan, South Korea and Italy

November 2010 – Vienna, Austria, artistic team meeting

April 2011 – Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China, atelier

July 2011 – Linz, Austria, atelier

July 2011 – Okinawa, Japan, atelier

October 2011 – Zagreb, Croatia, artistic team meeting

February 2012 – Okinawa, Japan, company building

July 2012 – Seoul, South Korea, rehearsals and the opening night


Performances in Asia, summer 2012:

26th - 29 th July: Seoul, South Korea – National Theatre of Korea

3rd July – 5th August: Kijimuna Festa, Okinawa, Japan

6th12th August: Kaohsiung Children's Arts Education Festival, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Performances in Europe, Autmn, 2012:

11th14th September: Samart Festival, Samara, Russia

16 th - 19 th Ekaterinburg Festival, Ekaterinburg, Russia

14 September free time (may be interview etc.) a closing party

The group will leave Samara 14 September in the evening (by train) or 15 September in

21st24th September Dschungel Wien, Vienna, Austria and Szene bunte wähne, Horn, Austria

Performances in Asia, autumn 2012:

22nd October up to 6 th November: Hong Kong

7 th to 11 th November, Guangzhou, China

PF Artistic team bios
Mikhail Bartenev, Russia, writer and dramaturge

Born in Moscow, 1953


1976 - Finished Moscow Institute of Architecture

1976 -1987 - Moscow Design Bureau

1986 - the first children’s play was staged “About Ivanushka the Fool”
Wrote more than 30 plays for children and young people, which have been staged in more than 400 theatres in Russia, also in Holland, Germany, Denmark, Poland and Greece.

Author and participant in a number of international theatre projects, such as “Magic House”, “European Stories of a Schoolyard”, “Magic Net”, etc.

1991 - Festival “Plays of Mikhail Bartenev at Russian Puppet Theatres” in Nizhni Novgorod, Russia

The following was created: a new version of “The Bat” libretto (for Moscow Academic Music Theatre), libretto “A Farewell Concert” (music by Zhurbin), children’s musical “Rat-tat, who is there?” (music by Pantykin), musical “The Dandelion Wine” (music by Shelygin), musical “Doctor Zhivago” (music by Zhurbin).

SAMART Theatre:

“The Dandelion Wine” was acknowledged as the best playwright at the Festival “Music Heart of Theatre” (Moscow)

“Rat-tat, who is there?”

“Happy Hans” and many others.

Mikhail also works for cinema and TV.

Ivica Šimić, Croatia, director

Founder and Artistic Director of Theatre Mala Scena

Secretary General of ASSITEJ - International Association of Theatres For Children and Young People

Founder of Theatre Epicentre - Theatre Centre in Central and South-Eastern Europe

Born on March 12, 1953


Acting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb, 1983


Engaged as an actor in Youth Theatre Zagreb from 1983 to 1989.

Together with Vitomira Lončar, he founded the Theatre Mala Scena ( in 1989, where he has been Artistic Director, director and actor. His first professional direction was The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard in 1989. He directed more than 50 performances in TYA and performances for adults in Theatre Mala Scena, but also as a guest director in Croatia and abroad.

International engagements:

Ivica Šimić works as a director of international projects, such as the ”Borges Project”, Manila 2006, ”iFdentity Project”, Madrid 2008 for International Theatre Institute (ITI) and ”Patchwork Family” project of cooperation between European and Asian Theatres in 2012.

He has been participating in the work of ASSITEJ as a member of the Executive Committee since 1999. He was elected Secretary General in 2008 at the Congress in Adelaide, Australia, and is currently serving his second term, since the Congress in Copenhagen and Malmoe in May 2011.

He is the founder of Theatre Epicentre, Theatre Centre For Young Audiences in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

He was awarded with the Danica Order by the Croatian Prime Minister in 1996.

Vitomira Lončar, PhD, Croatia, producer

Born in Zagreb in 1959


2011 - Completed postgraduate doctoral studies: Literature, performing arts, film and culture at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Arts and Letters in Zagreb, Doctoral Thesis: Theatre transition in Croatia - cultural, legislative and organizational aspects.

1981 - graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb, actress

2011 - Certificate for Professional TQ trainer

2008 - professional upgrading as Research Associate at ICOM Centre for research in information, computing and communication at Royal Holloway, London, UK

Completed the courses, seminars and workshops: Power reading, Strategic Planning,

Management of Projects, Time Management, Access, Mental Maps, etc.

Vitomira Lončar is a well-know actress, working in theatre, film and television. She was also a founder of the Theatre Mala Scena, Zagreb, Croatia, together with her husband Ivica Šimić. She has been the Director of the theatre since 1997. She received numerous awards for her work, including the Croatian Actors' Association Award (1986 and 1999), Zlatna Paličica (Golden Wand) at the International Festival in Ljubljana in 2000, as well as Best Film Actress for the lead role of Štefica Cvek in the film of the same title at the Film Festival in Niš in 1984. For her outstanding contribution to culture, she was awarded the Danica Order by the Croatian Prime Minister in 1995, and in the same year she also received the Croatian National Award for her contribution to the war effort leading to Croatian independence.

Vitomira is Assistant Professor at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb.

She developed a rich repertoire as an actress on stage, radio drama, film and TV drama. She also moderated a major TV show for the young from 1989 to 1997.

As the Director of Mala Scena, she has produced over 70 plays and has been the executive producer of the Milk Tooth Festival since its establishment in 1998.

She is the executive producer of Epicentre, Theatre Centre for Children and Young People in Central and South-Eastern Europe. In this context, she produced the "Playwrights Forum" in Opatija in 2004, and in Mostar, BiH, in 2008.

She is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Royal Holloway University of London where she participated in EU-funded research projects using drama techniques to produce scenarios of use of Advanced Information Technologies.

She was a member of the production team of the ITI Unesco NPG group and she produced the “Borges Project” for Congress in Manila, Philippines, in 2006, and “IfDentity Project” in Madrid, Spain, in 2008.

In 2009, Vita participated in the SWAN Innovation project "Videoconferencing Usability for the Virtual Classroom" as a Senior Research Advisor.

Published writings:

Theatre in Croatia and Young People (1950-2007), magazine Kazalište 33/34, Zagreb 2008, Theatre Law 2006, Organizational Development and Strategic Planning in Culture: The City of Zagreb, Zagreb 2008, Transition from Theatre Houses to Theatres - legislative and practical aspects, Proceedings of Theatre in Action, Istarsko narodno kazalište, Pula 2009, The Audience in the Theatre for Children, magazine Kazalište 39/40, Zagreb 2010, Freelance Artists, Zagreb 2010, within the research project "Croatian Theatre Magazines 1941-2005", project leader Boris Senker, PhD, Faculty of Arts and Letters in Zagreb, project code: 130-2641300-1036, project type: Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Republic of Croatia. ,kal 2009, Multiculturalism in Theatre: Case Study of the „Borges Project“, application of the „Human Environment“ model, Croatian Theatre, 5, Croatian centre ITI, Zagreb 2011, Theatre in Transition in Croatia - Legal Aspects, magazine Scena, Novi Sad, Serbia 2008.

Since 2000 - Executive producer of Library of Mala scena, published 18 titles.

She is the mother of Buga Marija Šimić and wife of Ivica Šimić.

Michael Alexander Pöllmann, Austria, actor

Born in 1982 in Burglengenfeld (Germany)


Michael gets his theatre education (acting and directing) at the Academy of Performing Arts in Ulm (Germany) and the Konservatorium Wien in Vienna (Austria).


He joined the internatonal project "Olive" in 2008. Since 2007, he has been playing at the Dschungel Wien, the Festspiele Reichenau and the Garage X in Vienna. He also worked as an directing assistant at the theatre in Regensburg, the Volkstheater Wien and at the Szene Bunte Wähne Festival. He worked with Maria Happel, Michael Lerchenberg, Alfred Kirchner, Andy Hallwaxx, Kurt Josef Schildknecht.

Since 2010, Michael Pöllmann has been artistic director of „werk89“, and since 2011 he has been working as a director at the Dschungel Wien.


„Dirty Rich“ (2011), „Um die Ecke“ (2011) and „Katja and Kotja“ (2012).


STELLA nomination as best actor for young audiences in 2007 and 2008.

„Dirty Rich“ - Nomination STELLA12 best play for young audiences

„Dirty Rich“ - Winner of the „offspring2010“ award

„Katja and Kotja“ - Winner of the „Jungwild - award“ 2012
Dražen Čuček, Croatia, actor
Born in Zagreb, Croatia, on July 15, 1970


Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb

Seminars, courses: Training at the Hochschule fuer Musik und darstellende Kunst in Vienna, Austria (Musical Department)

Theatre work:

Theatre Komedija, Zagreb: ”Comedy of confusion”, ”The King is Naked”, ”Threepenny Opera”, ”Little Shop of Horrors”, ”Jesus Christ Superstar”, ”Who Sings Means No Harm”, ”Piaf”, ”The Full Monty”, ”Midsummer Night's Dream”, ”Mr. Mockinpott's Suffering”, ”Chicago”, ”Cabaret” and many others.

Mala scena Theatre, Zagreb: ”The Stork and the Fox”, ”Pierrot or Secrets of the Night”, ”Bum Tomica” and ”A Sheep for the Whole Life”.


Voice dubbing in animated films (Croatian Television and independent productions); a series of ”Bums and princesses”, director Goran Kulenović


Radio drama (Drama, Croatian Radio) and radio plays for children (Children's educational program and Croatian Radio)

Awards and honours:

1996 - Nominated for the Croatian Theatre Award for the role of King Edward VIII (”The King is Naked”), Theatre Komedija

1998 - the Croatian Theatre Award for the role of Mr. Fulir (”Who Sings Means No Harm”), Theatre Komedija

2000 - Award for Achievement in Acting on "Days of Satire" for the role of Thomas Diaforia (”Le Malade imaginaire”) and role of Stork in Mala Scena's play “The Stork and the Fox”.

2007 - At the 10th Meeting of Croatian ASSITEJ Centre and 1st EPIFEST, the International Theatre Festival of Central and South-Eastern Europe, Čakovec, award for the role of Piksi in the play ”Bum Tomica”, Mala scena

2007 - Nomination for the Croatian Theatre Award for the role of Piksi in ”Bum Tomica”, Mala scena

2011 - the Croatian Theatre Award in the category "Supporting Male Actor in Drama" for the Priest in the play "King Oedipus" by Sophocles, directed by Edward Miller and performed by the drama ensemble at the 62nd Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Leung Tin Chak 梁天尺, Hong Kong, actor

Trained in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Leung received Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in acting. During his studies, Leung was not only awarded the Outstanding actor award, he has also received Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Scholarships and The Society of APA Scholarships (2011), The Hong Kong Bank Foundation: Hong Kong - Mainland exchange scholarship (2010) and Chung Pu Memorial Scholarship (2009).

As a strong physical performer, Leung has practiced Tai Chi and Wing Chung for years and has worked across theatre, television and movies.


Recent Theatre credits include: ”Macbeth” (Theatre Babel, Scotland), ”Rope of Love” (2nd & 3rd run) (Metroholic Theatre, Hong Kong), ”The Twelfth Night” (2nd run), (Tobe Theatre, Hong Kong), ”The Park”, ”Rhinoceros”, ”Out of Order”, ”Hapgood”, ”Madam Qiu”, ”Mary Stuart”, ”A Man for All Seasons” (Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts).

Recent television and movie credits include: ”Don't Go Breaking My Heart” by Johnny To, ”Bodyguard - A NEW BEGINNING” by Chee Keong Cheung and Independent Movie ”Little Did She Know” by Risky Liu, RTHK Educational Television.

Advertisement include: KMB "natural good passenger" advertising - the monkeys and crabs articles, SmarTone-Vodafone, Vitasoy - Stand By Me and Environmental Protection Department-賊仔做世界.

Leung has delivered drama workshops in Jockey Club Tin Yuet Youth S.P.O.T. He now works as a freelance actor.

Skills: Martial arts / singing / dancing / mime / sports (football)

Tomoko INOUE, Japan, actress
Born on April 4, 1984


2009 - Estonia Academy of Music and Theatre, Drama school, Estonia

2007-2009 - European Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford College, UK

2003-2007 - Degree in History of Arts at Keio University, Japan


Workshop "Harushiki" by Miyazawa Akio from U-enchi Saisei Jigyodan, acting workshop by Toshiki Okada from Chelfistch, Kan Katsura, workshop for Butoh dance at Rose Bruford College, Sankaijuku, workshop of Butoh at Keio University in Japan

Additional Trainings:

Since 2007 - Yoga/Tao yoga

The practice and theory of Jacques Locoq, Complicite, Michael Chekov, Constantin Stanislavsky, Stanievski, Dario Fo, Laban, Grotowski, Jacques Copeau, and Lee Strasberg.
Language: Japanese, English



2012 "SAKURmA NO SONOhirushi", dir. Noriyuki Kiguchi, performed at Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya in Japan

2011 "The Unending Warmth of a Bedwetting Bog", dir. Kaori Nishio, performed as a program within the Tokyo Festival at Theatre Green, Japan

2011 "Harushiki", dir. Akio Miyazawa, performed at Saison Morishita Studio in Japan

2010 Solo "Daradarashiteshimau", dir. Kenta Shibasaki, performed at Yotsuya Hiroba in Japan

2010 "Multimedia", dir. Natsuki Ishigami, performed as a program within the Agora Summit Festival at Komaba Agora Theatre in Japan

2010 "Himitsu wo fuyasu", dir. Mariko Teranishi, performed at Gallery LE DECO in Japan

2010 "Obachanchi no niwaokahaka", dir. Kaori Nishio, peformed at Ichida-tei in Japan

2008 “Nemoto”, dir. Natsuki Ishigami, performed at ST SPOT in Japan

2007 “Dadamoreteru”, dir. Mariko Teranishi, performed at Gallery LE DECO in Japan

2004 “Poem no Kemono”, dir. Pepin Structural Designs, performed at Bankart 1929 in Japan


2003 “MOTHER”, dir. Norihiro Koizumi, shown at Tokyo International Forum in Japan

SangHoon HAN (韓相勳/韩相勋), Korea, actor

Member of Actor Department / Korea National Theatre Association

Member of Korea Drama Actor Association

Ensemble of Women’s Theatre

Ensemble of Joyful Theatre
Theatre (actor):

“The Marriage of Figaro”, drama, ”Mountain Fire”, drama, ”Maria Callas’s Master Class”, drama, ”Baekdu Mountain”, operetta, ”Hansel and Gretel”, opera, ”Chekie and Bookie”, Theatre for Young Audiences

Besides the above-mentioned pieces, Han appeared on the stage in around 40 pieces of drama, theatre for young audiences, operetta and opera.

In 2010, Han was awarded a prize as the best actor of the year at the 8th Gimcheon Family Theatre Festival.

Theatre (director):

As a director of Joyful Theatre, Han has directed and dramatized five pieces, including “What is a difference between one and more?” and “49 minutes”.

Theatre (other):

Han played a key role as an assistant director and stage manager in over 20 pieces of drama, theatre for young audiences and dance theatre. Han also served as a lighting manager in over 20 pieces of drama, theatre for young audiences and dance theatre.

Natasha Kuznetshova, Russia, actress

Born on March 20, 1975


Acting at Academy of Dramatic Arts in Ekaterinburg


From 1996. Natasha works in Theatre for Young Spectators in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

In the performances: ”Snow Queen”, ”Kashtanka”, ”Ana Karenina” and many others.


2004 - For ”Kashtanka”.

Hsuan-Ju Hsieh謝絢如), Taiwan, actress 


2000-2004 Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan, Bachelor of Arts, Major: BA, German Language and Culture 


Children’s theatre performance, Storytelling, Puppetry, including: rod puppet, object puppet, body puppet, glove puppet and hand puppet, Voice dubbing for television and theatre, Playwriting, Hosting for large events and parties. 

Theatre work experience: 

2012 Song Song Song Children's and Puppet Theatre “The Tempest”

Puppet Beings Theatre Company ”The Fabric”

2011 Song Song Song Children’s and Puppet Theatre《飛吧!小飛飛》                   

National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan《小熊歷險記》         

Puppet Beings Theatre Company《好鼻師》 

2010 Moonfest, Singapore ”The Fox And The Bear ”                                   

National GuoGuang Opera Company《OPEN小將龍宮大冒險》 

Eyuan Puppet Theatre ”H. Ch. Andersen” 

Puppet Beings Theatre Company《紙有你真好》

Ifkids Theatre《隱形熊貓在哪裡》 

巧虎劇場《1 2 3 遊戲國》China Tour 

2009 Kijimuna Festival, Okinawa, Japan “The Snow Queen”                             

Song Song Song Children’s and Puppet Theatre ”The Dwarf Who Loved Snow White”

Shanghai International Children’s Arts Festival, Shanghai China ”The Paper Play” 

Eyuan Puppet Theatre ”Helen Keller” 

Puppet Beings Theatre Company ”The Story Of The Chinese Zodiac”

Cup Theatre 《大巨人的百寶箱》

2005-2008 National Symphony Orchestra ”The Magic Fairy Tale Box”                  

Song Song Song Children’s and Puppet Theatre《強盜的女兒》 

Cup Theatre 《牙刷超人》 

Song Song Song Children’s and Puppet Theatre ”Le Pepit  Prince” 

Ifkids Theatre ”Myra’s Secret” 

TaFeng Theatre ”The Merchant of Venice”

Ifkids Theatre《超完美兒童劇》 

Wow Wow Theatre Company《魔法少女喵》 

Language skills: Mandarin Chinese, English, German  


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