Theme: ‘Read me a story from long ago’ (Stories and Rhymes)

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Theme: ‘Read me a story from long ago’ (Stories and Rhymes)

This half term we will be sharing a wide variety of traditional stories and rhymes and comparing them with modern versions. We will be looking at different characters and the part and actions they have in stories. This will enable us to discuss emotions created by the stories and how we could deal with similar situations and emotions.

Words to learn this half term: character, illustrator, author, rhyme, magical, enchanted, imagination, pretend, princess, prince, fairy, giant, witch, trolls, and long, long ago, poem, poetry, rhyme and rhyming words.
We will also be learning about the weather, how we need to keep warm and how some animals hibernate during the winter months. Also we will emphasise the need to look after birds and other wildlife.

Words to learn this half term cold, freezing, shivering, frost, icy, fog, melting and hibernating.

Stories, songs and rhymes

During the half term many of the activities and learning experiences offered will be focussed around some of the following stories and nursery rhymes:’

Jack and Jill

The Three Little Pigs Winter poems

The Three Billy Goats Gruff Jack Frost

Little Red Riding Hood Ten white snowmen

The Enormous Turnip Hibernating hedgehog

The Enormous Watermelon

The Gingerbread Man

The Runaway Chapatti

The mitten

During our Maths lessons will be looking at addition, subtraction, number bonds to 10. Also will be learning to name and describe 3D shapes by finding shapes in our environment. Can you find some shapes in your home?

Words to learn: cube, cuboid, cylinder, pyramid, sphere and cone.

Useful Websites for Children
We will shortly be starting to lend playbags for you to share with your child at home. Why not also join the local library?

Please remember:

  • To write your child’s name inside their uniform.

  • That it is important that your child attends school every day. If your child is ill or unable to attend please contact the school office on the morning of absence.

  • The weather is now colder please dress your children in appropriate clothing, as they will be playing outside.

  • Have a look at our website:

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