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Theme – You and Me

Mathematical Zone

Teaching Guidance



Activities to revise time on an analogue and digital clock (o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to)

Directed/Focused Provision

Children could be introduced to sequencing their day with a simple time resource on NGfL Cymru

You could then use the interactive resource to encourage children to listen to the various times stated and click on the matching analogue clocks.

Enhanced Provision

How about printing the images from the NGfL story recommended above and asking the children to sequence the events and write a story to accompany the pictures?

Or, you could ask the children to create a timetable of their day. What do they do at particular times during each day?

Continuous Provision

The activity could be made available on a class computer so that children can work independently



Activity 1 - This activity will provide children with the opportunity to select relevant data about themselves by clicking on pictures that are presented one criteria at a time.
Activity 2 - This activity will provide children with the opportunity to talk about and compare and contrast data collected about themselves. This activity will also enable them to interpret data presented to them in simple graphs and tables

Directed/Focused Provision

The teacher could carry out a class survey based on the data collected in activity 1 of the interactive activity, by asking children to put up their hands in response to each question, they could then create a tally chart and use this to graph the class results.
These graphs could be compared to the graphs in activity 2 and children could be asked questions based on the graphs encouraging them to extract and interpret the information in a graph or chart

Enhanced Provision

The teacher could encourage the children to look carefully at the pictures printed from the resource and other photographs placed in front of them. The children could be asked to sort and classify these pictures and photographs. Questions could be asked such as ‘Would these classifications help them to collect data about their friends and other people?’

Continuous Provision

The activity could be made available on a class computer so that children can independently select information about themselves and print out to create a class book ‘All about me’

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