Theme –Space Sight Words for this week are: on, in, yes, as

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Miss VonFeldt’s

Classroom Newsletter

November 27th -December 1st

Theme –Space

Sight Words

Sight words for this week are: on, in, yes, as

The sight words from last week are: up, big, if, it

By the middle of December, kindergarten students are expected to know thirty or more sight words. We work on sight words everyday at school. It would also be helpful if you could work with your child on sight words. Flash cards are a great way to do this.

Letter of the Week

Our digraph of the week is Ch, a digraph is when two letters together make one sound. The ch digraph is in words like chop, chili, or chalk.

Specials Schedule

Monday— Music/PE

Tuesday— Art and Library

Wednesday—PE/Music and Computers

Thursday- Music/PE and ST math

Friday- Art

Classroom Information

Party: Our winter party will be on Friday, December 15th from 12:00-12:50. On the same day, we will be having a book exchange. Please send a wrapped book to school and label it, to a friend from (your child’s name). The book needs to be suitable for both boys and girls. Every child will go home with a book from someone else. If you have any questions or are unable to get a book please contact me.

Please send your book in BEFORE December 13th so I can buy any extra books we might need. Thanks!
Volunteers: If you would like to volunteer, please contact me and let me know which slot you’d like to take. Thanks!

December helpers:

Friday, December 8th8:45-9:45 – 2 parents for centers

Friday, December 15th8:45-9:45 – 2 parents for centers
Show and Tell: Show and Tell will occur on Monday and Friday this week.
LIBRARY BOOKS – Starting this week all kindergarten students will be allowed to check out 2 books per week. As long as both books are returned your child will be bringing two books home. If you have misplaced a library book please keep looking for it, in this case your child may only be allowed to check out one book until the other one is found. You are welcome to contact our wonderful librarian, Mrs. Garrison, and let her know you are aware of a misplaced book and will continue to look for it. In that case your child would also be allowed to check out two books per week. We will not have you pay for any missing books until May (sometimes they show up here at school or at home between now and the end of the year).
JiJi (ST Math) – we are opening up more levels that your child will be able to play from home. By now students should be about 30% of the way through the Kindergarten JiJi curriculum.

What to do on days off? – Some parents ask for idea of things to do on days off to continue practicing skills. Here are some ideas: In ST Math I have opened the first 14 (out of 21) levels. Your child can access JiJi from home and play the games. This will help your child in math. There were directions a few weeks ago about how to get on ST Math from home. If your child is past the first 14 levels, he/she can still play the green level games (ones he/she already past). Another thing you can do is go onto the Chipeta webpage, go to Academics, then Kindergarten; and let your child play the games that are linked to it. These are all age appropriate and help your child learn how to use the mouse and keyboard to play the games. My favorite is Starfall. It is wonderful for teaching letter sounds and has phonics stories at several different levels. I sometimes show letter of the week videos from storybot (a really cute program!!). The children LOVE to watch them. You can watch them at home by going to YOU TUBE and searching for storybots. They will have you singing along in no time.

Goals for 2nd Quarter:

  • Identify 24 or more upper and lower case letters.

  • Know 14 or more letter sounds.

  • Recognize 30 or more sight words. (It would be helpful if you could work with your child on sight words.)

  • Identify numbers up to 25 or higher.

  • Write numbers up to 25 or higher.

  • Counting up to 30 or higher

  • Reading – continue working on segmenting and blending sounds in words (segmenting is breaking the words into parts – bug = /b/ /u/ /g/, blending is hearing the sounds and putting them back together /r/ /e/ /d/ = red)

  • Writing – write a sentence (using punctuation, spaces, and upper / lower case letters)

Please help your child work towards meeting these goals at home. We also work towards them at school.

Upcoming Events

November 20th-24th  Thanksgiving Break – NO SCHOOL

December  DIBELS testing (not sure of the days yet)

December 1stFamily Game Night

December 5th  PTA meeting

December 8th  Buddy Lunch

December 15th  End of 2nd Quarter

December 15th  Winter Party in the classroom 12:00-12:50

December 18-January 3  Winter Break

January 4th  Students Return

Fast Fingers Game:

After the Thanksgiving break we will be assessing the children on their understanding of the numbers 5-10.  We want the children to quickly be able to show a number on their fingers WITHOUT COUNTING.  We will ask them to show the numbers 5-10 in random order and we want them to flash five fingers on one hand, and any additional fingers on the other hand.  For example 7 is 5 and 2 more (five fingers on one hand and two fingers on the other hand), 9 is 5 and 4 more (five fingers on one hand and four fingers on the other hand). It is important that the children show 5 fingers on one hand and any additional fingers on the other hand and that it is quick (not counting each finger).  You could play this game at home to help your child do well.

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